way it was

robert: how’s the cul-de-sac’s prettiest dad doing today

dadsona, not looking up from his word jumble: i dunno, how are you?

robert, voice cracking: i’m fine………..


Happy Birthday Lance! 

I don’t need pants, I’m a mermaid!

anonymous asked:

Do you know how many of the Matildas players have gfs?

ohohohohooooo a better question my friend is which of the matildas dont have gfs

Kyah n Alanna are together (duh)
Gielnik has a gf n they run a business together
Heyman has a gf and i think shes a writer?
Gorry im pretty sure has a gf bc who the hell owns dogs w their friend ??
KK has a gf who plays for turbine potsdamn w her + germany (feli rauch) theyre cute on insta
Logarzo has a gf whos a softball player (also cute on insta)
Sammy’s gf is Nikki Guti (again, duh)
Polks has a gf who plays w the Brisbane Roar her name is Summer iirc
Tamkea Butt has a gf n they play for Klepp in Norway (bit traitorous bc meeks’ gf is a new zealander but ill cut her some slack bc theyre mad cute together)
Eve was defs dating Tori Huster (spirit) in the past but idk shes up to now lmao
Raso is probably w jenna mccormick (this is just speculated but like,,, theyre on each others instas way too much tbh)

i think thats all but like thats majority of the roster lmaooooo