way to go abe

Honest thoughts about the signs
  • Aries: ur so fun to get lit with and u will fight anyone if they try to put your bff down
  • Taurus: SUCH A RIDE OR DIE and u guys are so warm and loving
  • Gemini: You guys are so funny and ur dreamers which I love
  • Leo: "me me me me me" + super loving and protective when they genuinely care about you
  • Virgo: ur that honest friend that I can depend on for telling me if I look fat or not + u guys go out of ur way for ppl u care ab
  • Libra: ur so pretty and funny and do way too much to please everyone even if they don't deserve it
  • Scorpio: u guys are loyal to a FAULT when it comes to people (usually like only 2) that are close can run you over and you'd still be like "are we still on for lunch"
  • Sagittarius: you guys wanna know the world and you want people to be themselves
  • Capricorn: can you say GO-GETTER?? Ur literally so committed unless ur doing drugs and ur depressed bUt stiLl and u guys are silly
  • Aquarius: u guys seem heartless but it's not true it's just u guys can express love through actions also u love a select amount of ppl
  • Pisces: emooootionallll but ur rly good friends and amazing at comforting ppl :)

me on the ground sobbing uncontrollably: but you don’t understand how good the potential for plance is i just 

honestly whatever it is they’re doing with abe and richard here is heartbreaking for so many reasons. abe trying to grasp at any sort of relationship they can have while simultaneously being on his guard and expecting richard to disappoint and hurt him again? of course he’s going to be wary because his father’s never exactly been on his side.

Kihyun’s abs

Ok just one thing. I’m going to be brutally honest here. 

I absolutely fucking loathe the way people talk about Kihyun’s abs. 

I’m not going to reblog even one picture of his stomach because even if he’s my bias and probably really proud of his achievement, IT’S NOT LIKE THIS ISN’T THE EXACT REASON WHY HE’S BEEN STARVING.

How can you people act WORRIED over him losing weight and then jizz over the fact that he has abs now?

What’s the deal with kpop idols having abs? Why is it so important? Why do you care? Why are you guys pretending every idol should act and be just like they want to, and then scream your ears deaf when he has seen enough extra effort to form a couple of extra fucking lumps in his stomach? 

They’re not doing this for themselves. Some of you guys don’t do much else but blabber about abs and arms and toned chest muscles so of COURSE they’re going to think that’s the only thing that matters to us. When you’re literally drooling over Wonho’s and Shownu’s bodies, it IS showing the rest of the members a certain message. They’re entertainers, they know what’s up, they know we sexualize and fetishize their bodies to infinity. Kihyun is not stupid. We’ve been making him an effeminate, tiny hamster mom with chubby cheeks and whatever inaccurate bullshit we can come up with - of fucking course he’s been trying his hardest to prove us otherwise.

Wonho may have been working out just because he has always enjoyed doing so, same goes for Shownu. They have been striving for getting fit bodies and even if it’s because of unhealthy beauty standards, it’s still something that’s not solely coming from us fans. Kihyun, however, was here mostly because of his singing skills. He was convinced he could make a lasting impression with that alone, maybe combined with his cute face. But now, with endless comparison and unhealthy praising (towards certain members for their physical appearance) and stupid joking nicknames that decide his personality for him, he’s internalized the idea that he should also flash you some abs (judged by your reaction, it’s almost like he just showed his dick to us) to get enough validation that he’s a real man.

This “real man” thing and its byproducts are a serious cultural problem in Korea among men, so he’s most likely trying harder and harder to convince not only himself, but also his members and us that he can also fit into the same category.

Seriously, this is why men don’t believe us when we say women have it worse when it comes to a social pressure to look good. Abs are nice, for sure, but they’re also just muscles that literally EVERYONE has under the layer of stomach fat that protects our internal organs. Getting rid of that stomach fat requires a lot of unhealthy dieting (draining yourself up) and training and even people who do it for a professional purpose, know that even if you have rock-hard abs, they don’t just miraculously stay there for years to come, but instead they disappear and reappear several times a day because of all that nutrition you ingest. To have us see them, he and Wonho most likely didn’t eat or drink before getting up to the stage.

You know, maybe, just maybe he wouldn’t have to literally put his health in danger if his fans weren’t so thirsty to see that one part of him aside from his dick that proves he’s a “real man”. (Why else would you be so excited? It’s just lumpy skin. It’s just his stomach. But we all are very much aware of what abs are actually representing in our culture. We’re calling him cute and fluffy and whatnot but when he shows signs of conventional masculinity, we’re celebrating it much more than him actually acting cute.) 


