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DIY Sea Shell Candles🕯🌊 made from recycled birthday candles

I’m sure there are plenty of posts like this one, but I’m just proud that I made some myself! So here’s my process!

What I used:

~ Old birthday candles
~ Shells (Mine were mussel shells)
~ Essential Oils of your choice(I used chamomile & peppermint)
~ A peeler, knife or scissors
~ Something to melt the wax in(I was lucky enough to have metal measuring cups)
~ A clothes pin to keep the wick up

Here’s how to do it!

Originally I was just trying to get the white design off the candles, so I could have homemade looking colored candles for spells. I ended up breaking a few of them while trying to peel the design off so I just used the left over candle and reused the wick for my sea shell candles!

🕯First I scraped the design off(carefully), and kept them in piles of the color. You’ll have to break one of the candles for the wick. One wick will work for two sea shells unless your shells are larger.

🕯Second I put the scraps of wax into the metal measuring cup and placed that on a pan on the stove to heat it and melt. Once melted, I tossed a few drops of my essential oils into the wax to make it smell good. I used chamomile(for calming, success, & easing anxiety) & peppermint(for healing, love, cleansing, and that extra little boost I need sometimes!) But feel free to add whatever you like!

🕯Third I poured the wax into the shells carefully. You may want to make sure the shells are evenly placed, maybe put something on one side to balance it so the wax doesn’t spill out. Then, while the wax is still hot I used a clothes pin to put the wick in and left it to dry. Once dry, your shell doesn’t have to be level(unless you filled it to the top - then your wax will shift when lighted!)

That’s it! It was super simple and easy and quick. Now I also have some great, mini and homemade looking spell candles as well as some aromatherapeutic sea shell candles for my desk while I work & read. Enjoy your sea shell candles my fellow witches! 🌙

Blessed be🥀


i accept her eclipse, her bedroom sightings, confine myself to her—floats over amour sea, cerulean nightgown; the breaker of desire, wakes my deepest self with her nectar, what lives and what dies? in circular transience; narcissus blossoms, i remain in flames, ardor wears off, she materialises with thunderclap; foam, ritual vermilion, coats her, scars on my knees, we stand on the precipice to look down; mist in the morning, there is dew on her satin skin—i begin my ritual.

He comes to visit every night
And in my dreams,
We’re glued back together
Laughing with love
Loving with joy
Together in peace
Instead of apart in pieces

I had prepared myself many times
To face a future without him in it
I just held on to silly hope
That the day would never come

Waking has never been more painful

sometimes it’s weird to think about rp writing because you’re not a “ professional writer “ ( aka officially & legally published to be sold to bookstores / online etc )  but we’re not submitting any of our work to literary journals or magazines ,  but we’re not really fucking around in chatrooms either :  it’s this weird mix of hyper passionate fanfiction that’s a daily thing where worlds & fandoms crossover & then it’s lowkey professional because some of our work is with 100% literary effort put into it & if we were writing our original characters our work might be considered publish worthy & we’re building connections & literary networks & sharing passions & hobbies & it’s amazing !!! we’re all amazing. you’re blogs are amazing .  everything is rad — keep up the good & rarely recognized work my buds!


More eggs!

Dipper and Mabel’s turned out…OK. I was struggling with what to do with the center stripe, and I’m not crazy about that part, but I like each half of the egg.

Cave!Bill egg had a lot of unfortunate wax spills, and it was hard to see what I was doing at some points, but it was fun!

And then colorful!Bill was fun and relatively quick…and then I was almost done taking the wax off of it and dropped it. -_- at least I can make it again without loosing too much time.

Cheap Perfume

Requested by @elliewatermelonlemonheart

Based on Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez

Dedicated to the always lovely @angel-fire

The world comes to an end on Tuesday.

Because its a thawing, blossoming Tuesday in spring when Draco Malfoy pulls a ring from his pocket, bends down on one knee, proposes to the youngest Greengrass sister; and the spectators watch with avid eyes and proscetto slick lips the Malfoy boy in the Malfoy garden with the Malfoy heirloom. They watch and they don’t quite remember that just a year ago he’d been a causality of war.

But Draco Malfoy proposes. Recites a speech about pinks of cheeks and diamond bright eyes, souls meant to be stitched together and something like happiness budding in the sorer parts of his soul.

He proposes, and she says yes, and he can’t quite keep his eyes off the girl entangled in one of the rose bushes; watching the scene with sorrowful eyes and a flat line mouth.

The world ends on a Tuesday.

But it doesn’t quite stop spinning.


