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Hello to everyone and welcome back! Yes, I finally updated the next prompt of Gajevy week (I’m incredibly sorry for my lateness… I went on a road trip for the weekend and couldn’t finish this sooner). So, I bring you Day 3 - Pillow Talk

Summary: Gajeel and Levy talk about anything and nothing at all and the conversation suddenly turns serious.

Warning: This is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions, so fasten your seat belts and I hope you enjoy the ride! 

Rate: Gajeel’s potty mouth

Timeframe: Cannon-verse; after their time at the Council, before Alvarez war. They aren’t a couple (yet), just very good friends.

I would like to ask you a favor: if this gets any reaction on you I want you to share this on tumblr/leave a comment with what was your reaction (‘I squealed’, 'I awww’, something like that). It helps me to know if what I’m writing is getting the desired effects.

Words count: 5.4 k


“Would ya rather… uhm… would ya rather eat one of those winged blueish fish raw or lick Elfman’s foot?” Gajeel asked and tilted his head to the side to see the bluenette that was lying beside him.

“Ew! Hmm, can I at least put some sauce on the fish?” Levy furrowed her nose and eyebrows in disgust. She couldn’t decide whether the winged fish was more disgusting that Elfman’s foot.

“Nope. Raw.”

“Fine. I would lick Elfman’s foot.”

“For real?!”

“Yes, have you ever tried one of those fishes, Gajeel? No, thank you. I rather lick Elfman’s foot.”

“Ew that’s gross, Shrimp.”

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This is a PSA to all phan shippers. Some people may know that phan is a lot of people’s otp (including me) and shippers are always like, “OmG jUsT cOmE OuT aLrEaDy!!!” But I know why.

(For those who think they broke up) As most people know they took a ‘break’ in 2012. On
13 January 2013, they were given a radio show which may have reminded themselves of all the good times they’ve had together when they were dating. They end up forgiving each other and going back to the way things used to be.

Psycho Phangirl: “BuT tHeY cOuLd’Ve CoMe OuT bEfOrE tHaT,”

Yes they could’ve but here’s the thing. Dan was 18 (quite young really) when him and Phil started dating and they were talking before that. Phil probably wanted Dan to be ready to tell everyone and not force him into it like a good boyfriend would.

Psycho Phangirl: “BuT tHeY cAn CoMe OuT nOw,”

Another valid point. (1) People have not been given and lost jobs just for being attracted to the same sex. (2) If they came out the press would be all over it “RADIO 1’S BISEXUAL COUPLE” Not really something they’d want to deal with.

(The third and biggest point) HAVE YOU HEARD OF PRIVACY?!?!?!

Honestly. Fan fiction is OK. Fan art is OK. But screaming about how real it is, finding out where they live, stalking them! That is not OK. It’s creepy and in no way helps them if they are to come out.

Just do yourselves a favor and find a new ship. Hey I hear the Tronnor fandom is nice. Much more real too. Peterick could use some love. There’s always drarry and wolfstar. Two of my personal favourites.

So so so many ships that are less likely to be real. But Phan? They’re practically out already but that’s THEIR choice whether to take the plunge and confirm or deny rumours and speculation. We need to accept this to move forward. And this applies to ALL ships not just Phan. Phan is a good example as to why we need to accept people’s choices.

Thank you.
This had been a PSA.

~~ shipping-101

DID YOU THINK THIS AU WAS DEAD? DID YOU? Surprise! Took me a long time to get it out, but I think I finally have some ideas for a plot on this, so hopefully updates’ll come quicker. (Edit–fixing errors as I spot them ugh what is proofreading.)

Title: Where There Are Wolves (Part 3)

Part: 1/2/3/?

Synopsis: Furihata’s learning more and more about Akashi (and he’s liking what he finds).

AU:Little Red AU

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata

Word Count: 2,000+

PS–Don’t ask me what time period this takes place in because I still have no idea I’m just having fun and making it up as I go. Nondescript Era.

Can be read under the cut.

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We Need to Talk about “Best of Wives and Best of Women”

As I was listening through the show again for like the bajillionth I noticed something SO important about this tiny little song that probably gets over looked a lot.

I used to think this song was filler, but it’s not. This song is just, it’s the only time we get to really see Eliza and Alexander interacting since Phillip’s death; it’s the only time we get to see what their reconciled relationship has become since Reynolds Pamphlet. It’s heartbreaking, but also brilliant. Because Lin is so brilliant.

