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If you had to choose your oath...

Which one would you be comfortable swearing if you were going to become a paladin? The Oath of Devotion, The Oath of the Ancients, or The Oath of Vengeance? There are other official and homebrew oaths, but these are the core three.


-Honesty. Don’t lie or cheat. Let your word be your promise.

-Courage. Never fear to act, though caution is wise.

-Compassion. Aid others, protect the weak, and punish those who threaten them. Show mercy to your foes, but temper it with wisdom.

-Honor. Treat others with fairness, and let your honorable deeds be an example to them. Do as much good as possible while causing the least amount of harm.

-Duty. Be responsible for your actions and their consequences, protect those entrusted to your care, and obey those who have just authority over you.

The Ancients

-Kindle the Light. Through your acts of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness, kindle the light of hope in the world, beating back despair.

-Shelter the Light. Where there is good, beauty, love, and laughter in the world, stand against the wickedness that would swallow it.

-Where life flourishes, stand against the forces that would render it barren.

-Preserve Your Own Light. Delight in song and laughter, in beauty and art.

-If you allow the light to die in your own heart, you can’t preserve it in the world.

-Be the Light. Be a glorious beacon for all who live in despair.

-Let the light of your joy and courage shine forth in all your deeds.


-Fight the Greater Evil. Faced with a choice of fighting my sworn foes or combating a lesser evil.

-I choose the greater evil.

-No Mercy for the Wicked. Ordinary foes might win my mercy, but my sworn enemies do not.

-By Any Means Necessary. My qualms can’t get in the way of exterminating my foes.

-Restitution. If my foes wreak ruin on the world, it is because I failed to stop them. I must help those harmed by their misdeeds.

If you had to pick just one of these three, which would you swear by, and why? If there is another Oath you’d rather swear, which one and why? Ignore all the fantastic reasons, and just focus on the philosophy: which oath could you live with upholding for the rest of you life? Or just put your answer in the tags if you’re not in the mood to wax philosophical.

The Kübler-Ross Model and Hair Colours (Part 2/2)

Yo again folks, this is the second part of the theory, concerning the psychological state of Ken Kaneki, this time with his character development in Tokyo Ghoul:re.

The first part concluded with the end of Stage 2, Anger, and the transition to stage 3, Bargaining.

As I said last time, after Ken Kaneki’s “death” at the hands of Kishou Arima, he appears in :re as Haise Sasaki, a CCG investigator, working under Akira Mado. The fact that he is now a fighter against ghouls, not their protector, is enough to emphasize the shaking amount of pressure that Kaneki had been through, so much that he found it easier to just forget everything.

Our sweet pun-master Haise Sasaki displays some personality traits that Kaneki didn’t in the original manga, like not indulging in self-destructive activities and actually becoming some sort of a surrogate father to the 4 Quinx children. In this light, he strongly resembles the original Kaneki, the black-haired all-denying person. Because, even though he is no longer connected to the eye-patch motifs, he is still unable to face the truth and instead tries to immerse himself completely in his new life.

However, Haise is destined to not live long, as he is just a temporary persona of Kaneki, one that will eventually lead him towards Stage 4 and his renewed search for truth. Haise Sasaki displays some of the most apparent signs that the person is in Stage 3 of the 5-stage process: he avoids the facts (that he has been another person before), but still deals with them in his own manner; acts joyfully and accepts most of the offered opportunities in a hope that they will make him happy again (accepting to become the mentor of the Qs); trying to come to terms with himself, with his past and his present selves (resulting in the mental projection, known as Chibineki).

He knows that his attempts to keep the balance between his past and his present are hopeless and a grave feeling starts to haunt him all the way to the Tsukiyama extermination arc. But before heading off to the Black Reaper Kaneki persona, we should comment on Haise’s hair colour.

