way out of my price range

Going to the reptile expo promising myself that I’m only going for food never works.

This girl was being sold as a pet only due to a small kink near her tail and she is as sweet as can be. She’s so curious and calm! Her breeder always has such beautiful animals (he also breeds leopard geckos and fat tails. My friend has bought from him in the past) but were a bit out of my price range. There was no way I could pass this treasure up!

I now have 3 “pet only/not suitable to be bred” reptiles. Polly the Leo with ES, Opal the corn who lays “bad eggs” (not convinced she “can’t be bred” but I’m not interested in breeding corns and respect the wishes of the lady I bought her from) and now little kinky red hoggy.

Any ideas on names? My friend suggested Ruby or Garnet to go along with Opal but I’m not sold. There is another hoggy on tumblr named Garnet..

I tried this out recently. It was way cheaper than all the other vegan mayo/sandwich spreads out there, from what I’ve seen, and I was making veggie cheese steaks and wanted some mayo to go on them. I really like the stuff. Imo it’s just a hair too salty, just a teeny tiny bit, well to me anyway. Overall it’s really cost effective considering jars of vegan mayo this size are normally around $9-12 and I got this for like $3-4 and the other vegan mayos in that price range come in jars significantly smaller. So for the time being Hellman’s will be my mayo of choice!

[I hope you all enjoy it! This fic was requested anonymously. Also, quick thing, Ages: Mister J= 28 Reader=19]

I don’t really know how it happened it just kind of… did. It started about a year ago when my friend Ridley and I decided to sneak into a high end club. As first year university students at the time Alibi was way out of our price range and our age range. However, I knew this city like the back of my hand, and boy oh boy did I know the underground. If my memory served me correctly there was a way into Alibi’s basement and my memory hadn’t failed me yet. We were already going to illegally drink, why not break in while we were at it? It seemed clever then.
            My plan had gone off smoothly, but I did not anticipate just how good their security system was, even though I should have. I thought the virus I had created in their system would have been strong enough but it wasn’t. Before I knew it I was all but strapped to a chair, Ridley had managed to give them the slip and leave my ass (I couldn’t blame her).
 I remember being mildly scared at the time, I remember licking dry lips and trying not to look at the guy whose hand squeezed my shoulder. 


           “Look buddy, I only wanted to have a good time-”
           He gave me an almost bored look and I averted my eyes, glaring down at my feet. 
           “Mister J doesn’t like it when people break in, we’ll want your friend’s name-” the guy said and I gnawed at the inside of my cheek. 
           “Bite me, buddy, I was alone,” it was an obvious lie, but if he thought I was ratting out Ridley he had another thing coming to him. 
           Part of me wondered if it would be too ballsy to try and take him. I felt like I could if I really tried, I had been fighting my whole life so this should be easy, right? I swerved out of the guys grasp so my rear was pressed to the desk. His hand moved to his holster and I was quick to step onto the chair, wrap my legs around his neck, and swing my body so we both landed hard on the floor.
           I had his head squeezed firmly between my thighs and he raised his gun. I arched my body to dodge the shot before I grabbed his wrist and broke it in one swift motion.
           His teeth dug into my thigh and I shrieked, grabbing his gun as I crawled on top of him and hit him a few times.
           “Frost!” I heard Mister J’s voice from down the hall.
           “Bo-” I punched Frost hard and he fell unconscious. 
           I was quick to drag him behind the desk and I gave him a hard kick when he groaned, then the door opened. I held the gun behind my back and Mister J’s glacial blue eyes landed on me.
           “You’re not Frost,” he purred.
           I was across the room in an instant; I had him pinned to the door with the gun under his chin. Part of my brain was screaming WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING DON’T YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS, YOU SHOULD HAVE HID but another part of my brain was in control, a hardened and reckless part that whispered this is how you earn respect from a man like him, you didn’t come here to party, he is exactly why you chose Alibi and you know it.
           “Foreplay, I like it,” he said with a laugh.
           “I have a prop-”
           “Y/N!” I heard Ridley yell my name from the alley. 
           Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, she should have just left. 
           “To be continued,” I hissed, moving to run but he jerked me against him and pressed his knife to my throat.
           It was a spur of the moment decision, one born of desperation and pure instinct but suddenly my hand cupped the back of his neck and I pulled his lips to mine. His lips turned my blood into liquid fire and set off an explosion within me, the sensation took me by surprise. Apparently Mister J felt the same, because it was as if my kiss exposed something, something he wanted more of because he deepened it. His fingers wound in my hair as he altered our positions so I was pinned to the door. I felt his fingers dig into my thigh as he lifted it up, but I also noted that his hand had left my hair. 
           I grabbed his forearm before he could stab me unawares and I somehow managed to flip him over my shoulder and kick the knife out of his grasp. I leaned down, so my lips were a hairs breadth away from his.
           “It was a pleasure to meet you, Mister J,” I gave him one last, lingering kiss to leave an impression before moving.
           I ran, diving out of the window and onto the fire escape where I hurriedly made my way to Ridley.

