way to much flowers

Pink Asters

“Come on, Shadow! It will take us all day to get there if you don’t hurry it up!”

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going yet, Sonic.”

“It’s a surprise! Trust me, it’ll be awesome!”

“It better be, otherwise I’m throwing you in a lake.”

“You’d have to catch me first, and you’re not moving fast enough to do that!”

“You’re lucky I don’t feel like kicking your ass right now.”

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Alright, so this isn’t any of the fics I was promising, or anything that was requested. This was kind of just a de-stresser piece that I wrote today to try to relax myself on a really bad day. 

It may be awful, or have a lot of errors because I didn’t properly edit it, and I wrote it really quickly while in a bad-ish mood, but I figure you guys might enjoy it anyway.

It was inspired by a random prompt I had saved in a journal for years that I had specially for prompts, so I couldn’t tell you where it came from, but I can tell you it was really stress-relieving to write.


Rowan, on the outside, hated working surrounded by flowers all day. He made sure all of his friends knew how much he hated the way the scent of flowers clung to him for days after his shift, or the typical clueless men coming into the shop for either their mothers or wives.

But, on the inside, the fresh, varied scent of all the different flowers calmed him. The colors were like a balm to his mind. And putting the flowers together in just the right way to say just the right thing was like a puzzle that he loved to solve.

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Oke since I can’t stop coming up with ways to put flowers in fics,,

Soulmate!au where most people are born with a seed drawn on their chest, right above their heart. 

Each seed is different for each person has a different flower/plant; Some will have vines that take up their whole torso, others a small discreet plant, it all depends on eithet the personnality of the person or their soulmate’s

As they grow up and old, the flower slowly grows, until it’s fully standing, yet the bud is still closed, waiting for the day they meet their other half, and that day people can feel the flower blooming as they stare at the other person, signaling that yes, it’s them

This makes room for so much angst because what if your flower grows way slower than others? what if one day you wake up and it has started to decay before even opening? Also yes the flower(s) would decay once the soulmate dies, or slowly decay if the person is dying/has a disease, kinda like Beauty and the Beast except you can never get rid of the flower

On a happier note:

- polyamory pals having whole gardens on their chest

- get a tinier version of the flower when you have a child with your soulmate, even if it wasn’t born from either of you

- aro/ace people instead have petals appear on random parts of their body when they appreciate someone enough to call them close, and it’s always from a flower that reminds them of the other person

- just, flowers everywhere

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Kid Meme: Ryuko and Senketsu? [ ;3 ]

If They Had A Kid… (Meme)

Send me a pairing and I’ll fill this out with what their kid would be like!

Ryuko Matoi/Kamui Senketsu

( @getrecklcss HERE IS THE HANDSOME BOI) 

  • Name: Ushinketsu Matoi 
  • Gender: Male
  • General appearance: Black hair & eye color from father, eye shape from mother. Dresses with a collared shirt mostly or a sweatshirt. If collared shirt–the a jacket to go along with it. Usually wears sneakers and long pants. Physiology wise–he is much more human in functionality. Requiring food, sleep, and bathroom. He doesn’t require a diet such as his father. Though his organs are infused and meshed with life fibers. 
  • Personality: Very adventurous, a bit of an analytic like Senketsu. He tends to get into fights though unfortunately–making him a bit of a brawler. Keeps to himself and is very guarded. Tries his best to remain his cool when possible. Tends to swear a bit more (thanks Ryuks). 
  • Special Talents: Has more strength than the average human. Thanks to his father, he’s inherited Senketsu’s traits of life fiber absorption and able to rearrange his life fibers in order to protrude blades out. Unfortunately his body will wear out quickly (akin to that of Senketsu with using too much blood) and have to rest if he performs too much rearranging. 
  • Who they like better: Senketsu–he talks to Senketsu a bit more than his mother Ryuko
  • Who they take after more: DEFINITELY RYUKO NO LIE
  • Personal headcanon: Senketsu and Ryuko help train Ushinketsu for combat. Senketsu mostly teaches and spares with him on how to rearrange his life fibers–morphing blades. This has helped him greatly in parkouring around. (As parkouring is his main hobby, having a much more adventurous spirit)
  • Face Claim:

Tangled (2010)


Painting my houseplants - Echeveria shaviana. This amazing plant and pot were a gift from thesill. I’ve been slowly working on this painting for a month now, just waiting for the flowers to open all the way - which has taken much longer than expected. The flower stalk is stunning and and beautifully architectural.