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listen, i know the first one wasn’t originally meant to be vitya. i know.

but….. kubo did repost the picture and mentioned that looking at it now, it does make her think of young vitya….. and now she’s drawn this new gorgeous official art where vitya is wearing the same exact coat and the setting seems pretty damn similar?? however, the feeling of the picture is completely different. the first one has a very melancholic and lonely feel, while the other feels nice and warm even though they’re both set in the middle of winter. just look at vitya’s face! look at that smile! he’s so happy?? and he has every reason to be happy: yuuri is right there next to him holding onto his arm and yurio is with them and vitya isn’t alone anymore and he’s found his passion for skating again!

but what gets to me the most is the fact that the new official art is titled “winter fantasy”! i’d say it sounds like exactly the kind of thing young vitya might be dreaming of in the first picture and boy does that thought make me happy and hurt me all at once

Happy Birthday Killua! 7.7.17 

Secondhand smoke kills, but not as fast as firsthand hammer. 

“trans men aren’t in danger like trans women are. They are just mistaken for girls in boys clothes and that’s fairly socially acceptable”

this is a limited perspective from young, non or only partially-passing trans men, probably who live in urban areas.

I’m never mistaken for a girl in boys clothing. I am “mistaken” for a man. I have been slapped (not too big a deal), jumped and BADLY beaten by a group of men (way bigger deal), and seriously threatened with rape (one of the more terrifying moments of my life) to prove to me that I can’t “pretend to be a man” and “lie to people” and “get away with it”.

I have seen more than one post (and there’s one going around right now) promoting this idea that trans men are comparatively safe.  

are we safer than trans women? Usually. But we are by no means safe. Trans women are in IMMENSE danger, the fact that we’re in less danger than them does NOT make our real risk invalid or not as important to talk about. 

Here’s a radical idea: stop telling other trans men how at risk they are or aren’t. Your experience is NOT everyone’s experience and I am exhausted with the implication that trans men are safe. Safer, when we pass, but the same is true of trans women who pass, they are comparatively safer than trans women who don’t pass. That doesn’t make them SAFE. 

Regardless, this isn’t a “who’s in more danger” race, y’all. Trans people are at risk. Trans women can talk about being at risk without implying that trans men aren’t. And trans men can talk about being at risk without somehow detracting from the risk trans women experience. 

This isn’t a competition. Love and support your brothers and sisters and nonbinary sibs, all of whom face immense risk out there. 

Remember feeling like, in Time Traveller’s Pig, Stan’s looking for his red screwdriver was so awkwardly wedged in there? 

Why would Stan have a red screwdriver he cared enough about to notice if it was missing? He hardly seems to notice or care when way bigger/more expensive things go missing or get destroyed.

Then we see where the red screwdriver ended up and it appears it was just sort of artless dialogue and characterization so that Blendin could be introduced. A little unusual for a show like Gravity Falls, but hey, writers get tired, too, right?

But THEN, fast-forward to season 2, and we see Blendin’s Game. In the last minute, we see the red screwdriver again:

AWW, so it’s the red screwdriver that led Soos to the Shack and ended up getting him the role of adopted son handyman.

No wonder Stan actually cares about that screwdriver. Mystery solved.

And that’s it, right?



bts are killin it worldwide but keeping true to their identity as a Korean boy band and as a Korean it makes so incredibly proud to see the world’s reaction to their success and with that, more awareness of kpop, which is a huge industry in Korea and a big factor for the Korean tourism industry and economy. Also hearing Korean music blasting on jimmy kimmel and soon the Ellen show and AMAs is fucking amazing!!! How far kpop has come. Wow.

Tl;dr - bts is doing great while being unapologetically Korean and I love them so much bye

Welp! I’ve been meaning to draw Finny from @dailyskyfox for a while, because gosh darnit I love that blog and this guy is a cutie.


The symbol on Joey’s shirt, the origin of which we find on her ceiling in her room:

is in fact, the actual GREEN SUN from Homestuck

the fact that her mother first painted it, the one who originally owned the Cherub key, so there’s the connection between it and all things cherublike, the fact that the other stars “provide a non-unconvincing illusion of space” 

and the fact that it’s a gigantic green star that’s way bigger and way more bright than all the other stars in the sky and the knowledge that all stars are giant burning balls of gas just like our sun, so gigantic burning green star = gigantic burning green SUN

*edit* also Jude knowing so much about the positions of the stars in the sky that he can tell at a glance when a starmap is or is not accurate (though he could also be pointing that out on the basis that they are all fake stars too)


Teddy bear headers! As requested I made Suuji, Choukei, and added in Cyber since they were the only ones left over. 

Up next: Animatsu/Otouto