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Just saw Beauty and the Beast again

who is tempted to play: The Prince, Lumiere, Madam Garderobe, and Agatha?

it me

Fic: Young Volcanoes


Harper finally has a date with Cassandra Cain. Which means, as a law, Tim has to go and ruin her day.

Or Bruce shows his concern in the worst ways.

Ships: Harpercass, off screen mentioned TimSteph, DickBabs, DickKori, Timtam. 

Characters: Harper and Cass centric with appearances from Dick, Jason, Tim, Bruce, Steph, and Duke. 

Notes: Based off this post (X). For @feministbatman who is an enabler. I also HC Harper as 17 and Cass as 16, for notes. We never got their ages, so I had to play guessing game. If later jossed to a weird age gap, know this is the gap I go with.

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Deepika & Varun at Screen Awards 2015
Where they go from here.

All this anti garbage got me thinking about the ending of 5A. Dark Hook, things that were said and done and where CS goes from here. This might get rambly? If it is, forgive me.

I reject the idea that things have fundamentally changed or that CS is tarnished. The entire POINT of the arc is that Emma and Killian were BOTH inhabited by the greatest darkness to ever dark and it influenced them to say and do things they would NOT say and do if they were not being inhabited by such evil.

Emma hurt Killian by going against his wishes and forcing the Darkness on him. She then hurt him AGAIN when she hid Excalibur. Why did she hide the sword? Because the Darkness was bringing out her WORST self, the one that says she needs to do everything alone. Given what we now know about Killian’s past with his father (who left him and his brother in what amounted to slavery), you can see why (as he is ALSO inhabited by great evil altering his perceptions) he felt betrayed by her and felt his revenge was suddenly a good idea again.

In Storybrooke, Killian said and did some cruel things. He hurt Emma’s feelings by dropping some painful truth bombs on her. Am I irked by the fact that it took him being the Dark One to discuss some of his issues with their relationship until now? Of course. But it’s done. Emma, who by that time UNDERSTANDS exactly what the Darkness does to a person, knows that Killian would not be saying those things if he were himself. “That man died in Camelot.” “This isn’t you.” They KNOW their partner is not themselves. THEY GET IT.

(Emma incidentally hurt Henry both in Camelot and SB while the Dark One, but I don’t see people screaming that their relationship is irrevocably altered or tarnished, just pointing that out.)

They hurt each other. It happens in relationships. People say and do things they don’t mean. Or thoughts they’ve been holding back. When they are angry or scared or feeling betrayed. NEITHER EMMA NOR KILLIAN WERE THEIR BEST SELVES. THEY WERE THEIR WORST SELVES, INFLUENCED BY THE GREATEST DARKNESS EVER. The fact that they both managed to overcome it in the end proves the strength of their love for each other.

Do they both regret saying and doing those things? Yep. Will they discuss it at some point? Most likely. Will we SEE it? Maybe, maybe not. I think it’s likely to be an obstacle for Killian’s return to SB. He probably feels like he earned his punishment in the UW (because no one hates Killian Jones as much as he hates himself) and Emma will need to convince him he’s worthy and she still wants that future. That she forgives him. That he forgives her. We already know 5B is largely about emotional closure and fixing the events of 5A. Emma and Killian forgiving each other (which I think they’ve already done in their hearts, people just want to hear the words) and re-committing to their future is a HUGE part of that. 

But I don’t think that it’s going to be an episodes long thing, with dramatic angst and such. The events of 5A will change them, sure. By making them stronger. If they can overcome this, then they can overcome anything.  Basically, what I’m saying is if you can forgive Emma for the things she said and did as the DO (a lot of which was NOT nice) then you can forgive Killian too.

[Oliver and Felicity] both love each other in a way that jumps off the screen. You have to cheer for these two to get back together (unless you share Darhk’s stone-cold heart, of course, you jerk), and that’s how you make a viewer care about a relationship storyline in a show that’s mostly about people in masks punching each other.

James Queally in his Los Angeles Times review of “Arrow” 4x15, “Taken” (X)

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Starman John - Thunderbirds Oddity

So I ended up doing the thing from this post anyway, disclaimer: movie maker is not my forte and the quality kinda got eaten -\o/-

1. Basketball flies towards pipe.

2. Basketball hits pipe!

3. Basketball flies away.

4. Basketball goes alllllll the way off the screen.

5. …Basketball… teleports back over again?

6. …Basketball… can just barely be seen at the top of the screen for a frame, for no reason?

See, this is why I always tell kids to not play basketball around interdimensional portals.