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Could you do “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear" with Saitama and Genos?

Ahhhhh, it’s cute. I can’t. Cut for length, not for content.

When Genos got back from a relatively extensive period of repairs, Saitama noticed he had started acting a little…differently. And that was saying something because, well, it was Genos after all, but they had been living together for so long Saitama had gotten used to the usual habits: the note-taking, the fawning, the at-times-inappropriately-detailed observations…

But this was…much odder.

“Sensei,” Genos said suddenly as they were walking in the grocery store, drawing his attention away from the two-for-one Pocky sale.

“Huh? What’s up?”

Taking a deep breath, the cyborg fixed him with a serious expression. “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”

“Uh.” Saitama glanced around, confused. “Well, you’ve been standing there, and…I don’t…dude, what?”

“Hmm. Yes. You are right. As always,” Genos finally acquiesced, brow furrowed, as if making some sort of mental note to himself. “My apologies.”


On another day, as they were returning home from “fighting” a monster (Saitama had let Genos try out a few incineration upgrades before finally punching it), Genos asked, “Did it hurt?”

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I see a bunch of posts saying if your asexuality or aromanticism is caused or influenced by trauma or mental illness or neurodiversity or something, it’s still valid.

I see a lot of posts saying asexuality isn’t something that needs to be cured, that a-spec people aren’t broken and don’t need to be fixed. That people are naturally born this way.

I also see a ton of posts telling everyone it’s ok if their labels change, that sexuality is fluid and identifying as something different before or after or now doesn’t invalidate the person’s orientation at any point. That if it’s useful for the person now, they can use it.

But I don’t see a lot of posts, actually basically none, that actually address the point where those things intersect.

If your asexuality or aromanticism is caused or influenced by something, your orientation is valid, and it doesn’t mean you couldn’t have been a-spec without it. Maybe you were born this way, maybe you were made this way, but no matter how you got here, you are still a wonderful valid person.

You are not broken if you do not feel you are.

It is also completely OK for you to feel like you are.

If you feel your orientation is something that is only temporary, because of mental illness or trauma, and you had labels you identified as before and want to identify as them again, you are so valid.

It is ok for you to think something broke and for you to want to repair or mend it. If you have a bowl because the top part of a clay vase broke, it’s ok to want a vase again. Kintsukuroi creates beautiful art out of broken pottery people mended.

It is also so ok for you to feel like some part of you is broken, and to want to let it remain that way. You don’t have to fix it. People make mosaics out of broken glass, and they are far more beautiful than the beer bottles they came from.

It’s also ok to not know how you feel about it. To feel like some days there is nothing wrong with you and other days to feel that part of you is just shattered shards of something else.

No matter what, you are valid and your experiences and feelings about your orientation are valid.


LWD & SKOP CHALLENGE » day 12 | favorite OT6 underappreciated quote scene

     I’m waiting for what I guess will be chocolate chip waffles. The last plate drops in front of Lo, a breakfast burrito with hash browns, his hunger apparent as he immediately takes a bite.
     They forgot to order for me, I guess.
     I trail off as a waiter appears, a plate in his hand. The minute it rests in front of me, I start crying.
     It’s a slice of chocolate cake.
     Lily scoots against my side and she says, “Cake fixes everything, remember?” I smile through my tears. I remember.
     “Thank you,” I whisper. How silly, to think my sisters would forget about me. They haven’t.
     Not in a long, long time.

Rihanna could tell me, to my face, right in front of me, that she was heterosexual and could even sound like she really truly did believe it and I’d be like, “That’s sweet honey. Here’s my number. Call me in a couple years.”

Ok but how bad do you have to be at writing that you’d show Mickey and Ian’s last interaction being Ian telling Mickey he had to be paid to see him and now all of a sudden they are riding off into the sunset together??? It’s like when Ian went from beating Mickey to wanting to go on a date with Mickey to like not caring if he was shot??? Like it’s just so inconsistent???