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nothing but nothing

What if I knocked my knuckles
on your chest,
and I heard it echo?
Sound waves bouncing across your ribs?
Must be easy,
not carrying around
all that extra weight,
fat and blood and

Do you store things in there?
Use the empty space within your torso
to hold spare change or
bottles or
crumpled up
Nothing you’ll keep in there for long,
just until you find a better place,
trash can or
half-filled sock drawer.

I wouldn’t guess from
looking at you.
I wouldn’t guess from
how I think you might
taste, that
it’s all phantom
smells in my nose,
tricks of the eyes.

Even if there really is
nothing but nothing
I’ll sing into your throat
and hear my voice amplified.


I collected keys for many years
Put them down in glass-held candles
Thought of them as holy
Places I had lived
Treasures I had kept
Once embedded
I’d forget about my keys until
I needed the natural light of fire
To soothe my aching eyes
Feed my soul little bits of warmth
A primitive urge
I know this
As wax melted
Keys slowly emerged
Glistening with memories
Places I had lived
Treasures I had kept

Azuki Lynn


As the Inquisition settles into Skyhold, Solas continues to strive towards his ultimate goal - no matter who it will destroy in the long run.

But the more time he spends with these people, with her - the more uneasy his conscience grows.

Solas dipped his quill, trying to focus on his writing despite the noise above him. The rotunda was being repaired, the upper portion being converted into an improvised rookery.

He thought the choice of renovation was strange, but kept that opinion to himself.

The Inquisition was slowly making a home for themselves in Skyhold. No one had argued when he quietly laid claim to this room as his study and he was thankful for it. Despite the human hands behind its construction, the Ferelden architect responsible for building Skyhold had been true to his intentions to recreate as much of the original structure as he could. It was not the Tarasyl’an Te’las he’d once called his own - but even the faint familiarity offered some sense of comfort.

The note he was writing would appear inconsequential to any who happened upon it. It read as little more than private observances, most likely intended for a personal log.

Despite reaching our objectives in Redcliffe, those who live there still suffer in the aftermath of the rebel mages’s disruption. Many are displaced, lacking in food or shelter, unclear on where they should turn.

I hope for their sakes, someone might lend a hand to the elves of Redcliffe. Perhaps with some assistance, they may find a new sense of purpose in an otherwise chaotic landscape.

He knew his meaning would be more than clear to his intended audience, once he surreptitiously passed the message along. Go to Redcliffe. Bring supplies. There may be opportunities for recruitment.

Despite the obstacle Corypheus was proving to be, Solas’s objectives had not changed. Those who followed him still required instruction. Progress had to be made towards their goal, even though he could not oversee it directly.

The Veil would be removed and the world set right again. It was only a matter of when.

Solas continued writing. The losses suffered at Haven were not insignificant - yet I still have faith that the Inquisition is where I should remain for the time being. This organization is the best chance we currently have of parting Corypheus from the orb he carries. My confidence is only bolstered by their recently formalized choice of Inquisitor. We would not have made it this far without Isii.

Only when his fingers paused did he realize with some small surprise that he’d written her name. He’d referred to her before in his reports. The Herald. Lavellan. The Dalish elf, when he was feeling less favorable. But never as Isii.

He could not help but think of her then. The memory of Haven was still too fresh, too recent, too immediate. He could still remember the finer details of his panic, the sickly quality of his grief when it appeared she had sacrificed herself to save them. He remembered the feel of her fingers laced with his, so cold against his skin, gripping him tightly as he tried to warm her with his magic. She’d smiled at him through shivering breaths, rasping whispered phrases in Elvhen and he no longer cared whether or not she pronounced them correctly. She was alive, having twice cheated death in the short amount of time he’d known her. She was so much more than he could have ever predicted…

Solas pushed the thought aside, clearing his throat as he dipped into the inkwell once more.

He had work to do.

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anonymous asked:

so i just accidentally spilt candle wax all over my hand and the first thing i thought was 'how would 2D react to this' like if the s/o accidentally moaned at it bc it hurt but he took it as sexual omg

(Oh no, I hope you’re okay! But I’m glad it gave you an idea for a request, lol.)

~ You were blowing out all your candles before bed and moving them back to their shelves. 2D was already in bed waiting for you to finish. You were blowing out the last two candles out but you accidentally dropped one onto the table and hot wax got all over your hands, you moaned in pain and went to wash the wax off of your hands.

~ As you were washing, 2D came up behind you. “Wha’ was that?” He questioned. You turned to look at him, “Oh I just spilled hot wax all over my hands. It just stung a bit.” You said while drying off your hands. 2D smirked at you, “It sounded lik’ ya enjoyed ya-self.” He leaned against the door frame. You looked at him, confused. “No 2D. I didn’t enjoy. It was hot wax. That shit stings.” You laughed. 2D‘s face suddenly got all red because he was embarrassed for jumping to conclusions.


