Why the Kiss and the Hairpin are Connected

I had an epiphany moment when I was in the washroom, and I must write it down before I become too lazy to do so. 

When Yona gave Ogi the hairpin as payment, it was her way of rejecting Su-won who now isn’t the most important existence to her anymore. We know that in the beginning of the series she wouldn’t have been able to do that no matter how much she tried but now, he isn’t the whole world to her anymore. Now her world is filled with Hak and her misfit family. Su-won in many ways has no real place in it anymore at least not in the way he once did. 

What’s important here is that the hairpin did a full circle after Yona had it taken from her in Sei, Suwon gives the pin to Lilly, who gives it to Hak, instead of Yona. Don’t people find it strange that rather than going straight to the source she gives it to Hak instead? Who in the following chapter ends up having a whole chapter of inner monolog about why he hates that pin and why he hates Su-won and in general why he is so broken about what happened. Because Su-won gave her that, the day he murdered her father. Why would he give her something with so much thought and then commit murder shortly after? These are the thoughts going on in his head and then its Yoon who gives it back to her instead of Hak because he is not ready to confront Yona or Su-won about his feelings for either of them. But then she casually throws it away because, Hak, Yoon, the Dragons, Lilly, all of them who brought back the hairpin for her, have a connection to her that is much stronger than the one for Su-won now as she was finally able to let it go.

Her feelings about Su-won are starting to get resolved and in many ways that hairpin connected Hak with Su-won as well. When Yona threw it away, it was a sign that Su-won isn’t the most important thing in her life anymore. That she isn’t the same person she was when she was in the castle, that’s why she was able to kiss him after she did it because it was a way of saying goodbye to the love she once had and accepting the love she now feels and the man behind it. 

Yona and Hak would never have been able to have that kiss with the hairpin around because it would always feel like Su-won was in between them but now he isn’t. Now they can love each other wholeheartedly. It took Yona possibly losing her family again to realize what mattered to her and what didn’t and that hairpin doesn’t have the power to control her anymore because it simply does not matter anymore.


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I almost feel like something will happen to hak in this arc. At least, the next time hak and yona meet it won't be under good circumstances. I say hak instead of yona because it might be foreshadowing to yonas goal of being able to protect hak. Either way, it's bound to be interesting


Seeing as the kiss felt pretty ominous, I also feel that other than the expected awkwardness between them (and possibly Hak’s anger at Yona?) something else is going to happen that won’t make it a happy-go-lucky reunion.

Hak x Yona Relationship Development

Hi everyone! The real world has dragged me into the grips of chaos lately so I haven’t been able to be around much. Some of you probably wonder who I am, I’ve been gone so long and not saying anything but reblogging the occasional post. I’ve been spending my time by opening my door, my house and my love to a few kids that need it. This also requires a lot of patience and quality time which leaves little time for much free time in the evening. Accomplishing life requirements has been an adventure in creativity of late.

I’m spending the little time I have by doing my part in bashing the fash and smashing the patriarchy here in the US, even if it’s just making calls and sending faxes while I educate myself about everything important to me. Anyway miracle upon miracle, the last two nights have been peaceful and easy and not a 4 hour long process, so I have time to devote to some self-care by doing something for myself. Yep. I’m gonna fangirl and talk a bit.

@mephhius​ sent me convo wanting to know my thoughts on the recent Hak x Yona kiss. First off, I had to wipe a tear away because someone actually remembered me. Do you know how long it’s been? I exist in someone’s mind! Secondly, someone still wants to know my opinion? I’m so happy! I don’t care if anyone else reads this or thinks “why the hell do I care what she thinks?” Someone else does–my day is made.

Anyway…hopefully I won’t get too long winded here but these are my thoughts on the Hak x Yona kiss.

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Playing With History

I was inspired by Kusanagi’s birthday illustration for Yona to write a little time travel story, however, it turned into something slightly different than planned. Young Yona travels back in time and meets a boy her own age who misses his father.

“Su-won, where did you go?” Yona demanded. “I couldn’t find you and I looked for ages and ages!”

“Um—” Su-won shot a nervous glance in the direction he’d come from. “How long were you looking for me?”

“Well, I guess it was just a few minutes. But it felt like a long time!” Yona insisted. “You were right in front of me and then you disappeared!”