***1 Month Later***

           I hadn’t forgotten our meeting. In fact, it was all I ever thought about. That night I felt more alive than I ever had. Walking down the straight and narrow life had become so mundane I hadn’t even realised it until Alibi. That tiny little voice in my head was right, I didn’t go to Alibi just for a drunken night. In part I broke in because I wanted to see if I could, I also wanted to meet him. 
           I had been a criminal for most of my life; it was because of Ridley that I decided to… reform I suppose. We had grown up on the streets together since we were five, foster care couldn’t catch us even though they tried. Ridley had always been so good, too good, she couldn’t get off the streets by herself so I did what good friends usually do. I helped.
  That night in Alibi though only served to prove that I would never be cut out for the life I wanted for Ridley. I liked danger, I liked hurting people, I liked crime, and I… call me crazy, but I liked him
            I gave up working on my paper, turning slightly when I heard a knock on the door. Did Ridley forget her key again? I thought she was out with Seth and Maya. 
           “Who is it?”
           “Hey, I got a package for you,” came a gruff male voice.
           I narrowed my eyes, I hadn’t ordered anything. Slowly I backed down the hall, the man began to pound on the door a bit louder. My weapons were hidden under the floorboards in the kitchen as per Ridley’s request, the man at the door was probably an actual delivery man but my instincts were telling me to gear up. 
           “Found you,” A voice came from behind me.

***End of Flashback***

           And now we were here. I don’t know why he decided to find me, he said it was because he saw something in me but he did not get specific. He had pinned me to the wall and chastised me for running away ‘while the night was still young’ but I was scarcely listening due to how close he was to me. He mentioned that I had left before I finished my proposition so he decided to proposition me instead. I become his and if I pleased him we would rule Gotham together. I had agreed without hesitation, and now here I am.
           “Y/N, why aren’t you where I left you?” Mister J asked, standing naked in the kitchen with his gun in a bald mans mouth.
           I remained unperturbed by the nudity, the soon to be dead man, and Mister J’s steely glare. 
           “Because I have a meeting with my Professor at three. He gave me fifty percent on a paper worth half of my grade and I am not pleased. I still think it is because I broke his thumb when Ridley told me he had been hitting on her. I thought it was a great paper,” I shrugged on my coat. 
           “Why don’t you just drop out like I have been telling you?” He gritted out in irritation. 
           I ran a hand down his arm and his eyes narrowed, “A. It’s a good cover, and B. This is the last year of our program, I want her to graduate and leave Gotham. Until that happens I will do whatever it takes to ensure her and I get through this. No,” I said firmly when he opened his mouth to speak.
           “You can’t kill her; if you do I’ll never forgive you.”
           The gun fired and baldy slumped over before Mister J aimed the gun at my forehead. 
           “You have an inflated sense of self-worth; you know that, Y/N?”
           “Go ahead Mister J, shoot me,” I said a little breathlessly.
           His face was an impenetrable mask; his eyes were bottomless and revealed nothing of what he was thinking. I didn’t doubt that he would fire the gun, I wasn’t afraid of whether he would or not either and he could see that. 
           “You want to die, doll?” He asked. 
           I kept my eyes locked on his as I leaned forward and pressed my head to the barrel, “If it’s by your hand and all for you then why not, baby?” I whispered.
           His eyes roamed over my body as his gun trailed down by neck before he rested the barrel between my breasts. 
           “No, that’s too easy. Will you live for me?” He asked.
           I was mildly taken aback by the question, but I knew what he was asking me. Dying was easy, he could fire the gun right now and that would be it for me. He wanted to know if I would endure an unpredictable, violent, criminal life with him. He was asking me if I would endure all the pain, heartache, and darkness that being with him would bring me and the answer was simple.
           “Yes,” I whispered.
           He let the gun fall away cracking his neck and he gripped my chin roughly, “This grade really mean that much to you?” He asked with a sneer.
           “Ridley means a lot to me, and as I said. It’s a good cover,” I snapped my teeth at him before leaving the flat.


