way to really be in character

Teruki, I feel, inhabits a character that I haven’t really seen too much of, and find is often amazingly underutilized.

He’s not the explicit comic relief (in this story, that’s a role primarily held by Dimple). No, rather, he’s the inadvertent comic relief.

He’s supposed to be all Cool and Charming and what have you - he’s got the personality for such a role. The former Antagonist turned Rival/Best Friend of the Protagonist, supposedly cool and in control-

And yet, this dude is such a fucking dumbass

His clothes. His hair. The way he acts. How situations end up when he’s in them - the scene with Ritsu in episode 7 most clearly illustrates this.

It’s supposed to be cool and show how he’s changed, and show clearly just how much stronger Teru is than Ritsu. The standoff should end with Teru’s win over Ritsu, if you go by how other shows would have had The Rival facing off against an arrogant opponent.

But the narrative sets the incongruity of Teru’s goddamn Marge Simpson ‘do and how Ritsu finally escapes (not because Ritsu was humiliated…it’s because Teru has to keep his wig from blowing off), against that, and it’s so fucking hilarious.

It’s not just a few jokes at The Rival’s expense as one might expect to see. It’s not just the (changed) antagonist’s annoyance at the Shenanigans of the protagonist.

No, Teruki is the comedic relief you don’t expect, and it’s so fucking fascinating to see.

(Also, the fucking hairflip and Mob’s talking about the Body Improvement Club in the last episode. That just about did me in, I s2g)

  • Some dingaling: Wow why can't the fandom be less focused on the romance aspect and more on the story? I'm really tired of everyone screaming about which aliens they're gonna fuck.
  • Me, staring at a cute alien: Yeah man I really wish people would understand the complex and intricate narrative that BioWare probably has prepared for us and realize that there are more things to the characters than their sexual orientations.
  • Me, slowly taking my clothes off: But I mean that's the thing, isn't it? You don't really know what BioWare has in store for us, and the romance is really the only story aspect that any of us are certain will be included. And while we could discuss the combat and gameplay, BioWare has made themselves famous for being story- and character-focused as a developer, so having a fanbase that's responding this way to new characters is a natural consequence.
  • Me, climbing the cute alien like a tree: So while I understand your frustrations, I think it's unfair to reduce fan enthusiasm to being simply horny for aliens, when it's most likely a way of channelling excitement into the source with the biggest chance of having a positive outcome.

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Got any tips for character designing?

I suppose it depends on what kind of tips you’re looking for, since I’m not really sure what kind of advice you had in mind.

I suppose one of the more important things about designing a character is simplicity and silhouette. For the former, it’s best to keep the overall structure of a character simple. Other details can be added later, but the build of a character is going to be more important than how many scars or jewels they have on them, if that makes any sense. 

 The way how a character is shaped can already say a lot about a character. A character that’s made up of mostly circles and softer linework can make a character look more docile and friendly. Squares are more prominent in characters that are meant to portray strength and stability (it’s one of the reasons male superheroes tend to have wider shoulders and square-looking chins). Triangles are a bit of a wild card because not only can they be used to indicate speed and agility, but these shapes are also used in a lot of villain designs. The more sharp angles, the more predatory a character can look. And that’s not to say the other shapes can’t be used for villain designs, but the main bad guy usually isn’t all round and friendly-looking unless it’s in the character’s design to be deceptive.

 If you’re struggling with making each character stand out from one another, one way to test the design is the silhouette test. Starting off with a silloutette is also a good way to force yourself to keep the design to shapes. This is because a character’s design should be distinct enough to where you could never mistaken them for another character, especially if both character are from the same line up.

But for now, let’s test the silhouette test, shall we? 


Joking aside, even though all these characters are from different franchises, notice how you can still tell them all apart, even though all you can see is the outline. Would you ever confuse silhouette#1  and silhouette#5 to be the same character? Aside from the other reasons as to why the designs are kept simple for cartoons, the simple silhouette is also easier for an audience member to read. It lets them know which character is which, even if a silhouette is all they see. 

But that’s for cartoons (and one video game). Do more realistic or detailed designs follow the same principal? Absolutely. 

This time around, these characters are all from the same franchise: Overwatch. They may not be as cartoony as the previous examples, but notice how you can still tell each character apart. 

Anyways, I don’t know if this was the kind of advice you were looking for, but I hope it still helps, nonetheless.

