way to go nbc


This is a thing. This should be the only hashtag we use to associate with TBL Redemption. Don’t give the show ANY help because even negative noise is STILL NOISE which we DON’T want! Tom Keen is obviously not going away from the blacklist, but the best way to show NBC that no one cares about his character is to help his show crash and burn. NBC might be embarrassed and want him off TBL too. That is a BIG maybe but I’m willing to bet on it. So spread this around. We have little over a month to get this to catch on.

My favorite 10 weeks of every decade are the Olympics. Seeing the world come together, unified, spreading important messages, and having pride in diversity while recognizing that we are all human….that’s what the Olympics are all about. Rio’s opening ceremony was fantastic.

I drew the squad. It’s a sexy, sultry valentine from me to you <3

Apologies to everyone whose likeness is depicted.