way of the zulu

The Zulu Nation: In a name.

My people are called the Zulu people (AmaZulu), we speak IsiZulu and live in the Zulu-land just as the English Speak english and live in England. We practice our Zulu customs as we live out our lives the Zulu way. But why the name ‘Zulu’? What does it mean? where does it come from?

The word zulu has a few meanings in our language; a) Sky.  b) Heaven.  c) Thunder.

The name of the Zulu is the explanation of where we believe we came from, Heaven [Translation B]. It literally means that we are the people of the Heavens.

Now we didn’t just wake up one day and decided we were from the heavens, but we get this from a few stories of our creation that have been passed down from generations to generation. 

The Story:

The Zulu believe that ‘Umvelinqangi’ - the Great Ancestor (or ’Unkulunkulu’ - The Almighty… in this post we shall refer to him as God for the sake of comprehension for all) resides in the heavens, beyond the sky. It is our belief that God had many children and they lived with him in the heavens. One of these children was a troublesome young boy. This boy loved very much to ‘mess’ with Gods favourite bull. One day God grew weary of this boys naughty ways, so God opened a hole in the heavens and lowered the boy down to Earth .

The boy had everything he needed to survive on earth but he was alone, he became sad. Whenever God looked down to check on him he would see how sad he was, and as any parent would God took pity on the young man and sent down a female to keep him company.

And thus a great nation was born.

This is a story that serves as an explanation (at least for me), many today do not know, or do not care about where they came from, believing stories of creation from other races, but if you go from race to race the stories differ. We too have our own.

I am not saying that this story is a definite explanation of our ‘imvelaphi’ (sorry I can’t think of an English word for that right now) but this is what our people in ancient times believed. 

I believe we should start looking for answers and solutions in our own people, they are there. If we rely on other races for solutions our people shall never truly be free.