way to go sweden

since i have followers from Florida, maybe you guys could help me with smth

When is the best time to go visit? Weather wise, but also cheap.. and when are there not as many people (theme park-wise)?

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Reaction to S/O nailing the high part of the mirror scene in "Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins out of the blue. (The part where the mirror Mary Poppins suddenly does a huge power-riff; I just NAILED this IRL and am proud)

Wow!! Way to go Anon! *Applauds* Job well done ;) 

Sweden: Eyes wide with slight smile as they hit every on target

Finland: Not only pleased, giddy and applauding, hands down

Iceland: Eyebrow raised, impressed wondering why but finding it adorable nonetheless

Norway: Cock of the head with a huge smile on his face and a little blushing due to cute overload

Denmark: Whistling and demanding an encore


Out of all my photo ops with the cast over this past weekend, this one is my favorite. I’m sorry for the bad quality, I will post again once I get the jpeg. I bought the op before I even met Cas (@rottenstench ), but as soon as I found out that he was going to be coming all the way from Sweden I knew that I wanted to share this with him. After all, no one loves Misha as much as he does. I wasn’t going to tell him about the pose I had in mind, I wanted to wait until we were in the photo op room, but I couldn’t keep my secret anymore and had to tell him. 

So, I walked up to Misha and explained the pose to him. He looked at Cas then at me, and said sure! And this wonderful thing happened. After I thanked Misha and we walked out of the room. I have never seen someone so excited and in shock and so extremely happy than Cas did after walking out of that room. He was so nervous that the picture wasn’t going to come out the way he wanted it to and we were both anxious to see how it turned out. But when I picked up the picture and saw the look on Cas’ face, my heart melted. He just looks so happy and I would never change a single thing about that moment. 

Also, Misha is such a kind person and smells like cinnamon. 

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I've lived in America all my life and have recently moved to Sweden to study. While I was searching for a doctor on the Swedish government's website, I came across a host of links pertaining to transsexuality, asexuality, etc. Not only did they define asexuality, but they mentioned that aces can still feel other forms of attraction and they did not turn it into some sort of disease or syndrome. I was so happy =)

Way to go Sweden!