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Dumb question that I just realized I’d never learned because civics is a joke class in America: do businesses pay sales tax too…? Where I used to live there was a brutal 10% flat sales tax across the board. It effected everyone and everything. I probably paid more in tax on Pokemon cards in a year than most billionaires do. Do businesses pay that sort of per-item-sold tax as well? 

Maybe this is just my inner anarchist paying, but it strikes me as odd that the people buying the product would pay the tax, not the business. The business is the one making a profit there, yes? Wouldn’t it make more sense to tax them? Even if the end result would be higher prices for the consumer anyway. 

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Do you have any tips for impulse and focus training? My dog gets super excited and is always distracted and looking everywhere but me unless I wave food at his face. It's very difficult to reign his excitement in. He's throwing his head, jumping, and 'wuff'ing at me 2 minutes in to training. He just Wants The Treat more than he wants to focus. He's a ACD/Shepherd mix (Belgian or German from what the rescue said) so he's really high energy and super drivey (heavy food, developing tug/toy)

The way we tackle this in class is:

Nothing In Life Is Free- modified with aspects of Plenty In Life Is Free

Engagement games- as said this is probably one of the most important aspects of dog training that almost everyone tends to skip over. Stop bribing your dog (waving food at him to get his attention) and start making paying attention actually worth his time! Denise Fenzi and Forrest Micke both teach classes on this aspect.

Impulse control something we work on in multiple parts- 300 peck stays with focus, going on “adventures” and finding places where there are lots of distractions and working on engagement, exercising patience when the dog fails (which it will! dogs are dogs, they are not infallible robots)

Try working in shorter sessions! Some dogs just can’t hold their attention for really long sessions! I advise my class dogs to work in 5-10 minute sessions tops multiple times a day- but remind them that even the “cool working dog people” are frequently working for a minute or two, waiting several minutes, another minute or two, etc outside of tasks that naturally take a long time such as tracking. Even at IPO the dogs are only on the field for 10-15 minutes at a time before they have a long pause in training.

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BNHA X WOW crossover

I still couldn’t figure out why the process in gif isn’t getting posted, so I did a slide video with the fkcin pics.

Crossover idea by my bae @alazian

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Hope is the anthem of my soul

Today is better.

Well, honestly, I was feeling better last night on my way home from Korean class. I spent all day yesterday angry, upset and in shock. Even though we all knew this was coming at some point in time. But I put my music on shuffle and “Hope is the Anthem” by Switchfoot came on. And it helped. 

I started thinking about Grams and her situation. And I just remember all our conversations. One thing stuck out because she’s said it a lot since Mom passed. She misses Papa and Mom fiercely. Throughout her past battles with cancer, she said the only reason she fought was because us grandkids needed her. Then, after Trey passed, she started saying it more. And that she hoped it wasn’t too much longer before she could go be with them.

Grams is ready. And I think I’m starting to understand and embrace that.

We still have time. Still no one has really told me what sort of time frame we are working with. It could be a couple months or several months. All we know is that the cancer is not going away this time. Grams was pretty much a miracle patient the first two times. Her doctor said that she shouldn’t have gone into remission those times, but she did. But she had us to fight for. Now… Trey is gone. And Meg and I pretty much have our lives set on a good track. She feels that we’ll be okay without her now.

I talked to her on the phone this morning and she was in good spirits. We both shared a few funny stories about our old house in Parkville, MO. We talked about Papa, Mom and Trey – how they were all always dancing, smiling and enjoying life. She joked about how everyone cries on the phone with her now. A couple of family members had to hang up because they were crying so hard they couldn’t talk. She said she had to tell her brother to stop crying so they could talk.

“There’s no reason to be sad,” she said. “I’m going to a better place and I’m finally going to be with Rex, Shelly and Trey. No one needs to be sad about me.”

I needed to hear that. It was a conclusion I had come to last night, thinking back to all our previous conversations. But hearing her say it again, especially now, helped. It’s still incredibly sad that I’m losing her. And it’s not going to be easy no matter what. But, it makes it a bit easier knowing that she’s not afraid and she’s prepared. And this time around, I have time to really say good-bye and all the things I want to say before she goes. I can call more (I told Grams I’d call every few days – she said once enough a month was enough). I can get back to see her while things are still good.

Even today, we talked about upcoming stuff and I told her about my visa and plans to start my own company – that I now have a friend who created his own start-up a few years back and said he will set me up with everything I need to know to get things rolling. I ended it with, “So, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ve got things under control over here.”

She laughed and sniffled a bit.

“I know. I never needed to worry much about you and Meg. But I still pray for you all the time. It’s what grandmas do,” she said.

It’s not going to be easy. Losing someone you love never is. But I feel like this time is going to be a bit easier than the others. Even though with Mom we knew it was coming, I still felt unprepared. And with Trey, we were still hoping for a miracle and that he’d wake up. With Grams, it feels different. I don’t feel as depressed as I did with the others. Or worried. Probably because I’ve known for a long time that Grams was ready to go home. She’s almost 80 so it was going to happen at some point in the near future. And I know that she doesn’t like people worried or crying about her.

I can’t really do anything about the crying, because I’m a huge crybaby and the tears will come when they want to come (I’m actually failing miserably to keep them in check as I write this). But at least I’m not worried. Whatever the time frame, I’ll deal with it. And I do know that at least she won’t be in pain anymore. And she’ll be with Papa, Mom and Trey. (And I’ll be adding another tattoo…) All that matters is that I squeeze out as much Grams-time as I can. And treat every conversation with her like it could be our last, just so she knows how much I love her and appreciate everything she’s done for me.

