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Can we please talk about the fact that Reading&Leeds Festival consider My Chemical Romance as an option as a headliner in the future wtf DO THEY KNOW SOMETHING


It’s okay even if you’re a little late. If it’s destiny, we’ll meet again.
― Davichi, Forgetting You (x) (x)

ITH characters as kids

note: i know in the musical it describes some of them as kids already but these r my headcanons ! just putting that out there

usnavi: ALWAYS cleaning because he was one of those kids. he felt bad when he saw his parents or abuela working so hard at the bodega or at home, so he always offered to help.

sonny: when he was real little he liked to pull pranks. he still does as a teenager, but he calls those days his “mediocre days”. pranks like shaving cream and feathers, putting salt in coffee, etc. everyone had just about enough of him.

nina: always reading. she learned to read by 3 and never stopped. everyone saw potential in her. during the summer, she would wake up early, read the first half a book, help clean around the house for her parents when they got home, then read the second half of a book. very productive.

vanessa: she would run away a lot. growing up with an alcoholic mother, she didn’t really call the house she lived in “home.” she would come down to the barrio and hang out with nina or usnavi, or get hairdressing lessons from carla and daniela.

benny: he got in trouble with the law A LOT. of course it wasn’t that bad, since he was real little, but there wasn’t a week where he didn’t run from the police at least once. that’s how he met nina, in fact.

pete: like vanessa, he ran away from home a lot too. when he was 6 or 7, he fled home and went down to the subway station multiple times a week just to go and look at the graffiti on the walls underground. it fascinated him.

carla: she was that kid everyone loved. everyone wanted to be around her since she was so sweet, but she was taken advantage of easily and walked all over on a lot. baby carla :,(

daniela: she was the one who seemed cool. everyone wanted to be around her as well, so that’s why carla and her get along so very well.

okay but can we talk about the chick in the america’s suitehearts video that looks just like mikey and how she never wants to be photographed

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A normal convo with a "friend"(for me)
  • Friend: Hey I haven't seen you in weeks!
  • Me: I think you mean WEEKES!
  • Friend: ....What?
  • Me: I'm brenDONE with you not getting my bandom puns
  • Friend: who? What?!
  • Me: Just go a-Gerard-WAY! JUST LEAVE LIKE RYAN ROSS- hey where did they go?
  • Friend 2: idk, he wentz away
  • Me: I guess they were READY TO GO
Is It Over Between Us? (Part 2) (Peter Parker imagine)

Is It Over Between Us? (Part 2) (Peter Parker imagine)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader 

Warnings: none

Part 1 | Part 3

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Peter was looking at you the entire time, he followed you every movement. You kept a straight face, not wanting to show him how bad you actually felt because of this situation.

‘’What do we do, Cap?’’

‘’We fight’’ he replied and then started walking. We followed, and the other team was walking as well. As Steve started to jog, Peter looked to the side. 

‘’They’re not stopping.’’

‘’Neither are we’’ Tony told him. And then it started.

Before you had the chance to do anything, Peter grabbed your hand and took you away from everyone else.

‘’What are you doing here?’’ He asked you frantically while taking off his mask.

‘’I was recruited by Clint and Wanda’’ you snickered. ‘’Is this part of the grant you won?’’

‘’You have no idea how dangerous this is, okay. You have to go, please’’ he pleaded, getting close to you, holding your face and pressing his forehead against yours. He gave you a quick kiss on the lips. ‘’I don’t want you to get hurt.’’

‘’You are the one that has to go, Pete. This is way different than those lame criminals back home.’’

‘’I have to prove myself to Mr. Stark, I want him to be proud of me’’ he whispered.

‘’You care more about what that idiot thinks of you, than about your safety? What’s gonna happen if you get hurt? What lie are you going to tell May?’’

‘’I’ll tell her I got jumped in an alley’’ he replied, making you shake your head. You pulled away from him.

‘’I’m sick of the lies, Peter. If we make it out of here alive and you get hurt, I’ll tell her the truth’’ you threatened him.

‘’You wouldn’t dare!’’ He growled.  

‘’Oh yeah? Try me’’ you crossed your arms.

‘’I’m done’’ he muttered, walking away from you.


‘’I’m done! You and I are done, Y/N!’’ He snapped.

‘’Fine. Lord knows I don’t want to be with a sell-out like you. You are here risking your life because some rich guy gave you money, a nice suit and a free trip. I’m here because if we don’t stop Zemo from finding the other soldiers, everything will be fucked’’ you preached, feeling a weight suddenly lifting from your body. Looking at him one last time, you ran to help your new friends.

Peter’s eyes filled with tears, but he wasn’t going to cry now. Clearing his throat a few times, he put his mask on and went towards Captain, to stop him from doing anything. You on the other hand were crying. You knew you crossed the line but you didn’t want your boyfriend… your ex-boyfriend to get severely hurt. 

The fight was chaotic. There were explosions, cars falling out of the parking lot, people getting thrown left and right. You noticed Peter was flying all over the place, trying to web people up. Nothing wanting to cross paths with him again, you saw the jet you were supposed to get on. Trying to be subtle, you headed towards it. With all that was going on, who would notice? You felt something strong yanking your ponytail back, making you yell.

The Blank Panther was beating the crap out of you. You did kick him in the face few times and punched him with all your strength but that merely tickled him. In a blink of an eye, he had you pinned down on the ground, and you panicked. You started trashing underneath him, wanting to get him off but he scratched your left side. Letting out an ear-splitting scream, you successfully pulled him off.

‘’Y/N! Are you okay?’’ You heard Steve asking you, concern evident in his voice. But you couldn’t even form a sentence because of the pain you felt, so you let out a sob. ‘’I’m on my way, don’t move.’’

