So I’m rambling but..

Emma’s not strong, brave and tenacious because she’s the saviour. She’s always been that way, it’s a part of who she is. Emma’s the saviour because she’s strong, brave and tenacious. So the wish took those things away. It didn’t strip her of the ‘saviour’ title, it stripped her of all the things that make Emma.. Emma. 

Instead, we saw Princess Emma.. unwilling and unable to defend herself and fight for what’s right, easily accepting of defeat. That person is the polar opposite of the Emma Swan we know and love, which I guess was the point? I don’t think the message was that without the curse and magic and heartache, Emma wouldn’t be that resilient, capable woman. I think the message is supposed to be that without all of the things that make Emma herself, she wouldn’t have even been the saviour in the first place. ‘Emma’ first, ‘saviour’ second.

At least, that’s how I’m choosing to see this episode. 

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i confessed to my crush today but... we're both thinking she's aromantic but!!! she's perfectly fine with me liking her the way i do and i just... ahhh she's a real sweetie i'm so happy to even just be friends with her ;;

That’s really sweet and woo go friendship!!


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I've been thinking. Do the Organas think Padmé gave Leia an Alderaanian name? Like if they think to look it up they might find a few hits in other cultures (because with that many planets, you might have more than one convergent name) but not for Naboo and not for any of the other planets Padmé had ties to (Tatooine of course, doesn't come up) and so Alderaan is the most relevant.

I’ve just been imagining, them either knowing or finding out in the process of researching Naboo culture for Leia, Naboo’s naming tradition.  And as far as they can tell, Padmé named Leia “beloved” and…. Potential feels

Yeah, I think the Organas do believe Padme gave her daughter an Alderaanian name.

It wouldn’t really be surprising if she did. Padme has strong ties to Alderaan. They know the name isn’t of Naboo origin, and if they even thought to look into the Tatooine connection (which I kind of doubt - for most of the Repbulic characters, Anakin was seen as being from the Jedi, not from Tatooine), they’d be looking at Huttese (since Amatakka, of course, is a secret).

Bail and Breha probably do know that Naboo tradition considers a name to be a wish or a blessing the parent(s) gives the child. And of course Padme, having just lost both the Republic and the husband she loved, would wish with her dying breath for her daughter to be loved.

And the thing is…they’re not actually wrong about any of that. The Alderaanian meaning of Leia’s name works. It is something Padme would have wished for her daughter.

But ultimately, the Alderaanian meaning of Leia’s name is the coincidence. And Padme, Padme who was a queen at 14, who retook her planet when everyone thought she would be paralyzed and unable to act - well, Padme was a bit more vicious in her name-wishes for her children than anyone realized at the time.

She named her son Free, but she hid it. Luke, not Lukka. A name that would go unnoticed by most of the galaxy, but would be instantly recognizable on Tatooine - and to his father.

And she named her daughter The Mighty One. Yes, she wanted Leia to be loved. But more than that she wanted Leia to be strong, unbreakable, full of fire and a breaker of chains.

In Empire Day Ekkreth tells Leia that it’s fitting that with Palpatine’s Empire should be born the seeds of its destruction, by which he means her. Leia is surprised, but Ekkreth says, “Of course. You are Leia.” He thinks her name is a coincidence, but he still sees it as a sign, an inherent prophecy.

But Padme is the one who made that prophecy. She knew exactly what she was saying when she named her children.