How to Render Beeswax

- cover your counters and floors around where you will be working to ensure a quick and easy clean up in case of any wax spill.

- create a double boiler by filling a pot with water and nestling a second pot inside the first. heat the water to a calm boil.

- empty your ‘dirty’ honeycomb from your honey harvest into the second pot and allow it to melt completely, keeping an eye that the wax itself does not begin to boil.

- when the wax is completely melted, remove it from the heat and pour it through a cheesecloth into a cardboard milk carton that you have cut the top off of.

- allow the wax to harden, then rip the carton away from the wax.

- honey will have settled around the wax. save some for your tea and rinse the rest off with cool water in the sink.

- your wax is now clean and ready to be used however you desire! time to make some balms or candles!

Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones but a tweet will have to suffice - Phan One Shot

Summary: Dan and Phil go home to their respective families for Christmas but they suddenly become very active on Twitter, tweeting about random things. Only Dan and Phil are able to read between the lines within every tweet.

Word count: 7.7k

Genre: Holiday fluff

Warnings: Mention of family not accepting you, missing your loved one.

Throughout the story are attached real tweets by Dan and Phil. 

Christmas 2016

When you’re used to be together almost every moment of every day it feels odd to be apart for extended periods of time. Dan and Phil had completely intertwined their lives together, both on a professional and personal level. They never went a day without talking and both of them would feel an odd ache by just being apart from a few hours.

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YOI Season 2 theory no one asked for

Victor’s theme is going to be “the trials of Psyche”, which is basically the origin of every fairytale ever, and he’s already got that whole Disney Prince thing going on. Plus, it ends with Psyche marrying Eros, which would be the ideal end to the season, sooo.

For those who don’t know their greek mythology, Psyche was a human princess so beautiful that Aphrodite got jealous and sent her son, Eros, to make her fall in love with the ugliest person he can. He ends up falling in love with her instead, of course, and ends up whisking her away to his palace. (her family sort of drops her off on a mountain to get picked up because they think she’s destined to marry a winged serpent, it we’ll get into that later)
If you want more of a parallel, the first thing offered to her when she arrives is a bath and dinner. As far as mythological marriages go, theirs is shockingly healthy, even at this point in the story, Eros tries really hard not to make her uncomfortable, doesn’t sleep with her without her consent (which wasn’t even really a thing they culturally cared about, since he was her husband.) Because he doesn’t want to freak her out, he doesn’t even reveal himself as a god, claiming to simply be a hunter.
Her sisters end up convincing her that he’s actually the monster from the prophesy, however, so one night she lights a candle, and upon seeing how beautiful she is, she accidentally spills the wax on him and he wakes up. He gets mad and flies off, telling that “love cannot exist without trust”
Oh, what was Victor and Yuuri’s first major fight about? Victor not having faith in Yuuri?
Anyways, so Psyche goes to the temple of Aphrodite and tells her she’s willing to do anything to win Eros back, so Aphrodite gives her three tasks. She completes the first two (they vary, depending on the version of the myth). Meanwhile, Eros is in his mother’s palace imprisoned in his room. For the last task she has to go to the underworld and get a drop of Persephone’s beauty to bring back to Aphrodite, on her way back, however, she is filled with curiosity and opens the box, inside, however, is not beauty but an unwaking sleep. Zeus has pitty on her, however, and sends Hermes to tell Eros all that she has done to get him back. The wound of betrayal is healed and he flies from his room and goes to find Psyche. He kisses her, reviving her from her slumber (like I said, literally every fairytale), and brings her back to Olympus so they can be married properly. Zeus gives her Ambrosia as a wedding gift, making her immortal, and they are married again as equals.

So, basically, the moral is relationships are based on trust, perseverance, and equality, which makes this my favorite greek myth, but also pretty well aligned with the morals of the Victuuri character arcs.
Victor sees Yuuri as Eros, obviously, so that would make him psyche, and I think heavy story based programs would really complement his style and fit well with his character. Plus, there’s no way his return theme would be at least a little about yuuri, but this way, there’s still a little bit of a surprise in it. Who would expect him to do a dramatic, dark program about traveling through hell right after getting engaged? But it would work soo well!!

TL;DR: Victor is extra AF, but also classy AF, so he’s gonna do programs based on a greek myth as a low key romantic gesture to Yuuri.

