way to dodge the question

  • the drawings of muslim women on even’s wall
  • the mentioning of even reading the entire qur’an in a year
  • the video isak infamously found online of mikael, which is also!!! coincidentally!!! a muslim name!!!!
  • the very sneaky way he dodged isak’s question when he asked who mikael was

it all had meaning y’all

all of it

i knew julie wouldn’t let us down i knew she wouldn’t leave us wondering i knew she’d fill these plot holes for us god is good and so is julie andem

Mellifluous - Ch. 3


Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut in future chapters
Word Count: 1,814

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You are not even inside yet but you can already hear the music and loud voices from Sehun’s apartment. You are about to ring the doorbell when Jihyo grabs your hand and squeezes.

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The best part of Something Borrowed was 100% when Scarlet tried to chase paparazzi off her property. But I honestly get the feeling that at this point she’s had to do this SO MANY TIMES. Within a week of getting back to the farm she’s chasing people out of the barn and threatening to smash cameras. She learns how to dodge annoying questions and the best way to smack a microphone away to screw up the equipment. They even go after poor Wolf and she has to chase them off for him because he’s not comfortable being aggressive or confrontational around these people.
Because of course some faux-feminist group claims she must either have Stockholm’s or be completely pretending in her relationship with Wolf. And for some reason it gains traction in the media to the point that all these networks are either saying their relationship is a hoax or somehow abusive. So she very calmly agrees to do an interview with some news anchor but the moment they put her in front of a camera she GOES OFF. She’s a fucking WAR HERO, she led an army despite being weak from illness and starvation, she managed to survive in a cage for 6 weeks without going totally crazy and she is not going to let them treat her like this. She’s pissed off, shouting these idiots down for daring to delegitimize every survivor of abuse by claiming she “must be abused”. And pretending? PRETENDING? Oh no, if she wanted to pretend she could pretend she didn’t wake up with horrific nightmares, that she could look at bugs without feeling phantom insects in her body. And to make her point perfectly clear she proceeds to drag Wolf onto the set and kiss him senseless just be absolutely certain these idiots know EXACTLY who they’re dealing with.

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Who do you think is the best songwriteri n the group

Oh, gosh, I know so little about how songs get written, I’m probably the worst person to ask lol.  I think the real magic was the collaboration.  And they all had their moments, which makes it even cooler in my opinion.  It’s clear that in the beginning, Jimmy was the epicenter - his riffs were otherworldly.  And plentiful.  I think Robert was starting to bloom by LZ 2 and 3 and really came into his own by LZ 4.  It seems like JPJ was able to keep it all together while exerting more influence in maybe the later years.  While not a big songwriter, Bonzo provided the timing and the foundation.  Ha!  Way to dodge a question, right?  One thing will always puzzle me.  JPJ and particularly Robert never stopped creating, whereas Jimmy seems to have ceased making music.  That’s just incredible to me.  The man obviously has (had??) such a powerful gift.  It breaks my heart a little.  Sorry for the book, anon!!  Thanks!! <33  

I’ve spent all weekend trying to figure out what most infuriated me about Eddy Kitsis’s behavior at NYCC. I mean, there’s so much to choose from.

Was it the way he snubbed a substantial portion of his fanbase by blatantly dodging a question about the relationship they’re most invested in? Was it that he wouldn’t talk about that relationship even in a platonic sense in case - god forbid - any of those horrible queers might be encouraged to continue interpreting it romantically? Was it the violence that appears to have been done to Emma’s character in the coming episode? The way that her only concern about *her* impending death appears to be how it impacts her boyfriend? Not, for example, all the things unconnected to a man that she might want to do with her life, the milestones she’ll never get to mark with her son, the baby brother she’ll never see grow up, the parents she’s barely had a chance to know?

But actually, it’s not any of those. It’s the way Eddy talked about Regina being closer to Snow as if this was something *Regina* herself had decided. No, dude, you wrote it that way. You *wrote* Regina talking to Snow where previously she would have talked to Emma. (And I love the Snow Queen relationship. I don’t want less of it. I just don’t want it and Swan Queen to be an either/or the way you’ve suddenly decided it must be.)