It’s like this, we open with Eliza asking Alexander to come to bed to a tune much like the melody of “Quiet Uptown,” which shows us that this is their melody now. Throughout the whole show they’ve been singing their own songs; it wasn’t until “Quiet Uptown” that they finally met in song, through beat, melody, harmony, etc. And thus, this is who they are now. So of course that’s how Eliza asks him to come back to bed. But Alex refuses, gently, through soft melodies that are different but somehow familiar. And this is where Lin breaks us, gently.

Because now Eliza calls to him with familiar tunes. She’s abandoned their new song, because it’s not working this time. It isn’t calling to him like it has since “Quiet Uptown.” She sings, (“Why do you write like you’re running out of time?” “Come back to bed. That would be enough.”). She’s calling to him through their old habits, their good times before everything went bad. And in that way, she’s calling to us. She’s reminding us of simpler times, before politics got mixed in with their love. Eliza doesn’t know what is going on, but Alexander does, so when Eliza returns to their new song by singing “Well, I’m going back to sleep,” back in the tempo of “Quiet Uptown,” Alexander is given a moment, and so are we. For a moment Alexander remembers those early days and simpler times when, yes, maybe they were at war, but he and Eliza were young and happy and innocent. And we have that moment too. We get to feel the weight of those beautiful times, just as they could be taken away.

It’s only natural that Alexander wants one last touch, one last moment, because so do we. All we want to do is tell Eliza that she really is the “Best of wives and best of women.”

And, god, do we wish he’d told her that more.


I miss you like hell. I miss the sound of your voice that keeps me awake every night. I miss those pair of eyes that can make my heart melt. I miss your touch the gives me butterflies. I miss our stupid little fights when we’d get jealous over stupid little things. I miss having you around when i’m having a bad day because I know you’ll instantly make me feel better. I miss telling you my stories, and everything that happened in my day. I miss everything about you. I know, right now you don’t care about me and you don’t even miss me, but that’s fine. I just miss the feeling i get when i’m with you. How you can make me smile and the way you cared about me.

I just- miss you…..

But the bottom line here is, i don’t want you back. I don’t want you in my life. I just miss those times when we were together. I came to the point when I have finally accepted that there is no good for the both of us if we still tried to hold on. I still miss you, yes but this is just a part of the process of letting go. It would only take a matter of time before I could finally let you go completely. Don’t worry. The memories are still intact inside my heart. I just wish you happiness and i hope you would find the kind of love that you deserve. I miss you but i won’t say it to you, simply because there’s no point. We are only part of the pages in the book that were long forgotten. I wish for the best in both our futures.

—  i miss you but i don’t want you back
I guess I'm wondering when the ground shifted

When I was in high school, it didn’t surprise anyone that the newly outed very nerdy queer kid sporting a new earring eventually wound up with the politically precocious brown kid with aspirations and the goth chick that would not shut the fuck up about Vampire the Masquerade or stop needling the religion teachers about abortion. Weirdos stuck together. It might have been my somewhat unique circumstances (queer kid in a catholic school in Texas), since anyone to the left of Chesterton was an ally. Or it might have been the general political climate. The memory of Columbine hadn’t faded, people were still a bit scared of of anyone wearing too much black and eyeliner, But it was just obvious to me, and to the general social circumstances at my high school, that feminists and nerds and goths and misfits of all types were fighting for the same thing. A world good for the feminists was good for me, probably, good for the kids that spent every lunch playing Magic The Gathering. Whatever our other disagreements we were all pushing for thrive instead of survive values.

Which is why it honestly came as a shock to me, a few years later, I encountered my first feminist anti-kink articles. And like, not just disappointed surprised. It was like my natural law ensnared religion teacher had said, “well, actually I think trans people have some good points”. It was like “wait, we’ve been working for the same thing this whole time. You’ve always had my back, and I’ve done my best to do the same. We’ve got a good thing going here. We both hate Mr. Rast. Why are you sowing dissension in the ranks?”