Haise doesn’t live in a lie, contrary to Kaneki. Everyone knows that he is a one-eyed ghoul, and it doesn’t get in his way (a lot). It’s a big relief for our tortured character, so big actually that the melanin starts working in his body once again, his hair becomes half-black. We can also relate this to all the checkerboard symbolism in the manga. Black and white, black and white. It is all just a game in his mind. A game with a time limit though. Chibineki, all the other echoes from the past, everything screams at him that he won’t last long. Haise even views it as a battle between him and Kaneki, a decisive moment which will decide which one will live and which will die, as apparently the two of them can’t live together (Because his desires to stop time and live with Arima, Akira, the Qs and everyone else that makes him happy aren’t compatible with the fact that he can’t accept to forget completely his blood-drenched past). Many people try to drag him into his past life, or if they don’t want to, their sole existence reminds him of the Eye-patch ghoul, Ken Kaneki. Touka becomes the first flash in his dark memories; Tsukiyama, who once again tries to take him only for himself, in an attempt to solve his own emotional issues; Takizawa, who taunts him with his past name, while torturing him (further connecting the name “Ken Kaneki” to the words “pain” and “agony”); Hinami, who shows him that he is needed even by the people he has forgotten; later Eto, who manipulates Kanae into becoming the tool for finally restoring Ken Kaneki’s memories.

And here comes the true transition from the Stage of Bargaining to the Stage of Depression. This is the moment when one loses all hope to maintain a balance and make peace with their past. All of Kaneki’s deeds and misdeeds are still not accepted, but they are finally acknowledged, his eyes open wide enough for him to even see that he was physically abused by his mother, which later resulted in his introverted nature and timid behaviour, and also a habit of masking the truth even in front of himself.

Having finally realised that his past cannot be escaped, he jumps into an absolutely opposite direction of thought once again (also denoted by his hair colour change to black). If you remember, in his transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2 he decided that he was gonna be the force behind the evens surrounding him. This time the opposite happens, he lets the events lead him and calmly works according to Eto’s plan even now. This again resonates with his black hair, he no longer acts against the flow of events which results in his hair being able to restore its original colour again.

So, with Kaneki having given up on any hope, having left behind the sweet memories of his once happy life as Haise, accepting Shirzu’s death as just another inevitable turn of events, we enter Stage 4, Depression.

His psychological and physical state align perfectly during this step. Haise, with his now restored memories, accepts his ghoul side more and relies on kagune during battle, which also is implied by the fact that his hands remain snake-like, with kagune origin. Meanwhile, he remains passive as never before. He even doesn’t appear as the leading character during this arc. Haise lets Eto lead him on with her tales about V and Furuta, and despite the fact that he arrested her, she continues to be the one to chain him down.

But his quietness ends when he decides to rescue Hinami, this is his suicide mission. It can even be said that as much as he did it for Hinami, he also did it to bring delight to his inner voice that tells him: “I want to die in a stylish way!”. He doesn’t even put that much effort into making the mission a success - when he frees Hinami he remains behind and fights Arima (thus choosing death instead of life). Haise seems to have adopted Enji and Irimi’s ideology - he seeks redemption with one last act of boldness in a battle with Nihil himself.

Here he strongly resembles a man in severe depression. Lacking the needed positivism, one tends to overly-accent on the prominent events in his life, turning them into pretexts for suicidal thoughts and detachment from society. The death of Hide, the fact that he faces Arima for the second time, these events have never been a happy occasion, but Haise is actually glad of their existence. Because if he believes that he is doing all this for Hide or to help his friends, he can escape the thoughts about the true nature of his current emotional state - having been unable to protect so many people in his life like Hide or Shirazu, he cannot accept the opportunity to return to the ghoul world as Ken Kaneki. He will always be followed by the memories of his fallen comrades and the fear that this may happen again leads him once more against Arima Kishou’s blade.

In this last stand of Haise’s he still doesn’t take off his mask (and even forms a literal one with his kakuja). He doesn’t want to just die, he want the adrenaline to fill his veins and when he has dropped his last shed of blood, to fall tragically on the ground, leaving behind sad memories and becoming a legend for his close ones. Which is strange, but also relatable for a depressed person. One resorts to his seemingly final chance to feel good after whatever shattered his/her life. And this is the completely indulging into one’s own journey to prove a given ideal or achieve a goal of any kind. When a person doesn’t have much mental energy left, like when he is depressed, this person (in our case Haise) puts all his power and effort into a single task, with the fading away hope that this will either make him ascend over the sadness or forever lose the ability to feel any more pain.