Because this is what that writing choice means. You - or someone else associated with the production - was so uncomfortable, so appalled by the queer reading of your text that you deformed your own narrative to make it as hard as possible for that queer reading to continue. You’re no longer content with simply refusing to go there in the show. You’re determined to stop anyone else from going there either. You want absolute control over how your show is understood by its audience, and you want it to be understood as the dullest, most heterosexist, most misogynistic fairytale possible.

And there’s a part of me that wants to just disengage from a project made by someone (by more than one person, let’s be honest) with an attitude as unpleasant as that. But you know what? Fuck that. You get to decide how the show’s made. You don’t get to decide how the show’s received. And the more no-homo you are about it, the more I’m going to keep shouting, ‘Yes, homo. This show is as homo as hell.’

Because that’s the irony. Everything you’re doing to heterosexualise Emma is actually making her seem more gay. The character you’re presenting now is so different from the character we grew to know in earlier seasons that the only reading that makes any psychological sense is that she’s in deep denial about what she really wants and who she really is. The reason she’s focused entirely on giving Hook his happy ending rather than finding her own is that she’s not ready to face what her own is: Regina.

So keep on writing the way you’re writing if that’s what you want - it’s just making it easier to ship Swan Queen. Frankly, you could end the *show* with Emma and Hook married and I’d still know how the *story* ends, how it was always going to end: with Emma and Regina

I’m never going to watch another thing that Eddy and Adam write, but I’m damned if I’m going to leave Swan Queen to be killed off by them. And it can’t be killed off as long as fandom keeps it alive. However much they might hate to admit it, the story is right there, in the show they’re writing. It’s been there since the first episode and it will continue to be there as long as queer people continue to take this offensive, shoddy show and transform it into something better.

Theory: Grisha, Zeke, & the Warriors

All these chapters and Grisha Jaeger is still about as much of a mystery as the coveted basement. More info has been revealed about him now, but what precious info we were given only raises more questions. It’s enough to keep my head spinning with ideas, at least enough to occupy myself for the time being because why not.

When chapter 71 debuted, there was finally confirmation that Grisha was from beyond the walls. So hooray for that…but we don’t know where from explicitly, because even if Keith Shadis did probe for further questions, he was only met with a simple explanation of “I don’t remember.” I can’t tell if Grisha actually suffered from some amnesia, or if he just was dodging questions. Either way, more food for thought. 

The only known factions beyond the wall are Ymir and her people who may be long gone by now, and of course the warrior village. For a long while I assumed Grisha had some connection to Ymir, because titan resemblance (elf ears on titans is really something else), though not explicitly blood related. I didn’t think he was in touch with the warriors given how he would seem to be against them committing mass murder and putting the life of his family at risk.

As always, Isayama throws in another curve ball. A long time ago, the SnK wall exhibitions revealed a drawing of who would be later known as RBA’s boss, War Chief Zeke AKA the Beast titan/Ape titan/Monkey Trouble. Zeke, in his human form, was canonically revealed in chapter 70. The chapter immediately preceding the one where we get some extra backstory info on Grisha from Keith. Interesting. 

Once chapter 70 was released, my immediate thought concerned just how much Zeke and Grisha looked alike. Not to mention more titan-form similarities. Luckily some smart people were on this and wrote out this theory which nicely wrapped some details together, ultimately forming the theory that these two could be closely related. 

…Although I’m personally more on board with the two being brothers. Maybe even half-brothers. Great news, Eren, you’ve got an uncle you’re destined to meet soon! Another character who has an uncle that isn’t exactly aligned with our protagonists. Guess he and Levi can bond over that if it’s true. 

I’m gonna assume that their relation is true in some form for the sake of this theory. Because I have other ideas to bounce of off that one.

