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i love this scene because josh casually called her out on her ignorance and didn’t coddle her afterwards when she tried to play victim. all while eating pickles out of a jar.

Everyone is saying that the neutral is The Announcer and that’s a fantastic point!

But consider… the absolute true neutral in the entire game is the Hourglass on the loading screen y’all

Look at my boy being so excited about time just look at him 


good luck deciding who’s the home and who’s the lock muhahha -Leah|리아

just a thought

okay so hear me out. I love the idea that Jasper’s body was never found as much as the next guy- it signifies losing a closure, and David wanting to find his buddy and being convinced he is coming back but he’s DEAD and David can’t see that. BUT- another idea I love even more- that the t-shirt he wears around his neck is Jasper’s. Specifically, the one Jasper died in.

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I have had it with the Crewniverse

First they shelve Lapis away for an entire season. They don’t bother to develop her character or her relationship with Peridot.

(by the way, “Off screen development” is just a poor excuse for lazy writing)

Then they just take her away, again, at the beginning of the new season. They leave us wondering just what the heck happened between her and Peridot.

And then, apparently, in the podcast, they said that Mystery Girl is not returning.

The only reason they used her in the first place was “To help Pearl come to terms with Rose”

Okay, great. Cool. But tell me, how does a Rose look-alike help her?

They teased us. They teased us with a ship. Made us think that Pearl would get a girlfriend. That she would be happy with someone. That she would finally learn to respect humans that are outside of her circle.

Like, why? Why bother?

I thought Pearl already came to terms with Rose in “Mr. Greg”. Not with a human look-alike.

You can’t just introduce a new character, act like she’s the love interest for one of the members of the main cast. And then tell your fanbase you’re not going to use her again. Do these people even know what they’re doing?

No. Of course they don’t. Because if they did, they would have made Lapis actually do something, on screen in season 4.

What is the deal with them introducing new characters and then sweeping them away?

These people…they don’t know how to incorporate a new character into the lives of the main cast.

I actually liked P Chris’s clip because I think that it’s a good comparison to Noorhelm. Both Willhelm and P Chris were Penetrator fuckbois. But it seems to me that Chris is the one that has grown out of it the most. While Willhelm looks exactly the same and drives the exact same cliche car, Chris looks pretty different from Season 1. Also, his clip didn’t have any background music that I heard. I feel like that’s supposed to represent that he isn’t living his super crazed, sex charged party life style anymore. If he was there would be Russ music playing. P Chris seems strangely passive during his clip. When he’s stroking Eva’s eyebrow he immediately stops when she wakes up. He also stands behind her when her mother comes down, only moving forward to greet her. This is the direct opposite of William who is always the aggressive, attempting to be dominant person in noorhelm. Where William is controlling and pushy, Chris is understanding and submissive. They are both infatuated with a girl who doesn’t want to date them, but William is willing to go to extremes to get Noora. P Chris obviously still likes Eva even after she rejects him, but he doesn’t push her. He makes jokes and keeps the tone light. He is going to keep trying but he is not going to force her into anything. I think this is a subtle way to highlight the off screen evolution of P Chris as well as juxtapose him with fellow former penetrator Willhelm. While William remains relatively unchanged from when we last saw him, P Chris is completely different in a subtle way. I think this demonstrates what happens in real life after high school. There are some people who won’t change or don’t change, constantly stuck trying to relive their glory days, but a lot of people are totally different from their high school selves. Their interests change, their beliefs change, and sometimes their entire persona changes like with P Chris. I think that, moving forward, P Chris will be a more mature, understanding person that still knows how to have fun. Also this clip was good at showing the evolution of Eva. I’m not going to go into too music detail, but we can definitely see how different Eva is from Season 1. Finally, though P Chris wasn’t effected as much as Vilde, the clip still manages to show that even a virtual stranger to Sana stills shares some connection to her no matter how small.

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Wah! I think my biggest peeve with this chapter was that off-screen defeat. It's like Eto vs Furuta all over again! -_- I can't help but hope there's something thematic to it, though. Whenever Furuta's involved in some way, the action happens off-screen. I wonder what the reason for that could be! Have a good one ^^

Well, I think there’s an element in common having to do with all three fights Furuta has been involved in that were mostly offscreened.

Furuta always acts in a way that robs the other of Pathos, that is emotional payoff. Remember also, that Catharsis, that is emotional release is considered a vital aspect of tragedy, and Furuta positions himself not as an element of tragedy but as a clown amidst the tragedy.

For Eto though, the entire reason of going after Furuta was momentary revenge for her editor.