The stage of depression in real life tends to be the longest one, but in Tokyo Ghoul:re this stage is the shortest one. We mainly perceive Kaneki as a person drowned in self-doubt and who has a generally weak mind. But this character has endured almost 5 years of the constant psychological strain of being unable to live in neither the ghoul nor the human world (even though Yoshimura’s words that he can actually connect both reassure him a bit). His mind has grown stronger and from a really passive person he has turned into a powerful man. Both physically and mentally. This is why this arc was relatively shorter and why he entered Stage 5 without any unnecessary delay - as our protagonist he doesn’t feel like staying away from the whirlpool of events and during his decisive fight with Arima, his parental figure, he acknowledges his inner desire to actually live on.

And this happens simultaneously with 3 other events: his hair whitening once again, the mental projection of Hide knocking some sense into him and Kaneki’s eventual release of the final form of his kakuja. Even though he admits to being extremely lonely without his best friend, Hide, he manages to draw strength from his absolutely normal and natural desire to actually continue living. His suicidal tendencies come to an end when he decides to defeat Arima and later become a leader of ghoul, instead of the one being led.

The chapter in which all this happens is named “K’s Egg”. This throws us back all the way to one of the first chapters of the original manga where this quote is put to use: “The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.”. And this is exactly what happens. Kaneki has always used the methods of introspection to try and understand the world in which he lives. The force that breaks the egg comes from the inside, and again, this is why his hair becomes white. He finally put in the effort into actually regenerating his limbs and releasing his kakuja in an actual attempt to defeat Arima, which led to the whitening. And this effort is rewarded later on, despite it being in a very cruel way - Arima Kishou has to die so he can help Kaneki in his newly-appointed task (becoming the One-Eyed King).

However, Kaneki is now the hope of ghoul-kind and many lives depend on his existence solely. He is now further obliged to live on, he now has a reason to do so. Kaneki Ken, the once completely normal human, has now completely accepted his fate and has reached the end stage of the model, Stage 5, Acceptance.

He accepts his fate, he accepts his past, present and future and accepts himself as who he is. Later on he finds another reason to live in Touka, his wife and the person beside him, the mother of his future child. Kaneki has the desire to connect humans and ghouls and slowly does so from the underground in the 24th ward. His journey continues to be as psychological and epic as always, but now his search for a reason to live has ended. And not with the grim ending that we imagined the numerous times Kaneki almost died, but with a hope for a better future for both species and mainly for out protagonist.

I really hope you guys liked this essay/interpretation/theory/ramblind :P Leave us your feedback and comments and I’d be very happy if you suggest new topics for future theories!

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SnK 91 Thoughts

Kid wakes up.

Kid spies with his little eye a bird.

Kid immediately comprehends the freedom of having wings.

Kid is stuck with the Marleyans, so instead of being passionately inspired to rise up and reclaim humanity’s freedom, is being raised into a warrior that will march off to the lands championed by soldiers who fly through the air bearing wings, and murder them all for the good of his people.

Kid’s fucked.

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There’s a Mouse in the House!

-The mouse originates from Tim’s room when he cleans up from his sleepless night activities(the TV goes on and off, endless array of snacks galore, so many empty bottles, etc.)

-The mouse is kinda cute, so Tim decides it’s not hurting anyone by camping out in his room.

-But where one mouse goes, others will follow.

-He didn’t realize the extent of the population of mice and genuinely thought there were only two, so he kept feeding them and cleaned up after them.

-Until he went on his class trip, which was an entire week long.

-Which meant he had quite a few other things on his mind than his pets, so he left without leaving any food at all for them.

-It only took two days for the brave ones to come out of hiding.

-Cass was the first to find one as it scurried across the kitchen’s island, where she sat eating her cereal. It didn’t get far before her hand slammed into it’s back, ending the mouse.

