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Something less stupid than what I last uploaded. 

This was my favorite scene from S5 of Samurai Jack. It just felt so much like the original series (not to mention I love watching guys beating the shit out of each other in the most improbable ways).

Not feeling the background 100%. They’re not my strongest point. I do like the how the lighter/brighter colored outlines on Jack and Scaramouche turned out. Kinda reminds me of that black-coated scratch paper that turns rainbow when you “draw” on it with a stick. Does anyone know what that stuff is actually called?

radiantmofo replied to your post:

I like to cut my picture in paintshop and paste it directly over the sigil. That way the sigil simmers in the background. No need to make anything invisible. And it literally has my back.

Your idea is cool, thank you for contributing. Now I will explain my reasoning behind making the sigil hard to see.

If someone knows you have used a sigil to make a selfie unable to be used as a taglock, and they can see said sigil, they can undo it. It is extremely possible to undo people’s magics if you can see exactly how they did it, and showing them the sigil of protection you used is enough for them to reverse it. Then, your selfies are no longer protected, and any one you do in the future can be negated as well if you use that same sigil, even if it isn’t visible, because they already know what it is and how to reverse it. 

Halloween 2016

super duper lazy and short animatic that i may or may not clean up

cupcakes are totally a breakfast food