way to ruin a perfect moment

Attack of the Clones will always hurt because I feel like it’s the Star Wars movie with the most untapped potential

It’s so close to being such a cool noir thriller, all the hooks are there and everything, but it just. Completely fucking falls apart. Every single Good and Positive thing it sets up, it ruins within minutes. Its only memorable moments are memorable purely because they’re unintentionally hilarious or just stupid.

Honestly Attack of the Clones came so close to being a perfect counterpoint to The Empire Strikes Back, but instead it’s just… clearly-rushed crap that was plagued with numerous cases of George Lucas either phoning it in or not even bothering to write scenes until he was on his way to the studio to direct them, and in either case not caring enough to direct anyone with even a shred of competence. Attack of the Clones is George Lucas at his laziest, and it shows. It is without even a shadow of a doubt my least favorite Star Wars movie, and probably the worst movie I’ve ever bothered to sit through.

And GOD it’s a plot that almost writes itself!! He could have put in the minimal amount of effort into writing it and it could have been the best of the prequels!! But, either he didn’t give a shit or he was completely off his gourd or something because every good thing that that movie almost did just flew out the window and I swear to god one of these days I’m going to do an excruciatingly long scene-by-scene analysis of the whole damn thing

Some thoughts on the “does Jasper even know she’s the Ultimate Quartz” question.

People have already pointed out that while Peridot knows Jasper is from Beta, and knows she’s a Canon Tall McLargeHuge, she had no idea about the perfect exit hole until she saw it for herself, and was completely blown away by it despite going out of her way to look for flaws in it. This suggests Jasper never once flaunted it during their trip from Homeworld to Earth.

Jasper has her narcissistic moments (“This planet ruins everything! Well, except for me.”), but she never frames it in the “my gemetics are objectively the best” sort of way. When she’s being an absolute bitch to Amethyst, she doesn’t present herself as the Ultimate Quartz that Amethyst could never hope to aspire to. She insults her because Amethyst, in her eyes, can’t even be the bare bones of what a Quartz soldier is expected to be.

Jasper: You’re not even trying! Is it because you already know you’re a failure? You’re a quartz soldier, just like me. But you’re not like me, are you? Hahaha, you’re small!

Jasper: What do you want, runt? You here for a rematch?
Amethyst: I’m here to win!
Jasper: You were fated to lose - the moment you came out wrong!

So with Jasper I don’t think she sees herself as “I’m the Ultimate Quartz” so much as “I didn’t come out wrong”, and that’s a pretty significant distinction to make for her character. She met the minimal requirements that Homeworld set for Quartzes so that she could escape from the Earth - which she views as something that ruins Gems (“Earth is a prison. I got out because I’m better than this place.”) Her coming out as the Ultimate Quartz wasn’t because of any greater plan on Homeworld’s part and was in fact a complete accident; and ultimately it amounted to nothing, because for all of Eyeball’s going on about “the Facet Nine Kindergarten Quartz That Could,” Jasper didn’t change the course of the War. She came out gemetically perfect for the same reason all of her sisters came out malformed: Homeworld threw injectors anywhere, and they just happened to catch lightning in a bottle with one of the Gems they were growing.

So I think some people are still missing that Jasper’s narcissism is not a result of her thinking she’s perfect, it’s a result of her trying to prove she’s not defective.

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What did you honestly think of the CS proposal? Was it everything you imagined it'd be?

well first of all this show will NEVER give me what i want/imagined. it will somehow always disappoint. 

with that being said, i think that the scene itself was really nice. i was mad as hell when emma found the ring. like of course, they ruin that moment of surprise. i just loved that emma was SO EXCITED to be his wife. like she couldn’t wait any longer until he asked she just wanted to say yes. and then the moment he got on one knee i was really ruined like i still get chills looking at that part. and the music was perfect too. she was crying!! jen and colin killed it. when this show disappoints they never do. 

and i get that killian couldn’t break her heart he just wants her to be happy so of course he couldn’t admit the thing with charming’s dad at that moment. and it’s way better that emma initiated the proposal where he couldn’t get out of instead of him deliberately lying to her and proposing anyways.

the scene was nice. and aesthetically pleasing ahaha. but the writers are the worst for making it an angst-y proposal for the sake of plot. they deserved that moment of pure happiness with NOTHING hanging over them. we waited 4+ years. but like i mentioned this show will never give me what i really want. it is what it is, which is why you can’t be too disappointed when you have 0 expectations. 

