day 10. fruits galore

Fruit Stand Near Ben Thanh Market

hammy: i have a long-standing love affair with the fruit in the left-hand bottom corner. its goes by many a name, but i most commonly hear wax apple or rose apple in english. i spent summer and winter vacations in taiwan eating these, and my relatives would always be sure to send me on the plane back to the US with a bag (to be eaten before customs, of course). i was wonderfully surprised to see them in thailand a few years ago and here again in vietnam.

In St.Kitts, we have these fruits named “wax apple.” They’re a delicious way to stay hydrated during those hot Caribbean days! They honestly taste like water flavored with fruit! I can’t really describe the taste, because it’s honestly nothing I’ve taste before. Wax Apples have a fushia/pink top and bottom when young and becomes darker when ripened.

This is the first time I have ever had one of these and they’re AMAZING!