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Dear Diary:

everyone… everyone kept going through all my photos (・・。)ゞ

there’s… there’s kind of a lot, you know! (・:゚д゚:・)

but it’s not my fault or anything!! it’s just… because we’ve done so much! (;^ω^)

i mean… we’ve travelled all over~! (*^ω^*)

and… spent way too much time in creepy dungeons (; ̄Д ̄)

and way too much time killing creepy things! 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

but… i’m much better at shooting stuff now~ (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

and it wasn’t all bad… i mean, i’ve spent so much time with chocobos! real chocobos! (*´▽`*)

and i mean, we can still play kings knight~ 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and… everything we’ve been through… i’ve gotten to do it all with my best friend~ (☆^ー^☆)

… my… my best friends (灬º 艸º灬)

and that’s… that’s pretty cool, right? o((*^▽^*))o

I was curious recently about whether or not William Shakespeare had a cat. There’s no way to really know because we don’t know all that much about him, but I was sure someone had at least, you know, looked at the odds. And I was not wrong! Apparently Shakespeare mentions cats 44 times in his known works, usually referring to them negatively, at least according to the internet. 

Basically he constantly talked about how terrible cats are, which has led me to conclude that Shakespeare DEFINITELY had a cat, probably like five of them.

tips for the new year

stop arguing extensively with people online as a hobby:

  • its boring and isolating
  • its a cheap way to get a short burst of self esteem in something thats not actually fun or encourages your own growth
  • the likelihood that you, a complete stranger, will change someone’s mind if you just tweet at them enough is close to zero
  • you should take time to think seriously about how you want to engage with the world and develop your opinions based on varied, new experiences
  • if you ignore shitty people it makes them go so ballistic they meltdown spectacularly, pretty much every time without fail
  • no one is impressed by your internet text victory. in the rare cases where someone is, its impressive for the 3 seconds it took to read the tweet
  • when i have to scroll past your 120000 word nerd slap fight it mildly inconveniences me
  • just play a video game

Okay so y'all probably all heard about the season 3 bundle uploaded to the internet free right? well oops, that link was mine. 

 I honestly did it out of the kindness of my heart but i obviously didn’t think it through very well. I did not have the money to buy the bundle and someone kindly gifted it to me and because not everyone is that lucky i found (what i thought at the time) a way to help them out? and I guess i didn’t realise how much it would affect the amazing cast and crew behind Carmilla at the time but i have recently seen the error of my ways due to the many posts about it. As an apology for my disrespectful and dishonourable behaviour i have deleted the uploaded content, apologised to both @carmillaseries and @hotladypants and various Carmilla fan blogs and i will try to buy/gift as many  bundles when i can to help atone for my mistakes.

Once again my sincerest apologies.

p.s i am posting about this because after my behaviour anonymity should not be an option and i hope this will reach anyone who i have offended/disrespected/upset. So please spread this.

Here’s something that I’m trying to understand.

There has been a loss of etiquette in fandom, and I’m talking specifically about fanfiction, so if you’re not interested in this discourse you can just keep scrolling. But if you read fanfiction, you should stop to think about this.

When I first entered the internet world back in, I don’t know, 2007, I encountered a world that is entirely different from the one I experience today. There weren’t any really great techniques for circulating information, things like Tumblr didn’t exist so it wasn’t easy to find what you wanted; good content took a lot of time to find. Viral memes took weeks, even months to get popular – I understand that what we have now is an improvement, it’s much easier to access and circulate information, but there was a side effect to this slow growth of the internet that really influenced the way fanfiction was treated.

In this version of the internet, you had to hunt for your dinner. And if that dinner was gonna be steamy no-time-for-words romance or angst-ridden family drama, you had to really dedicate yourself to the task of finding fanfiction. And when you finally sat down to read one of your choices (of the many tabs that were pulled up in the hunt) it didn’t matter how polished the work was. You worked hard to get where you were, and now you’re going to read the fruits of your labor.

The amount of time the reader dedicated to a fanfiction had value, therefore the amount of time the writer spent on the writing had more value. If it took work to find, it took work to create. Back then even the smallest enjoyment in something poorly written was worth commentary, because it was worth your time to find it and inevitably worth your time to read it. It gets you thinking about the writer, thinking about the amount of time the writer spent on their work, and it created the etiquette that is the payment method.