Lusa, please

(Reason for submission: Because the number of people who provide Add x Ain fluff is so small. We need to stick together for this ship.)


Lusa entered the room.

Mochi noticed the brawler, but he didn’t look up from his book so as to not to ruin his concentration. He’s already in the intense part of the plot after all. The main character was on the verge of killing her lover to stay faithful to her mission. There’s no way he would let go of the book when the story was making him hang onto every written word. Lusa would understand for sure if the priest didn’t greet him.

It was afternoon. The sun shone brightly through the curtains, the light bouncing off the walls and making the white room appear brighter. That and the natural silence made it a perfect moment to read that novel the magician had lent to Mochi the other day.

The gray haired male was on the bed, back slightly propped up against the pile of pillows, eyes trained on the book. He’d been reading for hours; yet it didn’t occur to him that he’d been reading that long, so it was quite a surprise to him when Lusa came into the room.

Mochi felt the bed shift, which made him look up despite advising himself not to. There was Lusa, crawling his way up to him. When Mochi realized what the white haired male was trying to do, Lusa had already latched himself onto him, or to be more specific, had sprawled on top of him, head buried in the crook of his neck. The celestial set his book aside and patted the tracer’s back with a soft chuckle.

“Lusa?” he greeted. “Welcome home. How’s your day?”

Mochi only heard a groan from the bigger male. It looked like he wasn’t going to move anytime soon. Lusa was heavy, of course, that the priest couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

“Lusa, you’re heavy.” He brushed a hand through the mop of fluffy white hair, letting the soft strands curl around his fingers, before wrapping his arms around his lover. “Lusa.”

Lusa must be tired, the priest thought with a small sigh.

That was soon confirmed when he heard a soft snore coming from the brawler. It was adorable seeing a big man sleeping so peacefully, but Lusa had to be kidding to actually sleep on him like this. No way.

“Lusa? Wake up,” Mochi whimpered. “Luuuuusaaaaaaa!”


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Crisp air filled your lungs as you wrapped the wool blanket around yourself. A landscape of green and yellow went on for miles. Above it the sun was just peaking out, filtering itself through bare tree branches and spilling out onto the grass beneath it. You opened and closed your cold fists and leaned your head back onto the cool plastic of the chair. Your heel slid forward on the dew coated grass and you propped it onto a small rock. The wool scratched against your bare arms. Birds chirped overhead and broke the silence.

Behind you the door creaked open and Dean propped up a chair next to yours. He gave you a mug with steaming tea you immediately put up to your cold lips.

“Here” he passed you one of his sweatshirts and you put it on backwards, leaving the zipper open in the back. He smiled and looked out at the sunrise.

“How often are you up this early?” he asked with the pink glow of the sky playing off his face. His voice was relaxed and raspy, still heavy with sleep.

You pulled his sleeves over your hands and cupped the mug, balancing it on your stomach. “Pretty often” you said and took a sip. “Thank for this” you motioned towards your cup and he nodded.

“You don’t get cold out here? By yourself?” he finally turned to you, his eyes dropping towards the blanket.

“Not usually, but it’s nice. I like the fresh air and silence that I can’t get with you and Sam snoring” you chuckled and he smiled.

“Well I’ll try to sleep on my side” he said.

“You already do, Dean” you said and took another sip. The sun rose higher in the purple sky, shone over you. The wind whistled through the tree branches that were preparing for the winter, their leaves littering the ground. You lifted your blanket and unfolded it completely, draping the other half over Dean. He pulled it up to his chest and moved his chair closer to you. You yawned and twisted the cup in the soil until it stopped wobbling. Lazily you dropped your hand so it hung off the chair, swiping Dean’s during the fall.

“You’re freezing” he said and gripped your hand in his. You looked up at him through your lashes and shrugged.

