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derek hale x reader (smut)

warnings: smut, some dirty talk, oral. (male receiving)

prompt: you’re pining over scott while derek pines over you. he helps you forget scott in his own way.

AN: let’s just pretend derek is still in teen wolf and he never lost his alpha title.  i’m such a sucker for alpha hale right now. 

beacon hills was a beautiful town, strange but beautiful none the less. you’d lived here your whole life, fortunately you’d managed to go most of your life without knowing what truly lurked in the dark but in the end, you were exposed to it all and fighting things nightmares were made of was a daily occurrence now.

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i wanted to put happy things in here but apparently the only things i doodled in my last absence were tired and sad kids… oops

tree bros hcs
- connor gives 0 shits and he’s like “move it im gay” to everyone that’s in his way and evan trails behind with his face all red apologizing to ppl for his edgy boyfriend
- connor left his sweatshirt in evans room once when they were smooching and evan panicked when he found it bc that sweatshirt is connors comfort object; it’s got worn down holes on the cuffs of the sleeves from years of connor fidgeting with it; and evan rushes to school that morning to give it to connor bc ‘holy shit what if he thinks i did it on purpose i distracted him w kisses and i stole his sweatshirt and he’ll never talk to me again’ and connor is like 'dude. buddy. keep it. i feel good knowing you have it. it’ll keep u safe when im not there. it’s chill, okay?’
- evan wears the connor sweatshirt every night to bed even if it’s hot af out bc he never ever feels safer than in that sweatshirt
- (connor honestly did freak out when he realized he left it at evans but then he thought abt evan tucked nice and snug in it and that was a more comforting thought to him than actually getting it back. so he buys a new sweatshirt for himself at hot topic and they both match)
- evan is so fucking extra he finds 56 cents in the pockets of this fucking sweatshirt and gives the loose change back to connor and connor is just like …….bruh
- they go on walks all the time it’s their favorite date activity and evan gets so PUMPED to show connor his trees and evan is like “okay GUESS WHATS COOL ABOUT THIS ONE” and connor is like “it’s….tall.”
- connor went to see evan a lot when he worked at the park as a lil ranger thing and he LOVES evans silly uniform like it’s not even hardcore embarrassing or anything, he just gets a kick out of the fact that evan gets to wear a badge for knowing Some Facts About Trees
- evan always fixes the tags sticking out of connors shirt collars
- and connor always gets defensive like “maybe i wanted it there did you ever think of that >:|” and evan gets all cute flustered
- connor is the first to say i love u and he doesn’t make it a big deal, he just kind of says it one day and evan works himself up into a Panicked State bc he wanted to say it for the longest time but was too anxious to be the first one and now the barrier is just suddenly gone and connor loves him??? and that’s just a lot to handle so obviously evans hands get sweaty
- evan proofreads all of connors essays and connor loves watching him get lost in reading them
- ONE TIME and one time only evan gets up the courage to ask connor what the heck weed is like and connor hands him a brownie like “eat this” and evan eats the brownie and wow is he calmer or? something? and he’s being just WEIRD and connor is snorting bc it was just a normal, clean Cynthia Murphy brownie. he’d never give evan weed are you kidding me
- zoe and evan play this game where they bet on how many of connors outfit pieces are from hot topic but it’s all very discreet like “wow that’s a cool chain leather jacket connor where’d you get that from” and he’ll tell them and then one of them inevitably screams
- evan braids connors hair bc it’s calming for the both of them
- they watch nature documentaries like all the time and no one knows why or how it happens. it will be the middle of the day and somehow these two are dead asleep on the couch with natgeo on the tv at full volume
- they also watch a lot of antiques roadshow but they seek it out and genuinely have a good time with it

A couple of years ago I went out camping in the woods with a few of my friends. It was a dark and stormy night, and we felt very alone in our little tent, so we started telling scary stories.