It didn’t matter how poorly written something was, how grammatically incorrect it was, how out of character the characters were … if you made it to the end, you had to leave a note. Notes arrived in two ways; the first is the easiest method: you didn’t spend a lot of time focusing on the fic, so you’d simply like/reblog/kudos/fav the story, and you would do that in order - based on how good it was. It wasn’t necessarily a compliment, but that’s not what the writer is generally looking for: you’re acknowledging that it wasn’t terrible. Writer’s aren’t producing a ton of free fic to learn nothing. Feedback isn’t about compliments, it’s about helping rate a work of art.

Reviews, however, are about compliments. A critique is the largest of those compliments, because they take the most time. (This excludes the outliers, the essay-length complimenters, those heroes that go out of their way to stoke the writing ego.)

If you encountered something you loved in fanfiction, it would not suffice to just like or reblog it, not if it was something so riveting that the words tied you to the page. Never. You would never just leave a ❤ and go away, because then the writer will never know that you enjoyed the story. The ONLY protocol for reading something that you truly enjoyed was to review it. A review is the only thing that can tell a writer that their work was worth the time and made you FEEL something else. And the better the work was, the more reviews you left. This is the basic barter system of fanfiction.

As in any trade, there is loss. In this case it’s a simple vortex: the hit count. The amount of IP addresses landing on a writers work, cataloged on the fanfiction stats pages. There are only two ways to interpret ghosts on your writing. Either they never finished reading it, or they hated it.

I’m sorry to say that while the audience’s behavior has changed and that’s not true anymore, the writers have not changed. Without the support of a reader base, with any size of audience, posting work is mostly frustrating. I personally watch 300+ IP addresses land on my work and get about 2 reviews. (I don’t even subscribe to emails about kudos/favorites, because they mean I’m not the caliber of writer I want to BE yet). I know it’s easier for you to find entertaining content now, I know it’s easier to consume information and then bounce away to the next ‘report’, I know it’s easier to be entertained on this format of website than it ever has been before… But writers are still spending their time producing their work, and you should still spend some of your time responding to it.

Fanfiction writers don’t spend their time writing “read and review!! ;))” to guilt you. It’s a subtle reminder of the system that’s been in place to make their effort worthwhile. And, if their work was worthwhile, then your time was worthwhile, and they would continue to produce more work, more chapters, more finished stories, because they want to thank you for the time you spent validating them. It’s a system in which great writers are made, and a huge collaboration of strangers got together to bring that person to success, it’s one of the greatest phenomena of the internet.

The reader is also rewarded; writing reviews teaches analysis, more in-depth thought, and more practice spent /laboring over words/ is what creates great thinkers, greater dialog, a better world. (On the internet and beyond.)

Tl;dr: Respect fanfiction, review your faves, and understand that you, the individual, have an impact on the online community.

I’m constantly thinking about the fact that Ngozi got asked “do you follow the check please fandom?” and replied “I follow the Fry Guy fandom, yes.” 

Like, it’s such a perfect response????? when could your creators ever? It’s wry and affectionate and slightly sardonic without being mean at all and just…i can’t even tell you how much i admire the way that she handles her internet popularity and success and the attention it brings


Countless pieces of DD history are scattered across the Internet–pictures, old tweets, concept art, behind-the-scenes pictures, and more. For a while, I thought that some of these artifacts were lost to time. But as I started searching around, I discovered long-lost pieces of DD history, as well as concept art, videos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes photos that I’d never seen before. I created this blog to archive artifacts that might otherwise be lost, including:

  • Old Twitter pictures and screencaps (due to Twitter’s changing format, much of the content has been lost)
  • Concept art from various artists
  • Videos and transmissions from the beginning of the era
  • Screencaps of the transmitter on MCR’s website
  • Rare photos from the video shoots
  • Close-ups of scenery and props from the videos
  • Sketches and inkings
  • And more!

Ready to brush up on your DD history? Visit @killjoyhistory today to view the collection!