It’s not wrong to be happy for him because he reached a goal he’s been trying to achieve for several months. But you have to remember that his goal might not even end here, that he might continue this unhealthy lifestyle and that he’s doing it because of us fans comparing him to his members. Even his friends were worried for him yesterday in the V live for losing too much weight (ofc it was again not his health really but his looks, because they literally can’t get past of that ever, but it’d be nice if WE could be the people that help them see more, since we’re not enslaved in that industry). 

And you have to remember that celebrating him for having abs kind of ruins your images as concerned Kihyun fans. He was proving his actions RIGHT in the concert. The idea that he should lose a lot of weight in order to be approved was reinforced. From now on, it’ll be even harder to convince him he should stop. Just look at the reactions he got. 

Dirty Imagine #7 -  Housewarming Party

Hey guys it’s been awhile, this is my next imagine, it’s very very dirty. It’s for a girl named Serena. This is part one, there will be multiple parts.


I was just putting the final touches on my makeup when my phone lit up with a text message. “Crap!” I said to myself. It was the taxi messaging me to let me know he was here. I took one last look at myself in the mirror, knowing full well who I might be meeting tonight. I got my things and headed outside toward the taxi.

“Serena?” The taxi driver asked.

“Yep, that’s me” I said, scrambling to get in. “Sorry that took so long”.

“No, no problem at all” replied the driver, a white man in his mid 50s who gave me a friendly smile.

“I regularly have to wait a LOT longer than that for some people who ride, so a few minutes doesn’t bother me” he said. I thanked him as he continued toward my destination.

“So, where you headed tonight?” he asked – it the classic small talk you often encounter in a taxi or Uber.

“Just to a party my friend is hosting” I responded with, not knowing whether or not I should go into more detail.

To tell the truth it was more than just a party. First of all, it was a housewarming party, as my friend had just moved into a new house her and her partner built. It was a massive house, in fact it was pretty much a mansion. They both had highly paying jobs. She was a criminal lawyer and her partner was a roadie, or road crew. Not just any roadie though, a roadie for Justin Bieber! He was responsible for travelling with the crew and overseeing the construction and making of the stage at every concert. So, he travelled a lot but was paid generously for it. But now on to why it was more than just a party. As I mentioned my friend’s partner was a roadie for Justin. Well it turns out he is actually quite close to Justin from always travelling with him, and it meant that Justin was coming to the party! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve always been a massive fan of Justin and to have this opportunity to see him at the party was so surreal. My friend knew I was a massive fan of him, but she wasn’t really a fan herself. She was 26 and I was only 18, so there was a bit of a gap. Either way I was so grateful to get invited and have the chance to meet Justin as I knew this was something every girl had been dreaming of.

I made sure I dressed for the occasion, going to the extra effort knowing Justin could be there. I wore something that was nice but sexy, something that would hopefully make Justin notice me. It was a red, tight fitting dress that stuck to my curves.

The taxi dropped me off at the party at 8:00pm and I paid and thanked the driver. I walked in and was immediately greeted by my friend. We chatted a bit and she gave me a tour of the new house and introduced me to some other people. I settled in, helping myself to the wide range of free drinks available. I decided to go for the vodka, knowing I’d needing to be a bit drunk if I was to talk to Justin successfully without shaking or crying uncontrollably.

I was trying to act like Justin wasn’t the ONLY thing on my mind, but he was. An hour and a half has passed and he wasn’t there. The party had a great vibe and most people, including myself, were now a bit drunk. I was having a good time but to be honest, the only thing I cared about was Justin showing up. I was starting to convince myself he definitely wasn’t coming. Who am I kidding? I thought. He’s the most famous guy on the planet. He’s probably got thousands of places he could be right now, and he probably gets invited to hundreds of things every week. Just as I had given up all hope, I saw someone emerge from kitchen into the party. It was him. It honestly took a few seconds for me to register it was him. You see so many photos of him but seeing him in real life, up close, is something so special. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I didn’t even realise my jaw had dropped and I was staring at him the whole time. He was greeting people and he must have seen the look on my face because we made eye contact, and he had a giggle. He came alone, but he knew a lot of people there because they were also roadies. Me on the other hand, I knew nobody except my friend. He wore jeans and a hoody, and he looked sexy as hell.

I sat there trying not to keep staring at him, heart still racing. I was trying to figure out a plan in my head on how I was going to meet him. I didn’t want to bother him or come across as annoying. I got so carried away I didn’t even realise that Justin had stopped talking to the people he was talking to, and had approached me.

“Hey, how are you?” He said smiling. “What’s your name?”

I immediately stood up and hugged him tight. “I’m Serena. And I’m good! So good! I can’t believe you’re here” I said.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Serena. I’m guessing you’re a fan, I saw the way you looked at me when I came in” he replied, again having a giggle.

“Yeah, sorry about that reaction” I said, blushing. “I’m a HUGE fan!”.

