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Crocs forever

While I do own Crocs, I have never worn them in the hospital. My footwear of choice are these Sanita Clogs. They are essentially identical to the ones made by Dansko.

While many may not like its aesthetics, these things are a godsend for my feet. What the salesperson said was true. It takes about two weeks to break it in. But once it is broken in, they are amazing! 

Occasionally my feet might be sore at the end of the day, but within a few hours, when I am supposed to be back in the hospital, they are ready to go again.

They’re expensive, but they are worth it!

waxxingqueen replied to your photo: Almost went for these. But no. I need shoes that…

Those are nice. The ones you have are UGLY! Sometime you need to be uncomfortable for fashion sake

Listen, missy… when I get to hour 16, I couldn’t care less about fashion.

Was walking around on Balboa Island with waxxingqueen yesterday when I saw this fellow telling a story. He had not one, but 5 ladies wrapped around his every word. He’s got game. 

I should’ve asked him for a business card.

Found a UPS package when I got home. I got an Easter package! Thanks, Shannon. She lost a bet and owed me Peeps but I guess she decided to throw in an easter basket too. I won’t fault her for not closing the zip lock baggy… (Taken with instagram)

Tumblr Crushes:

I really do heart stuff posted by guys too.  I promise!  Just doesn’t look like it very often.  Either way, that’s a ridiculously awesome version of a crush list.

Editor’s note: My crush lists are always awesome.