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i feel like nobody ever talks about the fact that kara was actually held and tortured by cadmus? like ??? she was there for days and barely anyone noticed that she was gone and it's never brought up again and i'm so BITTER because kara is keeping all of these emotions down and they're gonna explode sooner or later!!!!

they’re not gonna explode bc the writers conveniently forgot that kara went through that. she should have probably had ptsd but??? continuity what, logic who?? i don’t know her.gif
let’s do a romantic plot instead!

has it been days tho? i’m really bad with tv timelines. either way my poor lil bean went through so much i’m cryin. i’m so upset that it seems like the writers literally give no fucks about kara whatsoever. their main is like their least favorite character

This is the only time I want to really approach the subject but guys… season 2 of shadowhunters so far has been real good, and a vast improvement from season 1. There is no way that, realistically, the non-main couple of the show can get all the things you want them to have. Just because something happens in the plot you don’t agree with doesn’t mean the writers are racist, homophobic or sexist. Not including malec sex scenes because malec aren’t the main couple and there are other characters too is NOT homophobic. If we want realistic representation of their relationship we need to want to be treated like the heterosexual ships on the show (yes I wish we had seen a morning after scene BUT..) that also means no demanding special treatment. If the show didn’t have time to show us how Jace is right now, or how Luke is and what he’s up to, or give proper build up to Climon then it’s unlikely they have time to show Malec. It’s not homophobic. That’s just what it’s like running a show with so many main, central characters who all have their own development and plot. If Magnus and Alec weren’t getting any scenes alone we would complain that they were being reduced to their relationship. If they don’t get a lot of together scenes, it’s apparently because the writers are being inherently homophobic.

Also, Izzy having the addiction story line is GOOD. It’s good to broach subjects that are tricky like this and deal with them in, so far, a pretty decent way. It’s not racist to make the Latina of the show the addict! There is not anything inherently racist about the writers choosing to take a strong, previously seemingly untouchable woman, and show us a vulnerable, REALISTIC side to her.

What I mean by all of this, is that everyone needs to stop digging so deep to find problems with the show and try and label the new writers or show runners as problematic. Please just appreciate what the show does give us with representation rather than constantly demanding more to the point where the plot suffers. If you don’t enjoy the plot because it sucks, fine. If you don’t enjoy the plot because everything that you want to happen can’t happen, then you have obviously never watched TV before. Sometimes shitty stuff happens in shows to further development or establish plot points… stop presuming the worst.

Also, as a side note, consider that the writers may not want to show Malec in a sexual light at Matt or Harry’s request or even in an effort to not fetishise the relationship and reduce it to something sexual. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but that may be their thinking. It’s likely it is all in an effort to prevent homophobia rather than instigate it.

same characters, drawn 1.5 years later! i never really realized how much i’ve improved until i compared my current output with my older works (that aren’t even that old!). i would hope this inspires any artists out there that are way past their teenage years. you can improve at any age, i definitely have!

Why Uta is not dead (short list)

0. (Because he is great character with a potential that can’t be just easily killed)

1. We’re talking about the ghoul who, when Anteiku infiltrated Aogiri base to save Kaneki, didn’t use kagune because he didn’t feel this is necessery

2. He was playing with Suzuya, the Second Arima

3. He didn’t use kagune against Mutsuki (he didn’t need do it)

4. Dead people don’t rise hands in this way:

5. She doesn’t want him to die:

She wants him probably like Torso wanted her: alive but immobile

6. If he is really one of the closest Clowns to Porpora he could laern the trick with changing finger into a clone

If he sacrificed his whole arm he could easly create a nice to punch and other activites body

7. Random theory nobody asked for:

At least some of the Clowns are people somehow forced to fight. They are controlled in unknown way. 

Uta makes masks. 

He uses kagune to create own mask that resembles face of a person

There are detachable kagune

Uta (probably) uses masks to control human Clowns and he could let one of them be punching and fucking bag for Mutsuki

Don’t worry about this asshole, he will easly survive and he will have fun (he is Clown after all)

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Hi! I'm obsessed with both Sanvers and Karamel and I just saw you defending Karamel shippers although you don't ship it and I just want to thank you! That's really really sweet and I wish there were more people like you in the fandom. Keep being amazing!! <3

Thank you. I just don’t think you guys or the character deserve the hate you guys get. I understand why people may not like Mon-El, however, I think they’ve gone way too far for a TV show.

Everyone in the show has about the same moral code, about the same values, there’s not that diverse dynamics and people, and Mon-El I think adds more of a spin to the show. I personally like his character. Do I condone all of his actions? No. But I don’t think he’s inherently a bad person, if some people would stop being uptight, they might find it interesting his learning of the new culture and being around such kinda lawful - true good people. I find his interactions very interesting and that he’s quite funny.

I have I’d say a little different politics than the others in my community. I’m not as touchy. I’m not as PC. I’m not as demanding diversity. I’m not as quick to throw out racist, homophobic, etc cause I don’t think it’s accurate to be calling everyone all these names based upon liking a ship and characters? Nor do I think it’s even that bad as everyone concerns themselves about in Western societies. For people so concerned with righteousness and diversity and being “respectful” with PC culture it’s turning people into judgemental disrespectful angry condemning people.

