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Witch Tips

1) Leave your bottled water in moon light to enchant it with the moon’s properties 

2) Birthday candles are as good as any other candles and burn faster, which is great for spells asking for wax sealed caps and whatnot

3) Use the Major Arcana in tarot decks to help with answering questions; ie find the Moon in your deck and the cards on each side are things that are distracting you

4) Enchant pencils, notebooks, and textbooks for better memory or for luck for school and exams

5) Open windows when banishing entities so they have an exit. Close windows to keep them out afterwards

6) Clear quartz is great for amplifying so put another crystal near it to amplify that crystal’s properties

7) Use stamps and stickers in your grimoire or BoS 

6) Have a witchy planner to plan out moon phases, rituals, and coven meetings

8) If you can, craft what you think is trash into usable items - potato chip bags can be cleaned and used to hold tarot cards, bottles can be used for chimes, and almost anything can be used as a candle holder

9) Have plants, an essential oil diffuser, a humidifier, a fountain, or other objects that can cleanse the areas in your house. Bonus points if you put moon water in a humidifier 

10) Use car keys on a lanyard as a pendulum


Recently made these botanical mushroom illustrated sheep scapulas (that was a mouthful!) which are currently available on my etsy for anyone interested c:  


Some amazing looking scooby snacks Terp Sugar from @luvlipdx
Photo taken by @5oh3_kush from @fireside.dispensary1 👏🏼🔥📸💨

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How to clean wax cappings after extracting honey 101.


Some new species have been identified.

The mizers, splax(singular: splak), galzons, and raglards have been documented, catalogued and are now available for purchase.

You can own a one of a kind creature cap for only 25usd shipped. These are all hand made by me, ZZV glass. They make great carb caps for your favorite banger, and most of them are also dabbers.

Captions = artists getting credit. Please respect that.

There were smudges of blue and purple light and your head hitting the headboard. A half-spent candle with a hungry flame, most of it’s wax in hardened rivers down your soft torso, adorning your curves and valleys. The buzz of a morphine lolipop numbing your tongue and easing your mind. It was all too much, and yet you begged him for more, more…

“You want more?” Titus asked, panting and grunting as he lifted your hips up off the bed, fucking you with unrelenting need. Beads of sweat glistened down the crease of his abs, the tufts of his happy trail matted, showing wet remnants of your third orgasm. He leaned down to graze his teeth against your nipple, the only one not covered in a hard cap of wax, eyeing you as he let his thrusts lull to a slow but deep pace. “Dirty girl, so greedy. You know what’s coming next.”

An airy chuckle at the foot of the bed before the mattress dipped, a challenger entering the fuck fray, donning only a considerable strap-on and a smile. She slipped a hand between yourself and the Captain, teasing your clit and coaxing another orgasm.

“Good girl,” she hushed, using her other hand to bring Titus into a heady kiss. When she parted, she held your eye contact and smirked.

“You will come so many times you’ll lose the ability to count.”

_____________________________________ i don’t know what to do except screech and show you all this gif of me dreaming of this lewd threesome in a few minutes

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Find a penny, Pick it up…

And all day long you’ll have good luck!

This is a simple little charm for luck, courtesy of Friday the 13th!

What you need:

- a penny that you found
- an acorn cap
- a candle or wax tart

- any of the following herbs and spices: mint, dill, bayleaf, allspice, clover, star anise, lilac, poppy seeds, aloe, caraway seeds, catnip, parsley, chamomile

- optional: gold or green glitter

Light the candle or start to melt the wax tart. Sprinkle the herbs into the acorn cap, focusing on your intent and then carefully pour a bit of wax into the cap. Let it start to cool and then press your penny into the wax. Let cool completely and it’s ready! Carry your charm with you for all day luck!


The newest batch of creatures has finished incubating.

It seems some have developed a genetic mutation that allows them bioluminescence in UV light.

These creatures make great carb caps for Quartz bangers and will fit MOST “non-XL” bangers on the market.

This generation has 35 members and 25 of them are still available for adoption. A small twenty dollar adoption fee for any non-mutant creature, And twenty five dollars to bring home your very own mutant(UV reactive) creature. Transport fee of six dollars within the continental U.S.

Kik Zzvspecial or message to purchase.

All glass by me, ZZV Glass. Captions = artists getting credit. Please respect that.

Acorn Cap Candles

I made these for Mabon today. Not my idea, I found it online.

Materials Needed:
* Harvested acorn caps
* Wax bits (possibly from old candles)
* Incense stick bottoms or tiny wicks
* Lavender flowers or other dried herbs (optional)

1. Melt the wax and pour into shells.
2. Stick wicks into center and blow on softly for a few seconds. Wax will harden and your candle is done!
3. These are great for small or short spells and they float in water.

Breaking in the new house.

I’m gonna kill two birds with one fic baes.


I sat at my desk in the spare room while Bruno was still unpacking boxes.

“Bae come in here.” I heard him call from the living room.