I have always felt that between Dan and Phil , Dan has always been the one who has all his cards on the table in the emotional sense of word.
We know his feelings behind his origin story. We know how he feels for Phil (and I’m not saying romantically, I mean as a best friend, because those relationships are just as important if more) because he says it everytime. He expresses it in different ways.
From the Tumblr rants,to the forlorn and sad tweets, to his lives shows, everything is always out on the table
Phil on the other hand knows how be professional. As he once said “I’m not fake in what I do but I do believe that there should be a limit as to how much you share on the internet because it then opens up the door-” *Dan joins him here*
But that was the first time I actually felt the emotion and the reason behind his private behaviour.
The truth is that we know a lot about Dan’s past but when it comes to Phil we know close to nothing. I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing. It’s what I would have done.
YouTubers these days (like Collen Ballinger and Josh Evans) are very open on the internet and few know how to draw a line between their professional and private lives.
This is something Phil Lester has mastered.
He knows how to share without oversharing. It’s the reason why he never gets into YouTuber drama. It’s the reason why people who know him admire his savvy,gentle and mature way of handling things.
I really look up to his calm intellect that shines through in ways people don’t usually notice.

so i was thinking (as i sometimes like to do) about the way humour has evolved over the past few years, and how radically different our generation’s humour is to pretty much anything that’s gone before it. so i decided to make a list of trends that i’ve noticed, because i have too much free time, and here it is

  1. The Rise Of The Shitpost. in the past few years, there’s been a huge uptick in “nonsensical” humour - and it’s not the same as the “lol random!!!1! xD tacos” style of humour that populated the internet around the early 2000s. it’s almost dadaist in its utter refusal to make sense. show a baby boomer a blurred picture of a bird in sunglasses on fire with the caption “KISAAAMA” and watch them stare at you blankly. go on. do it. and yet that exact post has over 100k notes on tumblr and has been reposted multiple times on facebook, twitter and instagram. go figure. 
  2. Distortion Of Language. just look at the “doggo” meme (”father pls stop yuo are doing me a frighten”), the “good shit” emoji meme, the mixing up of words in common phrases (”never gift a horse in the mouth”), those posts that use ridiculously complex and ill-fitting words to say mundane things (i.e. that one about coffee that’s like “BEAN ROYALTY! i must have looked like such a rube. such a fool”). it kind of ties into the “nonsensical” thing, except in this case the humour comes about specifically from turning something comprehensible into something incomprehensible.
  3. Fatalistic Humour. y’all know this one. pics of bleach bottles with a straw sticking out the top. jokes about throwing yourself in a ditch and slowly sinking into the mud, or paying somebody to murder you. casual references to therapy, suicide, self-destruction and coping mechanisms. that kinda thing.
  4. “Pure” Humour. this is kind of the opposite of the previous one, weirdly enough. in the past couple of years, there’s been a rise in humour that’s just genuinely sweet and nice. people like bob’s burgers because it’s harmless and cute and centres around a family where everyone genuinely cares about each other and gets along. people like lazytown and steven universe for similar reasons. there are hundreds of facebook pages dedicated to memes about supporting/loving your significant other, or pictures of cute animals cuddling up together
  5. Backlash Against Self-Conscious Humour. on the whole, people no longer like jokes that are obviously jokes. if a joke comes in like “hey! look at me! i’m a joke! aren’t i hilarious?”, people aren’t going to like it. that’s why sitcoms with canned laughter are going out of style, and why movies that make fun of themselves are more popular than movies that try, unironically, to be funny. that’s also why the “lol random” humour died a slow death. at its core, it’s the same as shitposting, but the difference is that shitposting just exists, whereas “random” humour is a deliberate attempt not only to be funny, but to make the op seem unique and special in their “randomness”. there’s a great post about it here

this being said, here are my theories for why this might be:

  1. fatalistic humour most likely stems from the fact that our generation is so fucked (economically, politically, socially, and any other kind of -ally you care to imagine) that we turn to black humour to make ourselves feel better. our current situation has also led to a documented rise in mental illness, which - coupled with growing social awareness of said mental illness - makes jokes like “heres a fun life hack: pay attention to me so i dont feel empty inside” relatable to pretty much everyone
  2. this might also explain the rise of absurdist memes - basically, nothing makes sense any more, and so nor do we. it might also be a form of backlash against the stereotypical view baby boomers have of millennials. developing a style of humour that is incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t a part of the online community functions almost as a way of shutting out people from older generations. of saying, “you think you understand us? you think we’re just empty-headed egomaniacs who like smartphones and emojis? well you’re WRONG”
  3. this is also why people laugh at “moms on facebook” - because they’re in the right place, but not using the correct lingo. essentially, young people on the internet have developed their own language and way of communication that is nigh-impossible to imitate if you’re not part of the online community yourself
  4. and i think that’s actually kinda awesome
Gvnnin' for my Heart

Lynn Gvnn x reader
​Warnings: language, smut

​A/N: while researching I realized I’ve been pronouncing the band name wrong this entire time, oops! ​​​​

It’s been four years since you’ve heard from her, since her music took off and she moved away in her old, broken down car to find her way to fame.
You missed her, but you wanted her to do well in the world, so you gave your best wishes and let her go, not about to hold her back when you care so much about her.

