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Hi again beautiful monbebes and nctzens~!

I’ve decided to create a side blog: @teeyonqs!!!

Now, after taking a small hiatus and regaining some much needed inspiration, I realized that what I truly needed was a new space to post my writings. Y’know, something a bit more put together; something like a fresh start? However, it’s not going to be quite the same. The new blog is going to blend music with writing, which means every story I post will have a song that goes along with it. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to listen to the song or not, but it’ll be there for that special touch~

Not to mention that I’ll be posting my first story on @teeyonqs tomorrow, and I’m not sure if it’ll show in the tags, but if you follow my side blog then you’ll probably get to read it. I might just put ALL of my future writing on my side blog if all goes well, so please go follow for the writing!

(pssst, i’ll also get around to the mentions that i’ve missed over hiatus! i’ve definitely noticed them, and i’m so grateful for all of you sweet peas. i’m not brushing you off i promise. much love ❤️)

Personal trainer: Put your hand in my bum. 

Me: I’m sorry?

Personal trainer: OK, maybe not in my bum, obviously. Just put your hand on my bum-cheek as I demonstrate this move I want you to do. I want you to feel the exact glute muscles in my bum that I want you to work out today. 

Me, outwardly: Um… do I have to put my hand on your bum?

Me, inwardly: AWWWWWW YEEEEAAAAHHHH this is SOOOOO going in that Gym!AU Carver/Merrill fanfic I’m writing :-D


A reminder, JJK is great on stage.

[[Quickly realising Lazarette is kinda a dick to those who are not forged/cold constructed.

Not to say she’s outright prejudice (she totally is), but it seems like a backwards notion for her, considering Automaton based lifeforms pride themselves on the fact they differ from organic lifeforms and have a perfect form the moment they emerge from the well of Allsparks.

This hasn’t happened yet in any of my threads, but I’m almost positive if any of my partner’s muses revealed that they are the bi-product of two or more bots spark merging and creating a brand new spark, her honest to god response would be. “Oh, you’re one of those.”

She gets why organics need to breed, it’s part of their unfortunate biology they have yet to evolve out of, but mechanoids are special. They come directly from a signal, infinite power source and are crafted with a frame that has been made solely for them and serves a function. Say what you will about the caste system, but everything about them was thought out carefully to the last detail from the initial design phase, to the blueprints and prototype models.

In her eyes, couples with offspring just complicate matters. You have no idea what this new life form will look like, you’re just mashing your CNA together and preying this sparkling will receive the best qualities from each partner. It’s all about chance and there’s no guarantee they’ll be brought into the world without faults. Why take the risk?]]

The signs as: K-drama cliches

ARIES:  when a character goes into a fit of frustration by kicking their legs in the air repeatedly and thrashing their bodies around until the whole bed/couch/floor is a mess and so is their hair

TAURUS:  when character A watches in adoration as character B stuffs their face with delicious food or drinks/having a whole day filled with them eating street food and going clubbing

GEMINI:  the main character always treating the happy-go-lucky side character like crap for comedic effect, but it’s kinda sad bc they never apologize

CANCER:  the infamous umbrella scene. “I dislike you/don’t know you that well, but I can’t let you get soaked in the rain so I’m gonna hold this umbrella/cape over you bc I’m just a good person and I’m totally not interested in you”

LEO:  having 284 different shots/angles of the main characters’ first kiss/hug. That zoom in slo-mo of character A pulling character B into their arms and embracing them for the first time/locking lips with them

VIRGO:  there’s always that ONE THING that has to destroy the couple’s relationship. Whether it’s bc your bride needs to kill you or she dies, or you somehow went back in time a couple hundred years and can’t tell your prince bf

LIBRA:  the main characters always being bound together by destiny such as outside supernatural forces/parallel universes/connecting timelines from the present to the future or past

SCORPIO:  seeing that happy montage of the main couple after all their ups and downs, and knowing something terrible is going to happen shortly after

SAGITTARIUS:  character A tries to convince themselves that they don’t need character B, and do everything they can to distract themselves by working/drinking/dating someone else, only to finally admit to themselves that they’re in love 

CAPRICORN: the rich, cold, mysterious character always falling for the person who needs help…but they’ve convinced themselves that they totally don’t like this person until they finally admit it on like the last episode

AQUARIUS:  having an idol/famous actor who’s worked alongside one of the actors on another series before appear in almost every kdrama, whether it’s a short cameo or one of the main characters

PISCES:  that scene when they clutch their chest and cry waterfalls for seemingly no reason, only for us to find out that something horrible occurred later on to reveal this character’s sadness and why they’re emo 

anonymous asked:

What is your fave hq!! Team??????? (Is it shiratorizawa?????)

Nope, it’s Nekoma!!!