I described how these hills used to be coal mining country, and the coal mines were dark and dangerous. If you didn’t die from coal lung you’d die from cave-ins, and if you didn’t die from either of those, you’d starve to death on the miniscule wages they paid you. The mine just up the hill from us was the worst. The manager had an extortion racket that he was keeping hidden from the owners - he would demand a “tribute” of 50% of the day’s wages from each of his miners, or he would think up a reason to get them fired. Pay was starvation level even without giving the manager his cut, and so after a few months of this tribute the miners became pale, sickly, and emaciated. Paradoxically, they started working harder and harder, hoping they would strike it rich enough to get a bonus that they could use to get out of that awful place.

One of the miners worked even harder than the others. He just kept digging and digging, and when he looked back, he’d gone too far, left everyone else behind, and couldn’t find his way back. Life out there was so bad he found he barely cared. He just kept digging and digging and digging, figuring that working himself to death was as good a way to go as any other.

Finally he came to a vein of rock darker than any he’d ever seen before, and when he broke through it - wham! - he had dug all the way to Hell. Satan came over to meet him, and told the miner that they had a problem. He couldn’t stay in Hell, because he wasn’t a sinner. But he couldn’t go back either, because the rules say no mortal may leave Hell alive. So Satan offered him a deal - he would transform the man into a vengeful ghost, who could spend eternity possessing mortals and driving them to madness.

The miner thought a bit, but he wasn’t convinced. The only guy he wanted to possess and drive to madness was his evil manager who had stolen a tribute from every one of his paychecks. After getting revenge on him, he wasn’t sure he wanted an eternity of possessing random other people. Satan suggested that maybe he could spend eternity possessing people and talking about how evil his manager was, so as to make his name forever dishonored. The man thought that was a good idea, and so with a word Satan transformed him into a spirit. He spent a while haunting his evil manager, then after that possessed random other people in the area to give monologues on how exploitative his manager’s labor practices were.

And so (I finished) sometimes, on nights much like tonight, with groups of campers much like our own…

“Hold on,” interrupted my friend. “Is this going to end with you saying that you’re possessed right now, and that’s why you’re telling us this story?”

“Um,” I said…“I guess that…”

Just then the police burst into our tent. “Stop right there!” said one of the officers. “You’re under arrest!”

“For what?” I asked.

“Possession by a miner within tent to diss tribute.”

100 Things I Love About Jikook

1. The way they look at each other so softly, smiles so bright.

2. The way they go back to Busan together on holidays.

3. The way Jimin strokes Jungkook’s hair with such a fond smile.

4. The way Jimin lets Jungkook tease him without any more than playful protest. 

5. The way Jungkook goes to Jimin for comfort and cites him as the one he goes to most often when he’s feeling sad. 

6. The way Jimin holds Jungkook by the waist or throws and arm around his shoulder. 

7. The way Jungkook bends down a bit so Jimin can feel a little taller. 

8. The way Jimin laughs at everything Jungkook does. 

9. The way they whisper to each other like they’re in their own little world. 

10. The way Jimin protects and guides Jungkook any time he can.

11. The way Jungkook does dorky things to make Jimin laugh. 

12. The way Jimin praises Jungkook and lists out all the good things about him. 

13. The way Jimin still calls Jungkook cute and “his baby.”

14. The way Jungkook uses Jimin’s mangaetteok nickname. 

15. The way Jungkook sits in Jimin’s lap without complaint. 

16. The way Jimin wraps his arms so firmly around Jungkook’s waist when he’s sitting in his lap. 

17. The way they tease each other when they’re allowed to sit together at fan signs. 

18. The way Jimin leans on Jungkook.

19. The way Jungkook clings to Jimin.

20. The way Jimin always finds the chance to include Jungkook in his twitter videos. 

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Imagine listening to Vernon talk about his aspirations as an artist and being in awe of him because his passion, despite his young age, is really strong.

I know it feels like you’re behind, like everyone else is ahead and somehow has it all together. But I can let you in on a secret. everyone feels that way. You’re not behind, but you’re taking things at your own pace. Even people who look like they have their lives together, mostly do not. I look like my life is together sometimes to people but trust me it’s not, so don’t worry cause you’re actually doing great.

Bilogy-(Isaac Lahey)

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Characters: Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Malia Tate, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey and (Y/N)

Word Count: 817

Warnings: none

Pairing: none

Summary: (Y/N) is new to Beacon Hills High School, and immediately becomes smitten with the one and only, Isaac Lahey.

