Alex Mill at Century 21 

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If you’re on the West Coast like me, you may be wondering why I’m writing a post about a local real estate agent. Century 21 is a chain of East Coast discount stores (think Ross or Marshall’s) that’s gained some notoriety on the various menswear forums for occasionally stocking respected brands at steep discounts.  And while those of us in California may once again grumble about how New York (and now Philadelphia) always get the good stuff, we can find some solace in the fact that the chain has a website: c21stores.com.

I came across the web store this past fall, and was surprised to discover decent discounts on shirts, sweaters, and outerwear from solid brands like Gitman Vintage and Alex Mill. The latter is a label founded by Alex Drexler, son of J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler. Both Drexlers’ brands share a similar aesthetic, but there seems to be a consensus that Alex Mill’s quality and detailing is a step above J. Crew, while it’s pricing is several steps above.

The discounts I found on Alex Mill and Gitman Vintage were decent if not amazing, so I waited for additional price drops or a coupon code. One day–after holding out for months–I saw the prices suddenly drop, but as I mulled over whether to buy all the stock for both brands disappeared from the site within hours. Not because a horde of FMF redditors turned up, but because Century 21 transferred all of it to their physical outlets and dropped the price, letting Dan from A Fine-Tooth Comb have a field day.

Lesson learned: if you see something you like online at Century 21, pick it up now. You may not get another chance.

As far as I know, Gitman Vintage never returned to the web store but Alex Mill restocked a couple months ago with a new season’s worth of clothes. Once again, the discounts are not insane, but very good (70% to 80% off retail). Along with the items pictured above, I like Alex Mill’s royal oxford shirt in whitedobby puffer vest, and oddly-styled indigo sport coat.

If you like them, too, get them while you can.

See all men’s clothing at Century 21.

Ayishat & Louize & Street Etiquette @ London Fashion Week.

It was a great pleasure to meet like minded people from overseas, who share the same passion and hunger for their craft. They have inspired us for a long time now and i’m glad to say in real life they are just as inspiring. We’ll definitely be keeping in touch with our new brothers Travis & Joshua :)