“Don’t be sorry Serena, it was cute” he said as he winked, which almost made me fall over. 

For the next half hour, we chatted lots and I explained to him how much of a fan I was and how long I had been following him. He is so humble and was constantly thanking me for my support. We also chatted about other stuff, nothing to do with his career. It amazed me how after all of the fame he was still so genuine and nice, and willing to chat to anyone. I didn’t know if it was just in my head or not, but it seemed like he was subtly flirting with me. Just a few of the comments and a few winks made it seem like that. I couldn’t tell if he was, or whether he is just a really charming guy and was like that to everybody. I’m not sure, but I was pretty sure I was in love with everything about him.

Right at the moment where it seemed like the night couldn’t get any better, something disastrous happened. One of the guys at the party, who was now very drunk, tripped on the leg of the table and fell right into me. He had a glass full of whiskey and coke and it was now all over me. I couldn’t believe it. I was so angry, but most of all embarrassed. Justin saw the whole thing happen as did a lot of other people. I wasn’t angry at the guy, just at the situation. It was an honest mistake so I don’t hold anything against him. Justin, being the gentleman he is, got me a towel straight away. It was all in my hair though, and it stunk. Luckily my friend was one of the people who saw it and she came over.

“Serena! I’m so sorry that happened! Are you okay?” She asked, with Justin looking on in concern as well, noticing that I was pretty upset by the whole thing.

“I’ll be fine” I said. “I’m just annoyed. And I stink”.

My friend seemed to think for a few seconds before saying “You can have a bath! Upstairs is off limits for everybody else but you can have a bath”.

I decided to take her up on that offer. I was angry because it meant I had to leave Justin, but I didn’t want to be around him smelling like whiskey with a wet dress anyway. I thanked Justin for the towel and went upstairs into the bathroom and shut the door. I was trying to decide between shower or bath but I decided bath as I saw the bubble bath mix on the edge of the tub. I ran the bath, added the bubbles and undressed. I stared at my naked body in the mirror for a few seconds and thought about how there were probably over 100 people downstairs. I stepped in and slowly slid into the bath. The water was hot and it was very relaxing. I let the soap absorb into my skin and I laid there thinking about Justin. Would he even be there when I got out? Was he laughing about what happened right now with someone? I decided I should stop wasting time in here and see for myself. I usually spent a long time in baths but I decided I would get out as I didn’t want to waste a second and miss talking to Justin.

Just as I was about to start getting up, I heard the sound of the door opening. I gasped and my eyes shot towards to the door. I must have been so caught up in thinking about Justin as well as being annoyed that I had completely forgot to lock the door. I slid lower in the bath, so my boobs would be fully hidden by the bubbles. I stared at the door and then saw Justin’s face appear. I swear I almost passed out.

Immediately my heart started racing, and I felt a tingle in my pussy, and felt my nipples harden. I couldn’t help myself.

“Justin!” I said, completely shocked

“Hey Serena” he said, winking. “I know upstairs is off limits but I couldn’t stop thinking about your sexy ass in that red dress, and the thought of you taking that dress off was even better”.

I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing, did he really just say that. I was in complete shock, but I found my hand moving to my pussy under the water, touching my clit. I opened my mouth but didn’t have any words… “I… Umm… I…” was all I could manage.

“Shhh” he said. “You don’t need to say anything beautiful”.

I watched in shock as he took hid hoody off, then his shirt. Standing in front of me was Justin Bieber, shirtless, his abs looking sexier than ever, his biceps looking toned, his shoulders big. He took off his jeans and was standing only in his Calvin Klein briefs. The bulge was amazing. Jerry must be massive I thought. My jaw dropped when I saw him in his undies and he laughed, running a hand down his chest all the way over his abs before he grabbed onto his package then letting go. I let out a deep breath, not being able to take my eyes off him, still subtly rubbing my clit under the bubbles.

“I wouldn’t want you to see me naked now, would I?” he said. “Close your eyes”.

“Whaa… What?” I replied, wondering what his intentions were then.

“You heard me Serena. Shut your fucking eyes please” he hissed.

This scared the crap out of me. Justin had been so nice to me all night so for him to swear at me blew me away and frightened me so much I immediately shut my eyes. Was he teasing me, or did he really just not want me to see? It was his body after all.

I held my eyes tight shut as I heard him take off his Calvins, approach the bath and step in. It was a huge bath for a house, it must have cost a fortune. It was at least double the size of any normal bath, and you could easily fit two people in it side by side without them touching. After all, I did feel bad using that much water! He ordered me to keep my eyes shut until finally he allowed me to open them. He was fully submerged in the bath and he had come up to the same end as me, so we were laying directly next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, almost as if we were in a bed. 