Winter-themed ask memes!
  • ☕ : our muses are in a coffee shop drinking hot chocolate together, watching the snow fall outside.
  • ⛄ : our muses are making a snowman together/ trying to outdo each other’s snowman (specify!)
  • 🌨 : my muse knocks at my muse’s door during a snowstorm.
  • 🍁 : our muses are playing in piles of leaves/ your muse is trying to stop mine from diving into a pile of leaves (specify!)
  • 🕯 : my muse was trying to be cute and light candles but accidentally spilled the wax and burned themselves/ set something on fire (specify!)
  • 🎁 : my muse is going to give your muse a present… what a lovely surprise!
  • ❄️ : snowball fight!
  • 🍴 : my muse is trying to cook a warm seasonal meal, like a dessert pie or a meat pie, and it smells delicious/ is going terribly, terribly wrong.
  • 🏔 : our muses are hiking in the wilderness and a blizzard is beginning to brew/ they are lost/ need to pitch a camp. 
  • 🌬 : the wind kicked up and blew something of your muse’s possessions, such as a pair of gloves or scarf, towards my muse (specify what it was!)

luinquesse  asked:

5 for Tamlem? :)

Aahh, thanks so much for asking!! :D

5. Letters between two of your OCs companions about them

Almost entirely hidden beneath a pile of books is a piece of worn parchment that seemingly has been folded and rolled up several times. It has stains caused by ink and wax spilled over it on one of the corners. No names are explicitly mentioned, two different handwritings can be identified. The first one is plain but still has a certain elegance and force behind it. The second is more extravagant but here and there a bit sloppy and harder to read, probably due to being written very fast. It seems like a conversation has taken place on this piece of paper.

 The next time the Inquisitor comes to visit you please tone it down a little bit. People are trying to focus and work here

- S.

 It probably surprises you to know that the Inquisitor came down to focus and work here, too. Together with me. I am deeply sorry for your research being so boring that you don’t know what it’s like to be having fun with your work once in a while.

- D.

 There is a time for everything, for fun just as much as for work. I, unlike others, like to take my work seriously. I can still enjoy it in the process. You should give it a try yourself, if you’re capable of shutting your mouth for more than five minutes.

- S.

Are you seriously trying to lecture me? Through a piece of paper?

- D.

Lately it seems to be the only way to get a hold of you. Always secretly disappearing with the Inquisitor, probably for more “research” that is so trivial I don’t even want to think about it.

- S.

And despite not even wanting to think about it you bring it up nevertheless.

I can assure you though that any “research” – as you put it – the Inquisitor and I work on is interesting, fun, and always very, very satisfying. Inside and outside the library.

- D.

Forget what I said. I don’t want to talk about any “research” you and the Inquisitor “work on”, no matter where. Just tone it down when you’re in the library.

- S.

You know, a little bit of open-mindedness wouldn’t hurt you now and then.

- D.

The library is for work and research only. If you want to have “fun” be quiet about it and stop bothering people.

- S.

You seem to be the only one bothered with it, but alright. The library is for research, and we’ll tone it down to not bother you.

- D.





- S.

(Not sure how much sense this made, but I love the idea of Dorian and Solas having little rivalries and “wars” over their respective research in the library XD)

OC Codex Prompts


I thought I’d contribute to the #nofilterwitchcraft with a series of photos from my seashell candle making experience today.

I’d been seeing all these ultra cute witchy seashell candles all over Tumblr and I thought to myself, I’ve made a few successful candles, this shouldn’t be too bad. Here’s a story of how that went in 5 pictures.

Picture 1: This is the only true success. This lavender chamomile candle is the one I’ll be showing off on Instagram.

Picture 2: The candles I will not be showing off, showcased on my dining table which also doubles as a witch workspace, crafting table, extra counter space for meal prep, and temporary herb storage. It’s currently trashed. You can’t see the rest of it, but trust me when I say this is the cleanest spot. (Tip, when you’re planning on stirring in different oils and herbs into each candle, DO NOT pour multiple ones at a time. You won’t have time to get them all before the wax starts hardening, hence these disasters.)

Picture 3: The candle of shame. This candle smells like confusion. It’s made with the wax I salvaged from spilling like three of the other candles. It’s a weird peppermint, chamomile, lavender mess which has at least one cat hair in it. First I lost a wick in the wax and had to put in a second, then I managed to spill it. And by this time I could no longer be bothered to even pretend I cared, so I just scraped the semi-cooled wax off the counter and smushed it back into the candle. The wick is entirely covered with wax and it looks like a hot mess. This is what a massive fuck up looks like in candle form.

Picture 4: The aftermath of the damage. There’s wax all over my goddamn kitchen. I only have like a half a foot of counter space, the rest is covered in dirty dishes and non perishable groceries I couldn’t be bothered to put up.

Picture 5: I put the hot mess candle in my candle holder made out of a broken cup I dropped. I thought it was fitting. Shit works, yo.

You don’t have to know what you’re doing in witchcraft 100% of the time. It’s ok to experiment. It’s ok to fail. And at the end of the day, ugly stuff usually still works. So don’t sweat it.