Sorry for the rant, the point is, everyone just needs to chill out and try to enjoy the show.

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Which are your top 5 BC scenes and why?

Okay these are in chronological order and nothing else because putting these in order any other way would be too hard.

1) The moment with Atom in the woods, because it essentially undercuts everything you expect about their characters and in doing so reveals who they truly are without undoing the character work that preceded it.

2) Day Trip! The entire episode, really, but especially Bellamy’s reaction to “Because right now I don’t feel like being around anyone I actually like.”  It’s a relatively light moment in a fairly deep episode, but it tells us so much about their relationship at that point in time.

3) The Hug in s2, because that is the official shift from “we are co-leaders and maybe-friends” to “You, Bellamy Blake, are my Official Favorite Person” from Clarke, and Bellamy’s reaction (relief, joy, and a bit of wonder) shows us how much she means to him too.

4) The fight in Hakeldama because as gut wrenching as that is, it was also a really clarifying moment in their relationship.  It was Bellamy admitting how much he needs Clarke and Clarke realizing that her perception of their relationship was skewed.  It broke my heart but it put them (eventually) back on track to being each other’s Person.

5) The List/Hand Nuzzle.  Because Bellamy Blake using his survival as a bargaining chip to get Clarke Griffin to agree to survive is a fucking lot.  And the fact that they capped it off with hesitant-but-intimate touches makes it even more.

Honorable mention #1:  When Clarke tells Bellamy to go into Mount Weather and that she was being “weak” by not wanting him to go, mostly because of the way Raven and Octavia’s eyes immediately snap to Bellamy because by that point it’s really fucking obvious he’s in love with her and everyone is really worried about him.

Honorable mention #2: The Beach Hug, because “Emotionally Vulnerable Bellarke” is the best of all bellarkes.

Cravings (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Can you do a Jughead x reader where the reader and jughead are dating and she’s pregnant and has weird pregnancy cravings like dipping her fries in ice cream (LOL i do this a lot) and Jughead teases her for it but still goes out of his way to get it for her? LOL just cute fluffy stuff. Thank you!! I really liked your other imagines too, especially ‘Clingy’! Too cute!! <3

 A/N: So I’ve aged all the characters for this one! So everyone’s about 18-19 years old. I enjoyed writing this one so I hope you like it. Requests are Welcome!

Warning: Mention of Underage Drinking, high school pregnancy? 

Cravings (Jughead x Reader) 

Senior year. It was supposed to be a chilled year and it was. 

Until you found out you were pregnant. 

You were terrified but told your boyfriend of 2 years, who just held you tightly. 


You were already living together as your parents had moved due to a new job and Jughead had been staying with you prior. 

They had let you two find a small apartment within Riverdale to finish school and you called that home. 

 When he found out, he was shocked at first. 

You two weren’t very sexual creatures and had sex only a few times but always made sure to take precautions. 

But Ronnie and Cheryl had thrown a huge party, both forcing you two to go. 

You both had a couple drinks and one thing led to another. Neither of you had thought strange of it and shrugged it off, not realizing you hadn’t used a condom. 

Until you started getting sick all the time. 

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Some FFXV thoughts:

the other day I heard someone describe Noctis as ‘bland’ and it really got me thinking, not just about how much I love his character but about why I love him–like, Prompto’s my all time fave but I love all the chocobros so much, and there’s something about Noct and the way he’s written that I find really intriguing? and I think I finally put my finger on what it is.

it’s really rare to see characters (especially in video games and especially protagonists) who start off the game in a state of resignation, but that is exactly Noct’s emotional state when you meet him. he’s not particularly traumatized–at least, not in the usual way video game characters are, with some kind of large loss or grand dramatic tragedy that befalls them right after the opening credits. we spend a lot of time with Noctis before the fall of Insomnia, we see how he reacts to his father and to the burdens of being the prince, and in the Brotherhood anime we see it in even more (I’m thinking of the episode with Ignis specifically, although it’s kind of a running theme in the whole webseries.)

and the interesting thing is that Noct isn’t rebellious and angry and resentful about the responsibilities that he was born into. we don’t see him having an argument with Regis about how he doesn’t want to marry Luna, or become King, or how he just wants to run off and be a dentist or whatever. most modern stories of ‘prince reclaims throne/becomes king’ start with the prince bemoaning his lost freedom and running away from his fate. it would’ve been very easy to play into cliche and have Noct be that character who runs from responsibility and learns to accept it at the end, but they didn’t. Instead, his character arc is less about him learning to accept the inevitability of his fate and more about his capability to rise to the challenge.