Part of me really wanted to reach out and run my hands down his body, part of me wanted to kiss him, and part of me was just plain terrified. Without saying anything he turned his head and we stared into each other’s eyes. He moved his head closer to mine, gently grabbed my neck and kissed me. It was by far the best kiss of my life. I let my mouth open a little as he explored my mouth with his tongue. It truly was the most lustful kiss I have ever received in my life – he was a pro.

“You’re so fucking sexy Serena” he whispered in a seductive tone.

“So are you Justin” was all I could reply with, still completely overwhelmed.

He stopped kissing me and raised his hand out of the water signalling me to do the same. I complied and he touched my palms, before interlocking fingers with me for a few moments. He then untangled fingers from me and moved his hand around so he was lightly holding the back of my hand. He guided my hand over to his chest and placed it on him. His chest felt amazing. He guided my hand down his stomach to his abs and I ran my hand around in circles over them as he tensed them for me. They were amazing too. I thought I was about to get to touch jerry but he went back to interlocking his fingers with me. Then he rolled onto his side, and slid closer to me. That’s when I felt it. He slid right up to me and I felt Justin’s dick on my thigh. I gasped and my jaw dropped. I could feel the whole length touching my leg, but Justin wasn’t hard yet. He pushed in right against me so his dick was firmly against me. 

“It feels so big Justin” I said.

He didn’t say anything only smiled, before untangling his fingers from mine. This time he put his hand on my chest, moving them to my boobs straight away. He grabbed one gently, before swirling his finger around my nipple. Because he was on his side, his head was facing my boobs. He moved his head over and stuck out his tongue, licking my nipple. Shivers ran down my spine as I felt them harden even more. At the same time, he ran his hand down my stomach to my pussy, and rubbed his whole hand over my clit. He stopped licking and sucking my nipple for a moment and stared me deep in the eyes with a hungry look, paused for a few seconds, before shoving a finger inside me. It felt amazing. Making eye contact with Justin as he shoved his finger in me almost made me orgasm straight away. I gasped.

I was getting pleasure from all angles. He continued sucking and licking my nipple and increased the pace of his finger inside me. At the same time, he used his thumb to rub my clit and it felt amazing. I could feel myself coming to an orgasm and I told him.

“Justin oh my god, this is so good” I said, breathing heavily. “I’m going to cum”.

“Cum for me Serena, your pussy feels fucking amazing” said Justin, with lust in his voice.

This sent me over the edge and I started moving my hips uncontrollably as Justin pushed his finger all the way inside me.

“Ahhhh fuck yes! Fuck yes Justin” I moaned as I felt my orgasm wash over me. It was the most intense orgasm I’d had in my life, and me and Justin stared each other in the eyes as I cummed while his finger was still inside me.

He took his finger out of me and put it in his mouth, sucking it.

“Mmmm” he moaned. “Your turn to make me cum”.

He stood up, water dripping off every part of his body. I still hadn’t seen jerry yet, but while fingering me I felt him get rock hard, and his dick was pushing hard against my leg. So, when he stood up I was blown away. There was his perfect cock, right in front of me, dripping water. It was so big. And his balls looked delicious, hanging down, I just wanted to feel them. I slid across a bit to the middle of the bath, and he stood over me, making me feel like he owned me. He stood with a leg either side of my hips, bent his knees a little, I opened my mouth, and he pushed jerry in quite aggressively. So aggressive in fact that I gagged and choked, and he had to take himself out of my mouth for a second.

“Sorry Justin” I said, as I really felt like he was in control now. 

He said nothing. Again, he entered my mouth. I did a better job not to gag this time, but he was so big I ended up gagging again, and he had to take himself out of my mouth again. This next bit shocked me. He bent down and grabbed me by the throat.

“I just fucking made you cum Serena, now are you going to return the favour or not?”

“Yes Justin, I’m sorry” I responded.

“Get up!” he yelled.

I complied and stood up. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around facing away from him. Without saying anything he smacked my wet ass very very hard. I let out a whimper but said nothing.

“You’re a bad girl Serena” he said, smacking my ass again just as hard. “Do as you’re told”. I let out another whimper.

“Get back down” he said with a sternness in his voice.

“Good. Now you’re going to suck my dick Serena, and I’m going to cum on your face and in your mouth, and you’re going to swallow every bit of it” he demanded.

“Yes Justin” I answered. 

Secretly this aggression turned me on so much, and I could already feel my pussy tingling again, hot, wanting to feel him touch it again. My ass was burning from where he smacked me. He shoved his dick back into my mouth, and it took every effort not to gag, but finally I didn’t. I started licking the head of Justin’s dick while feeling his balls with my hand. It must have been having an effect on him because I could hear him moaning.