She’ll be okay. I’ll be okay. 


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Different press conference, same boredom.

one of the greatest crimes of the harry potter movies was the absence of dobby wearing a million socks and hats. i have never seen a more relatable character and i am so offended 

726. There was one muggleborn in Hufflepuff that developed a strange habit of snatching food from the hands of Gryffindor students. When they were finally confronted about this behavior they simply said "Honey badgers have been known to steal food from lions. Honey badger doesn't give a shit it just takes what it wants." They then proceeded to snatch a pastry from the hand of a prefect and walk away.

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  • MC: I don't know what to give my parents for Christmas...
  • 707: Give them me as a son-in-law. ;)
What Your Fave BNHA Character Says About You:

I got quite some asks a while ago about “What does my fave say about me???” and I wanna answer all of them and also no new chapter which is crushing:

Class 1-A: Alphabetized

Aoyama Yuuga: you have horrible self-esteem issues and cover it up by attracting attention to yourself because you want the attention but have absolutely no idea what to do with it once you have it

Ashido Mina: a loud passionate person with a fondness for dress-up (everyday wear or costumes, it doesn’t matter) and people are shocked to find out your level of nerdiness because like… “you don’t look like a nerd…”

Bakugou Katsuki: a spitfire on the inside and sometimes on the outside. You spicy af and people tell you to tone it down. Was a genius in middle school but then found out about everyone else catching up. Has a SUPER fear of failure.

Hagakure Tooru: A cute little flower who blends into the background but never fear, all that gossip is here! People forget you a lot, but you’re used to it. Gotta keep that positive attitude!!!!

Iida Tenya: People tell you you’re weird a lot and they also tell you you’re annoying but you’re just trying to help. Smart af when it comes to what you know, but pretty clueless otherwise.

Jirou Kyouka: You have that one piece of clothing you love dearly and have owned for years and people are shocked to see you whenever you’re not wearing it. Actual music hoe. *takes out one earbud* whut

Kaminari Denki: Admit it you’re an irl troll face but deep down you’re actually the rarest of pepes. Just wants to be loved by friends but you also want a date to prom so jokingly-for-real ask people out on dates. It hasn’t really worked.

Kirishima Eijirou: You love The Gays™ or are irl gay yourself. You’re an actual cinnamon roll but you’re hella burnt on the inside so you’ve got a spine of steel. You love your friends and aren’t afraid to say it. HUGS FOR EVERYONE

Kouda Kouji: You little animal lover you~ <3 ! Shy and sweet, people tell you that you don’t talk much but you’re just anxious. Will talk about your passions until you pass out but if it’s in front of strangers then NO THANKS

Midoriya Izuku: Actual cinnamon roll just trying your best, you’re smart with what you’re passionate about but that also makes you a giant nerd. You have that one weird little quirk that nobody understands so you hide it a lot. 

Mineta Minoru: You’re goofy and the squad clown but also naive af. Might not be noticeable on the outside but UR A SINNER HARRY. You read way too much fanfiction because actual porn feels weird/ is too much

Ojiro Mashirao: You like to stick to the background but you also want people to notice when you’ve achieved something so you’re stuck in this cycle of “I want this to look good but also original but not too weird but also cool but also…”

Satou Rikkidou: Your resting bitch face almost has yourself fooled but there’s nothing that can comfort you like food and your best bro can. Is really good at cooking. Part of the “Support Everyone But Forgets Yourself” Squad.

Sero Hanta: You come off as harmless but deep down you’re a disgusting memer waiting for the perfect moment to pun and meme. Your health is important, look at this article you printed off just for your friends’ cringe

Shouji Mezou: You’re quiet at first but hella observant so you can tell the moment to open up and let people see how harmless you are on the inside. Gentle soul who only want the best for others. Will kill/die to protect others.

Todoroki Shouto: You’ve been deeply hurt by someone you looked up to and you know you’re still messed up. You’re trying to grow away from the pain but it’s hard. A little wrapped up in your head, you want to love others again.

Tokoyami Fumikage: You know every word to “Welcome to the Black Parade”. You like really cool, dark and edgy things so your inner emo is Strong™. People tell you that you need to cool your chill and warm up. flip them the bird.

Tsuyu Asui: IRL perfect friend, you are the mom friend/ big sis friend of the group who makes sure everyone stays together and doesn’t do stupid shit. At least, doesn’t do stupid shit without you. Pokèmon was a lifestyle, once.

Uraraka Ochako: Looks innocent on the outside but will punch a guy if they step over that very clear line. Friends and family are to be protected at all costs. You’re so cheap, people laugh but in reality you’re scared to spend money. 

Yaoyorozu Momo: Smart af and pretty too, you’re so used to things coming easily to you that you panic as soon as something seems hard. In group projects you’re the one that does 95% of the work. You’re (kinda) ok with this.

Alright, I covered Class 1-A first, but if your fave isn’t on this list, or you wanna look up your other faves, I left it all under the cut!


All Might/ Toshinori Yagi: Actual cinnamon roll trying their best to be a good guardian and lead those who are lost. Is the actual biggest dork around. Tries to be cool but simply… isn’t. We love you anyways. Pls take care of yourself too.

Eraserhead/ Aizawa Shouta: you’re extra salty in need of a nap and still care about everyone around you but still like to fuck with them to show you care. Is a cat person and feels like you can only get along with other cat people.

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