way of the dragon

I kind of just live for fanfic and headcanon where the Overwatch heroes share their culture with each other and learn and shit.

Jesse is slightly bitter towards Hanzo because he got to preserve his culture (I highkey headcanon him as at least partially indigenous) but Hanzo feels like, welp, technically yes but he still sometimes expresses his culture in a way palatable for westerners with the dragons and cool clothes and pretty trees?

Gabe and Jesse bond a lil over cultural diaspora and not feeling like they belong

Symmetra being confused AF by Tracer because she’s from a British colony and the cultural holdovers in India from Imperial British are A LOT different from the working class culture that Tracer is from

A spider gets into the base and Junkrat and Roadhog are sent to kill it and they’re SO CONFUSED at HOW SMALL THE SPIDERS ARE like HOW IS ANYONE SCARED OF THESE

Actual saltine cracker Jack Morrison in awe of his amazing children and before missions he’s like KIDS EAT YOUR YOGURT only to realize that p much every non-European team member has lactose intolerance which gives him a mild panic attack because he thinks he’s failing as a dad. Then eventually, TENTATIVELY, Amelie is reformed and brings a bunch of amazing French cheeses with her and Jack openly weeps for joy because he has someone to eat dairy with again.

Reinhardt just. Keeps playing a lot of David Hasselhoff. They just let him do his thing.

Seriously tho what are everyone’s scent headcanons bc I mostly ply with ancestors and here are mine:

-Handmaid smells like green tea and cherry blossoms. 
-Summoner smells like dirt and animals. Also like his hair is on fire. 
-the Psiioniic smells staticy. Everything else is overwhelmed by the Static. 
-Disciple smells like a campfire, trees, outside, and sometimes like blood.
-Dolorosa smells like cinnamon and evergreen trees and sometimes like limes. 
-Redglare smells like plastic bc there is no WAY her outfit is not latex. ust plastic and sometimes dragons. 
-Mindfang smells like salt and old books and perfume that’s way too expensive for a blue blood. 
-Darkleer smells like sweat and horses tbh
-Ghb smells like blood!  Grapes and blood and faygo. 
-Dualscar smells like violet/lavender flowers, sea salt, and perfume when Mindfang doesn’t steal it.
-Condy just smells like gold. She smells like MONEY folks. 
-Signless smells like peace (and apples and cinnamon)

For as long as I can remember, whenever I watch any scripted TV show, part of my consciousness interrogates its relationship to reality. “Could this happen? Does this look the way it would actually look? Does this work the way it would actually work?” It does not matter if the details are factually impossible – if I’m watching Game of Thrones, I can readily accept that dragons exist. Yet I still wonder if the dragons on my TV are behaving in the way I believe real dragons would behave in reality.
—  Chuck Klosterman

amoralyn  asked:

To comment on the age thing: anime and ages is a very...I guess difficult topic. I mean, you have shows with 'lolis' who look 10 years old, but because they're written as vampires or dragons or 'totally way older than they look', it's viewed as okay (at least by some people. Yes, I actually used to know someone who thought this way), and yet look at some of the characters from Shokugeki no Soma, who are written as young teens and yet look much older with exaggerated sexual characteristics -c-

That’s true, I believe they were drawn like that to appeal to the older ages for that reason. But at the same time remember they are youth and not adults as the body type portrays

Lyn-Lyn dropping the facts~

A Girl and Her Dragon - GIF 

“You’re the man from my dream.”
And what if I were? 
“…You kissed me.”
She felt her heart pound in her ears, flushing at the thought:
all she wanted to do was kiss him again.

A wild gif appears!! Featuring The Back of Kylo’s Head and glorious freckled shoulders. ( ಠ‿ಠ)  I cut up some of the dialogue to keep the post short, but you get the gist of it.

So he was human once, a very long time ago. We don’t know what happened yet. Kylo can appear in this form to Rey only in her dreams, according to @littlemanicmonday