“Fuckkk Serena, you’re good! Keep sucking my fucking dick!” he demanded.

I kept sucking as he wished, getting faster and faster and running my tongue further and further down his cock. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and he grabbed my head with two hands and started thrusting himself into me.

“Yeah, you like that huh Serena? You like me fucking your face with my big dick?” he said.

All I could do was nod my head, concentrating too hard on pleasing Justin.

“Arghhh fuck! I’m going to cum Serena! You ready to feel Justin Bieber cum in your fucking mouth! You naughty fucking girl” he said aggressively.

I moaned and nodded my head again, and it felt like I was getting just as turned on by this as he was.

I continued working my tongue around his knob and slurping on his cock when I felt him start to erupt.

“Fuckkkkk! Fuck yes Serena!” he said as his orgasm started. He stopped thrusting and pulled his dick out from my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out as I watched his massive dick just inches from my face. He held it still. A massive spurt of Justin’s cum came out and landed right on my cheek, followed by squirt after squirt landing on my face, in my mouth, my tongue, and in my eye. It was all over me. As he stopped he came closer, and held his dick above my tongue. He milked out every last drop. I swallowed it and enjoyed every bit of it. I remember thinking in my head I wasn’t sure if I would like the taste, but it was Justin Bieber. I remember thinking, I’ve just had my idol, Justin Bieber, cum in my mouth. I loved the taste of him and enjoyed every drop of it.

“Good girl Serena. How about we clean you up” Justin said, emptying the bath and turning on the shower.

I nodded my head, but I wanted more.

“Justin… I.. I want to feel you fuck me. Can you?” I asked nervously.

He simply looked at me, leaned in and whispered in my ear: “Serena, I’m going to fuck your brains out in this shower”

How to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick

So, you’ve moved out (or at the very least, gone away to college) and you’re sick and no one’s around to take care of you. Some of you were smart enough to pay attention when your parent(s) pampered you in the illnesses of your childhood. Some of you…eh, not so much. So how do you take care of yourself?

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Fiesty, I like it. Calum Hood Smut

