way cool jr

When I don’t know what to do, I just sit around and make up a conversation in my head with a famous person I’d like to meet, so in case I really meet them I won’t just stare at them (hopefully)

FAHC!Ray the sk8erboi

Ray has to be that kid that rode a skateboard, all the time. Him in his oversized hoodie and checkerboard vans, riding through the alleyways to get to a small skatepark in the confines of New York. 

Ray would go out, after yelling to his mom, and he would ride his skateboard. He actually knew quite a lot of tricks, and was actually really good at skateboarding. He was known pretty well in his life, at least around the skatepark. Most of the time, he’d wear a bandana on his face so everyone only saw his eyes and his large glasses. At first he was Four-eyes, then he was Bandana Face, Checker Shoes, etc. He never really had a name until he had come home from a vacation in which he actually had to be outside, so he was tan af. Someone said, “Yo, Brownman” and Ray liked it, so he stuck with the nickname.  

He was also known by the cool crown sticker with the glasses underneath on the underside of his board. It became the Brownman sort of trademark thing. People would ask where he got it, he would shrug because in all honesty Ray had no clue where it came from. He just saw a sticker and wanted to vamp up his black and white board, so he stuck on the brown crown sticker. Then, people were making their own, or giving Ray t-shirts and beanies with it stitched on there. 

He gave it up due to having to go about his sniping business. He couldn’t be seen with his skateboard, besides he needed to seem professional. But, he kept it. It was always stuffed inside the bottom of his bag, slightly scratched. 

Then he was in with the Fake AH Crew, which he didn’t think to tell them about it, and no one questioned the skateboard in the corner of the room. Everyone thought it was decoration. Why? Because Ray didn’t ever use it, and everyone thought maybe he just knew how to move or do basic stuff. 

Until they had to go undercover in, you guessed it, a skatepark. 

Ray decked out in his old teenage gear, wore a bandana, but he didn’t expect anything. Brownman had left skateparks years ago and that was in New York, not Los Santos. Him, Gav and Michael all go there, playing it off like it’s nothing, spying on the nearby bank to report stuff. Ray decides he’s just gonna ride a little after being bored to death because of small talk. Michael and Gavin chuckle and wish him luck, because they aren’t going to stop Ray from making a fool out of himself. 

And then Ray’s speeding around, grinding against rails, jumping, rolling around at the speed of sound, and it’s drop dead amazing. Like, people start to just stop and stare, Michael and Gavin are stunned. Some people start cheering. Ray doesn’t even acknowledge it because he was used to it back in the old days. Then someone shouts, “Oh my God! It’s Brownman!” And that gets people’s attention. The fans who were convinced his was dead, start screeching, some even crying in happiness. People start cheering a continuous “Brownman! Brownman! Brownman!” 

When Ray stops, from getting a little tired and wanting to play some videogames, people crowd around him. He gives out autographs and talks to old fans, takes pictures. He’s polite and cool. 

And Michael and Gavin are, to put it simply, surprised. 

Ray realizes that he missed skateboarding and skates around town. He’ll show up to the park on boring days and skate with people. As well as teach Michael and Gavin how to skateboard, help them customize their stuff. It’s nice and just a splash of the good ol’ days in Ray’s mind. 

And he’s always in checkerboard vans, big glasses, and a bandana. 

New kid in town got fancy clothes
Old T-Bird car, baby you can tell your nose
He said, Where is all the action in this town?
Stop working on the women it’s on real slick
Heard enough about sin, girl, gonna make it stick
Hey! What makes him so special anyhow?
She said, He’s so good lookin’, that’s a fact
Steel guitars run across his back
The girls all know he’s Way Cool Jr.

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