‘’I got her, Cap’’ Clint assured him, running towards you

‘’We gotta go. That guy’s probably in Siberia by now’’ Bucky reminded him.

‘’We need to draw out the flyer. I’ll take Vision, you get to the jet.’’

‘’No, you get to the jet! Both of you!’’ Sam shouted. ‘’The rest of us aren’t getting out of here!’’

‘’As much as I hate to admit it, if we’re going to win this one, some of us might have to lose it’’ Clint admitted. He pressed his hand to your side to apply pressure, making you cry a little. ‘’It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.’’

‘’Are we going to jail?’’ You asked, already knowing the answer. Clint nodded as he helped you up. Slowly walking towards Wanda, out of the corner of your eye, you saw Peter on the floor. So many emotions rushed through your body, until Tony checked on him and he moved. He was okay.

Minutes went by like hours, slow. You heard the annoying screech of tires against the cement. Numerous black cars were surrounding the perimeter, leaving no room to escape.

While they were arresting Clint, Scott, Sam and Wanda, some cops lifted you from the ground. When Peter saw you, he felt that his entire world fell apart. You were covered in blood, with four huge gashes on your body. He was about to run to you, but Tony stopped him. You, along with everyone else, were taken to the Raft prison, that was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Days go by and you didn’t move from that bed. They obligated you to eat and to shower, threatening you with some punishment. You didn’t eat much, you just stayed in fetal position. You felt numb.

The lights went out, and your cell opened.

‘’Come on, cupcake. Time to go home’’ Sam laughed a little, while Steve picked you up from the bed.

‘’Sorry I took so long’’ he apologized. You smiled, letting him know you weren’t mad.

Two weeks later

Peter blamed himself every day for snapping at you, and for not saving you from that damn prison. Going back to school was awful for him. Everyone looked at him with pity, all of them wondering where you were. Between classes, Peter would stand in front of his locker, looking at a picture of the two of you.

‘’Hey man’’ Ned greeted him all of the sudden, startling him.

‘’Hey’’ he replied, closing his locker.

‘’I finally got the Death Star, do you wanna build it tonight?’’ He asked him excitedly.

‘’We can build it some other day, I don’t feel good’’ Peter admitted. Ned’s smile dropped, but he understood why he was acting that way. Of course, Peter didn’t tell him about the airport battle, but he did say you two had a nasty fallout. Ned gave him space, Peter would be okay eventually.

After school, Peter went straight to his apartment. When he walked in, he noticed May wasn’t home yet. Opening the door to his room, he threw his backpack on the floor and took off his shirt.

Finally looking up, he saw you standing in front of his window. He did a triple-take, not recognizing you at first. The first thing he noticed was that you cut you hair. Before, your hair reached to the middle of your waist, but you cut it off to the top of your shoulders. You were scarred by how vulnerable you were during in the battle, so you just decided to chop it off.

‘’Y/N’’ Peter’s started crying instantly and he hugged you, tightly.

‘’Hi Petey. Did you miss me?’’

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Part 3

a petekey “suger we’re going down” au where pete is way to shy and insecure and in the closet but loves mikey to death but doesn’t dare say a thing about it and mikey doesn’t care about what homophobes think, he’s going to have a boyfriend anyways, and is dating this guy and pete is so fucking jealous and all he wants in the world is to not be scared anymore and to be in the place of mikey’s boyfriend

Bad Ideas (Chapter Ten)

Welcome Back Everyone! Thanks for your patience with this update, I needed a little break after Chapter Nine.
Thank you for the messages/ comments/ questions in my ask box, I really love hearing from you guys!

If you need to catch up, check out the MASTERLIST.
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this chapter :)

Little bit NSFW at the end because, really its about time these boys got some action, isn’t it?

Wade never put his hand on his gun that night.

Mostly because he didn’t want to imagine the look on Peter’s face when the omega heard the gunshot.
Partly because for the first time in his life he thought he might actually be able to silence the noise without having to resort to taking his own life.

So he had sat on the couch alone all night, fists tightly clenched, eyes firmly shut, trying to drown the voices with memories of Peter. Laughing, winking at him, his sweet scent, the dorky glasses, the way he blushed, the way he whispered Alpha in that low voice.

And when morning came, he was still there. Still in one piece. And it was the very first time he’d been able to win against himself.

It seemed like a hollow victory though, when Peter got up that morning and all but ran for his apartment as soon as the doors to the house were unlocked.

Wade let him go, knowing that it was better this way. Better that Pete get some distance so he could heal. Better that Wade stay away so that he could try to put himself back together.

The space between them was good.
It was better this way.

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The signs as some of my favorite emo trinity quotes
  • Aries: "What are we? FRO POWER!" -Ray Toro
  • Taurus: "Its not a bad dick, lets be real." -Brendon Urie
  • Gemini: "I was just so emo I fell apart." -Gerard Way
  • Cancer: "Gabey baby made me go bad" -Pete Wentz
  • Leo: "No, but I got Cheez Whiz." -Ryan Ross
  • Virgo: "The dude was like, shorter than me! So he had to be about four feet tall." -Frank Iero
  • Libra: "Alright sugar. Sayonara buckaroo." -Patrick Stump
  • Scorpio: "People always ask me to sign asthma inhalers. I'm not actually asthmatic, but I'll sign them." -Mikey Way
  • Sagittarius: "I'd rather have a drink than.. not have a drink." -Jon Walker
  • Capricorn: "THE ACADEMY WAS! THE ACADEMY WAAAAS!!!" -Pete Wentz
  • Aquarius: "Jon.. the bells. Are you gonna play the bells, Jon?" -Ryan Ross
  • Pisces: "This shit is easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie, muthafucka!" -Gerard Way