Imagine him being your boyfriend and coming home after a long day at but still wants to “do it”. “Y/N, baby Im home,” he would call out. And you know Calum, and yourself of course, already knew he’d have a long night. “In the room,” you’d call back. And he goes to your guys’ room not knowing that you were in your best lingerie, and his favorite.He opens the door “He-” he cut himself off seeing you. “Wow,” he’d breathe out. Taking steps toward you he grabs you while you’re there standing and smiling at him then he kisses you passionately. He’d be holding you one arm around your waist and his other hand cradling your neck while kissing you. Your hands roaming his body starting at his chest. Then slowly moving downwards where his abs would be. And just to make it better you go under his shirt to feel them and lightly scratch them. He moans a little because of it. You tug at his shirt so he can take it off. And he stops kissing you, making you whimper lightly, so he can take his short off. He’s also ahead of you when he suddenly pushes you to the bed you taking him with you. You take him by surprise by rolling you guys over so you’re on top and start making out with Calum. After a few minutes later you’re already grinding on him, because he loved me grinding on him, making him moan in your mouth. You can already feel him growing which makes you wetter. Since it was taking so long you speed things up a bit and start kissing his neck going to his collarbones, making marks along the way. From his collarbones you go down to his abs all the way down to the edge of his pants. Poping the button open and the zipper down you tug his pants off and just to tease him you brush his already hardened cock making him mutter loud enough to hear, “You’re such a tease.” You just smile innocently at him and pull off his pants throwing them over your shoulder. Silently you start to palm him making him moan the loudest he’s moan SO FAR. Making little and not so little love bites all around his upper body and making sure he’s painfully hard you take the next step and tug on his black Calvin Klein boxers. He takes the hint and raises his ass up so you pull down his boxers and throw them in the pile of his clothes. Not forgetting the delicious sound of his cock slapping against his abs and the hiss he makes cause he’s just that hard. Kissing up his thighs and going all the way to his hard on. By the time you’re up to him hard on he’s a moaning mess gripping the sheets as if his life depended on it. Looking at his cock you realize its angry red with precum dripping out already. Knowing what he wants you wrap your hand around his shaft, making him moan even louder, and moving you hand up and down expertly moving your wrist. You keep on going and going knowing he’s close. You look at him in awe, with his head tilted back pleasure written all over his face. Taking yourself out of trance, by his moaning, you take your hand off of his shaft. He looks at you in disbelief because when giving him a hand or blow job you always let him finish. “What the hell,” he questions and you can see the anger. Leaning closer to his face your lips next to his ear, you whisper, “If you’re going to cum Cal, it going to be in my tight little cunt.” Nipping at his lobe. You hear him release an animalistic growl as he wraps his hands around you and flips you guys around with him on top. Calum leans down then says,“ Guess you’re going to help me come then.” Calum takes the time to nip at your neck making bites all over but stops when he finds your spot making you moan. Satisfied with his work on your neck he moves down to the curve of your breast kissing and nipping. He moves a hand to unclip your teal lacy bra. Unhooking it he throws it across the room somewhere. You see a glance of lust before he goes down and kisses in your valley. While putting your hands in his hair he wraps his mouth around your right nipple, making you moan with the flick of his tongue. His right hand goes to your left breast and massages it rough and slow. He switches sides to give the same treatment with you a moaning mess. After his assault on you, he goes down all the way to the edge of your matching lace teal thong. By then you’re breathing heavily already. Calum grips the thong with an index and his thumb pulling it back and letting go and you hear the snap against your skin making you soaking wet with anticipation. Lifting you hips up Calum grips the thong with his teeth and pulls it off. Once the thong is off Calum kisses your legs sweetly while spreading them wide enough for him to lay down. Laying down in between makes him hiss with the pressure on his hard on. “Baby, you’re dripping wet,” he says while he has a finger gather up some your juices and puts it in his mouth moaning at the sweet taste. You’re withering and he’s barely touched you. Without warning he licks a long. Slow. Stride with his tongue all the way to your clit, making you grab his hair and moaning loudly. Pushing him closer to your cunt he wraps his arms around your thighs to keep you wide open. He goes down on you like you’re going to be his very last meal. You take a hand off his hair and start playing with you clit making it even more pleasurable and making you maon louder. Calum slaps your hand away replacing it with his thumb going at a unforgiving pace. With him licking, sucking, and nipping you were under his control. Moving his tongue to your clit, making you arch your back, he gently pushes two fingers into your entrance and starts at a slow pace. Not long after he goes faster and faster, having you moaning pornigraphically. “I’m c-close,” you stutter. Making Cal stop, opening your eyes you see him smiling widely. “Sucks doesn’t it,” he says. Rolling your eyes you say,“ Do something or I swear ill finish on my own.” “Fiesty I like it,” he says while grinding on you. About to say something Calum reaches into the bed side table and grabs a condom and rips it opens with his mouth. Grabbing the condom from his grasp, you grasp his dick and roll the condom on. You squeeze his shaft making him groan and taking your hand off him. Remembering the agreement of trying any position possible Calum gets off you saying,“ On your side, baby girl.” You turn on your right side facing away from Cal. You feel him right behind you gripping you thigh putting it over his spreading your legs out. Taking his shaft you put him near you. To make yourself wetter you rub yourself with his shaft his tip grazing your clit. Having enough you near him to your entrance and Cal pushes himself, slowly but surely, into you. Once all the way in he lets you adjust and moments later he feels you nod, with his head in your neck. Slowly he pulls out, only having his tip in, he rams in to you. Both of you moaning messes already. Calum grips the inside of your thigh roughly while he’s raming into you, sucking at you neck. Your right hand grabs your boob and you start playing with you nipple while your left grips Cal’s hair moving his lips to yours. Wanting him deeper in you you tell him to lay on his back. On his back you sit up and grinding on him. You start bouncing up and down ,feeling him in the pit of your stomach he was so deep. Gripping your hips Cal helps you go faster. “Harder Cal, harder”, you yell out. Calum slows down to sit up. His legs are now bent, him sitting on his knees. Without warning he starts pounding into me one hand gripping my neck the other on my clit. Hearing nothing but the sounds of our moans and the slapping of skin to skin made me clench around him scratching his arms in pleasure. “Are you close, baby girl?” Not being able to do anything but moan loudly he takes that as a ues to go even faster. Hearing nothing but the sounds of our moans and the slapping of skin to skin made me clench around him scratching his arms in pleasure. His thrusts getting sloppier tells me he’s close to. With Cal’s lips finding your sweet spot and his cock pressing against your g-spot, you let go and come around his cock hard. Your vision going white and yelling out in pleasure. Calum groans at how tight your cunt gets But keeps on pounding almost close to his high. Leaning your head back you tell him, “Come on baby, I came for you. I was a good girl. C-come for me Cal.” It was enough for him. You felt him release into the condom and he rides out his high progressively getting slower. Both breathing heavily. Both sweaty. Skin to skin. He helps you pull out since you cant feel your legs. Whimpering at the emptiness you lay down while Calum disposes of the condom. Laying down next to you, still in a slight pant, he grabs you. Your head on his chest, “That. Was.” “Incredible,” you interrupt. Calum kisses the top of your head and right as you were falling asleep you hear him say,“ I love you so much, baby.” The first time you heard him say it. Nuzzling closer to him and say, “I love you too. Now shut up and go to sleep.”

