way to go there buddy

someone: oh my god were you CRYING???

me, not even 4 minutes after a full on breakdown: 

  • brain: tell them you like them
  • me (to person i like): i like you
  • them: what
  • me: ...
  • me at brain: way to go congrats wow thx for the gr8 advice buddy love ya bae xxxx

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The period ask + V and saeran if you could please. By the way I love your writing !!!

(part one here) alright buddy, here you go! and thank you for the kind compliment!


  • if you thought saeyoung and jaehee were the best at helping you out with your period, v beats them to the t
  • so. fucking. patient. it’s actually unbelievable
  • doesn’t fuss when he smells your period blood. doesn’t complain when you stain the bedsheets, he cleans and changes that shit right away. doesn’t take it personally if you snap at him. just hugs you if you are in pain, stressed, or over emotional because of your period
  • lots of cuddles
  • a lot
  • feels so guilty over it like no baby don’t feel bad
  • it’s just the stupid course of nature. you had to deal with it ever since puberty hit, you try reassuring v
  • wishes he could somehow have a period or something similar to it so you two can go through the pain together
  • v bruh, why you gotta be so self-sacrificing???
  • the man doesn’t care what you’re like on your period or whatever, he’ll help you in anyway he can if it means making your life easier


  • rika’s cult never had sex ed.
  • so
  • yeah uhm
  • when you casually ask him to buy tampons, he squints
  • “what’s that?”
  • and oh shoot well, so much for your common sense! how could you expect your boyfriend to know about tampons if he’s been sheltered and imprisoned by a cult for half of his life??
  • when you’re able to give him a quick sex ed. lesson in the privacy of your home, saeran is frankly, shocked and pissed off 
  • so basically what you’re telling him is that anybody who has a uterus goes through these things called periods
  • a process in which blood leaks out of your body. and even though the experience can range among each person, it’s universally agreed by those who possess uteruses, yeah periods are a bitch
  • he’s mad because you have to go through something terrible like that
  • aw he’s ready to fite someone
  • you just give him a big hug and tell him all you really need is for him to be patient and ready to deal with whatever comes with your periods
  • is a bit awkward and standoffish about it, because saeran doesn’t think he can be much help
  • but he can buy a bunch of pads and tampons from a store with no shame whatsoever
  • why should he be ashamed? blood’s running out of you there’s really no way to gloss over it, so anybody who tries telling him otherwise can screw off

some more asakiku doodles (guess who didn’t know that was a thing until this morning??)

also most of you might not know but I did my university dissertation about pirates and LEMME TELL U ABOUT JAPAN KICKING ASS AT BEING PIRATES way to go island buddy

Honestly every time I make a post about Shiro and Keith I go out of my way to include words like “bro” or “buddy” or “brother” or “bff” or “best friend” or “teenager” or “grown ass man” as a precaution to get she!ths to not wanna reblog it lmao.

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They're only underrated if they suck or are doing it to be cool.

pop punk is a genre where bassists abilities are rarely showcased in the way that they should be so i’m going to help you out here buddy, bass adds backbone to guitar and fills out lower frequencies giving it a far more solid tone. for the sake of this being a pop punk blog let’s take green day for instance first, mike dirnt writes the catchiest basslines, see stray heart, welcome to paradise and of course, longview. his abilities haven’t always been put on full display but the overall skill level is absolutely ridiculous. zack merrick of all time low, a lot of basslines in pop punk mimic guitar riffs where zack plays what almost resembles jazz sometimes, only sped up to fit their music and he does that without a pick. underrated, shit’s fucking difficult. kelen capener of the story so far is an absolutely phenomenal musician, he compliments the guitar without just playing along with it. jeremy davis, formerly of paramore was incredible. he played in jazz bands before paramore and it fucking showed. crazy talented musician. mark hoppus might not be the most talented bassist out there but he has his style and he makes hella good use of bass chords which is something pretty unique in any genre. matt rubano of taking back sunday, studied bass performance at one of the most prestigious music schools in the world. ex studio musican. don’t get me started on tyson ritter of the all american rejects, listen to gonzo, if the bassline at the start doesn’t hit you like a bus. again, phenomenal bassist and it’s unrelated but the fucking notes he hits man. incredible musician as a whole.

as for drummers, you don’t have a band without a drummer so you can fuck right off there. travis barker. tré cool. jake bundrick. mike kennedy of the wonder years is ridiculously good. ryan torf, again, of the story so far. listen to under soil and dirt.

give 👏 bassists 👏 and 👏 drummers 👏 the 👏 recognition 👏 that 👏 they 👏 fucking 👏 deserve 👏


Just hit 2000 followers! (Although it may go back down after people decide this isn’t a follow worthy blog) HOWEVER I’LL LOOK PAST THAT, gotta stay positive bahahah

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I never thought I’d get this many followers (even if half of you don’t even follow my content) but nevertheless, it meant that you were here even if it was for a short moment of time.