(A/N) Legit just a little drabble I put together, I’m currently doped up on painkillers so this is the best I can do rn :(

“I’m telling you, they’re about as harmless as a flock of ducks.” Stiles rolls his eyes in my direction and proceeds to park his jeep next to an expensive looking car. How could high schooler even afford that kind of car?

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It’s impossible for Magnus and Alec to fully separate their personal lives from their work. In order to do that, they would have to rearrange parts of themselves. They would have to limit their smiles, keep their distance; each word would have to carry less meaning than before. They couldn’t let their stares or touches linger until they’re alone.

But shrouding their love in secrecy feels too ancient, too compromising. They’ve fought too hard to suddenly back down. It’d be impossible to find a way to unravel their souls, as if they weren’t living lives as two jagged halves with a desire to feel whole.

They stay connected, but make it subtle. They keep it between themselves, the way they like it. In a bustling room of dozens, Alec’s hand on Magnus’ back could make the others fall into the floorboards. While Magnus speaks, all confident hand gestures and a perfect posture, their eyes are locked, and Alec covers his mouth to conceal a smile. Their formal greetings are filled with mocking accents and handshakes lingering in midair for just a moment too long, smiles too broad, outfits too coordinated as one man tries to outdo the other with rolled-up sleeves and shirts partially unbuttoned.

They don’t realize that they practically shine in a room of scowling diplomats. Everyone sees them interact with an unimaginable level of fondness, focused on each other as if there is no mission, no negotiation. They hear sprinkles of Magnus’ editing in the final cuts of Alec’s speeches, and hear Alec’s words of consolation and comfort mumbled behind the door before the two step into a room of Clave representatives.

But the Downworlders, the Shadowhunters, they all turn a blind eye to any bouts of affection, because happiness is in short supply these days, and Magnus and Alec deserve their share.

At the end of the day, when the discussions end and everyone parts ways, Magnus and Alec stay behind. Nobody thinks to interrupt them as they lean against the sturdy mahogany tabletop and laugh at the day’s events, conversing at a distance but slowly pressing up against one another, hands inching closer like they’re teenagers and doing something unlawful, dangerous, risky.

They reach Magnus’ loft bathed in pale moonlight, confessions and desires spilling from grasping hands and shedded suit jackets, the air hot and heavy as lips are pressed to soft skin.

They are entwined as they sleep, and separate reluctantly in the morning.

‘I’ll be by your side the whole time,’ Magnus tells Alec, a familiar sentence that brings comfort in any context. He fixes Alec’s tie with precise movements, even as their eyes lock and the outside world dissolves.

Alec smiles in reply, warlock favoritism be damned.

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Malec @ pride tho

 this was gonna be headcanons but now its a prompt whoops

“ALEC!” Simon called. “Over here!” he waved his hand cheerily, and Alec couldn’t help but grin back. There was once a moment in his life where he would have avoided the daylighter at any time that he appeared. Unfortunately, much like a plague, Simon grew on him. 

Next to Simon, stood Jace and Magnus. Alec quickly looked over Simon and Jace, the two dressed quite casually, the only thing different to their appearance was Simon’s little pansexual flag stuck to his cheek and Jace’s bisexual one on his. 

Alec only had eyes for Magnus. He was dressed beautifully, as per usual. His shirt was unbuttoned almost halfway down his torso, showing off his muscular bare chest. He wore three long necklaces, dark pants and a bright pink shirt. His hair was up as per usual, and there was a blue streak in it today. His eyes were supporting his usual makeup, and his nails were black.

Alec found him so ridiculously gorgeous. “Sorry I’m late!” Alec called over the crowd of the parade. He looked around him, observing the crowd. 

They were at pride, Alec’s first pride, that his boyfriend had convinced him to go to and his parabatai and his boyfriend had offered to join. Clary and Isabelle were, presumably around here somewhere, but if he knew Isabelle at all, they were already partying with some girls somewhere. 

Pride was a lot more exciting than Alec imagined. He watched people crowding the streets, drag queens and people of every size, shape and color waving rainbowed flags around. On the sidelines were all the other flags of the community. Simon was pointing out every pansexual one, his eyes bright and alive. 

