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I actually liked P Chris’s clip because I think that it’s a good comparison to Noorhelm. Both Willhelm and P Chris were Penetrator fuckbois. But it seems to me that Chris is the one that has grown out of it the most. While Willhelm looks exactly the same and drives the exact same cliche car, Chris looks pretty different from Season 1. Also, his clip didn’t have any background music that I heard. I feel like that’s supposed to represent that he isn’t living his super crazed, sex charged party life style anymore. If he was there would be Russ music playing. P Chris seems strangely passive during his clip. When he’s stroking Eva’s eyebrow he immediately stops when she wakes up. He also stands behind her when her mother comes down, only moving forward to greet her. This is the direct opposite of William who is always the aggressive, attempting to be dominant person in noorhelm. Where William is controlling and pushy, Chris is understanding and submissive. They are both infatuated with a girl who doesn’t want to date them, but William is willing to go to extremes to get Noora. P Chris obviously still likes Eva even after she rejects him, but he doesn’t push her. He makes jokes and keeps the tone light. He is going to keep trying but he is not going to force her into anything. I think this is a subtle way to highlight the off screen evolution of P Chris as well as juxtapose him with fellow former penetrator Willhelm. While William remains relatively unchanged from when we last saw him, P Chris is completely different in a subtle way. I think this demonstrates what happens in real life after high school. There are some people who won’t change or don’t change, constantly stuck trying to relive their glory days, but a lot of people are totally different from their high school selves. Their interests change, their beliefs change, and sometimes their entire persona changes like with P Chris. I think that, moving forward, P Chris will be a more mature, understanding person that still knows how to have fun. Also this clip was good at showing the evolution of Eva. I’m not going to go into too music detail, but we can definitely see how different Eva is from Season 1. Finally, though P Chris wasn’t effected as much as Vilde, the clip still manages to show that even a virtual stranger to Sana stills shares some connection to her no matter how small.

just a thought

okay so hear me out. I love the idea that Jasper’s body was never found as much as the next guy- it signifies losing a closure, and David wanting to find his buddy and being convinced he is coming back but he’s DEAD and David can’t see that. BUT- another idea I love even more- that the t-shirt he wears around his neck is Jasper’s. Specifically, the one Jasper died in.

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I don't know if it makes Spoby more pure because Spencer never made a move on him once until she knew he loved her back or more tragic because they literally both got screwed over in their own ways and reunited off screen

While I do appreciate the notion that Spencer didn’t take advantage of his mourning and vulnerability to make a move on him, I think it’s more tragic than anything at this point. She was lied to over and over by people who were her own alleged flesh and blood and left thinking that her love for Toby was unrequited. He was falling in love with who he thought was her, but was actually some crazed evil version of her, who then took advantage of him twice. This is a man who was already raped on this show numerous times in the earliest season and Marlene had the audacity to let it happen again- twice. It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting for both Spencer and Toby, individually and as a couple, and it’s disgusting for us having to watch it all over again. And then to do that to them, to put them through that, and give them nothing in return? They don’t get another scene together, they don’t get a moment to talk, they don’t get anything onscreen to verify that they actually did end up together besides an offhanded comment Hanna (? I think?) made? That’s bullshit. Emison gets engaged and has twins, Ezria gets married, Haleb gets married and pregnant and what does Spoby get? Literally fucking nothing. It’s not fair, it’s bullshit, and I never thought she would do something this heinous. It almost makes everything else she gave us feel like a lie.

I feel like the title “Pretty Little Liars” doesn’t even mean the girls anymore. It’s Marlene and her team of bullshit-inducing writers. You think we can wrap up this seven-year headache with a bow and please everyone? Ha. Fooled you.

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I can think of one way they could make KH3 darker than previous games. An honest to goodness torture scene. Think about it, the last time a character was legitimately tortured on screen was in Kingdom Hearts II, with Donald and Goofy getting electrocuted by Sark to get Sora to cooperate. Now imagine Xehanort using some of his knowledge in the fields of magic and science in an attempt to physically and mentally break someone so he could make a vessel out of them.