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I’m furious, disgusted, mad and many many other things I can’t write here.

I was checking on my good friend mysticdaddies the other day, and I can’t believe what I saw there… She got serious hate from a few people, hate for something she wrote FOR FREE

Writers (and other people who post their content on the Internet) don’t get paid for what they do. The only kind of payment they get is likes, reblogs, comments and PRODUCTIVE CRITICISM

Like normal people writers are not super-humans. They have lifes and emotions and sometimes it might happen that life gets in the way. And that means that the writer doesn’t get to write and upload their work in time, like they promised you to do; which they are not obligated to do. In fact the writer couldn’t a fuck when you want your HC or the fanfic you like so much to be uploaded. Especially when you’re on anon and there are a 100 anon HC’s. The writer couldn’t care less.

But he does, because he likes his followers and most of them are patient and nice and good to talk to. They know that it takes some time to write a fanfic. They know that writing for their blog shouldn’t be the writers priority in life.

We have work, school, family, friends, hobbies and the blog shouldn’t be number one priority.

So when something influences the writing, it might be bad or good. You might ask questions if everything is okay. You might tell the writer that it is okay if the chapter comes out later than expected. You might give CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM

but you dont, NEVER EVER tell somebody to kill themselves, to delete, that their writing is bad without further explanation

And if you can’t do that, than I want you to simply unfollow

Why Ochako Is Actually the Best WSJ Heroine Out There

Alright alright alright alright alright alright

I was going to make a post for Ochako sometime in the future but I recently saw some twats on the internet made a poll for worst WSJ heroine and I saw Ochako on there as the worst and I’m so sorry but as an individual who has SO MUCH LOVE for this character, I can’t sit still and allow people to call her the worst WSJ heroine. I just can’t. Hate her all you want, this world isn’t filled with love and positivity and rainbows all the time but to call her the WORST? No way man. No way.

I mean to start she is such a loving and caring and honest character who is positive and tries the best in everything she does. Sure she needs help once in a while but you know who ELSE needed help? Bakugou when the evil alien thingy was swallowing him up. Izuku needed help both mentally and physically when it came to his new quirk. Hell even a pro hero needed help from Iida to go warn the others. Does that make them automatically weak and not able to take care of themselves?? Absolutely not.

Ochako isn’t a damsel in distress so why are people making her out to be that way??

I mean did you not see how WELL she handled herself at the entrance exam?

Did you not see how WELL she handled the USJ incident?

Did you not see how EXCEPTIONALLY WELL she fought against Bakugou during the Sports Festival?

Or what about the end of the term test?

Or what about when she was fighting with Himiko?

Yea, last time I checked, she can handle and take care of herself pretty ok.

And adding on top of that, she isn’t some character that is only there to either suck the dick of the MC or even there to show her tits off to every single male character in the series.

To start off, I mean have you seen hero costume?? Or even her school uniform?

She is literally covered from head to toe and doesn’t have the tits the size of Erza or even Meiko. She’s incredibly modest and her character legit doesn’t revolve sex appeal or any of that stuff that most Shounens contain. The most “fanservice” we got from her is when she appeared with her hero costume

But as you can see, it’s not even real fanservice. It’s just Deku finding a GIRL HIS AGE ATTRACTIVE WHO IS WEARING A REALLY CUTE HERO COSTUME AND LOOKS CUTE IN IT (because apparently a male character can’t find a character attractive unless her tits are hanging out and he falls head first in them smdh).

And let’s forget she’s not just there so Deku can have a girl on the side who he can fuck after the series is over like no. As much Izuocha is a prevalent ship in the series and the one that’s most likely going to be canon unless Deku discovers he is gay and goes after Todoroki’s ass, she’s not there to cater to the MC’s needs or be the individual who puts her life at risk EVERY TIME for the MC and doesn’t have any other goal than to ride his ass at the end. Like no.

This is a girl who is going through all of this hero training so she can help provide for her family. She’s not doing this so she can roll around in a pool of money. She wants to be able to help her family and be there for them. I mean look at this:

She even tried to help her mom and dad when she was a LITTLE kid but her parents told her to pursue her dream WHICH she is doing so she can help them out.