           “Mister Masters?” I called, dropping my bag down on his desk.
           He didn’t reply and I rolled my eyes, sitting down. If this guy stood me up because of one stupid little thumb I’d break something else. 
           “S-S-Sorry to keep y-y-you waiting,” Mister Masters entered the office looking dishevelled and he was sweating profusely.
           “Jesus, if you have been fucking someone that isn’t your wife I swear man-”
           Mister J waltzed in playing with a severed index finger and I looked down at my Profs hand. 
           “This guy and I were just getting to know each other,” Mister J smacked the guy’s upper arms before moving them up to massage his shoulders.
           I kept my eyes on Mister J who was watching me intently. 
           “Tell her what agreement we have come too, teach,” Mister J sighed.
           Mister Masters wiped his eyes, “Both you and Ridley will receive eighty percent on all final projects and exams for this class,” he said shakily.
           I crossed my arms, “Tell me the truth, did you give me the fifty because I broke your thumb?”
           He chewed his lower lip and hissed when Mister J squeezed his shoulders tighter, “Yes, the paper itself was worth at least a seventy five,”
           “See, I fuckin’ knew it!” 
           “Good, now, we’ll need our agreement signed to ensure you will tell no one of this and keep your end of the bargain,” Mister J said as he grabbed a piece of blank paper and handed my Prof his finger.
           I covered my mouth to stifle an inappropriate laugh.
           “Go on, sign it,” Mister J growled. 
            “You people are sick,” 
            “That’s what they keep telling us,” I sighed.


            “You did all that for me?” I asked, sitting in his lap in the back of the limo.
             “Aww baby, you know I’d do anything for you,” he purred, his fingers working expertly between my legs.
            “Anything?” I gasped, my head falling back.
            “Anything, Y/N. You’re mine,” 
            “Yes,” I whispered, gripping the lapels of his coat as I pulled him closer to me.
            The car stopped and he stopped with it. I opened my eyes and glared at him accusingly. 
            “One thing first, Y/N.”
            Peering out the tinted window I read the words that ran alongside of the warehouse Ace Chemicals.
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anonymous asked:

Hi I'm looking into getting my first snake (sometimes soon but not for a few months) I was going to get a 'beginner' snake, Corn snake, anyways i was looking up things i will need to get and crunching numbers, and all (well alot of them) of the terrariums 200+ are a little out of my price range. I will be able to save up if needed to but is there any way i could find something that does the job well at a cheaper price?

Plastic totes are excellent! With a little tweaking the clear plastic bins at your convenience store make awesome cages :) Here are a few of mine:

(The last two are the same enclosure)

On one side I drill holes in the cage and lid and attach zip ties, and clip the other sides, which you can see in this post here :) 

So today we first started our first actual D&D campaign, and the party members that are important are our Halfling rogue, and my character, a Tiefling Bard. The halfling was attempting to buy a hand-crossbow from a shop keeper. He thought that 80 gold was a little bit out of his price range and began to haggle.

Halfing: Can we perhaps negotiate? I’m a little short on cash.

Shopkeeper: Can you ask me in a way that’s not a pun?

Halfing: What?– Oh. haha. Well you see my funds are a bit small- no… Um… I’m a bit low on– no…

Shopkeeper: Can you get on with it?

Halfling: *Hisses to bard* Hey, can you try?

Bard: Oh, yeah. Can you lower the price? It’s just out of his reach.

We still had to pay full price.

Tame me

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Warnings: Your job won’t be cleaning and cooking, not if you’re a maid for Master Yoongi. Rated M for more holy water, please.

