“James Potter was an asshole who deserved to die!!! It’s his fault Snape was mean to Harry!!!!!”
Both James and Snape were 15 and assholes with a long rivalry between them but one of them grew up and fought for what was right until he was brutally murdered by a genocidal maniac while trying to save his wife and infant son and one joined the side of the genocidal maniac and then went on to bully school children as an adult in a position of power so forgive me if I see one as more sympathetic than the other


This is Ignis.

He’s glad that Ravus is all-right.

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More Than Stars: The Milky Way’s Dust Mapped In 3D For The First Time Ever

“But the Milky Way is more than just stars, it’s also full of gas, plasma, and – most importantly – light-blocking dust. This dust indicates where clumped neutral atoms are, reddening the stars behind it, but not in front of it. Where the dust is coolest and densest, future stars will someday form. Preferentially blocking bluer light, this dust distorts our view of any background objects.”

Wherever we look in the night sky, we don’t just observe the background sources of light shining our way, but also the effects of all the matter in between those distant sources and our eyes. Since all of that inbound light needs to pass through a portion of the Milky Way on its way to our eyes, it’s vital that we understand how that light is distorted by our own galaxy. That means we need an understanding of the dust in our own neighborhood. In the past, that meant using a variety of models, but for the first time, a 3D map of the Milky Way’s dust has been constructed. This will not only allow for a better calibration of distant objects – such as galaxies, supernovae and anything we’d use to measure dark energy – but it uncovers some surprises about the fundamental nature of dust itself.

Come read, and see, the spectacular story of this unprecedented cosmic map in pictures, videos and no more than 200 words on today’s Mostly Mute Monday!

Regarding Jared

I trust most of you guys have seen @jdumblr‘s fabulous timeline of last weekend! If you haven’t, go check it out.

I see a lot of you have responded with concern - which is totally understandable, by the way - so I’d like to offer my thoughts on the situation.

I don’t think there’s anything badly wrong with Jared right now. Sure, he might be tired, but what I see above all else is defiance. Jared invited his fans and followers to join him at San Jac, where he generously spilled the baby knews before the official announcement. Isn’t that something a rebellious man might do, especially when his “wife” is trying to solidate her career by making the baby announcement in a commercial campaign?

He not only snagged the rug from under her feet with that announcement, but proceeded to party for two more days - still wearing the same clothes on Sunday as he did on Saturday, making sure people could connect the dots that he didn’t go home to change inbetween the nights.

This doesn’t look like sad Jared to me. This looks like Jared doing whatever he likes, damn the campaign and damn appearances. Maybe a line was finally crossed when G and Popandsuki decided to co-operate on that campaign? It’s up for speculation, of course.

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