Magnus pulled Alec down by his jacket and kissed him on the mouth hungrily. Alec almost forgot himself, leaning forward and using his hands to cup Magnus’ face. Alec swept his tongue inside Magnus’ mouth, smiling lightly as he did. He heard the clicks of cameras, and wondered on what social media website he would be on.

When they pulled away, Magnus flashed his cat eyes at him. They disappeared quickly though, as he remembered where they were. “Here you go.” Magnus, so swiftly so no one could see them, lit his fingers up in a calm blue light and ran his magic over Alec’s cheek. “Gay pride flag.” he explained.

Alec chuckled. “You know I’m not the dress up type.”

Magnus frowned at him playfully. “I’m not dressed up.” he continued on Alec, continuing with his swift magic, a shower of silver sparkles scattering under Alec’s eyes. “Are we a hard no on the eyeliner?”

“Yes.” Alec grinned, leaning down to kiss him again. 

Magnus chuckled. “You let me do it last night.”

“You were also naked in bed with me. It was hard to say no.”

Magnus laughed and went in his back pocket, taking out a lager version of the pride flag he had in his hand. Whereas Magnus’ was a tiny one attached to a wooden stick, Alec’s was an actual flag. Before Alec could say anything, he laughed softly as Magnus tied it around of Alec’s neck like a cape. 

“You look like a superhero.” Magnus told him. “Come on.” he pulled Alec by his hand, his face bright and alive. Alec waved goodbye over his shoulder to Jace and Simon. As he followed Magnus, he held onto his hand tightly, looking around him in awe. 

He found Clary and Isabelle, dancing on a table on a terrace outside a cafe, looking beautiful and colorful in their sun dresses. Alec couldn’t catch their attention, but he smiled at them anyway when Isabelle pulled Clary in for a kiss. 

“Come, come!” Magnus said hurriedly, his tone excited. “They’re waiting.” he frowned at Alec’s jacket. He glanced over his shoulder, the cape flowing behind Alec, and everyone parting the way for them. Alec felt his heart swelling and coming undone inside of him. 

“Oh by the angel.” Alec looked up at the float. 

“Come on Shadowhunter.” Magnus brought him, taking him up on it and joining the crowd of people of all sorts, dancing and kissing and shouting and being free. Alec allowed Magnus to push his way to the front so they could stand out and overlook all of them. 

Magnus grinned. “This is your first pride Alexander, soak it in.” 

Alec did. He thought about how he had Shadowhunters, including his own family, come up to him and tell him how he gave them strength to go out and come to terms with who they are. He thought about the fact that he had lived so long with dark thoughts and feelings, and that he had been alone for so long but finding Magnus had brought him such joy. He thought about the fights he had faced in the Clave because of who he was, a fight he had to face before Isabelle or Jace or any of them did. He thought about the fact that he had to fight it alone for so long. 

Then he looked at Magnus, who was looking at him and forgot about all that pain. In the speakers, a singer that Alec recognized as Troye Sivan began to play. It was loud and vibrant, and the words of Heaven soaked through Alec, making his eyes burn. 

He had endured so much for so long, and now he stood above that pain. 

He leaned to Magnus’ ear, telling him, “I love you.”

Magnus ran a hand through Alec’s hair. “I love you too.” he smiled happily, bringing Alec in for a kiss, the pride flag wrapping around them. 

Jared Leto Daughter Imagine: Mr. J

Request: @isab-ella Hello 💋 I know you wrote a headcanon about this, but may I request a full imagine of Jared’s daughter watching him film a scene from ‘Suicide Squad’? (ya know…if he had one) I cannot decide between the club scene or electroshock therapy scene so you can pick either. If not it is totally fine - thank you!


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Hi, I think the meaning of YE in that link of H's tweet with the Louis pic means YOU in archaic English? So it's like YOU then, and still YOU now. Always. You.

Oh, anon, I needed something positive so much! Love this, thank you!