*Hope you liked it and sorry for any spelling errors*
Didn’t think it would happen (1)

Originally posted by mewchim

I walked in my classroom as usual being the first student to get in there I started to write stupid things on the black board.After 5 minutes of drablling weird things someone enterd the class with a loud sound. I turned my head to the door to see no one but my friend Jackson looking lost at his books that where all over the floor. “I swear Jackson,every time you enter a class you need to drop something."I said lifting his books from the floor and putting them on the fist desk that I found. "Sorry ,I was reading something a text from Ella and I got distracted as always."he responded with a gummy smile,giving me a hug and taking his usual seat in the second desk.I looked at him for a few seconds almost laughting at his extremly concertated face while texting his ultimate girl crush from 6 grade.Jacksonn is an amazing boy and is always there when you need him or when you feel down and sometimes I really can’t understand why Ella is not dating him though. I sighted really hard and started to erase my writings from the board.The class started to fill quickly and soon the teacher eneterd the classroom . Angela was talking to me about her last dream while the teacher was corecting some test when the door swing open and the "bad boys” of our highschool entered filling the class with their expensive parfume smell. “Mister Kim ,you and your friends are 15 minutes late for my class."the teacher said getting up from his seat even tho he was so short comparing to the tall boys. "And the earth is round,do ypu have any irelevant facts for me now ,profesor Park?"V asked taking his seat beside me. The teacher opened his mouth to say something but gave up really quickly and took his seat back. I was allready familiar with V’s comebacks for everyone he didn’t like ‘because after all he was in the same classrooms with me for 2 years now .He and his group of frinds are hands down the most atractiive guys in our high school but the bad thing about them is that they are dangerous ,a lot of people are scared of them because last year ,rumors about them where floating around the school taht they are the kids of the most dangerous mafia group in Seoul. On the other hand I didn’t belive it because rumors where always floating in our school,like 2 years ago when I came here and everyone thought that I was spy send fro CSI to find things about Korea. "Y/n,are you going to stop staring at V?"I heard Minho say and I imediatly snaped not realizing what I was doing . "It’s really funny when stupid girls like you stare at me like they never seen beautiful peoples in their life."V said giving me a smirk and bumping his fist with Jimin. I rolled my eyes knowing how big it’s V’s ego and retun to Angela to listen to the final of her dream. The classes where over and me,Angela,Minho and Jackson where going to the convenience store to pick up some icecreams for Valine who has her leg broke. "Do you think she would like vanilia ove apple?"I asked getting lost betwen flavours. "Just pick whatever and let’s go home,it’s getting dark"Minho said pushing my back to the cashier. "Y/n,you think you could run to the school,I forgot my math paperworks in my locker and I need them for tomorrow or profesor Park is gonna fail me"Angela said coming to me out of breath . "But why me?"I asked whinning about going all the way to the school. "Girl,you have freaking abs and you wined 5 medals at long running marathons and you are still asking us why you?"Jackson sopke paying the icecreams. I groned in respons and got out of the store and started running to the school.In 10 minutes I was enetering the empty hallways of our highschool and starteed shearching for Angela’s loocker when I heard a lot of giglles coming from our math clasroom.I ignored the thinking it was our teacher flirting with one of the nurses as usual and grabed the math papers and walked out . The sun was completly set down as I was leaving the was school yard and to be honest I was scared as hell to walk alone to my house in this pitvh blacknes so I called Jackson. "Please tell me you and the guys are coming after me right now?"I almost whispered in the phone scared of my own voice in the empty street. "No,we are still waiting for you at the store,where are you tho ,is really getting late."Jackson asked with a wary tone. "I’m on my way but everything is really dark and I can’t see much,could you abd the guys come my way because I’m really scared to be honest."I said and started to walk slowly haering footsteps from my back. "Okey,we are coming your way,see you in 10."Jacskon said an hang up. I put my phone in my front pocket and started to walk on the lonly streets scaring myself everytime a cat apared on the road.While I was thinking about what way to walk to get to some ilumintaed streets I heard someone talking form my back. "Aish,you really are lost in your stupid world,aren’t you?"I heard a low voice say from me back.I turned faster and saw the one and only headass from my school ,V. "I didn’t heard you."I said trying not to stare again at his face. He smiled and looked at me "Trying not to stare at me like a crazy person again?Don’t worry,like I said today ,I’m used to weirdos like you to stare.” “What do you actually want?"I asked strated to lose my interes in this stupid conversation. "You said you where scared to walk alone so I thought that you might want to me take you somewhere close to your house."V spoke pointing to his expensive sports car waiting for him a few steps back. You heard about him and his gang inviting girls to get them home but insted they took them out to drink and made horrile things with them after ."I think I will pass,my friends are coming for me."I said and started to walk away from him.I just heard a short laugh and them a car door closing and the street became silent again. —————Next Day———————————————– As ususal I got early to school and because I did’t want to stay alone in my classroom I took my gym close and headed to the football field.There was no one as usual so I quickly changed my school skirt to some Nike leggings and put on my running shoes and head off to the field.I loved doing sports,I was in the track team back in my home country but now being in the 12 th grade I had to focus more on grades than hobbies. While I was running my last lenght I saw Angela and Minho sitting in the players steats on the field so I started to slightly run trowards them. "What’s up with you guys so early at school."I asked getting a water bottel from Minho. "Well I had to take some books from the library and Angela wanted to make sure she didn’t came late at least to this class."Minho spoke whipping some sweat with his shirt sleve.I changed qiuckly back to my school uniform and headed to class with them. "Do you think V has a think for you?"Angela asked for the 14 time in the last 5 minutes. "No ,I am not the only girl he asked to walk home."I said bored while grabing my notebooks. "Maybe he actually likes you but you are being ignorant as usual and can’t see that."She started jumping excited while holding my free hand. "Angie,for the last time,V is never gonna like me or even look at me ,there are more changes for me to freaking hit a freaking phoneix bird than go on a date with him."I said while moving my hand dramaticaly in the air. When I swing open my locker door I herad a loud sound and everyone from the hallway stopped in their tracks and looked at me worried.I didn’t understand what happend so I closed the door slowly and I almost jumped out of my shoes when I saw V rubbing his hand on his now read forehead. It took me 10 seconds to proced what happend and I imediatly dropped my books and put my hands over my wide opened mouth. "OMG,are you okay?"I asked feelling my cheeks turn red from the embarsement and the stares.Angela was in shock too but she managed to move a few steps away letting me sit there hopeless in front of V and His boys. "You really are some difficult women to deal with."he said still rubbing his forehead"You don’t have other things to do?"Joon shouted loudly and the crowd of students quickly started to move. "I’m so sorry."I managed to say one more time before he passed by me bumping hard into my shoulder………
Train Like An Angel: Core & More With Candice Swanepoel