Two more empty spots left until the 25th is marked: my deadline to pay the rental fee for this month. It comes like a nightmare in which I have to cut pieces of the expenses that are keeping me alive basically. For a moment, I just don’t want to think about it. Maybe tomorrow, a miracle will happen, like winning the lottery I supposed. I make my way to the couch, picking up the newspaper with the hope that at some random page, besides the rusty smell of wood and ink, a place with softer rental price would be sitting right on the top left corner waiting for me to scissor it out of the advertising section. My finger flips through the paper, avoiding the words so that my thumbs don’t look like panda claws afterwards. There are pictures of houses on sale, ranging from prices equal to my whole month of profit from selling old clothes online to more zeros than I can count with my two hands. It must be nice to be rich, or at least to live without worries.

But there it is, sitting right in the corner with the other advertisements, an opportunity to work in a mansion as a maid. My eyes pop out of my head as I notice the benefits of being able to stay in their house and being fed every day. I don’t need a moment to think twice. Thinking twice is just a waste of time that potentially give someone else a chance to get the job first. I dial the phone number written on below the job description.

Toot… Toot… And all I can think about is packing up and how my life would turn out in a mansion.




You can actually sense the noble and high class vibe from the fancy-carved iron gates. The scent of fresh grass after being cut and lavenders circling the fountain. Strangely, the mansion feels very retro, leaning more to be traditional and antique. Everything seems like it is made out of wood, if not then anything from nature. The edges of each door define the owner’s taste in architecture: precise and elegant. I suddenly feel a knot forming in my stomach. A terrible feeling knocks my mind, the traumatic stress of having to be perfect since my soon-to-be owner can possibly be a very strict person.

“Here is your room.” The older maid shoves the key into my hand. “You can find your uniform in the dresser. Once you’re finished, I’ll be out her to lead you to our master’s room.” She walks out so fast that my thank you can’t keep up. I open the dresser as her instruction. Hanging on the rack is a black puffy dress with white collar and a white apron attached to it. The sleeves are short and hardly reaching my elbows. I give it a try then spinning around half way to take a look at the back. A smile stretches the corners of my mouth. At this moment, there is no clue about how my master is like, but at least that person gives me a cute uniform. That’s a plus.

As soon as I slide the door open, the older maid is standing there, waiting for me with a restless expression. She looks at me from top to bottom, then straightens my apron. I know as well the fact that I need look to look perfect for a good first impression is more crucial than anything at the moment. She turns around and leads the way. I follow her through countless of corridors, rooms from big to small and paintings that probably cost more than they look. The walk seems endless, until we stop at the last room of the hallway, hidden behind layers and layers of wall. She knocks on the door.

“The new maid has arrived.”

“Come in.”

The door swings open. Sitting on the armchair is a young man with silver hair. His eyes are sharp that can split someone open as soon as he stares at them. The branches of green vein running from his fingers all the way to his forearm are thick and bold in the background of his pale complexion. He has on himself a classic white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to mid arms. His slender legs cross over each other, shortening his black trousers to reveal the matching socks. He’s holding a small book with the back of its cover facing where I’m standing. But after a few seconds after I walked in, he carefully places the book on the table and approaches me with his hands inside his pockets. The older maid silently exits, closing the door and leaving just us two alone in the vast room.

“I’m Min Yoongi. You must be Y/N?” He asks. I can hardly tell if he is drunk or not.


A smack lands on my ass just when I finish my sentence. My jaws almost drop to the floor and my whole body paralyzes.

“It’s ‘Yes, master.’” His voice tenses up as he corrects my “mistake”, making me thinks about the things that I should not.

“Yes… master.”

“Seems like you need to be trained more.” He returns to his armchair, then signals me to come to him. The steps I take are much closer than usual as if all of my strength and confident have abandoned me or surrender to him. When I’m about an inch away from him, he pulls my arm, leaving me laying on my stomach as my stomach presses on his lap and my ass points towards the ceiling. Master Yoongi lifts my dress up and pulls my panties down.

Smack. I’m blushing to my ears. This sensation burns my body into a human torch but I enjoy the pain it delivers in a rational way. The feeling of his hand roaming on my ass cheek, not knowing when a spank will come, is more thrilling than any roller coasters in the amusement park.