Yes, of course, always YE <3

With one of the writers (a grown adult man) having his own self insert be the love interest of a 5 year old child and an adult woman forcibly kissing a another 5 year old child in the PPG reboot I am Seriously concerned with the possibility that literal pedophiles (or pedophile apologists) are working on children’s media 

At least with Stevonnie the writers had a reason behind the way everyone looked at them in a sexual light (I still find it mega disturbing that the fusion of a 13 and 14 year old was sexualised by characters way older than them and the people who created them )

Doctors | Part Eight

“Listen, Luke. I’m gonna tell you the whole story.. But it’s a long one.”

a/n: i’m calling hotch ‘hotch’ bc i feel weird saying aaron, no one calls him that lol. also haley is Alive and Well cuz i fucking love her! and no foyet = no haley death right? (-: also the ages aren’t totally accurate as far as the kids go but i’m hoping y’all don’t mind that. i didn’t proofread this but u all know by now that i don’t do that anyway, & please excuse any inaccuracy as i’m trying my best. gif credit: @toyboxboy​

warnings: talk of losing a s/o, HCM.

character list. | tag list. | doctors masterlist.

“Because the last boyfriend I had, died.”

After you had confessed to Luke why you couldn’t get involved romantically with someone, a nurse had come in and soon after that, you were being taken to surgery.

The procedure went smoothly and after a few days in the hospital you were discharged. During those few days you didn’t see anyone except for Alex, Emily, or Luke, but Luke didn’t bring up your disclosure of information for fear that you’d be mad at him for even asking you why you couldn’t have a boyfriend in the first place. You had no clue that any of it had been said or done, you couldn’t remember Spencer kissing your forehead or Luke getting you ice chips or how you admitted to Spencer that you didn’t know your neighbor’s name. None of it. 

You were currently at your house, the weather was nice so you were sitting on the front porch with a book in hand when you saw a familiar truck pull into your driveway. You watched as Luke got out and approached you, long legs taking him to sit in the seat beside you– similarly to how he had in the hospital.

“No work today?” you asked, marking the page of your book and setting it aside. Luke shook his head no, “Nope. I’m off today,” he took a deep breath before continuing, “Y/n, I have to ask you something. Well, tell you something. And if you don’t wanna talk about it that’s fine, but you brought it up before your surgery when you were kinda loopy on morphine and I wanted to let you know that I know..” he trailed off and looked at his hands, fumbling them together as though he were playing with an imaginary object.

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Those who are Broken | Chapter One

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

Word count: 1871

Here you go

Chapter list

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You turned to your side in bed, eyes closed, trying to sleep. About a minute or so later, you turned again. The sound of moans, screams, and grunts were the only thing you could hear in the silence you were wanting. Whoever your neighbor was fucking, they must be really good because all you could hear was a girl begging for more of whatever she was getting.

Groaning, you grabbed your pillow out from under you and placed it on your face. Maybe suffocating yourself would drown out the sex thrilled room next door. When you could still hear them, and they were getting louder, you let out a frustrated sigh and threw your pillow and blanket off you. You got out of bed and stomped over to the wall they were having sex against.

Banging your fist against the wall, you yelled, “Ditch school tomorrow and have sex all fucking day! I’m trying to sleep!”

Just seconds after you stopped banging your fist, a male voice was heard, along with their hand banging against the wall. “Fuck off,” he yelled.

You laughed in disbelief. “These mother—” Before you could leave your studio to yell at the neighbors, a bang was heard on their door. You listened quietly.

Whoever was outside was banging on your neighbor’s door rather loudly. “Hey you fucking horny shits, shut the fuck up!”

“He sounds super pissed,” you quietly mumbled.

The loud sex stopped, but followed angry voices and stomping. The door swung open followed by a male’s voice, “What the fuck do you want?”

“For you to shut the fuck up!” the other yelled back.

“Fuck off, buddy.” Then the door slammed. There was a second of silence before banging was heard again. It continued until the door opened again. “I told you—”

You heard a punch followed by a gasp by a female. “Shut up,” you heard the angry man said before storming off.

You heard the woman say something, but she was immediately interrupted by her lover yelling, “Don’t touch me!”

Letting out a triumphant smile, you walked back over to your bed, climbed in, and happily fell asleep.