-Alfred watched on in horror, always priding himself of being able to say that the house never experienced one rodent within it.

-As Alfred was alerting Bruce of the situation, and explain he had no idea where they may have entered, a disheveled Jason grumpily entered the room and demanded that “Whatever damn invention Drake has in his room that’s squeaking all damn day and all damn night needs to be shut the hell off!”

-Bruce and Alfred gave each other a knowing look and Jason became more irritated, thinking none of them believed him.

-Before even answering Jason they called everyone that was there into the room and explained the problem.

-Damian was in an uproar, convinced Tim was using them for some twisted science experiment.

-Stephanie was outraged at how disgusting Tim kept his room that now it attracted mice.

-Jason was pissed off because he couldn’t sleep.

-Dick came up with some hair-brained idea that Tim was using them to fulfill a sick and twisted sexual fantasy.

-Barbra, who visited the next day, suddenly declared she “had plans” that she forgot about.

-Cass was the only one who was indifferent to the situation.

-After finding out what the problem was, Jason turned on his heels and grabbed a baseball bat while Damian charged after him, yelling obscene threats if Jason slaughtered the mice.

-Each and every one of them completely underestimated the problem and when Jason opened the door with Damian beside him, both their mouth hung open.

-They shut the door before any could get out and looked at each other.

-After everyone else assessed the situation they all decided, even Damian, that it was just illogical to try and set traps or try and capture them a humane way.

-Calling an exterminator was completely out, and Alfred made that clear, he might not be able to boast to the family that the house is rodent free, but he made damn sure he’d be able to boast to other butlers or guests in the future.

-For three whole days they took turns going into Tim’s bedroom in shifts, the first crew would kill as many as they could, the second would clean up those carcasses and so forth.

-On occasion, the person made to watch and guard the door would have to scramble after a loose mouse.

-Needless to say, all of them had quite strong words to say about Tim and multiple times they told Bruce he should just not pick Tim up when he was supposed to. And Bruce considered it for a while.

-When told his little friends had been found, Tim smiled and shrugged, “They’re harmless though!”

-Thankfully Damian kept all the bodies, even went to the trouble of lining all the over-100 mice up out side while he dug their mass grave.

-Tim was slightly surprised when he saw all of them to say the least and it took almost two whole months for his sibling’s(and his butler’s) anger to die down.

offer your heart

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yoongi x reader. angst, drama, attack on titan!au. 12.5 k words. warning for cursing and depiction of violence/gore. yeha i’m back ppl. this story is only loosely based off of the world in attack on titan, the events written are not the same to the anime/manga.

For as long as humanity can remember, they have lived in the confines of three great walls—the outermost ring, Wall Maria; the middle ring, Wall Rose; and the innermost ring, Wall Sina—and feast on the false pretense of peace the government has given them. They turn ignorant to the giant man eating beasts—titans—lurking on the other side of the wall that acts as their barrier, and surrender to a cowardly life where they refuse to fight back for their freedom.

Though so, there exist the remaining of humanity that refuses to bow down to the false reality they live in. And among these few people, lies The Survey Corps, one of the three military branches that tasks brave soldiers with the fate of humanity’s freedom: venturing outside the walls, slaughtering and discovering ways to exterminate these titans once and for all. But in the process of reclaiming their freedom back from a terrible threat, some of these soldiers are forced to turn their sanity over for the sake of victory.

There has only ever been a thirst for blood.

The thirst for it singes her veins, crackles the bones in every uncontrolled and vicious movements, sparks the fire in lifeless eyes, dictates and shapes her very being.

It’s far better to be guided by bloodthirst than despair, or pointless anger, or ridiculous hope, or even courage in a world as bleak as this. That’s how she sees it.

And for that reason, she is raised to thirst for carnage and blood and death, to become an uncontrollable force of weapon, a demon to fear.

That is the person she embraces herself as.

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Pairing: IchiRuki

Rating: T+, I suppose

Words: 1010

A/N: Written for @deathberryprompts prompt for this week which was “fuck” (as per mine, and hellchat’s collective request). Ichigo tries to be sexy and makes a rather unfortunate mistake. Enjoy!

