way of the dragon

New Moon Witchery

It’s the night of the new moon in Aries, and tonight my home is welcoming in the rebirthing energies of this moon alongside the element of fire (Aries).
It’s a night to rejuvenate yourself with the happiness that comes from fulfilling desires, be it love and lust, or indulging in a little self care. It is a night to make decisions final and move forward in your life.

So far for my witchery this evening, my room mate and I cleansed our home with Juniper which is used to clear energies and remove ghosts.
We also cleansed all our tarot cards and oracle decks, as well as my divination bones. The crystals were cleansed with water, salt and smoke.
I’ve then sprinkled salt water on all the door ways to prevent ghosts entering.
And we finished it all off with dragons blood, sandalwood and spiritual guide incense to recharge the energies in the home.

What are all of you lovelies out there doing to celebrate the rebirthing of our moon mother? 

no offence but when lgbt+ gamers speak out about romance (options) in bioware games and get told by straight fans that they shouldn’t play the games just for romance they are completely missing the point and i am tired of it


“Alright kid, now that you’re more human we need to talk about your sense of humour.”

Longest hour in Varric’s life.

Vaxus Across Thedas series.


McHanzo Week Day 6: Mangetsu and Coyote Sangriento

I got carried away drawing this. I had SO much fun swapping ults/clothes and also redesigning them! I hope you like it! :D