“I’m always cold” you said and he grabbed your other hand, squeezing them both in his grip. His warmth washed over you and you smiled, pressing your cheek to the back of his hand. He froze for a moment then looked down at your head in his arms. Your hair fell over your face. Dean tucked it behind your ear and began to run his fingers through your hair, sending a new set of chills down your neck.

Another yawn came unbidden and you nestled deeper into Dean’s arm. As he played with your hair your eyes began to close. Dean hadn’t noticed when you fell asleep, or how long he continued to sit outside staring straight ahead. Once the birds began to fly and cut black lines through the sun he sat up and felt you breathing heavily against him. His lip twitched upwards and he shook your shoulder lightly.

“Y/N” Dean said quietly.

“Hmm?” you opened your eyes and picked your head up before feeling your cheek where Dean’s jacket left pink imprints.

“Thanks for staying with me” you stood up and stretched, grabbing the mug of tea. He smiled and nodded before you leant down and kissed his cheek. His lips parted to say something but you were already swinging the door open. He sat up and bit at his bottom lip before breaking out into a smile and going back into the bunker. From the top of the staircase he leant on the railing and watched you saunter into the kitchen, his sweatshirt still wrapped around you.

BTS reaction to their S/O telling them sweet things while they think they’re asleep

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S/O “You are the only one I ever want to get married to. Hopefully we will have a huge family one day.”

Seokjin *Just smiles to himself imagining your future family while he drifts off to sleep*

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S/O “You’re a huge dork you know… And you work too hard…

But i wouldn’t have you any other way.”

Yoongi *Is torn between protesting and smiling but is overwhelmed by sleep in the end*

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S/O “You know you don’t have to try. You are already perfect in my eyes.”

Namjoon *He is quite baffled and turns red like a tomato*

*probably falls out of the bed somehow*

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S/O “I know I don’t tell you that often… but thank you for being my hope.”

*Tries very hard not to ruin the moment but he can’t help but squeeze you tight and squeal into your neck*

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S/O “You always keep me warm and safe and I’m so thankful for that. I love you Minnie.”


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S/O “You have the most beautiful heart I’ve ever seen TaeTae. You make me happy every day.”

Taehyung *Has the biggest smile on his face but won’t say anything*

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S/O “I want to stay this close to you for ever. Let’s live happily ever after.”

Jungkook *Gives you a kiss*

“I’d like that.”

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(Is it just me or do they all sound like fire emblem S rank conversations?)

-Admin S 

I seriously feel more sympatethic towards the Akatsuki, especially the memebers who had their background stories revealed, than I do towards other characters.
Itachi was a man who died protecting everything he loved and few know this truth, so most likely he is still hated in the ninja world.
Sasori is the perfect example of a child who didn’t feel the love of those around him and turned to his puppets for this, directing his hatred towards the village that ruined his life (IMO, all this little cinnamon roll wanted was love and appreciation).
Kisame’s basic trait was his loyalty. He had his own ninja way and didn’t stray from that not even in his final moments.
Hidan is just following his God, also showing a great deal of loyalty towards it, wishing to be a faithful follower.
Kakuzu was a man betrayed by the village he served and risked his life for. I can understand how he turned to money, being as old as he is and seeing that everything in the ninja world is done for those pieces of paper.
Nagato, Yahiko and Konan were representative for what happens to people in less important countries when the “big guys” fight.
I don’t know what turned Deidara rougue and maybe we find out in Akatsuki Gaiden. He seemed like a really nice person, maybe he was perscuted by his village or smth because of his art and that’s why he gets angry so fast when someone insults him?
Some of these things apply to Obito too. Although i feel like he went a little overboard since the series made it look like he did this all for Rin. Maybe i am wrong, please correct me if so.
In the end, they were all victims of the system they lived in.


Top 15 Stydia Moments:
#12. “And by the way, you cannot discern a pattern by a single data point, so stop trying.”

Come Back To Me [short story]

A/N: Not a fanfic or imagine. Just something I wrote about a month ago for an assignment, and I finally perfected it. Thought I should share it….Thank you to @thedepthsoffandomminds for giving me the season prompts (: also it probably didn’t help that I was listening to Its Quiet Uptown from Hamilton 

Word Count: 833

Warnings: death????