First stop on the road to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway? The workout—and it doesn’t have to be at the gym. Angel Candice Swanepoel stars in this do-anywhere routine, which includes five killer moves that’ll fire up your core and define your curves.

Flying T 

A core challenge as you balance, this move also works your butt & legs.

·      Stand on your left leg.

·      Raise your right foot off the floor & bend at the hips until your upper body & straightened right leg are parallel to the floor.  

·      Look forward & extend your arms straight out in front of you, palms facing down.

·      Bracing your core, fly your arms out to your sides at shoulder-level & then back behind you in one fluid motion. That’s one rep.

·      Do this 12 times.

Plank Tuck Jumps

Core work + cardio = one killer, total-body toner.

·      Begin in a diagonal plank position—your upper body out to the right & your feet together.

·      Driving with your core, shift your weight into your hands & hop your feet forward, bending your knees & lifting your hips before landing softly in a crouch. 

·      Quickly jump your feet back out to the left, landing in a diagonal plank position. That’s one rep.

·      Do this 15 times, moving continuously through your reps without pausing.

Single-Leg Squats

Upping the ante on regular squats, this move sculpts legs as stellar as a supermodel’s.

·      Stand tall with feet hip-width apart & arms by your sides.

·      Lower your hips into a squat position & raise your arms in front of you, parallel to the floor.

·      Shift your weight into your right foot, bend your left knee & place your left ankle on your right thigh.

·      Bend your right knee & lower down into a squat, maintaining form.

·      Straighten your right leg & return to standing position. That’s one rep.

·      Do this 15 times. Repeat all reps on the other side.

Side Kicks

Kick your way to a chiseled core—your abs & obliques go into overdrive to stabilize your body throughout the movement.

·      Stand tall with feet hip-width apart, arms bent at 90° angles & hands curled in loose fists just above your shoulders.

·      Shift your weight over to your right foot as you lift your left leg up & out to your side, bending your left knee.

·      Straighten your left knee until your leg forms one straight line out to your side, keeping your foot flexed.

·      Lower your leg back to standing position. That’s one rep.

·      Do this 30 times. Repeat all reps on the other side.

Side Plank Lifts

This move is your secret to a rockin’ waistline—plus it works your shoulders & triceps too!

·      Begin in a right side plank with your left arm in the air.

·      Lower your right hip until it’s an inch away from the floor.

·      Quickly raise it back up to the starting position, keeping your core tight & left arm up throughout the movement. That’s one rep.

·      Do this 15 times. Repeat all reps on the other side.

Repeat the entire sequence 3 times.  

Shop Candice’s look and discover more Angel-approved workouts here.