For Matsumae it was protecting Shuu, and Furuta went out of his way not only to kill her but to do so in a way that mocked her lifestyle.

For Kaneki then, Furuta robs him of even the struggle against futility he is usually shown when fighting against tragedy. After all, both of Kaneki’s Arima fights, V14, and Cochlea were given ample time to get into Kaneki’s head and make you feel for him. 

Even when he struggled against the impossible, you came to reach catharsis by wanting him to succeed for simply watching him so long, only to see him fall in the end. However this time, Kaneki’s frustration doesn’t connect with the audience. The narrative is no longer his, it’s entirely relayed back to him by Furuta. His oh so tragic struggle comes off as simple denial of the situation he is in. 

That’s what Furuta exists to do. To rob these characters of their emotional payoff, to make it seem as if it truly all came to naught. If Furuta has truly hijacked the narrative and become the narator as I predicted a little while ago, then this is exactly what he’s doing to Kaneki right now. 

He tells him point blank, your brilliant struggle was countered by the brilliant struggle of others. There was nothing special or worthy about our cause, and you yourself have forgotten it. 

It’s pretty harrowing in the face of things. 

Name Game//Tom Holland//Soulmate AU

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Hey Hey! Friday POST!

Summary: (SOULMATE AU) You were born with the name Thomas on your wrist but that has to be the most basic name you could think of. As you started into your twenties you thought you were never going to meet your soulmate. That was until you got a job on the set of Spiderman-Homecoming and met a man named Tom.

Notes: This is my first Soulmate Au so it kind of sucks. SORRY!


Every since I were born, people around you have been finding their own soulmate. My brother and sister had found theirs at a very young age and my parents said they found each other in their senior year of high school. This was frustrating. I got the most basic name on my wrist ever. Thomas. It was a basic name. Everyone told me to wait, they said my soulmate would come. There is only some much waiting a person can do, before they have done enough. I was getting tired of waiting, so instead I moved on from the whole ‘finding your soulmate’. Instead I went to school and because a stunt operator. Top of my class, I has a lot of opinions to pick from when choosing where to go with my life. I picked a contract with Marvel rigging stunts up. I would be working under a very experience rigger and I would act more like an assistant and runner, but it was a start.

When starting on set, people liked to talk about soulmates. I just ignored most conversation. This was no exception. Riggers along with the stunt director and Tom Holland’s stunt double was talking about how amazing their soulmate it. I rolled my eyes.

“Hey! (Y/N)!” I turned to look at Rob, who was the man I was working under, “I need you to go and get Holland ready for his stunts today.” He told me. I nodded. “And, you’re doing good.” He said. I smiled.

“Thanks, Robby.” I told him. I walked off to go and grab some of the waist belts and other things I needed. I hoisted the waist piece over my shoulder and held the carabineers that I needed in my right hand. I made my way off the green screen area. Set pieces were being set up for the day, showing how early it was. I sighed and started walking to the main actors trailers. It wasn’t  very far away from set but it was a good 5 minute walk. I saw people running from trailer to trailer trying to get actors ready for the day. I didn’t blame them. It was stressful work being on set. You could be fired in an instant and no one could say anything. I spotted Tom’s trailer and his makeup artist walking out of the door.

“Hey! Carol!” I called her. She turned to me and waved.

“Tom’s inside, he’s all yours!” She said as she passed me.

“Thanks!” I smiled. Carol was someone that I enjoyed being around. She was in the same boat as me. She had not yet found the person who’s name is on her wrist and she was okay with that. She had a stable job and she enjoyed life, we were could relate to one another. I opened his trailer door and stood outside.

“Can I come in?” I asked.

“Yeah!” I head him. I walked in and saw Tom sitting on his phone. He looked up from his phone.

“Hey!” He greeted.

“Hey Tom. My name is (Y/n).” I told him. His eyes light up. I smiled. He had a child-like glow to him.

“I was sent to get you ready for some stunts today.” I told him setting some of the stuff I had in my hands on the ground.

“Okay.” He said standing up. He set his phone on the table. He took some small strides towards me. I looked down at his waist and saw the small holes silted into the fabric.

“Can you lift your arms up?” I asked him. He swung his arms up. We sat in silence for a moment before he spoke up.

“So, tell me about yourself (Y/n).”

“Um,” I paused and I wrapped the bands around him. “I don’t know what to say.’ I chuckled. “Um, can you.” I paused, pointing to the leg loops that were sitting on his waist.