I’m sorry. The two words that can ruin a person’s life in the span of a second. Those words caused my heart to stop for a moment, as the air in my lungs was caught off, as my breath got stuck in my throat. Knees almost giving out, I had to take a seat as the man in the shockingly perfect white coast continued.

“We did all we could do, but it was worse than expected, and there wasn’t a way we could repair the damage”, a coarse hand settled itself on my shoulder, “she’s in the ICU. There’s no telling if she will make it through the night.”

There were moments I thought I would experience with her. Never did it cease to exist in my mind that her smile wouldn’t grace my mornings as she spoke about what she wanted to do that day. Or her laughter that would fill the room, as she watched her show, having to try and stop herself from laughing so hard as she began to snort and lose her breath. Perhaps, what I thought I would never be without was her embrace. The way, she would wrap her arms tightly around me and bury her head into the crook of my neck; as I ran my fingers through her thick chocolate colored hair that resembled her own warm skin.

There she was. Laying almost deathly still in the hospital bed, with the only indication of life being the slow rise and fall of her chest. Slowly, I made my way towards her, and gently laid my body next to hers. Trailing my fingers against her soft cheek, it was nearly cold at the touch. As if she has just been outside in the cold winter air that still hung around not daring to leave. Her complexion in this lighting could almost be compared to snow.

Pressing my chapped lips against her forehead, as I whispered a simple: I love you. Tears threatened to escape as I pulled her closer to me in a tight embrace.

“Daddy”, her voice sounded like it was struggling to catch a single breath, “I’m okay, right?”

I couldn’t reply. The words couldn’t form together in a single sentence to tell her anything. Looking at her now I noticed she held the colors of autumn in her eyes. The color of freshly fallen leaves and warm honey mixed together around her iris. She continued to look at me for an answer. Any answer.

No words escaped my lips.

“Can we visit grandma? After we leave here?”, She had to pause between her words as she continued to try and breath, “we always visit her in the summer.”

My heart clenched, as all I could do was nod my head. Trying to hold her small, fragile body closer to mine, to hear her faint breathing. Gently, I kissed the top of her head. I didn’t have the heart or the ability to tell her that she would never see summer again; that her skin would never feel the warmth of the sun…it has always been her favorite season. She would spend hours basking in the light of the sun, as the summer breeze kissed her curls. Her naked feet padding against the soft green grass without the care or worry of getting too dirty, as she tried to catch tadpoles in the nearby creek.

“Tell me a story, please.”

I held her tightly as her doe-like eyes stared into mine. My breath escaped me. The little girl in my arms, filled with innocence and love, was too young.

Opening my mouth, the words began to flow out. I told her how she was born in the spring. The time of rebirth. A time of new things, and saying goodbye to the old. I told her how that day will forever be the best day of my life. How I didn’t truly believe in miracles until she came into my life. When she was born, my life started. As the story continued, her heart didn’t. Slowly, her breathing declined until the only image shown on the monitor was a single flatline.

Someone came in and tried to talk me into letting go of my little girl. A sob escaped my body as the tears finally fell. Landing against the cold skin of her face. I begged for her to return to me. My body shook with despair as I continue to refuse to let go of the last thing I had in my life.

Finally, I was pried away from her, as a doctor held me as I screamed for her to come back. So I could look in her autumn eyes again. So I could watch her dance freely in the summer sun. So I could hear her laughter, during the winter when the snow would fall around her. So I could remember what it felt like in the spring when I held her in my arms for the first time.

I stopped watched OUaT but still keep up with Captain Swan scenes. Someone explain to me why Killian was sad in the proposal scene and WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOULD THE WRITERS TAINT THE SCENE THIS WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A PERFECT  MOMENT

Nothing can ever ruin this

The moment is perfect. The moment is all you ever wanted. And nothing can ever ruin this. 

Time is an illusion, the fourth dimension we don’t understand, a construct of our minds to keep the conclusion that time is fixed out of our heads in fear that we’d go crazy. Sorry, I digress.

But this moment, this little think in time, it’s perfect.The way everything played out, the way it connects, it all makes sense, and you’re happy.