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After a few weeks on set for Zootopia, a new movie made to break boundaries in Hollywood, lead actors Nick and Judy have been completely civil and professional

                                          … until now.

Nick: I learned two things that day. One, I was never gonna let anyone see that they got to me.

Judy(tentative): And two?

Nick: If the world’s only gonna see a Fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there’s no point in trying to be anything else.

Judy: Nate, you are so much more than that. *places paw on his arm*

Nick:*glances over to her* …

Judy: *clears throat* Uh..

Director Bogo: CUT! CUT! Wilde, what happened to your JAM CAMS line?!

Nick: Sorry. I blanked out a second there.

Director Bogo: Alright everyone! Take five! *storms off*

Judy: *rushes out of the movie’s sky tram set*

2min later: Judy sits at the makeup chair as the artists fluff her fur.

Nick: You really think the first Bunny cop would need this much primping?

Judy: *signals makeup artists to stop* Look, I know you’re new to the business, but they don’t give mammals like me chances like this. You’re making us look bad.

Nick: Me? At least I got this role without blackmailing some-

Judy: SHH! *looks over shoulder* Rumors spread like wildfire in these places.

Nick: Rumors. Yeah alright. *smirks*

Judy: *rolls eyes* Listen. Every character I’ve played has been some ditzy, little Bunny in pink and frills. This is a real role and it’s going to change my whole career. Do you understand?

Nick: Hey it’s the same for me too, Sweetheart. It’s my first role that’s not a criminal or druggie.

Judy: Well at least you got serious storylines in the past.

Nick: *smirk falls*

Judy: *crosses arms* Whenever there’s a silly, harmless Bunny on TV it makes everyone think it’s okay to patronize us and call us the C-word. They think that’s how we all are.

Nick: …Are you serious right now?

Judy: Of course I am. This is a real issue among prey like me.

Nick: And what do you think it means when everyone sees Foxes as the shady bad guys on every show and movie? Honestly, this movie is progressive and it still has me cast as a conman.

Judy: …

Nick: Well?

Judy: *shrugs and looks away* I.. I didn’t think about that.

Nick: Well your character has already. What do you think the “you’re more than that” line is saying? She knows how mammals see Foxes and she sees Nate for who he is deep down. You want your career to take off? Maybe learn a few things about the world first. *walks way*

Judy: Hey, don’t- !

Director Bogo: Back to set everyone! We’re behind schedule!

The workers rush around getting to their places as the lead actors stomp back to the set, trying to get back into character.

I’m sorry| Stiles x Reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Stiles x Reader w/BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Warnings: mentions of disorder, nothing.

I’m sorry| Stiles x Reader


Originally posted by maldivivere

You cracked your neck, feeling remorseful for not paying attention and dozing off, quickly snapping out of it, you listened into Scott, he was warning the pack about the new twins in Beacon Hills. You leaned into the warmth next to you, Stiles wrapping his arm around you, making you sigh in content.

Ever since making this odd group of friends, you and Stiles have gotten closer, easily becoming your favorite person. Maybe it had to due because you two were the only humans in the group, or maybe it was because you grew attached to his personality, mind, and soul. He was such a kind soul, you felt as if you could tell him anything, and everything. Something always held you back when you tried telling him.

Sighing and rubbing your temples, you looked over at Stiles, only for him to be staring right back at you.”Are you feeling ok, Y/N?” He whispered worried, you offered him a smile in return. After storming up another internal battle, you finally decided to tell Stiles about your disorder. His hand rubbing circles on yours brought you back, making you grip it back in appreciation. 

“Well it’s getting pretty late, I think we should start heading out.” Scott says trying to get everyone out of Stiles’ house and leave him alone with Y/N as soon as possible. Liam frowned, “It’s only 8 o’clock, plus I really wanted to play this new ga-” Liam babbled, only to be met with a slap to the head and a glare from Isaac. “We’ll go to Scott’s and test it out there.” Isaac tried to make the younger beta understand, but he only mumbled in hurt leaving behind him. Soon everyone made their way out, yelling out a goodbye on their way. 


“What’s on that beautiful mind of yours?” Stiles asked you, cupping your cheek, making you close your eyes and lean. “I trust you, Stiles.” You whispered, eyes still closed, Stiles eyes widened, pride in his heart. “I trust you enough to tell you about it all.”