“Oh, yeah!” He smiled. I turned around, slightly embarrassed. I looked to the name on my wrist. ‘Thomas’. I sighed.

“Okay,” I turned, “I think I did this wrong.” I laughed. The loops of the holster were twisted and wrapped around his legs and he looked like he was about to fall over. I chuckled again. He just gave me a kid like smile.

“Okay, well, let’s start by sitting you down.” He hobbled over to his seat. I couldn’t stop laughing. He looked defeated. I got down on my knees and pulled at the ropes.  

“Have you heard, Lizzie found her soulmate?” he said.

“Um, I didn’t” I said pulling at the ropes some more, loosening the straps.

“Yeah,”  he paused, “have you got your yet?” He asked. I paused my movements.

“No.” I simply told him before pulling the strap over his leg.

“Oh. Well, you can always hope.” He told me.

“Yeah, I guess.” The room was silent for a few moments.

“Well, what about you Mr. Holland?” I asked him. Tightening the straps.

“About what?”

“A soulmate.” I looked at him. “Have you got your yet?” I clarified.

“Oh, no. But I think I know who she is.” He said. He started twiddling his thumbs.

“Well,” I stood up,” looks like that’s good.” I walked back over to the table and grabbed the three carabineers.

“I hate to ask this, but I am curious.” Tom started. “What’s the name on your wrist?” I turned to him and showed his the dark colored ink on my right wrist. His hand gently grabbed it.

“So, that means you’re her right?” He asked me. I looked at him questionably. He held his wrist up to me and I gasped. On his wrist, there, in dark ink was a name.

It was MY name.  

“I guess so.”


Do you guys want a part two?

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I don't know if it makes Spoby more pure because Spencer never made a move on him once until she knew he loved her back or more tragic because they literally both got screwed over in their own ways and reunited off screen

While I do appreciate the notion that Spencer didn’t take advantage of his mourning and vulnerability to make a move on him, I think it’s more tragic than anything at this point. She was lied to over and over by people who were her own alleged flesh and blood and left thinking that her love for Toby was unrequited. He was falling in love with who he thought was her, but was actually some crazed evil version of her, who then took advantage of him twice. This is a man who was already raped on this show numerous times in the earliest season and Marlene had the audacity to let it happen again- twice. It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting for both Spencer and Toby, individually and as a couple, and it’s disgusting for us having to watch it all over again. And then to do that to them, to put them through that, and give them nothing in return? They don’t get another scene together, they don’t get a moment to talk, they don’t get anything onscreen to verify that they actually did end up together besides an offhanded comment Hanna (? I think?) made? That’s bullshit. Emison gets engaged and has twins, Ezria gets married, Haleb gets married and pregnant and what does Spoby get? Literally fucking nothing. It’s not fair, it’s bullshit, and I never thought she would do something this heinous. It almost makes everything else she gave us feel like a lie.

I feel like the title “Pretty Little Liars” doesn’t even mean the girls anymore. It’s Marlene and her team of bullshit-inducing writers. You think we can wrap up this seven-year headache with a bow and please everyone? Ha. Fooled you.

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How about Zarya, Mercy, and Sombra with a S/O that makes tons of disparaging remarks about themselves?


  • She does not appreciate you talking about yourself that way, you’re wonderful in her eyes and she does all she can to convince you of that.
  • She will pick you up whenever you say it. The two of you walking around as she lists everything she adores about you. You usually cry during this, such passion in her voice.


  • She doesn’t say anything at the time but instead notes what you said in particular. What part of your body/personality and what you dislike about it.
  • She gives you a notebook after a week or so, filled to the brim about what she adores you. It specifies what you’re down on yourself for and you cry from the sweetness on the page.


  • It’s an offhand comment but it rubs her the wrong way, she turns off her screens to turn to you. She’ll take your hands and look you in the eyes as she murmurs something under her breath.
  • She pressed a kiss before repeating it louder for you to hear, about how much she adores you. Everything about you, even the things you seem to hate. She can’t solve your insecurities but she’ll do her best to abide them.

in that video of day6 where the girl goes into their practice room to get all their signatures n jae pretends he doesn’t speak korean was so funny…. n when hes like ‘its okay I have a translator’ n he points to young.k n then when jae says in english ‘do you have a song you want me to sing?’ n young.k says ‘what song?’ in KOREAN but he says it with an english accent lmao !!!!!!!!!!! that part still makes me laugh like the way he said it off screen was sooooooooo funny… he literally said it like, 워뚜언 노우뤠애 n it was so random but so funny n daeun was like oh my god !!!! like lmao mood