8. Food (part 3 of 3)

4. Fruit and Fruit trees

[tr: In this section Dad basically hates on all the fruit trees.  I highly recommend skimming the first half of this post and skipping down to the wild fruit section, or read the abridged version.]

Before I was sent down to the villages, I often ate fruits at home in Shanghai, but I’d never seen a fruit tree.  After getting to Libeishang, I discovered that the villagers would often plant a few fruit trees around their house, but don’t have a word for “fruit.”

Of course, that doesn’t stop them from happily enjoying the fruits of the trees when they ripen, and they’d often generously offer some to us students or call us over to share the bounty.  These fruit trees aren’t very good stock, however, so their fruits paled in comparison to what we could purchase in the Shanghai markets.

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