Ichigo has died. It’s official. He’s finished. Exterminated. Half-way through the senkaimon on his way to life in the Soul Society, Ichigo’s life has ended.

Strange, given the amount of fierce and dangerous battles he’s engaged in throughout the years and the questionable circumstances with which he gained his shinigami powers, that he would die like this, but he doesn’t have the time to dwell on such things.

He is dying, after all. In the process of being murdered, specifically.

He should’ve known it would be her fault in the end. His life had become far too entangled with the tiny, noble ice queen to not have her eventually be the cause of his demise.

Still, out of everything in the world he could’ve imagined taking him down, he didn’t really think it’d be something like this.

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The Boys Of Scandal In The Spotlight

Kyohei Rikudoh:

  • Acts like a flirt but really a little boo-baby alright?
  • Frikin tragic backstory ins the prize.
  • Cuddly OMG
  • Protects the MC with everything he’s got.
  • Sister is so protective OMG
  • Besties with Ryo and Takashi (They had slumber parties and you can not convince me otherwise)
  • Would probs sell his soul to make Revance succeed.
  • Great in bed good Lord Jesus

Iori Enjo:

  • Hates women but it’s understandable.
  • Daddy is a dick
  • Probably spends his days trying to find ways to exterminate girls.
  • Has a bromance with Kyohei.
  • Is actually a cute baby Iori under all that “I hate anything female!”
  • Is actually a tease
  • Runner up for most tragic backstory award.

Kota Igarashi:

  • Is a cat
  • Was actually probably a cat in his last life.
  • Ichthys probably screwed up that one…
  • So protective oh my God
  • Mouthy little shit but it’s okay
  • Probably in love with MC in all other routes
  • Teases her like a little boy with a crush
  • Would probably sell her and Nagi for Joe Wakaba movies and video games.
  • Cuddle-bear who is cute and the bae

Nagito Aoshima:

  • Kinda scary when alone with the MC but is still adorbs.
  • Probably in love with Kota
  • Love MC more than other girls he flirts with continually so it makes his route okay.
  • In love with his adoptive sister and besties with her fiancee.
  • Mommy issues
  • Sweetheart to MC when no one else is.
  • Is just here to have a good time an is honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Takashi Ninagawa:

  • Silent but deadly
  • Monster mode looks like you offended his ancestors
  • Pretty sure his ancestors are from Sakura Amidst Chaos
  • Come on, if he doesn’t have samurai in him who does?
  • Really a huge cuddle-baby
  • Romantic I mean really

Ryo Chibana:

  • IDK cause his route ain’t out yet
  • It’s his damn fault you’re in this mess in the first place
  • It’s okay tho cause he’s adorbs
  • Besties with Kyohei and Takashi
  • Probs in love with Taka
  • They’re all like brothers and it’s cute

connard-cynique  asked:

Do you accept of deny that the extermination of non-whites will greatly reduce crime and improve white countries way of life?

Exterminating millions of people might spike the crime rate a little. You know, murder being kind of a crime and all …

Some speculation on perceptual differences

Anonymous asked: What would Imperial citizens of Evren’s time be taught or hear about Jedi? Like propaganda, rumors, stereotypes, urban legends, etc stuff? Are Jedi the crazy evil warriors to the empire?

Oooh! Hmm. This is mostly headcanon/extrapolation, but here you go!

The Jedi are definitely scary as fuck to Imperials, I think–they’re like Sith, but wrong, the way Sith are Jedi but wrong to Pubs. I hc that there’s an element of horror to Imperial depictions of the light side–negation of self, loss of identity, loss of individuality, deprivation, starvation, emptiness. Jedi will either kill you like an animal or they’ll capture and try to break you, carve out everything that makes you who you are, everything that makes you vibrant and alive … And they don’t compromise, they don’t surrender, they don’t fucking stop

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every so often i get inexplicably angry abt spn. there is so much that doesnt make sense. so many shitty tropes the writers use. sometimes i just rly hate this show. and yet hERE I AM.