I got up and walked to the livingroom where he sat on the floor unpacking.

“Do we really need all this crap?” He asked pulling out a crystal bowl wrapped in newspaper.

“That was a gift, besides most of this shit is yours.” I laughed sitting beside him.

“You know, I don’t remember having all this stuff in the apartment.” he said 

“Well now we are in a house.” I said nudging him.

He opened a box and pulled out some glasses.

“You want a drink?” he asked holding the glasses.

“I’ll get it.” I said getting up.

I walked to the kitchen and opened the cabinet grabbing a large glass rectangular bottle. The top was wax and the liquid was a transparent brown. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. I walked back to the living room and sat next to Bruno peeling the wax off of the cap before twisting it off. I poured us both drinks. Sipping it I could feel the burn as it slid down my throat. My jaw tightened as it went down. I looked at Bruno as he sipped lightly barely making a face.

“How do you do that?” I asked

“Years of practice baby, years of practice.” He said smiling.

The alcohol was strong on his breath, and I could feel the buzz in my body. I leaned over and pressed my lips against his. I could feel him smile as our lips touched. I unzipped my sweater and let him pull it off while I began to unbutton his flannel. He broke the kiss staring into my eyes.

“You know, we still haven’t blessed the house yet.” He said with a smirk.

I laid down on the carpet by the misplaced couch between all the stacked boxed. He laid on me kissing me softly letting his hands travel all along my body. I brought my hand to the back of his neck pulling him on tighter onto me. He began to fidget with my bra as he kissed me.

“Need a little help there?” I asked laughing.

“It’s like the friggen Da Vinci code trying to get this thing off.” He said yanking on my bra.

“Well genius, this one unclips in the front.” I said rolling my eyes as I unclipped the bra flinging it across the living room. 

He kissed me laughing as he pressed his hands to my breasts fondling them as he kissed my neck. I unbuttoned his jeans pulling them down. He rolled over on his back and pulled his pants all the way down. He was perfect in his black boxer briefs as he kissed down my stomach pulling down my leggings. He kissed my stomach leaving little marks and butterfly kisses. I lifted my butt as he pulled down my panties tossing them aside. I placed my legs on either side of his head as he kissed the top of my slit. I felt his fingers spread my slit as his warm tongue begin to move. He swirled his tongue around my clitoris as he slipped a finger inside me curling it upward moving it in and out. I let out a soft moan as my eyes rolled back feeling the sensation of his warm mouth on my slit. He stopped  and kissed back up my body making his way back to my mouth. I could taste the saltiness on his lips as he kissed me hard. I looked down and saw him pull his long shaft out of his boxers.

I could feel the tip rub along my clit and down to my hole teasing me. 

“Now, please.” I moaned.

I could see the fire in his eyes as he pushed himself into me. I gasped loudly as he pressed himself all the way in. I could feel his pelvis against mine as he pulled himself out softly biting his lip. He pushed in again fully in and pulled half way out before pushing back in, getting into a rhythm. He grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulders as he leaned back over me pushing and pulling faster. I raised my arms letting him thrust hard into me. I moaned as he sped up his pace. 

“Oh yeah.” he breathed as he pushed.

I could hear the sound of his body slapping against mine between my moans and his heavy breaths. I could feel the tingle in the the pit of my stomach as he thrusted. In and out, in and out, in and out until I could feel the pressure build up.

“Oh fuck” I said.

I could feel the jolt of the orgasm rush through me like electricity.

I looked up at Bruno with tears in my eyes as he twitched jolting forward as he came inside me.

He moaned hard as he collapsed on top of me kissing me softly on my neck.

I brought his face to mine and kissed him lightly.

“Mozel tof” Bruno said cracking a smirk.

“Mozel tof?” I laughed pushing him off of me. 

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Parrot Wax-cap - Hygrocybe psittacina by Alan West
Via Flickr:
Parrot Wax-cap - Hygrocybe psittacina


Exorcism Kit!

Cover art - Saint George and the Dragon. Printed, extra-aged in photoshop. Weathered glass window.

Vade Mecvm book - Cut from leather, printed latin pages aged and weathered, bound with waxed thread. Costume jewelry cross glued to cover.

Mounted skull cross - Costume jewelry cross, wooden craft store cross. Painted.

Holy water bottle - hotel lotion bottle, custom sculpted faux-wax cap. Painted, aged.

Herbal container - Breath mints container, glued on costume cross. Painted, weathered.

Inner casing - Layered EVA foam, fabric, gorilla glued to base.

Seal of Solomon cross background - Layered printed paper, aged and sealed with glue.

Rosary - Assembled from old neck chain, mardi gras beads and custom sculpted cross. Painted and aged. Going to hell.

Got dabbers available, fashioned as carb caps for Quartz bangers. Will fit MOST bangers.

Ten bucks each except for the center two pieces. Those are 25 and 15 respectively. Six bucks for tracked, insured, priority shipping. I can cut deals on multiples or the whole lot.

Message or kik zzvspecial to purchase.