wax rose

                                       LOVE JAR SPELL

  • cocoa
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
  • vanilla
  • rose petals 
  • a shredded piece of paper with a heart drawn on it
  • kale flower
  • apple wood 
  • orange peels
  • full moon infused oil

Add all in a little jar or a box, whichever is suitable. When done close up with red cloth or a red string, or red wax. Leave a rose quartz on it to charge over night.

Walk through my Grimoires

I’ve had many grimoires throughout my life, many of them being simple journals in which I would jot notes down in while doing spellwork in order to have reminders later. It wasn’t until a few years ago really that I started thinking about making a nearly organized grimoire, manly because I never expected anyone but me and maybe my parents to see anything I had written. My mother’s grimoires were mostly interspersed with her daily journaling and contained within copious volumes of composition notebooks. What can I say, we’re practical people. A couple of years ago though I began studying with a couple of different formal mystery schools/traditions and found myself swimming in information and desperately needing an organization system. 

This mostly became binders along with one set of large graph paper notebooks. 

Two years ago I joined the Temple of Witchcraft’s mystery school. I will be wrapping up Witchcraft II this October and moving on to Witchcraft III. The Temple is local to me so I attend my classes in person rather than online, so I take a lot of notes during lectures. The system that worked best for me for this school was to keep a series of graph paper notebooks since we needed to keep class notes, Journey work notes, other magical workings and a daily journal. I ended up keeping them in a leather cover for safe keeping that allows me to switch them out when they fill up. 

 I can’t share many pictures of the inside of the journal since it is all oath-bound information, but here is the general idea. 

 Things I did to the journal:

  • Mixed finely ground herbs into the oil I use on the leather in order to promote better discipline and learning. 
  • Drew a sigil into the inside of the cover for increased focus and learning. 
  • Teabag sachet of rosemary in one of the pockets. 
  • Pressed herbs promoting memory and focus throughout the notebook. 

 [I have a small obsession with these notebooks.] 

As far as binders go, I find them much easier for organizing information. I will use binders before copying over into a nicer grimoire that will be passed on some day. I also use them to house the grimoires I have receive from my formal studies, so I have one for each class in the Temple of Witchcraft. 

 I’m also finishing up Black Rose Witchcraft right now (last month!) They have gorgeous illustrations for each of their lessons, so I incorporated those into my binder for the class. 

 Things I did to the binder: 

  •  I like the Better binders from Staples because they have the clear pockets in the front for customization as well as pockets on the inside cover. 
  •   I incorporated a sigil behind the image on the front of the binder. 
  •   I will regularly keep sachets and baggies of things pertaining to the class within the inner pocket.
Chelidonian Spell

(Chelidonian (adj): This adjective refers to spring winds, and is derived from the Greek word for swallow (as in the bird). Because the Chelidonian winds are said to arise at the first coming of yonder swallows.

Living in the Canadian Maritimes can have it’s pros, but it can definitely have its cons too. For me, I miss seeing the blue sky and I wish spring would be here sooner. Here is a spell I have whipped up to try and speed up this process!

🌸 Symbolism: lavender for devotion,thyme for strength, ivy for continuity, and mint for warm feelings

🌿 Gather: a small jar, lavender,thyme, ivy, mint, rose or clear quartz. If possible, a light green candle would be ideal, but any colour that reminds you of spring // you have on hand is fine!

🌿 Lay these ingredients one by one, making clear layers. Make sure to add mint last so it is on the top layer. 

🌿 Seal the jar with your candle wax. 

🌿 Charge with rose or clear quartz as needed.

🌿 If possible, perform this spell on the evening of the pink moon (April 11th) or keep the jar near a window to be charged by the moon as well.


  • Inner strength
  • Being true to yourself 
  • To feel the beauty of being strong 
  • Standing against the opinions and pressure of others


  • For Giving & Gratitude
  • Friends & Family
  • Forgiveness
  • Opens Heart Chakra
  • Unconditional Love
  • Calming & Reassuring for Trauma or Crisis
  • Brings Deep Inner Healing
  • Attracting Love & Relationships
  • Draws off Negative Energy & Replaces it with Loving Vibes
  • Enhances Positive Affirmations
  • Releases Unexpressed Emotions
  • Self-love & Acceptance


  • Endless Abundance of anything
  • Prosperity
  • Infinite & Never ending
  • Unity & Perfection 

sky-huntress  asked:

Hey! I had a question about the painted roses in one of your recent posts. Are they similar to the waxed roses that are meant to last forever as long as you don't break the wax? Or will they wither relatively quickly? They're all gorgeous!

It’s just floral paint, so it’s decorative, but won’t preserve them. So I’ve been recommending people go get them waxed by the wax hands booth onsite, which will preserve them. I’ve gotten a couple of pics of the post-waxing: 

One patron got one of my rainbow roses done:

And one of my friends who came to faire got one of my ice roses done… it looks perfectly frozen!