Noct is afraid to become king because he doesn’t want to watch his father die and then be consumed by the same unbearable weight, and perhaps because he fears that he won’t be able to protect what he is meant to. Noct mourns his freedom but he doesn’t take it out on his friends or family or country the way so many other protagonists do. no matter how angry he gets he recognizes that it isn’t anyone’s fault that things are the way they are, and that’s just… such a surprisingly mature angle to take for a character who seems so immature in other ways. and I think it’s that dichotomy, between Noct as a bratty teenager who hates vegetables and tells dumb jokes, and Noctis as a solemn young prince trying to work up the courage to do what must be done, that I find so fascinating.

People hating on the new SU episode and I’m sitting here like
I thought it was aight? I mean yea it’s not SUPER FUCKING PLOT HEAVY but it’s still a good episode about realizing when you’re hurting people and how to be an ally??? That’s a really good lesson that some of you assholes should learn, and it’s put in a very simple way that actually fits Ronaldo’s character and demonstrates Stevens growth as a character (bc do you think he’d be able to tell Ronaldo “wtf dude” on episode one? I feel like he’d be too nice at that point)
and I lowkey feel like all these people complaining are being whiny babies bc we’re getting an episode that doesn’t absolutely wreck our Shit??? Bc CN used a creative tactic to advertise this kind of episode and it was p funny that Bloodstone was his gemsona all along????

Since I don’t want my experience on Tumblr to be awful (or yours, on my blog) I want to make something clear.
I blocked you-know-who because I don’t have time/I don’t want drama in the fandom nor in my virtual life (I have ENOUGH in my real life, thanks a lot) and also because he/her already ruined my friend’s life for a while - he/her was actually the first person I ever reported because the way he/she acted against Gracie ( @talkriddletome ).

Also, believe me, I’m not into “child porn” (ugh just typing it makes me shiver, damn you for bringing up something so disgusting) or whatever! 
I just wrote something ironically, thinking about two consenting teenagers and wasn’t thinking about characters being actual minors; maybe my perception could have been influenced by the fact in Europe the consent age is 16 and it’s quite normal to have first experiences with MUTUALS at 15-18 years old.
Btw I really didn’t plan anything of the sort or draw anything and I WON’T.
So, if you unfollowed me because of that I’m sorry, I really love each one of my followers, I recognize every one of you when you put a like or reblog and I’m glad I receive so much love from you all, every day.

I feel like the kou characters are highly underrated in the magi fandom. Sure some people like them, however their fanbase is both less active and visible as far as I know. I really wish this would change since kou characters are pretty damn dope in my opinion. Way more funnier and interesting than the others in my eyes, to say the least. Generally I know this is a ‘bad’ opinion to have in some people’s eyes but, I’m getting so fucking tired of sinbad at this point. I just want the fandom to agnolage the other amazing characters in magi that aren’t in sindria.

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Something that really bothers me is that the more butch/masculine characters aren't treated very well. Like everyone's saying, Jasper keeps being portrayed/taken as a one sided villain. Steven bubbling Bismuth didn't solve anything. Sugilite (I know she dresses femininely in a way but she's still butch in my opinion) has only been portrayed as a brute and an antagonist. A lot of people love Ruby (I do of course) but even she seems to be portrayed as just anger and muscle

su definitely has a bad track record when it comes to the treatment of their butch characters. Ruby is probably the best treated out of them bc while she’s a hothead, she’s still one of the “good guys”.

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Hey so is Dan in the Phan Elf AU going to have some kind of tragic backstory? I feel like an element of darkness can add more to the relationship with DnP and maybe the void that Dan has in his heart can be filled with the sunshine thats Phil.

The most tragic thing is when someone’s darkness comes from within for no particular reason. I think that’s what Dan’s personality will be like… like, there’s no concrete reason he’s like how he is. Idk honestly I haven’t thought about their backstories enough haha. But yeah I’m trying to fit their characters close to how they are IRL, and as far as I know Dan doesn’t have a tragic backstory really (yes, he hated school life, so maybe that’ll translate somehow into this AU). Either way, the sunshine that is Phil does him good :) 

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why is no one talking about how protective lance was towards pidge during the very first episode in season 1 when pidge told iverson off about the so called "crew malfunction" and lance quickly covered her mouth so she wouldn't say anything to get herself in trouble. instead lance covered for her! please! let's talk about!! this plance scene!!

truly an underrated plance scene and an underrated lance scene tbh. Honestly Lance’s altruistic tendencies is something I really admire about him as a character ( Also note him pushing Coran out of the way of a bomb ). He’s really an incredibly loyal person and will risk his neck both literally and figuratively for the people he cares about