I mean oh my gosh I know I have so much more to say on this and I will probably write a better version of this since this is mostly me just ranting uncontrollably because someone messed with one of my all-time favorite character but I’m just BAFFLED that someone could say she’s the worst WSJ heroine out there. Like??? Not to call out their characters but have you SEEN some of the other heroines in other shounens cuz?? They’re not always as well written as Ochako is, js.

The reason why I love otome games so much:

Society: You’re socially awkward. You should try making friends. The way you laugh is weird. You need to lose some weight. Get a boyfriend. Don’t spend so much time on the internet. Study more, relax less. Your outfit sucks. No one will ever love you if you don’t start acting friendlier. That test was so easy, how could you fail it? You look so tired, it’s repulsing. What’s wrong with you, can’t you speak properly? Stop complaining about being bullied, there are people that have it worse than you!


Voltage inc. men:


This is my healthy obsession.

Because, each time you make me feel worthless, lonely, abnormal, or insecure, I find relief in these words of comfort. Because, whenever the truth of my existence tries to tear me down, I’ll always have my dreams, my fictional characters, and my little otome world. Because, despite being stuck in this shallow, judgemental society, I know that I can freely swing from a universe to another. Because I am given the opportunity to live inside my head, away from you.

Oh, you think I am detached from reality? You’re wrong. I am deeply, emotionally, and entirely connected to the reality of my own feelings, my own pleasure, my own self… I am blind and immune to your idiotic rules, your typical expectations, your mocking laughter, and your unjustified insults. I choose to  acknowledge the people, things and activities that make me happy. I choose to convert reality as I enjoy it, turning it into my own happiness. I am a human being. I am able to create my own reality.

“Don’t ever be ashamed of loving the strange things that make your weird little heart happy.”

Otome games make me happy. It’s as simple as that. 

This is a post of appreciation. Voltage, thank you for putting a smile on my face, whenever I feel sad. :)

(That ended up sounding more dramatic than I expected. But I hope I am not the only one that feels this way. xD) 

Guys after a thoughtful thinking, I decided to leave social media for few weeks. I am in a really stressful position right now, cause I have to work on many university projects (most important of them all, my essay) and I’ve been procrastinating way too much on the internet. I’m a ball of anxiety and I can’t continue on this path. So I’ll just leave for a bit, I’m apologise for that
I’ll just log out of Facebook and Tumblr (and uninstall the apps on the phone)
I hope you’ll have a great time anyways and see you maybe for christmas!

Select your gem; Vernon’s Route? [Yes/No]

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Humor 

Word Count: 4644

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, various Seventeen members

Summary: Inspired by Mystic Messenger. You find a dating app way better than tinder, and slip face first into the diamond life, specifically with the gem that is Hansol Vernon Chwe. 

It started much like any student would do to pass time in their perpetually mundane lives. Finagle around the internet for a couple hours, and anyone can end up finding some pretty weird stuff. My best friend offhandedly mentioned some phone app a few days ago, saying that it helped her get over her last breakup. I admit that she was slightly crazy as she described the contents of said program, and I accepted her insistence with a grain of salt. I had no idea how an app could correlate to her last relationship, so that’s how I spent my restless Friday night, downloading an app.

Slip into the Diamond Life. Weird. My phone started to glitch uncontrollably, and I felt a strange vibration pattern from its weight, bothering my palm as it shook in my grasp. The screen glowed an eerily pleasant shade of lilac and rose, and I felt a strange sense of foreboding, as if I was getting into something that’d probably consume me in the best possible way. An address book popped on the side screen, and in faded sky script, the notification gestured to a list of users.

Select your gem.

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MERRY SHITSCRAM, EVERYONE (or just happy holidays in general)!!

honestly, it’s been a long time since i’ve been invested in something as much as i’ve been in asagao. i’ve liked things, sure, but not enough to make a sideblog, 14 AUs, 2 ongoing multi-chaptered fics, various one-shots and videos, and way too many edits. not to mention i’ve actually made friends in this fandom - not many, but i’ve made actual lasting internet, which is almost entirely new for me. and i’m totally willing to make more!!

i don’t think this is the end for asagao and i, even if i’ve finally gotten around to finishing the actual game. no, i still have so much more up my sleeve, and i’m super excited to share it with you guys. to a new year!!