I’d again like to thank everyone who has even just taken a quick look at my blog and content and hope that you stay for my future fics, bad memes and extremely incorrect Mystic Messenger quotes because at this point we’re all deep in the MM hell.

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100% blaming @itsybitsylemonsqueezy for this. Not even part of this fandom and still giving me the best kalluzeb ideas. <3 Inspired by this gifset. Part of the MLNDS au. Also available on ao3

Zeb was the first to see it, a small abandoned anooba in an alleyway. There was no collar, and the poor thing looked underfed. He couldn’t tell the color under all the dirt, but there was no missing patches of fur, and it didn’t look sick or mangey. Just underfed and lonely.

“Hey little one, you’re alright.” Zeb let the little one sniff his hand before it nuzzled against his fingers, and Zeb picked it up. The young anooba curled up in his arm, and looked up at him.

“Well, there is no way I can leave you now little buddy. Let’s go get you fed and cleaned up.” Zeb walked out of the alley, and back to the Pursuit.


Kallus walked onto the Pursuit to find a scene he never would have imagined: Zeb laying on the ground, playing and laughing with what looked to be a small anooba. It was an off white color with medium to dark gray stripes, a tall crest and the trademark, wicked teeth.

“What. Is. That.” Kallus deadpanned, as Zeb sat up with a slightly guilty look on his face.

Zeb’s left ear flicked as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Well, I found ‘em in an alley, all dirty and alone, and I just couldn’t leave the little one like that. So, I brought ‘em here, gave ‘em a bath, -turns out she’s a she- and gave her some scraps. She’s doing much better. Aren’t you Noobie?” That last line was directed to the animal as she tucked herself under Zeb’s arm.

“I know you are basically a giant pet yourself Zeb, but I don’t think we can handle a full grown anooba on this ship.” Kallus was following the anooba with his eyes as he was talking. She was sniffing around exploring. She was rather cute.

“Aww, don’t be like that Kal. At least say hi.” Zeb made a noise in the back of his throat, which caused Noobie look at him. He made a motion towards Kallus, she looked between the two and bounded over to Kallus.

He may not have had a huge amount of experience with pets, but Kallus had dealt with other canid species before. He held out his hand for the anooba to sniff it, and was instantly rewarded with her sticking her head under his hand so Kallus could scratch behind her ears.

Kriff her ears were huge, so were her paws. “Zeb, you know she may be small now, but she’s going to get big.”

Zeb rolled his eyes, “Yes, Kal, I know. How do you think we gauge how big young Lasat are going to be?”

Kallus looked up at Zeb for a moment, thinking of little Riast, picturing Zeb with the same proportions and smiled.

“What?” Zeb squinted at him, flicking his left ear.

Kallus knelt down to give Noobie better attention. “Nothing.”

She leaned her side into his chest, started wagging her tail, and licking his hands. Kallus found he was smiling, “Okay, she seems pretty great, but how did you already get her to listen to your command?”

Zeb shrugged, “They’re bred to be guard dogs, besides she’s a smart one.” Noobie started to wag her tail harder, like she knew they were saying good things about her.

“It would be nice to know there is someone guarding the ship when we aren’t around. Even my failsafes can eventually be hacked.” After a short pause, “But Noobie? Really?”

Zeb managed to look a bit embarrassed, ears drooping a little, “Dunno, seemed to fit. And she responded to it right away.”

Kallus stood up, smiling, “Alright, we can keep her.” He watched her run back over to Zeb and try and bowl him over.

Then Kallus looked down to see his black uniform, not only was it covered in its usual spattering of purple fuzz, but now with a new coating of long white and gray hairs. “Oh come on! Really?!.”

Zeb didn’t even try and hold back his laughter.

Kallus pointed at him. “You are so on laundry duty for the foreseeable future.”

Zeb, still smiling and petting Noobie, “Whatever you say, Kal.”

Imagine teaching Cas how to kiss.

“Way to go, buddy,” Dean grinned proudly at a wide-eyed Cas. 

“What’s up?” you strode up to them with a curious smile.

“Cas here has managed to get himself a date,” Dean said, proud as a peacock. You snorted. 

“She is very pretty,” Cas smiled before furrowing his brow. “Dean, would you excuse Y/N and I for a few minutes?”

“Um,” Dean shot you a puzzled look, to which you shrugged. “Sure, Cas, I’ll be at the diner. I’m starving.”

“We’ll be there shortly,” Cas said politely. 

Dean stepped away and you glanced up at Cas with curiosity. “What’s going on, Cas?”

