way exterminate

but i am the supposedly bad one for wishing people like this didn’t exist so they would stop harming lesbians. we are literally not bothering anyone and we have to endure this constant shit without lashing back because then we are the cruel ones. 

don’t fight fire with fire rhetoric basically, where you lose whatever you do. either treat your oppression as a minor issue and the aggressors with kid’s gloves or fight back at those who wage cruel war against you and be deemed the inhumane one.

  • Hermione: [To Blaise] Don’t do anything stupid.
  • Blaise: Don’t worry, I’m an expert on stupid.
  • Draco: You’re...
  • Blaise: Like, I can spot stupidity, because I know it so well. The way an exterminator knows bugs really well, and can spot where they’ve been? I’m like that. A stupidinator.
  • Draco: Never say that word again.
The Boys Of Scandal In The Spotlight

Kyohei Rikudoh:

  • Acts like a flirt but really a little boo-baby alright?
  • Frikin tragic backstory ins the prize.
  • Cuddly OMG
  • Protects the MC with everything he’s got.
  • Sister is so protective OMG
  • Besties with Ryo and Takashi (They had slumber parties and you can not convince me otherwise)
  • Would probs sell his soul to make Revance succeed.
  • Great in bed good Lord Jesus

Iori Enjo:

  • Hates women but it’s understandable.
  • Daddy is a dick
  • Probably spends his days trying to find ways to exterminate girls.
  • Has a bromance with Kyohei.
  • Is actually a cute baby Iori under all that “I hate anything female!”
  • Is actually a tease
  • Runner up for most tragic backstory award.

Kota Igarashi:

  • Is a cat
  • Was actually probably a cat in his last life.
  • Ichthys probably screwed up that one…
  • So protective oh my God
  • Mouthy little shit but it’s okay
  • Probably in love with MC in all other routes
  • Teases her like a little boy with a crush
  • Would probably sell her and Nagi for Joe Wakaba movies and video games.
  • Cuddle-bear who is cute and the bae

Nagito Aoshima:

  • Kinda scary when alone with the MC but is still adorbs.
  • Probably in love with Kota
  • Love MC more than other girls he flirts with continually so it makes his route okay.
  • In love with his adoptive sister and besties with her fiancee.
  • Mommy issues
  • Sweetheart to MC when no one else is.
  • Is just here to have a good time an is honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Takashi Ninagawa:

  • Silent but deadly
  • Monster mode looks like you offended his ancestors
  • Pretty sure his ancestors are from Sakura Amidst Chaos
  • Come on, if he doesn’t have samurai in him who does?
  • Really a huge cuddle-baby
  • Romantic I mean really

Ryo Chibana:

  • IDK cause his route ain’t out yet
  • It’s his damn fault you’re in this mess in the first place
  • It’s okay tho cause he’s adorbs
  • Besties with Kyohei and Takashi
  • Probs in love with Taka
  • They’re all like brothers and it’s cute
The Doctor returns to that damnable Hand Mine field, where young Davros is still crying for help. “I’m from the future,” says The Doctor, who then lifts his weapon and points it at the sweet-faced little fella. “I’m gonna save my friend the only way I can: Exterminate!” It’s a doozy of a denouement – putting the Dalek’s battle cry that we’ve heard hundreds of times now into the mouth of the man who is forever trying to stop them, without succumbing to their ways. Surely, next Saturday’s hour, “The Witch’s Familiar,” will un-kill Clara and Missy, and reveal a hitch in The Doctor’s plan that doesn’t involve actually pulling the trigger, but until then, it’ll be a tense seven days of waiting.

It also occurred to me that as the FBI deliberately dismantled the Civil Rights push by the end of the 1960s, especially with the murder of Dr. King, this was the time racism began taking on a new face. By the 1970s the prison industry began to boom, by the 80s crack and AIDS, by the 90s people were being taught that the racism thing was solved because by now they had figured out different ways to exterminate us.

And so the 90s babies are all coming to this awakening that the racism issue was never actually solved. They weren’t hosing us down one day and gladly welcoming us into their schools next. It couldn’t just go like that, as we have been told. We are not far removed from the lynching mentality of the 50s and 60s at all. Racism took another face and is deceiving everyone as “Black people are lazy and criminal” And because people don’t understand what racism truly is, it is harder than ever to try to resolve the racism issue.

How can you convince somebody that believes being called “mayo boy” is racism, that there are actual institutions and systems created to keep Black and other people of color in impoverished communities and prison? At least in the sixties people would openly admit, it is because you are Black. Now you can’t stop people from saying everything but “It was because they were Black” even when Dylan Roof said this, Fox news still said, “This is an attack on Christianity” Like it’s just very interesting.

I was just trying to figure out what happened in the time since King’s death how blatant racism took another face and now refuses to call itself what it is.

I need to state this. If someone is saying “we need to address ‘the Jewish question’” what they’re asking is “how do we get rid of the Jews in our country?” Historically, it’s been answered in one of four ways: extermination, exile, ghettoization (the term “Ghetto” was literally coined to refer to the cordoned off section of Venice where Jews were forced to live), and cultural annihilation (though not always through assimilation, see the Soviet Union where Jews were not allowed to have any cultural or religious institutions but were still legally persecuted for their ethnicity). Anyone who doesn’t know this point has no business acting like an authority of antisemitism.