wax patterns

i. you can’t help but drown in him. after all, you’re only a god, gasping for breath from your own damning immortality.

ii. his hands – smaller than yours, rougher, callused, burned by flames who’re cousins of your sun; his hands – inventor’s hands, creator’s hands, magician’s hands that breathe life into your body of flickering flames which licks everything into ashes; his hands that love every inch of you without flinching, that tease ichor from your blazing skin and leave marks where no one else has dared touch you.

iii. and you chase after him, but the closer you get to his waxy wings the faster he plummets into the sea.

iv. he drips wax patterns about your back. you didn’t mean to hurt him, didn’t mean for his skin to melt when your fingers explored him, didn’t mean to leave crimson hickeys that don’t fade into bruises, but you love when with each burning bite his breath hitches and his neck arches and you can’t help but feed on the golden lines of this godly mortal boy.

v. Zeus won’t answer your prayers. Zephyr howls in envy. Hyacinth curls around your still-beating heart and whispers destruction in your ear. burn, burn, burn, nothing can love your nuclear fission heart without death charring.

vi. and so you drip wax about your own fingertips and crash your chariot into the sea. “it was never meant to be,” his ghost breathes, so sweet through the hyacinth breeze, “we always die, and we always leave.”

how melt his heart, his wings | a.c. 


Finally had to make time to get some glamor shots of the Apothecary Cabinet I was working on in January.

The best part of making this was the custom pattern veneers used for the drawer fronts. Made with Redwood, and I hope it shows I worked at getting the pattern to be a cohesive whole across all the drawers. The pulls are Rosewood. The drawers are finished with Tried&True Varnish/Oil blend and wax.

The case itself is White Oak, dyed Dark Mission Brown. The grain is highlighted with Liberon Black Patina wax and then a couple coats of Paste Wax. Ended up having a nice depth of color. One of my new favorite finishing techniques.

One of my best pieces to date, adding this to the portfolio. Hopefully will help me continue to get into better art shows.