“Keep counting until you learn some manners.” Another smack is added to his drunken voice.

“Two…” I clench my teeth together. He triggers my core to start soaking itself, yet he expects me to calm the insecurity of not having my panties on, stripping away my tiny world of protection.

Smack. They pile up on top of each other. I count as if I’m learning how to, loud and clear. The more layers are added to the previous, the more I feel safe. Like a wild beast being tamed, I slowly adapt to the circumstance. Now all that’s left is the satisfaction of the aftermath. Master Yoongi was right. If I hadn’t gotten this punishment, I would have never behaved in the manner that he would love me. Suddenly, his two fingers dig into my core, hooking on my G-spot.

“Look at how wet you are.” He withdraws his fingers and places me between his legs. “If you do well at this, I’ll reward you.”

I must be going crazy. I quickly unbuckle his pants and unzip it, pulling his dick out of his boxers like a hungry kitten. My tongue caresses it from the balls to the tip then swallowing it down to my throat. It goes straight in until it pokes my gagging reflex. My cheeks hollow as I begin to suck it. I bob my head up and down as he throws his head back, moaning beastly to the uncontainable feeling. One hand of mine rubs the rest of his cock while the other strokes his balls gently. He holds on to my hair, gripping it so tightly that my scalp stretches out like an elastic. I suck harder and faster, sensing the tip tickling my throat. At that pace, Master Yoongi cums into my mouth a ray of bittersweet texture. Most of it goes down my throat, the other drips from the corner of my lips and stay on their. I look at him untying his tie and the first button of his shirt. Drops of sweat gloss his collarbones, giving me a better view of what is underneath that thin layer of white fabric.

Master Yoongi takes off the last pieces of clothes on his body. He looks like a god: perfect and desirable. He carries me like a baby, hugging me tightly as he drops me on the king-size bed. He locates himself between my legs.

“Is this what you want?” He holds his cock up so I can see, stroking it gently back and forth.

“Yes, master.” I nod submissively.

“You’ve been a good girl.” His cock gently deepens inside me. I arch my back, taking all of this sensation in at once even though it is too much for me to handle. My legs automatically spread wider. He thrust in, sending waves clashing inside my body. I want to scream on the top of my lungs but just before I can, he kisses me. His soft lips pressing against mine. They feel like gummy bears of mint flavor. He sneaks his tongue in, blocking every passage for my voice to escape. His hip doesn’t stop and neither is my orgasm. I release the tension in the form of a liquid, soaking his white bed sheets. He pulls his cock out, smirking at the view underneath – his maid panting out of exhaustion after a great sex.

“Now you know what your job is at this place.”

I huff at his whisper. Maybe I like Master Yoongi more than I expected.

Hope you enjoyed this dom!Yoongi because I miss him too.


Hello to all of the lovely people who follow me! Thank you for clicking the little button on my humble blog. I love that my paintings are present on your dash. :3

Apologies for the lack of new art lately; I have some Fallout pieces to finish, and I am also SUPER excited about Mass Effect: Andromeda, so expect some content relating to that in the near future.

I was wondering if any of you would have any interest in commissioning me, or buying prints of any of my portraits? If so, what sort of price range would be reasonable?

I am having to drop my hours in work due to a couple of health issues, so this could potentially help me out in a big way.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




Kinda looking to get a rough estimate on how many people would be interested.

Would people be interested in commissioning me? What kind of commissions would you like to see? Props? Weapons?
What is the price range you’re willing to pay? $1-$20? $20-$50? $50-$75? More?
Are you willing to pay material cost, on top of labor cost?

We’re currently in the need of a new car and I’m just trying to help out with some income. So curious about commissions. Wondering if it would be profitable in any way…

So please, take a look at some of my work above and tell me if you’d consider me for commissions! Please share this around!!
Send me a note or ask me about it~

You can also check out my FB page for more of my work!

New Vegas, part 13: Novac

The journey to Novac had really helped clear Bethany’s head, and put things in perspective.  She had proven that she could make her way through the wasteland without killing, and further that despite what she had done, there were forces out there that were much, much worse.  As long as she refrained from killing in the future, perhaps she could atone for the lives she had already taken by helping the innocent people they preyed upon.

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I’m seriously considering trying crowdfunding for a new wheelchair. 