One of those ideas is that Grisha actually originated from the warrior village. The jury is out on whether he defected from the village and fled to the walls, or if he was sent there on a mission from God

Regardless, I think Grisha approached the walled society with peaceful intentions. A pacifist who would only resort to extreme measures when the time called for it. He was trained as a medical doctor, so his skills were surely needed regardless of where he came from. Losing him would mean the loss of a valuable resource. 

Maybe the warrior village wasn’t always known for its warriors. This lovely post on chapter 81 by ghostmartyr suggests something I hadn’t thought of before: if the village has always had the advantage in terms of military forces (or at least for a good long while), then maybe they spent the majority of their time using less progressive, less genocidal ways to achieve their goals. Until sometime over 5 years ago. She suggested a change in leadership happened, which could point to Zeke taking command as War Chief.

I’m gonna roll off of that piece of speculation, because I’m at a bit of a loss regarding all the motivations of the village. Why didn’t they make such a brutal attack earlier? What was stopping them? What changed, exactly?

So maybe a previous attempt included Grisha being sent to the walls. Or if not a direct order, something he imposed on himself. To try something different. To become a well respected doctor who the people would trust. He could work his way up, say, in hopes of one day successfully negotiating with the Reiss family and whoever possessed the Coordinate? 

Come to think of it, the guidebook info regarding Grisha shows one of his highest stats is…trust of the locals. A solid 10/10. Shame the walls being breached sort of ruined any long-term plans. He wound up pleading with Frieda for…something. Probably help to stop the titan invasion. But King Reiss prevented her from cooperating and things got a little out of hand. 

Imagine Zeke assumed Grisha was long dead by the time the attack was initiated. Which then killed his wife. And led to Grisha forcing his son to kill him to gain the titan’s power. Oh the irony. 

I like to think that Grisha and Zeke were close, or at least cared for each other enough, but didn’t always see eye to eye on handling foreign affairs. Grisha was gone for about 15 years, and no sign of returning. This just looked like another failed attempt at making progress. Maybe he was believed to have been killed by the walled people. Nothing like your enemy killing your beloved family member to help fuel your vendetta – hey. Maybe his relation to Eren isn’t so far-fetched, right? 

Whatever tactics used before had little effect, so he and Grisha had diverged on new ways to go about this. One opted for a peaceful way that would preserve lives, and the other to go all out with violence and disregard any innocents – no more half-measures. When Grisha’s plan failed, from Zeke’s perspective, it was time for something more radical to end this cursed history. People who can’t throw something important away can never hope to change anything

Yin-yang siblings is a popular trope, isn’t it? They even got that light vs dark hair motif going for them.

Why is this election even a contest?

One the one hand, we have a capable presidential candidate whose beliefs are clearly defined and whose policies make sense.
On the other hand we have a racist, ableist, misogynistic carrot with a wig, who throws tantrums when things don’t go his way, and dodges every question.

Trump’s way of dodging questions is something I wish I could do

Mom: Why didn’t you clean the house while I was gone?

Me: You know, I gotta tell you, I’ve got many friends in Illinois and they’re all very nice and you gotta give it handed to them, very nice guys, y'know, and I gotta tell you, it’s just so true, you wouldn’t believe it. When I was young- I had a property dedicated to an orphanage and it was very successful, a lot of people will agree on that, I’m a nice guy.

“Are you guys assassins?”

The guy was still mad, but not mad enough to fight me. The woman laughed and they went on their way dodging just my question, for now, and several bullets later, I imagined, in some big, dramatic shootout.

I play this game every single time I’m in public around strangers. I’d never been caught before, but I’ve always done it. If I’m on a bus, or in a store or walking down the street, I instinctively survey the crowd and determine which one of the people is a spy, or assassin, which one of the other people is their target, and what’s my role in the whole affair. (Recon, usually.) It stems from having the overactive imagination of a child coupled with a lifetime of watching action and spy movies. The “mumbling” that I was doing when the two beautiful assassins caught me likely involved whispering details to my partner via the nonexistent transmitter that I pretended was tucked beneath my collar.

It sounds stupid, because it is, but it also passes the time.

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