way of the rat


My ratty Blaze! He’s one of the new ones. By the way, you shouldn’t normally hold rats like this, you should support their bottoms, not let them dangle, this was just for a second so I could take the picture, as I only have two hands.

I call Blaze my “floppy boy” because he is constantly so relaxed his body is just…floppy. I can do about anything to him and he just goes with it. His brother Rocket is the exact opposite, his body is always super duper tight and tense like a spring all coiled up, and he’s always running around and trying to get away! But Blaze is super duper chill. I named him for the white blaze marking on his face but I think I might have accidentally made a stoner joke out of him with how mellow he is.

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  • Scientist: we've done it! The worlds first human shrink ray! Think of all the possibilities we've just created for human advancement!
  • Scientist 2 [putting a tiny saddle on a rat]: way ahead of you
  • Licht enters the room looking disheveled: Sorry I was doing things.
  • Hyde, entering the room also looking disheveled: HE PUSHED ME DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRS!!
Tickled Pink: Scientists Have Determined What A Happy Rat Looks Like
By tickling rats and then photographing them, researchers found that a rat's ears are more pinkish and are positioned at a more relaxed angle when it is experiencing positive emotions.

Tickled Pink

A big shout out and thank you to @topdogofdreams for sharing this fascinating, wonderful article. 

highlights from my dishonored playthrough
  • i initially planned to do a no kill playthrough. couldnt get past the first guard in the dungeon, so i gave up and decided to do a high chaos playthrough. by decided i mean when i left the sewers i’d killed 13 guards and figured there was no turning back
  • i somehow accidentally triggered a fight at lady boyle’s party within the first ten seconds and fought about seven thousand people i should never have had to
  • once i fell like two hundred feet into water off the side of a cliff and i had to drown myself to get out of that predicament 
  • emily would say things like “you smell like blood when you come home” and “when im empress im going to full two ships with men and crash them together so they drown” and i’d run far far away from that
  • i managed to find the nonlethal way to neutralize the regent but then i got lost on my way out and had to kill him anyway
  • that time i summoned too many rats at a time and also there were actual rats ready to eat me and the guards were screaming and i was screaming and the rats were screaming
  • i genuinely didn’t know at first if the loyalists only betrayed me because i was such a bad person
  • i’d gotten so desensitized to killing people that at the end when samuel’s like “you’re worse than the traitors so i told them you’re here” i got super mad and tried to kill him but that motherfucker is a fast rower so i slowed time to do it and then the endgame had corvo standing by his grave like he died by plague and not a crossbow bolt in his face 

and my personal favorite:

  • when i found daud and he started his big speech where i decided his fate but i’d already summoned some rats and they ate him
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THIS delightfully fucked up creation of god is the Bulldog Rat. Native to Christmas Island, their entire bodies were covered in two whole centimeters of fat. They lived in packs in hallow logs, were sluggish and likely nocturnal.

Great, you say, where can I buy one I want to poke its fat tummy immediately.

Unfortunately they were last spotted in 1903. They likely died because of something uncouth ship rats passed on to them. This is why I love biology. I have to revive this species so I can hug it.

Angst sentence starters

“If you would have said something sooner we wouldn’t end up like this…”

“I…I can’t believe that you would really do that to me out of everybody we know.”

“Listen you motherfucker,you’re not getting me killed!”

“I don’t know if I should listen to a single thing you’ve said,you’re so full of lies.”

“Shut up! Just shut up for a second!”

“It doesn’t have to be this way…”

“It seems they’re all incredible snakes…”

“Filthy rat,I knew I should never trust you.”

“Look me in my eyes and tell me you meant it!”

“It’s not my fault and you know it!”

“Y'know,it’s not like I loved you or anything…”

I Promise

oOkay, this was a request with worrying Newt. I’m sorry its so short but i really hope you enjoy 

Edited by @winter-patrick

Newts POV 

Peering over my book, I see my partner of 10 years and girlfriend of 3 years asleep on the couch. The way her hair falls on her face and the way she seems so peaceful brings a smile to my face. 

Suddenly, Pickett begins to poke my face. Curious, I turn my head and see an origami rat crawl its way towards me. It unfolds itself to reveal a letter. I pick it up and read it 

You can’t keep your creatures safe forever, Mr. Scamander, or your precious little girlfriend. Watch your back. 

I stare at the paper in rage. 

“Incendio!” I burn the letter. 

No one is going to hurt my creatures and absolutely No One! is going to touch y/n. Y/N starts to wake up and I push my anger aside. I’m going to protect her no matter what. 


Newt’s been acting very strange these past few days. Every time you go somewhere and come back, he gets mad you didn’t tell him where you went, and he is being quite clingy. You love him a lot, but he isn’t usually like this, and he seems a tad distracted too. You decide to ask him about it. 

“Newt, sweetie, what’s wrong?” He looks at you worried 

“N-nothings wrong,” he replies, nervously fixing his coat. 

“Newt, what’s wrong? You seem off, and I’m worried about you.” He debates on telling you, and ultimately you decide to leave, as he won’t look you in the eye or speak to you. You sigh and start to exit the case. 

“Y/N w-wait!, I-I’ll tell you” 

“Okay, Newt, what’s wrong?” Taking a deep breath he begins, 

“I-I recieved a letter sa-aying s-someone wa-a-as g-going to h-hurt you, a-and I d-dont want-t you to g-get-t h-hurt, because I-I love you so much and-” 

He stops when he sees how scared you look. Being a muggle, the most you had to defend yourself with is your sarcasm and a lamp, probably. Newt becomes more composed and continues, 

“Y/n, I’m not going to let anyone hurt you, I promise. And if anyone tries, I won’t hesitate to send the swooping evil on them.” 

He pulls you into a big hug and strokes your head. “I promise, nothing’s going to happen.”

Yay Imagine done. Oke hope yall have a great day and or night