way to much flowers

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours on a beautiful day 

A peaceful moment in between cases


To all my witches out there excited for the Summer Solstice, here’s some fun ideas to get ready to celebrate the actual longest day of your year.

SUN TEA: This stuff is the shit for witches that enjoy ice tea. Really easy to make as well. All you need is a closed container, water, and some tea bags/loose tea leaves in a holder. Add the water and the tea leaves, and leave it out in sun for at least 5 hours.

I say closed container because I don’t want bacteria to grow in your tea. SAFETY FIRST PLEASE. The best part about this, is you can flavor it however you want. You believe lemon, jasmine, and some other item I can’t think off the top of my head should go into the tea; just toss it in. Please, please, PLEASE be careful what you put in your tea, I don’t want food poisoning or anything else to happen to you.

Use it to capture the sun and its essence. Hold the sun in your hands. Enjoy the warmth that it provides you.

FLOWER CROWNS: Flowers, their entire reason to live is for the sun. The best way to represent the sun is the way to show their work. A simple flower has more impact than you can think.

BEES OR MORE SPECIFICALLY HONEY: Yup, what’s better than flowers, but the workers who spend their lives servicing the sun and it’s works of art. Help the bees by supporting your local farmers and buy some local honey from your grocery store. Gets some bees wax and make some candles. SUPPORT👏OUR👏BEES👏

YOURSELF: Yup, I’m a low budget bitch. So everyone let’s wake our lazy asses up before the sun and welcome it. Do yoga, sun tan, enjoy a nice breakfast, enjoy a facial, anything else you can think of. Walk around and reflect the sun. Wake up to see the sun and stay late to watch the sun set. Be joyful, and happy. You are the best way to worship the sun.


There are many other ways that I’m leaving out. Bonfires, honey cakes, homemade (non)alcoholic mead, so many other ways to celebrate the summer solstice. There are many ways to celebrate the sun and the life it gives, and this is a great opportunity for the sun and the fire to shine. Happy Litha everyone.

((also its the 21st of June in 2017 in case no one knows))

prom night!!!!! :’) inspired by this post by @vodka-aunt-coran

A doodle of the Altertangle AU but with Asgore as Rapunzel.

Altertale and Altertangle belongs to @friisans

some object heads i doodled in class earlier today

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I'd love to see Echo and Flowey together, or maybe Echo and Asriel together if the latter's still alive

I’m still weighing my options re: Asriel vs Flowey, but since I had a few Flowey requests (and I have a larger project in mind for that), have a Flower and a Prince becoming cool new friends

You know I like and what I think are pretty? Flowers. You know what God says he loves more than the flowers of the fields? You, and me. Pretty neat, huh?



- dark and mysterious 

- cocky as hell 

- sweetheart, kitten, baby doll, baby girl, the list goes on

- “i bet you taste as good as you look” 

- “shut up asshole” 

- you want to hate him

- but you like him

- alot

- pretends he doesn’t care, but actually does

- he would beat up your ex boyfriend for breaking your heart 

- secretly inlove with you

- wont admit it tho


- artistic 

- maybe even writes poetry from time to time

- knows how to take care of someone properly 

- always wants to make sure you’re safe

- “i care about you.. alot actually..”

- princess, flower, pumpkin

- sweetest little munchkin 

- cuddles galore 

- always wants to be around you

- he has so much love to give 

- all for you

- and no one else


- shy

- slightly awkwardly 

- stutters a lot 

- blushes a lot 

- casually likes to watch you, but not in a creepy way

- adores you so much

- a flower everyday 

- honey, princess, sweetie, darling

- he likes to bake you things

- always wants to hold your hand

- forehead kisses

- mostly for him


I’m not just a single type of girl. I’m not just Daisy Calloway, the girl who dives off cliffs. Or Daisy Calloway, the girl who jumps into the ocean without a life vest. I’m so much more than that.

Happy Birthday, Amber!

Evermore Reprise (headcanon/ mini-fanfic)

So I have been musing amongst the land of Beauty and the Beast Headcanons in my brain (specifically Belle and Adam as parents posted here) While I am still contemplating whether or not to dive into writing a full on fanfic, this little scene where Adam holds his little girl for the first time just begged to be written. Enjoy! 

