Day Four— Family: Does your OC have a family? If not, who do they consider to be family to them, even if they’re not really family?

Chem and Cuo never knew their blood family, and the mafia considered themselves the boy’s family after some time of getting used to them. Victor is the Don and has his blood daughter Tammy (both pandas). He also adopted Frankie and Shiva, who were also species of promise for the family (a great white shark and a barn owl). Maggie is the girlfriend of Frankie and in charge of finances (frog.)  There is also Waxford, Victor’s most trusted friend and his girlfriend Scarlett (they have an on and off relationship) and Scarlett’s sister Deb (a butterfly, wasp and mosquito). Two other groups within the family are a father son duo, Henry and Lael (dogs), and the Roselett sisters; Lavinia, Lisa and Lilian (an armadillo and two squirrels).