i love luke a lot he makes my heart so warm like the first sips of hot tea and the content of mornings with no alarm, just laying in bed basking in warmth and comfort and i hope he’s so happy i hope the stars never leave his eyes and the smile never leaves his face :-(

Okay one more thing and then I sleep. I’ve thought this for quite some time now, but I think Hotoke is the best thing that ever happened to me on fr. Like yeah I bought him and stuff, so he didn’t exactly fall into my lap, but I never ever anticipated how much he would develop, and how, and the degree to which having him has affected so many other aspects of my lore and general fr experience.

I really do need to sleep otherwise I’d talk more, but when I say I love Hotoke and he’s one of my favorites, damn do I mean it

this also has to do w my trans headcanon about him being on T for most of his life until he fucked off to the flats… and then didnt have any more easy access to hormones. never had bottom surgery so the poor bastards gotta deal with menstruation but hes still 6'5" and muscular (can pass really really well) and can blame radiation for hairloss,  also most of his skin is singed shut and hes a fucking platinum blonde like… all his damn body hair went to his eyebrows.

his canon voice cracks so much too

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Good God the part of this SU episode that hit me the most was how they used Garnet as a visual aid for the kids’ trauma.

Sapphire and Ruby didn’t get specific fears or thoughts, even if that would’ve been very easy to include. Instead, they got imagery that very clearly focused on their reactions and the consequences of flawed coping mechanisms. Ruby is prone to self-destructive hyperfocus on one thought, completely incapable of moving past it. Sapphire is “calm and collected” because she lets thoughts pile up until she completely overloads and shuts down.

With the mechanics of each coping flaw well-established, Ruby settles next to Connie, passing that imagery on to her. Connie was obsessing over the fact that she went into automatic panic mode and attacked that kid (understandably so). She’s scared of herself, and Ruby was there to show how heavily a single worry can weigh on someone so one-track-minded–to the point of both being blind to their partner’s distress.

Sapphire settles next to Steven. The one who’s always okay and always ready to go until he can’t push it aside any longer and completely shuts down. He didn’t even react to their falling to the presumed death. We saw Sapphire’s breakdown with the visual metaphor of that maelstrom of thoughts spiraling in on her like vultures. Now we have a sense of magnitude for what’s weighing on Steven, and how many things he’s been holding back because he doesn’t want to confront them.

Connie’s ready to tear herself apart over one butterfly. Steven didn’t acknowledge the butterflies as they showed up because if he faced one he’d have to face them all, which is far too much.

Garnet was and always is great every time I see her, but wow what a brilliant and gut-wrenching way to show how much these kids need help.