I can’t get insurance to cover any decent option for me since it’s crappy and I’m not wheelchair bound (24/7 moderate to severe pain and fatigue that drastically limits my mobility and activity isn’t enough for them) and I’ve found some wheelchairs that really suit my needs, especially since they can be used manually or as an electric wheelchair. it’s just WAY out of my (very limited) price range (as in, $1,500 - approx $2,500 on the cheaper end of the scale). but it would make a BIG difference in how much I can get around and I won’t need to be stuck at home near as much anymore.

it would be about $100 for a hitch carrier for it, but dad may cover that since he can make use of it too at times.



BEFORE THE SHOW: So our story starts a few weeks ago when my boyfriend and I’s costumes for the Santa Clara show got a LOT of attention on tumblr and twitter. However, the night of out show there was no loft. So SUPER last minute, on Thursday (8/20) we decided why not just drive the 6 hours and make it to the first night of the LA shows?! Even though we didn’t even have tickets.. and all the tickets on stubhub were way out of our price range. SOO my best friend in the universe @fearlesskatia went out of her way and waited in line at the box office and got us seats while we were driving and I am so beyond thankful and grateful to her for that.

DOORS OPEN: So as soon as we got there we got in line at the doors and we were maybe like eighth in line. As soon as doors open we went straight to the Taylor Nation booth. The first thing we noticed was on the TV’s they had our picture of our costume was on a constant loop on the TV! We kind of freaked out. So we waited and finally got through and Sierra was SOOOO sweet. She was so welcoming and she talked to us for a while about how far we drove without knowing we had tickets and how awesome our costumes were, and then we took the picture and she said “GOOD LUCK TONIGHT GUYS” and I freaked out.

So then we went to our seats and just enjoyed the openers and Taylor when she came on and I was just having the time of my life because I was so happy we got tickets that ended up being incredible and I was so happy to be there with Andy.

ANDREA!!!!: So…….. I guess towards the beginning of the show after Taylor started, Andy saw someone from Taylor Nation or Taylors team walk down our aisle looking at us, but he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to get my hopes up. But then at the very end of How You Get The Girl, Andrea came down our aisle and then came right up to us. My heart dropped I was in shock. She hugged us and said how amazing our costumes were and how cute we were and then she was talking to Andy because she was like “Have we met?? You look so familiar I feel like I’ve seen you” but he was utterly confused because they hadn’t lol. But then she was like SOOO….. “Have you ever met Taylor?” and I started crying on the spot and we said Noooooooo and she said, “Would you like to?” and I fell in her arms and said YESSSSSS and I was crying and bawling and she said something like well you’re going into Loft 89 to meet her. She had a hard time getting the wristband on my wrist she said it was so small and she was so nice and I was so happy and I was just on cloud nine the rest of the show and I think I blacked out like for half of it!!!

LOFT: ihqhqohqojw so we were taken into loft and it is a lot smaller than I thought, its so cute and cozy! We took some pictures but then were scattered around the room and me and Andy were in the corner right by the door so I knew we would either be first or last. We waited and talked to Austin and Scott and Andrea. Andrea came straight to us when she came in and was like “DID I SURPRISE YOU????” and I was like UM YES. She talked to us about how we didn’t have tickets and how it was destiny we were there and how she was so so happy to find us and that we were in Loft.

OKAY so then Taylor came in and was like HEY EVERYBODY and she went to the people on the opposite side of us, so we were last! Okay but on the real…. HOW IS SHE REAL She is so beautiful and flaw free in person and the way she talks to you and engages in conversation and stares into your soul….. I cant…..

We waited for a while but finally she came and was like HEY GUYS and gave Andy a huge hug, but his lightning bolts on his shirt were sharp and actually scratched her and she was like “WOW these are dangerous like treacherous” and we talked about how they were hard to make and how I cut open my finger cutting the raindrops and she laughed and said we were SO cute and then she was like “so you guys are….” And we were said boyfriend and girlfriend, and she was like OKAY I thought so but you never really know! And then I reminded her that she reblogged the video of us a few months ago and she was like OH YEAH COUPLE GOALS VIBES and I freaked out and she was like you two are SO CUTE.