Stiles grows worried, “Trust me with what? Are you in danger?” This made you smile, you tell him about borderline disorder personality and all that comes with. At first he’s quite, wanting to give you all the time to explain it to him, if you trusted him, he didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. “So that’s why you’re always passionate?” He asked with the most adorable confuse face trying to grasp everything. “uhm,…no I sometimes have shift in my emotions, or do you mean splitting?” You asked confused. “No I mean passionate.” He bluntly says, rolling his eyes, making everything more lighthearted. “Is that all you wanted to say, Y/N?I always see

“I couldn’t help this. Some things are inevitable. I’m sorry, Stiles.I’m sorry for what you mean to me, I’m sorry for growing attached to you, I’m sorry for loving you.” Y/N cried.

“I’m sorry for not realizing earlier, I’m sorry for not saying anything, I’m not sorry that I fallen in love with you.” Stiles whispered, grabbing her and finally kissing the person who makes his heart warm and complete. 


Harry Styles Imagine

Imagine you are a songwriter and are good friends with Harry and he invites you to write with him.

You flick through all the channels on your TV for what seems like the longest time. You sigh, nothing catching your interest. On your days off your forced yourself to relax as they happened rarely but you were absolutely bored out of your mind. “I love my work way too much” you whisper to yourself, finally settling on the cooking channel. A few minutes later you felt your phone buzz beside you, you pick it up and check it to find one of your good friends Harry text you.

Hey love, just wondering if you’re free at all today? x

Reading the text he sent you, you smiled. He had picked the best day to ask you. You text back quickly.

Yeah I am, why what’s up?

I booked out a studio for 4 hours to do some writing and was wondering if you’d like to join? x

I would love to Haz! What time do you want me to be there?

Great! In about an hour? x

See you then :)

See you soon love. x

You got up from the couch and switched off the TV and happily skipped to your room. What Harry didn’t know is that for a little while now, your feelings for Harry had grown. You weren’t quite sure what these feelings were at the start, but once you knew what they were, they were hard to ignore. But nevertheless, you still pushed them to the side. You would never tell him. What if he didn’t feel the same way and it jeopardised your friendship? Another thought was that if you guys did get together but then broke up, things would never be able to go back to the way they used to be. These sad thoughts and worries were enough to scare you from telling Harry the truth. Losing Harry is a thought you could not bear, you wanted him in your life, even if it meant just as friends.

After what seemed like forever you picked a plain white t-shirt, black jeans, black jacket and your favourite black pair of boots Harry bought for you at Christmas last year. You went back into the living room and grabbed your phone and then your car/house keys off the kitchen bench. After making sure the house was locked you got into your Black Mercedes C-Class Sedan and headed off to the studio. The half an hour car ride seemed to drag on and on, but your mind constantly kept going back to Harry. “I need to stop this madness. I can’t pursue this, I just can’t. God why are you such an idiot Y/N, falling for someone you can’t have” you angrily said to yourself.

When you reached the studio gate you rolled your window down once you were beside a man in a black suit. “Hey Tom.” You smiled at him. “Oh hey Y/N, go on in.” He smiled back at you and then talked into his microphone letting them know to open the gate. Once the gate was open you gave him a small wave which he returned and you drove on in. Whilst looking for a park, your heartbeat picked up as you saw Harry’s car. “I know he’s here, what are you doing Y/N” you scolded yourself. You parked your car right next to his and turned off the ignition. You closed your eyes, took a deep breath and then got out, locking your car behind you before making your way inside. Sienna, the receptionist looked up at you as you walked in and gave you a small smile. “They’re on the second floor, studio 2B.” You gave her a nod, thanking her and made your way into the elevator and up unto the second floor. 2B was to your right, pretty much as soon you walked out the elevator. You grabbed the doorknob and opened the door to be greeted by Jeffrey Azoff, Jeff Bhasker, Mitch and of course Harry. You closed the door behind and then greeted everyone individually. You make your way to the black leather couch and sat yourself on Harry’s left as Mitch was on his right and you guys got to work.