But there is one small thing that doesn’t quite add up.
The feeling in the air, or the faint sound in your ears that just feels odd. Feels off.
But you’re happy, and nothing can ever ruin this. 

Then the moments goes away. Time moves on, you move along in the fourth dimension. You see that everything you see in front of you actually already happened, that everything you perceive is actually the past, and the present is just a moment, as quick as a bat of a butterflies wings.
But nothing can ever ruin this.

More moments come and go, things change, and you start seeing that things are better now. Yes, they were perfect before, but they couldn’t have been that perfect. They just are better now, everything seems to work out fine. Better than before. And nothing can ever ruin this.

i’m a day late on Fanfic Author Appreciation Day, but time is a construct, so! without further ado, yr space baby’s favorite fics from her fave authors in kylux fandom!

basically this whole experience has taught me that kylux fandom is composed of the actual best, most talented individuals across the wide fabric of the internet and also that my bookmarks are a mess. will be adding to this as i remember more!

also i would just like to say thank you to everyone that mentioned me on their own lists, it’s a joy and a privilege to share this obsession with you. xoxo

I was on set in Atlanta, and it was going to snow. Someone went, “I heard it’s only supposed to be a few inches.” I got so excited that I bungled my joke. I giggled my way through, saying “Girl, I’m no weatherman, but I heard you’re going to get more than a few inches tonight.” That was my moment. And I ruined it!
—  Anna Kendrick, when asked about her favorite dirty joke. (Glamour, June 2015)
Poor Timing

words: 1k

pairing: Luke & reader

summary: “they said ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ so i’m speaking up”

a/n this is kind of a different style, sorry if it’s shit

Timing is a bitch. That’s the simplest way to put it. Sometimes everything can seem so right, but timing can ruin even the most seemingly perfect of couples. Love doesn’t always prevail, despite what love songs and romantic comedies want everyone to think.

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Luke would always want to be the perfect boyfriend. He would always want to take you on cute dates and he would get really mad if fans ruined your time together. He would genuily love you and he would want to show you how much he appreciates you. He would always come up with a new way to show his love for you. The boys would always tease him, but they would secretly be really proud of Luke because you would be the perfect girl for him and he would do everything just so you guys stay together. A relationship with Luke would include lots of cuddling, lots of awkward moments and so much love.

Siggy + Selena


If any day had ever been a day to get lost in the woods, this is without a doubt the perfect time to do so and luckily for Siggy, she’d gotten so caught up in the beauty surrounding her that she did lose track of the trail she’d been on. Most people might freak out, if that don’t know the woods too well, or some people would spend the rest of their time trying to find their way out which would ruin the opportune moment of taking it what’s around them. But then you have Siggy, a woman who is captivated by the most simple and complex things in life - she doesn’t want to be the kind of person to take something such as the beautiful earth for granted. With the redwood trees towering over her and the numerous plants that, despite her appreciation for, she has little knowledge of(Siggy at least knows which ones not to touch), the woman didn’t disrupt/pluck/touch anything except for the trees. Siggy eventually came to a stop once she was in a clearing and closed her eyes, smiling as the sound of insects overwhelmed her ears and the smell of fresh dew that had fallen took over her nose.


“The Difference Between (Incompatible and Interest).”


“Candle lit dinner, the moons beginning to surface in the sky, tenderly baked beef Wellington, green beans on the side.” Zayn ends with a giggle, like this is all so comical when really this is Liam’s idea of the perfect date. The perfect night out with his Mr. perfect, coated along with his perfect smile and his more than perfect words.

It’s this sort of reminder, a brutal image that reminds Liam of a long time ago. A time where he wasn’t this senseless mass of ‘God, help me’ or this massive cloud that seems to suffocate him every waking moment of his not-so-perfect life.

Or his job, because that’s a more elementary way of putting it.

(But we’ll just call it an “Ugly Truth” AU in which Liam is your typical busy-body, control freak news producer, and Zayn’s that spark of energy and opinion that completely ruins him and saves him in the most dysfunctional of ways.)


Hope whoever reads this enjoys to their finest ability. Took me a proper two months to finish and I’m pretty content with the final draft, so-

Please read it and let me know what you think?