I’m inclined to say “Noo, impossible, this is Disney, they wouldn’t allow it! That only worked because they were in a computer game!”, but then again I remember that Axel set Vexen on fire in front of Sora’s eyes, Terranort is implied to strangle Aqua in some way off screen, Ven could’ve shattered when Xehanort threw him off the cliff after freezing him…

Yep, it’s possible. I do hope however that there’s gotta be a lot of elements of psychological torture, too. Xehanort is a master with words and Xemnas has already been shown trying to manipulate Sora into giving into the Darkness, I can imagine that his various incarnation will try to do this all game long. Also, we see how lowly Xehanort thinks of everyone in DDD, he will try to demoralize whenever he can and show his strength not only in numbers and actual muscle/magical strength, but also mental strength. In the end, the 2015 trailer is kind of a hint of that: Xehanort is playing chess with all of us. He’s been playing chess ever since we met him for the first time and he’ll use all of his strengths and wits to defeat us.

So I had no plans to include any sexy times in this fic, and as of this moment I still don’t, but I think there might be a chance that it just happens anyway (I follow a pre-written outline, but as I write things kind of just organically happen I didn’t anticipate).

I just wrote some of Sherlock’s inner thoughts/feelings and he is lusting hard for John. 


Joel has an over-sharing boyfriend manip

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In your review of XCVIII, you stated that the High Priestess probably lived at the end of the episode. How did you think she survived and what role do you think she would've played in the story if she did come back?

I think I was just completely wrong, haha. The level of her injury and the way she just went off-screen made me think it’s unlikely to demark her death. I figured she’d make one final appearance, perhaps with the rest of the cult members, but since that didn’t happen we may as well assume she did indeed die from fighting Ashi.

At the time, I thought we’d get a greater understanding about the cult from her return, but Aku basically gave some background info himself instead in the penultimate episode.

Jaebum Controversy

Seriously homophobic? Jaebum is the most touchy person I have ever seen besides Jackson…if he were truly homophobic do you think he’d be open to so much skin ship? There are idols like Ilhoon for example who don’t even like skin ship but that doesn’t make him homophobic. C'mon now…I’m sure half of the fucking people accusing him didn’t even understand what the fuck he meant and just started going along with what they heard…these must be some new Ahgase who don’t know how Jaebum is. He’s not as Chic as most think. People are always looking for somethin to talk about…go worry about real world problems like world hunger and leave these idols alone. Everytime you turn around there is some bullshit. It just pisses me off how fans will flip on idols at the drop of a hat but would be down the moment they do something sexy. 😑

“He needs to come out and address the issue” what is the issue? If you’re a true GOT7 fan then you know excatly how Jaebum is and how his demeanor is. International fans need to remember one of the most important things and that is SUBTITLES ARE NOT ALWAYS 100%. And you know that. “He offended the LGBT community” by saying he didn’t want to be there with Youngjae as two guys jokingly? When did everyone become so fucking triggered by everything little thing?

What happened to IGOT7 having their backs? How long have you been an Ahgase? Why are you so damn quick to turn on these boys? You all know JB so well I’m not understanding. But when y'all figure out that Jaebum meant nothing by his comment don’t try to go taking back what you said…GOT7 doesn’t need fans like you who can’t even have their back.

I know I don’t know them personally none of us do but I honestly don’t think the way he is on screen is any less the way he is off screen. I also realize the skin ship ordeal doesn’t necessarily excuse him of being homophobic but in some ways it wouldn’t make sense if he was why would he agree to so much of it? I know it’s uncanny but we have to look at this from all angles since so many are so quick to throw him under and so many are jumping to his defense.

But if you truly feel like he offended you then please do not attend their fanmeet that’s coming up next month. Don’t go with the intent of ill will. Let them sort this out. But stop being so quick to tell them to kill themselves, that does not and never will make anything right.

It’s not right to go to the other members pages and comment slanderous things about Jaebum if you have hate take it to your blog but don’t treat these members like shit. They can read that shit…just like you’re feelings are hurt there’s will be too knowing how fans and other people are slandering them.


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They just want Bucky and Steve. They don't care about Sharon, Wanda, or Natasha (beyond how sexual they find her, of course). I am worried about Gamora, Nebula, and Pepper (if she appears),

pepper is done w the mcu. rdj had to fight tooth and nail to have her in avengers and they included that “we’re on a break” as a way to remove her off screen. i’m just waiting to see what their excuse will be for including 60 characters in IW and not sharon

and they damn well better let gamora and nebula be the ones to defeat thanos i sweat to christ