—- About 27 minutes later —-

“Harry mate, what’s up? You seem kind of down all of a sudden.” You hear Jeffrey say and you look up from your phone to Harry. His eyes, slightly sad as he was looking up at Jeffrey. “Yeah I’m, uh fine. I just need a breather if that’s okay.” Jeffrey nodded and Harry got up leaving his notebook behind. But about 15 minutes had passed and Harry still hadn’t returned. You were getting a little worried about him, so you put your phone in your pocket and stood up, “I’m going to go check on him, be back soon.” you said to everyone and everyone either gave you a nod or hummed in response. You knew exactly where he’d be as that’s where you always go if you need a minute to yourself also. You went down the elevator to the first floor and made your way out the back door. The cold air hit you first, making you shiver slightly as you walked out. The sky was overcast today, nothing new for London, because it pretty much was everyday. You looked to your right to see Harry sitting on a park bench with his head down in his hands and his elbows resting on his thighs. You walk over to him and sit down next to him, sitting slightly sideways to look at him. He didn’t budge at all. He stayed in the same exact position. “Penny for your thoughts?” you said after 30 seconds of silence. He sighed and got up from his position and looked at you and then in front of him. Although he looked at you ever so briefly, it was enough to catch a glimpse of those emerald eyes which were slightly glossy.

“I’ve just been feeling a bit down recently so I thought coming to the studio and writing would be therapeutic but I was mistaken. I came out here to gather my thoughts and they’ve become a bit…overwhelming I guess. ” he said, still staring ahead. “What’s got you down in the dumps?” You asked. “Just a lot of things, been thinking about about Robin and how much I miss him. I’ve also been thinking about my future and who I want to spend it with.” your heart fluttered slightly at that. “I feel like I’m getting towards the age where I wanna start thinking about marriage and about having kids but…” he shrugged. “Well is there anyone you fancy?” You asked him. “There is this one girl. She is sweet, funny and caring. She always puts her needs before others because that’s how compassionate she is. She always knows how to cheer you up when you’re down because she hates it when others are sad. I find myself falling for her more and more every single day. Even if I don’t see her, if I get one text from her or see an instagram post of hers, a tweet, anything. Even just thinking about her, you know. I-I find myself so consumed in my own thoughts of her and I find it so heavenly. But what if she doesn’t feel the same, I don’t want to lose our friendship.” He sighs sadly.

You smile sadly. That’s exactly how you feel about him. “You should really tell her how you feel. She sounds like such a lucky girl. I’d give anything to have someone think about me like that…I’ll tell you what, how about you organise to meet up with her the next time you both are free. That is definitely something that should be said in person.” Harry looked at you, smiling slightly and nodding. “You’re absolutely right, I’ll call her right now.” He stood up and took his phone out. “Well I’ll leave you to it. Come back in when you’re done.” You got up and walked back inside.

You felt your phone vibrating in your pocket as soon as got inside. You fetched it out of your pocket to see the name “Hazza” appear on your phone screen. You laughed and decided to walk back out to him. He’d obviously heard your footsteps and turned around grinning at you. Harry hung up the phone and put it away. You continued to walk over to him, grinning at him also. “I feel the same way.” Was all you said before you felt him grab you gently and put his lips against yours. The kiss was passionate and lasted for a few seconds before he pulled away. He held you close against his chest for a minute, giving the both of time to recover from that kiss. You both then pulled away and looked at each other adoringly. “Are you free tomorrow at about 11:30?” You nodded, “I sure am.”

“Well we best be going back inside. We have just under 3 hours left in the studio. Come on.” He gestured towards the building. You followed him back inside and back into the studio you guys were in previously. You and Harry were grinning from ear to ear and giggling like little kids when you guys walked in. Jeffrey, Mitch and Jeff all looked at you guys and smirked, suspecting what had happened back outside. Both you and Harry blushed and sat back down on the couch. “I can’t believe that actually happened”, you thought and looked up at Harry. He met your gaze and then his hand reached out for the side of your face, then he proceeded to bring your head to his lips and kissed your forehead. And that was how it all started…


Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 126

I always liked the idea of Geoff being very protective of his little AH family. Happy Halloween, my friends!