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Renji would totally be that uncle that dresses up the kid like a mini him and uses him as way to pick up chicks. Rukia goes to pick up her kid and he’s dressed him a gaudy outfit with a face covered in lipstick. I could even see renji using eyeliner to give the kid fake tattoos. It earns him an ass beating but he’s convinced it’s worth it. He always tries to convince Ichigo and Rukia that the kid looks good. He tries to convince them he has impeccable style.
Byakuya is not amused when he sees his lieutenant and nephew dressed identically.

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"Good morning Anti!" Alice said with a smile as she picked up the last shard of glass and threw it away. She has cuts on her hands and is trying not to let the blood drip onto the floor. "Um, I was wondering if I could stay here with you and the others. But, after today I doubt you'll let me. I mean, nobody wants a stupid little girl making a mess in there house. By the way, Anti, I picked up a basket of fresh strawberries from the farmer's market, they're in the fridge."

The girls eyes widened at Anti. “Anti I think you got an admirer. Somebody’s prolly crushing on you.” Anti shrugged and let go of the girl to prepare himself some breakfast. The girl sighed and turned back to Alice.

“I don’t run a halfway house.” She started. “I also don’t have another room. So… You can stay in mine or the couch. But… I’m not gonna leave you on the street. You’re… Welcome here. Until you can get your shit together and afford a place.”


give these to ur special someone and u have a 99.99999% chance of courting them I swear @penguinz-can-fly

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Mavis sitting on zeref's head while hes trying to run away from a puppy?

Not exactly what you meant, but I like the idea of those two just running away from cute creatures before they drop dead


death count: two walls, a chair, wally’s sanity

i need jason to meet sally 


some warm up doodles (both at 2 ams bc im an mess)

do u kno what it feels like to have an art style that changes every 5 minutes??? not fun



FOREVER BElonging WITH YOU is a direct sequel to the new official novel WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Picking up right where it left off as Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, and Ishida are leaving Renji and Rukia’s wedding reception this work covers the night of the wedding up to the day Ichika is born as the newlyweds learn to navigate their new life together while preparing for the impending arrival of their first child. RenRuki is front and center for the majority of the story but just like WDkALY it ends with a heavy focus on IchiHime.

The exact date of the wedding ceremony is unknown so for the sake of story specificity I have set it on December 27th…the day the novel was released in stores. Ichika’s birthday is also unknown as of yet and again I have taken liberties with this.

Because WDkALY has not been fully translated into English yet there may be some discrepancies that come to light later on. However I have done my absolute best to ensure everything is as accurate as possible based on what we have so far.

This may be the longest piece of writing I’ve done to date, and all while I was not in the best of health. I’m very proud of this accomplishment.

Along with this silly mock cover you’re in for 8 decently sized chapters (or “Parts” as they’re called within the text) and 18 illustrations. The writing part is complete and I will try to post a chapter every few days or so as I finish up the illustrations.


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(Fair warning: This one is definitely nsfw and for mature readers only.)

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5x23: An Untold Story

100 times captain swan made me cry: #60

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Even from a distance, the villa looked enormous. Shouyou could see it perched on the hill from the time he set out from the temple, gleaming white under the sun during the day, and lit up by fires shining within its walls when he stopped at an inn for the night.

He had always seen it, of course, from the time he’d been small, allowed to play outside the temple in the dirt with the other children. The Centurion’s Villa, the owner of the land they lived on. For that privilege, they were taxed, though not an unfair amount. Every month, the temple sent an acolyte to deliver the payment to the villa, as a sign of respect to the one who lived there.

For years, one of the priests had been the one to make the trip, but he had twisted his ankle two nights previous. In his stead, the elders had selected Shouyou to go, because he was young and had enough energy for the trek.

They were concerned about his manners and how he would present himself to the villa on the hill, but after much lecturing, he was sent off, to fulfill their obligation and return. It had taken him nearly two days to reach the villa, but on the eve of the second, he’d finally arrived, as the sky grew dusky and purple.

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