Those I could dismiss as an outlier, if a vocal and numerous one. I didn’t even blink when “neckbeard” became a term of abuse. They had had my back for so long, there was just no way they could be talking about me, or people like me. It wasn’t until “brony” joined the ranks of insults that I realized yes, they were talking exactly about me. Because it was blindingly obvious to me that bronies and feminists were natural allies. Admittedly, we probably did oversell the transgressive implications in the early days of the fandom. But if you’re honestly concerned about toxic masculinity and socially awkward men making women feel threatened, you couldn’t design a better intervention than having those men adopt Fluttershy as a role model en masse. And like, seriously, where was the consistency? I put on a corset and I’m a brave iconoclast, I start admiring Rainbow Dash and I’m a threatening proto rapist? And honestly the only conclusion I could make was that they were willing to throw their principles, and even political expediency, overboard if it meant an excuse to shit on unpopular people.

So yeah, when did the ground shift? When did we kick nerds out of the coalition? When did “nonconformist” stop cleaving reality at the joints? And why can’t we get the band back together?

Ted finishes telling the kids how he met their mother, convinced into asking Aunt Robin out, he grabs the Blue French Horn and makes his way to her apartment. 

Stood in front of her door, about to buzz, he remember’s what Barney told him those years back, when getting ready to meet Zoey.

“The future is scary, but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar. Yes, it’s tempting, but, it’s a mistake”

He whispered to himself… “But how do I know it’s a mistake if I don’t make it?”

Then he remembered his times with Robin, they were good times, but those times are what got him here in the first place. He met the love of his life, brought up two wonderful children. He got what he wanted, and Robin did too. 

He will always love Tracy, she will always be with him in spirit. He doesn’t need to fall in love again because he already had the one, and no-one can replace her. 

He laughed to himself then smiled at Robin’s window, remembering the night he apologised for making it rain.

“Good times. But those times are gone”

He turned around and headed back home, leaving the Blue French Horn beside the entrance stairs.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Sam! I'm wanting to become informed about current events and I'm not sure what news agencies tend to have the least bias! Could you steer me in the right direction?



the first thing i want to get off my chest as a journalism major is this: you need to get your news from multiple sources.



this is so important and has been stressed to me in every journalism class i’ve taken. in the current age of the internet, there are countless sources from which people can get their news. that also means that each one of those sources is trying to stand out and be the source that most people go to, but in order to stand out, there’s needs to be something that sets one news organization a part from the rest, and i’ve noticed that that’s often done by having an emphasis on a certain type of news.


if you only go to one source consistently, you’re only going to get the type of news which that source emphasizes, and news that goes along with that source’s style.

in other words: you can’t just read the new york times because then you’re only exposing yourself to a (quite often shitty version of) liberal source, and you can’t just read the wall street journal because you’re only exposing yourself to a (quite often even shittier) business-oriented source.

long story short: never stop looking for news sources, and always be willing to read stories from new sites to get the widest scan of information.

and the second thing i want to stress: there is no such thing as ‘unbiased.’ even reporters who claim to put their own interests and beliefs aside during interviews cannot do it, because that mindset creates a power struggle between the reporter and the interviewee wherein the reporter literally has no possibility of being unbiased because they’re so focused on ignoring their own views. BUT THAT IS OKAY. that’s why i mentioned the above point. realizing that it’s impossible to be unbiased (note: i had to read a piece from the society of professional journalists for my practicum this semester and in it said that journalists likely originally meant for the definition of 'unbiased’ to be more like the definition for 'transparent’ in terms of 'transparent reporting’ - it IS possible to be a transparent reporter, which means you are totally clear with your sources and how you arrived to your conclusions, but the concept of BEING unbiased yourself isn’t realistic) opens the door for so much more positive interactions with media. actively recognizing that the news you consume everyday is written by someone who has lived their own life and seen different things from you and experienced the world in a different way from you makes consuming news more gratifying, as well as makes you more aware of other people’s biases so that you can recognize your own more clearly.

with all of that said, these are the usual sources i skim through when i catch up on daily news (if they have apps it’s noted with *) (also note that some of these are minnesota-oriented, but i listed them as examples of what to look for when it comes to your own local news sources)

i tend to shy away from consistently conservative news sources because i am at an ideological standstill with people who want to keep things the way they are or revert them back to when times were worse, but by googling “conservative news sources” you will find a host of them. if i must read a conservative source, it’s usually the wall street journal or russia today.

also, if you want a place to compile the headlines from all of those great aforementioned news sources, you can do so by getting yourself a rss feed reader (YES! FINALLY! YOU HAVE A REASON TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE FUCK THOSE RSS FEEDS ARE FOR!), and then subscribing to each of those site’s feeds.

good luck lil newsies!!! 0:-)