The first few rays of dawn had begun to spill into the west wing. It was the first official day of spring. Somewhere in the garden a lone songbird was trilling their cheerful melody. Adam sighed, taking in the moment. His beloved Belle lay against his shoulder, exhausted, their newborn baby girl in her arms. 

“Isn’t she beautiful, Adam?” Belle murmured. 

Adam gently kissed Belles head. “Just like her mother.”

 There were wisps of chestnut hair crowning her tiny head, her little lips exactly like Belle’s. But the eyes that stared back at him were identical to his own. She had his eyes. His mother’s eyes. It was almost too surreal to comprehend. 

“Little Amélie Rose.” He breathed, examining her tiny fingers.

“You’re sure you like the name?” Belle asked, glancing up at him.

“Of course! It is perfect. Just like our little girl. Amélie for my mother. Rose for yours. I still find it charming that that is why you love the flower so much, by the way.” Adam teased.

Belle smiled weakly. “Well I’m glad you like it.” She yawned. “I just wanted to be sure because after today we are not changing it.”

Adam laughed “It was a rose that brought you into my life, my darling. Because of that I can forgive the flower for the part it played in the enchantress’s curse.”

Belle nodded sleepily. “I think I need to sleep now, my dear. Would you hold her?”

“Are you sure? She’s so tiny…”

“You’ll be fine.” Belle assured, positioning the baby in his arms. “There you are sweetheart. Come see your papa.”

Adam could feel a tear well in his eyes as Belle spoke the words. Papa. He was a Papa. “She really is incredible, isn’t she?” he breathed.

Belle mumbled an agreement but was already half asleep. Smiling Adam got up from the bed and carried his little girl over to a chair near the balcony where he could watch the sunrise. He looked down at the precious girl in his arms.  Amélie Rose. His daughter. As the golden streaks of dawn filled the sky, he quietly sang…

“I was the one who had it all
A second chance to change my fate
I had all I needed in my life
now this new life awaits…

I’ll try to chase away the pain
So close your eyes ‘cause I’m right here
As you steal into my ever-growing heart
It all becomes so clear

Now I know I’ll never leave you
Even as you grow someday
I will still protect you, calm you, teach you,
love you, come what may

Livening these ivory towers
dancing through that open door
Just call my name, I’ll walk right in
And be with you for evermore

I marvel at these gifts of love
I watch the fading of the night
Though I know you’ll fly so far beyond what I can teach
I’m never far from sight

Now I know I’ll never leave you
As my old life fades from view
You will now inspire me, be a part of
Everything I do

Livening these ivory towers
dancing through that open door
Just call my name, I’ll walk right in
And as this bright new life begins
I’ll see you through it, lose or win
With you here for evermore…”

Pink Asters

“Come on, Shadow! It will take us all day to get there if you don’t hurry it up!”

“You still haven’t told me where we’re going yet, Sonic.”

“It’s a surprise! Trust me, it’ll be awesome!”

“It better be, otherwise I’m throwing you in a lake.”

“You’d have to catch me first, and you’re not moving fast enough to do that!”

“You’re lucky I don’t feel like kicking your ass right now.”

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I’m having way too much making all these flower and rose dice. Yes my shop is still in vacation because I want to focus on these orders for a bit. But I will have a TON of new stuff once I get that done ;) Don’t worry you will have LOTS of heads up! In the meantime I’m gonna start spamming all these cool color combos everyone picked out!! ❤️😍❤️

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If you're still interested in Natsume prompts, maybe something where the Fujiwara''s are invited to a family reunion and Touko and/or Shigeru use that opportunity to scold the family or something. Maybe say something to the effect of "do you see this precious child? He's ours now!"


When his cousin asks, “So how have things been with that boy around?” something bitter fills the back of Shigeru’s throat. 

It must show on his face, at least in part, because Katsuya’s wife lays a hand on his arm and scolds him, “That was rude. We talked about this on the way over.”

Of course they did, an uncharitable part of Shigeru’s heart remarks. Among his relatives, Takashi is a popular conversation topic, and very rarely in a kindly way.

The silence is something uncomfortable for a moment. Touko, pausing in refilling teacups, laughs airily – sitting back and pressing a delicate hand to the side of her face, as though simply caught off-guard by the question instead of perturbed by it. 

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