“Dean told me that I had to kiss my date goodnight,” Cas said thoughtfully. You chuckled at his expression. “The problem is that I don’t know how to kiss.”

“Oh, kissing is easy,” you scoffed.

“Would you mind teaching me?” he asked innocently. 

You went on to explain the mechanics of kissing and what to do, along with things to avoid. Cas nodded solemnly at everything you said before fidgeting on his feet. You laughed. “What?”

“Would you be bothered if I ask you to help me practice?” he stepped forward and narrowed the distance between the both of you. 

You shrugged and threw caution to the wind, your head tipping up and capturing Cas’ lips in a soft kiss. You moved slowly at first, making noises of encouragment when he did something right and pulling yourself closer to him as the kisses deepened. 

Eventually, your tongue was stroking against Cas’ and a shiver ran up your spine as he moaned into the kiss. His warm, large hands gripped your hips and held you intimately close to him. 

A few minutes later, you pulled away to take a deep breath and laughed when you realized Cas wasn’t breathless like you were. Of course not. He was an angel. 

Cas looked down at you before taking your hand and walking into the diner with you. 

“What took you two so long?” Dean asked through a mouthful of steak. 

“How do I cancel a date?” Cas asked, smiling down at you. 

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Papyrus trailed the unsuspecting monster, curiously. The Sans staggered in the direction of Muffet’s, clutching at a head wound, and clearly injured ribcage. He wasn’t planning to allow him to get as far as the bar, of course. Injured or not, he didn’t want him causing any trouble anywhere where he wasn’t wanted.

The skeleton waited until the path had become straight, before a wall of orange bones suddenly broke through the ice to shoot upwards from the ground, protruding from the snowy tundra like a blockade in his way.

“Hey there, buddy. Where do you think you’re going?” Papyrus’ voice was sinister, and malicious. His eye lights were missing from his sockets, as he stared, approaching slowly.

Dead by Daylight: Achievement Hunter vs Funhaus

This let’s play was full of Mavin

At the very beginning of the let’s play, the very first thing Gavin said to Michael was “I’m gonna get you down off the hook, boi.”

When Michael and Gavin were walking together, they reached a barrier, and Michael decided to be a gentleman and let Gavin through first so he knew that his boi was safe.

As they were escaping, Gavin was still left, and Michael was telling him he was going to be okay. “Gavin, you’re still in it buddy. Keep going that way buddy, keep going that way buddy.” As the door opened, Michael was yelling at Gavin to run and survive. “Just run, just run, Gavin. Run! Yes!” Michael cheered as Gavin made it to safety.

In the second round, Gavin and Michael were walking away together, and there was an obstacle that they had to go through, and Michael insisted that Gavin go first so he can make sure his boi was safe on his watch.

At the last generator, Michael finished it but was caught by the killer, and was going to be dragged down to the killer’s basement. Ryan asked Gavin what he was doing waiting so close to the killer, Gavin responded with, “I’m waiting for Michael to be put on a hook, and I’m going to get him down.”

Michael had no hope that he was going to live. “Oh, there’s no way you’re going to be able to save me down here. He put me in the Hell Chamber, so you guys should just escape.” And then immediately, Gavin responded. “No, no. Well save you, we’ll save you.” He wanted to win with his boi.

Michael kept insisting that the other three leave him behind so that they can win. “Just open up the doors so you guys can get out. The three of you should definitely escape if I can’t get out of here.” And Gavin responded right back. “I’m determined to get you out.”

As Michael was struggling, Gavin was still trying to help. “Is there anything I can do? I can’t do anything, can I?” Michael didn’t care about him living, he just wanted Gavin to survive. “No, he’s just going to whack you if you came down here. You should just escape with the three of you.”

As the last three were escaping, Gavin said his last words to Michael before he died. “Love you, boi!”

And after Michael died, and the game ended, Gavin spoke again. “Aw, I’m so mad he watched. I wanted to go down there and save you!”


FitzSimmons Season 1 iPhone Wallpapers
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@writerdarkflamespyre replied:  More please more please more please more please more please!!! I adore Lock! I remember when I first saw them! They and your mga blogging has really helped me, so I’m happy to help you reach your potential with Lock and their buddies and the shenanigans they get up to. But first get your thesis outta the way buddy, school is important. Go save the physical world first and  you can focus on your awesome art!! :)

Thank you so much!! Yeah I know my grades need to be top priority at the moment (boo) so I won’t be able to start writing anything solid for a while but I’ll still be doing little bits on the back-burner here and there (I’m gonna get a new sketchbook and dedicate it entirely to concept art for this story) and probably do a few more Q&A sessions because that was actually really helpful for me and I love it when other people get involved :D