Tumblr Crushes:

I really do heart stuff posted by guys too.  I promise!  Just doesn’t look like it very often.  Either way, that’s a ridiculously awesome version of a crush list.

Editor’s note: My crush lists are always awesome.

Although I’ve personally explained the term, for the benefit of the less fortunate:

FUBAR means fucked up beyond all recognition/repair/reason.  It’s military slang that dates back to World War II.

For an account of “why” that term was used…..

With respect to what occurred with Tumblr last night, I was inferring “recognition”.  And turns out that was fairly accurate.  People started seeing asses show up on their dash that weren’t previously there, fantastic photos of drop dead gorgeous people vanished, mass unwarranted unfollowings, and a multitude of other fuck ups.

Flip back to dark-thirty last night………

waxxingqueen has just posted a damn gorgeous picture.  She got her hair done - and the picture was exquisite.  It had it all: HUBBA HUBBA!!  I liked it….life is good.

elephantshitz then posted a picture from a book that appears to be a transcript of my Kik history, so yeah, I liked it too, and nothing.  The note counter didn’t increment.  So, I liked it again {really - I liked it A LOT}.  And the note counter didn’t…wait a second…there aren’t any note counters: simply nothing.  So, I refresh my page and scan my dash….no one has any note counters.  So, I click where the note counter is normally located at and {magic dust falling} I see all these likes and comments.  What the fu….??

I try to let it go, but refresh my phone app every so often.  The last 2 entries were from themindofg (Nike workout sync *blister*) and a reblog from reignyreigny (One day Alice came to a fork in the road).  So, I get distracted, but refresh every now and again.  Dash looks the same.

Me thinks everyone is now asleep…no big deal.  Watch some TV, start dosing, then hear the thunder and rain.  Then, check email.  Work email 2 AM….. whatever.  Get up and log in to the computer, respond to a few emails, check my Tumblr dash and thinks it’s too fishy.  So, I hit Twitter and search for “Tumblr down”.  And wow!  I’d just tapped into the nerve center of every country on the planet.  People all over the globe nutting up because they can’t get into Tumblr and only had Twitter has a voice to let out their angst and pathos.  Well, they could, but nothing they post showed up.

By 4 AM, I’d had enough fun.  And damn, I really need to be working by 6 AM.  So, it was good night world, good morning Vietnam.

Hello Tumblr!  Nice to see you again!!

But, it ate waxxingqueen’s picture and elephantshitz’s picture in the process.  Ass muchers!  Get this fixed….or else….

waxxingqueen replied to your post: This Phineas and Ferb movie… LAUGH OUT LOUD…

awwww you have kids…or you are a dork and watching it.. wait that is hot … really he he

Ha!  Yes, I was watching it with the kids (11 & 8).  I have to honestly say though that I’ve watched P&F without the kids around.  It’s one of the funniest shows on TV in my opinion.

By the looks of my dashboard though, I think we’ve moved past the cartoons into the Cinemax After Dark portion of the day.  Carry on.  :)