Then we talked about CALVIN!!! She was like “I wish I could get my boyfriend to wear my lyrics on a shirt” (referring to Andy) and I was like just make him and she was just like well I can get him to come to my shows but I don’t think I can get him in fangirl attire and I said just have him comes with us and we will make him and she was like “PEER PRESSURE YES.”

And then I was like OK I have to tell you about my cat! I told her I had a Scottish fold named Grayson and she was SUCH a Meredith. And Taylor was like “Is she a bitch?” and she said it so serious and like aoadoajopdj I was like YES but shes nice to me and has her moment but then shes mean and people get so confused why I love her but I do and she was like SAME okay like people don’t understand why I would want a cat that runs and bites people but she always is there for me when I’m sad or upset like SHE KNOWS and I was like YES Grayson always know when to love or nuzzle on me. AND THEN TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT NUZZLED ME LIKE A CAT. SHE PUT HER HANDS INTO PAWS IN FRONT OF HER AND USED HER HEAD TO NUZZLE ME FROM LIKE MY BOOB TO MY FACE. I DID NOT SURVIVE.

By then, I think she realized she was talking to us for a while so she was like do you have anything to sign?? And So she signed “I <3 Quinn” on mine and then on Andys she wrote “ Andrew, Thank you for being so great to Quinn!” and I thought that was so sweet because he didn’t say anything she just wrote that and it was so cute.

I think we talked about Santa Clara but I don’t remember but then she was like picture time!! And she was like lets just do an excessive excited hugging picture! And so we did that and then I asked if I could do one with just her and she was like Of course!!! And she embraced me immediately and I was so happy her embraces are heaven.

Then she was like wait how long have you guys been dating?? And we told her over a year Taylor was like “OH MY GOD YESSS you guys have made it yesssssssssssss!” it was so cute but then it was time for her to leave so she gave us hugs again and she started walking out and looked at me and said “SEE YOU ON THE INTERNET!”

SO YEAH that is the day all my dreams ever came true. She is so beautiful and wonderful inside and out and I can’t be more thankful for this experience. After waiting for basically 7 years I can’t have imagined a more perfect way to meet her. Thank you to everyone who reblogged, RTed and always told me to never lose hope. This is all because of you. I love you so much.


This is what the Disney Store in San Francisco looked like today. Behold the overabundance of Frozen merch that isn’t even related to Frozen Fever, and the pitiful little display for Big Hero 6. There were no Baymax plushies in sight, I’m guessing they sold out pretty fast. I ended up buying a T-shirt with Honey and Gogo on it, plus a Jack Skellington shirt. That was all I could find that I wanted.

Also I was shocked by how little Tiana merch was in there. They had Limited Edition dolls but they were over $100, way beyond my price range.

Punkrockula’s “Help me move away from my abusive father” sketch commissions!

Hey everyone! So as most of you know, I’m currently living in a mentally and emotionally abusive household and I have been wanting to move out for a while. I’ve finally found an apartment that fits in my price range but now it’s a matter of gathering the money for it. I’m looking for a job closer to the apartment but I’d like to have the money set aside so that way once I find a job closer, I can move ASAP. But unfortunately, my current job doesn’t pay me enough to be able to set aside the money, because once I DO get paid, I have to pay bills. And then all of my money is used for food and gas to get to and from work and to visit my boyfriend.

So I’ll be doing more commissions to set aside money to move! My goal is $700, but if I could get $1000 that would be great (bc I need enough for a deposit and first month’s rent).

These are the commissions I’m offering!

Cartoon Bust: $5

Cartoon Full Body: $7 (I don’t have a digi example oops)

Additional Cartoon Char’s will be $2 per character:

Semi-Realistic Bust: $10

Semi-Realistic Full Body: $15

Additional Semi-Realistic char’s will be $5 per character:


  • OTP’s!
  • OC’s!
  • Certain Fandom Characters!


  • Heavily Copyrighted Characters (Homestuck/SPG)
  • Furries


My paypal email is also doublerainbowbunchie@gmail.com. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SELECT ‘NO ADDRESS NEEDED.’

Please help! The sooner I can get out of this place, the sooner I can finally be at peace. Please signal boost and help if you can. If you know anyone looking to commission someone, please send them my way. I need all the help I can get.