“Did I really?” Su-won asked. “You saw me disappear?”

“I saw you turn a corner and there was only one way to go and you weren’t there! So you must’ve disappeared,” Yona reasoned.

“But it was just a few minutes?” Su-won asked. He sounded surprised. “Oh! In that case, I…I need to go check something.” He turned around and darted away again before Yona could catch him.

“Hey!” Yona called after him. “You’re not allowed to do something interesting without me!”

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[fic] we’re still here

canon compliant, when yona is back at the castle.
summary: hak leaves on a mission and yona counts the days til he comes back. nsfw.

notes: beta’d by my love @haatake , honestly she helped me so much with this, couldn’t have done it without her, bless her soul !!!♥♥

Yona looks out from the window of her study and closes her eyes, the sunrise magic of the sky itched behind her eyelids. She loves the sunrise, and the memory of Soo-won’s resemblance of her hair doesn’t cloud her opinion anymore. She is proud of that. She loved sunrises, and she always will.

At twenty years old, Yona is back at her castle with the dawn restored, the kingdom at peace, and the past a mile and breadth away.

But having the state of the kingdom improved doesn’t mean there aren’t small conflicts to take care of.

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Things that bring me joy

I have a few of these saved up so prepare yourself because this is only one part. This is just like those other observation posts(?I have no idea what to call those) such as Robe and whatever I named the one about what the Hakyona first child would like(did I name it? I really don’t know what I do anymore) except this time we’re focusing on one of my favorite platonic brotp’s ever and that would have to be Hak and Jae-ha. Seriously, those two make my day whenever they interact, whether it be the two of having a sass fest,

Originally posted by megabookbabe

Jae-ha verbally messing with Hak,

Hak physically messing(threatening, beating, punching, hurting, really any verb that causes pain) with Jae-ha,

Originally posted by yuaiya

or even just being bros.

Originally posted by lacuna1024

I also love it when the fight together, like both of them make an amazing team with Jae-ha(Bae-ha as many in the fandom call him, @cynicwithatwist and @missdreamerxx looking at you two) providing the aerial stealth attacks supplied by his knife throwing skills, and Hak jumping into the fray beatin’ the hell out of those surrounding with his super cool spinny spear moves, both with their battle smirks and banter.

Nothing like spending time/flying with big bro Jae-ha, right Hak? Look how happy my fictional soulmate is being the daredevil little brother. Like this is so adorable to me especially the tiny part where Hak goes “Let’s do it again!” Just brotp gold.

But honestly I love the moments when it’s just the two of them and things get a little serious or when Jae-ha wants to hang out with Hak and they just talk about stuff. I love Jae-ha giving advice or trying to get Hak to make a move because sometimes I forget that Hak is only 18 and really only fully understands fighting and strategy and how to run the tribe, not how to process emotions or life. He doesn’t always understand feelings or the healthy way to deal with them or even how to be happy and that’s where Jae-ha comes in, to just sorta calm him down or help him out with Yona in Jae-ha’s own particular way. Hak has always had to take the big bro role with Yona and Soo-won and all of the wind tribe kids so he never got to release his fear and vulnerability  but instead take on the burdens  of the others and with Jae-ha he can finally be the one to rely on an older sibling. And even though big bro Jae-ha kinda has a thing for Yona, he forces Hak to slowly reveal his feelings, securing his little brother’s happiness before his own.

I really could go on and on about these two but for now I’ll just leave it at this, with a few extra scenes of the two.

Oh and by the way, I’m officially putting forth the name “Jae-Hak” as their brotp title if that’s not a thing already(although I feel like it is because it works so perfectly).

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Fuckin’ hell, I love these two.

Revenge Best Served Steaming

HakYonaWeek: Day 4. Prank, in which Yona gets sick and tired of Hak pulling pranks on her in front of the other generals and lords, and gets her own sweet, slightly steamy, revenge. 

Warning: nsfw-ish content. As a general note for this fic, it happens post-end of the series. Yona is Empress and Hak is her head general. The two are in a relationship, though it’s unofficial and therefore unannounced; however, those who know them well have figured out that they are a little closer than friends. 

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okay but imagine that Hak gets sparkles in his eyes whenever a chance to go flying with Jae-ha pops up and Jae-ha can’t even say no to him because Hak is way too cute when he’s actually excited about something