wax on wire

Newest dabber!!! ✨✨✨
Hanging river pearl with a turquoise bead because turquoise just looks so clean with gold.
Gold wire all around accented with spirals.
Definitely one of my favorites, super classy and the pearl dangled so nicely as well as the turquoise being the perfect place to put your thumb.
Let me know what you guys think!
-goon ♥️

Tips for High School Witches

Hey guys! I’ve been a witch for about a year now, and being a high schooler in a conservative state has made it quite interesting, to say the least. So here are some things I’ve discovered that have made being a young, jobless witch AMAZINGLY easy!

The Library- if you are in High school, you undoubtedly have easy access to a library. This will contain information on mythology, religion, weather, astronomy, history, and just about any subject. Almost all of this knowledge (certainly all that I just listed) can be used in your craft. These are FREE BOOKS WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM. Take advantage!

The Art Room- weather you are in an art class or not, there is usually at least one art teacher in the school who has plenty of strange junk and materials that can be used for witchcraft. For instance, my teacher’s closet includes: bones, wax, wire, clay, wood, soapstone, beads, and all kinds of other brilliant components. These are FREE MATERIALS!!! As long as you have the teachers permission, GET WHATEVER YOU CAN!! You wouldn’t believe how many witchy items I’ve made in third period that cost me exactly $0.00.

The Thrift Store- I’ve seen other witches beat this one to death, but I must stress what a good resource thrift stores are for witchcraft. I’ve purchased brass candle holders, carved wooden boxes, stone incense burners, and more for less than $5. You can also find altar cloths, candles, picture frames, and more. The thrift stores of good for more than retro fashion!

Now, I also want to suggest some of the most useful spells and tricks to a high school witch (in my experience, of course.)

Anti Suspicion- wether your parents know or not (mine certainly don’t) you definitely don’t want your whole school to know that you’re a witch. Trust me. A simple sigil or spell to avert suspicion and ill intent will go MILES! My altar is the first thing you see in my room, I hoard bottles and jars, I use all the candles, and my parents suspect nothing. I’ve come to school with sigils all over my arm and no one so much as blinks an eye. I’ve also been able to get away with not wearing my school ID for a semester and a half, which was a nice side effect. Moon water is also great for making you less visible/noticeable.

Focus/success- when you’re about halfway through a semester of homework and studying, you’re gonna want some help. Spells for focus, knowledge, brain power, and success at schoolwork should not be underestimated. I’ve also found that wearing carnelian and aventurine Jewellry does wonders. I also rub safely diluted Rosemary oil on the back of my hand, and smell it whenever I’m struggling on tests and quizzes, as it aids in memory.

Luck, Prosperity, & health- you are a high schooler. You probably stay up way too late, forget a ton of assignments, spill things constantly, trip, lose socks, lose your wallet, and run into all kinds of awkward, dumb situations. A blend of safely diluted orange, lemon, Rosemary, and lavender oil will provide health, prosperity, positivity, happiness, protection, and psychic power. Aventurine, citrine, and rise Quartz are also some good crystals to keep you focused, happy, and protected.

If you have any more questions for me, want to talk, or want to add to the list, feel free to do so! Love you guys, and good luck!!!

Newest dabber!!!
Made with Aqua Aura quartz and a metal bronze spiral charm.
It has a scoop end and a pokey pointy end as well.
Contact me if you’re interested in this baby!
-ALSO I will be doing another giveaway tonight, so stay tuned for that & maybe you’ll have a chance to win one similar to this ☝️
*Much luv, goon.

I am the type of person who...

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Rules:  Write 1+ sentences/paragraphs of the type of person you are. It can be whatever you like. Tag your friends, so that they can play along to! 

I am the type of person who… will instantly wake up to answer the phone at 6 am and keep up an entire conversation without sounding sleepy or tired in any way. Then will go back to sleep and completely forget about having said phone conversation at all. 

I am the type of person who… was genuinely happy to find out she needed to wear glasses. Always loved glasses. 

I am the type of person who… keeps buying new books despite knowing there’s 50+ more books at home waiting to be read. 

I am the type of person who… has a really hard time throwing away even the crappiest scrap of paper because “it could come in handy for an art project one day!”

I am the type of person who… will get into verbal fights with any random stranger (irl or online) who dares criticize her beloved city of Naples and its inhabitants. (Shitting on Naples is apparently some sort of national sport in Italy: insults can go from “all neapolitans are uncultured thieves” to “I hope mount Vesuvius wipes you and your shitty city off the face of earth, you cholera infected dogs!”, which, as you can guess, is not fun at all .___.’)
Speaking of that… 

Cappella Sansevero (1593-1766), Naples, home to many amazing sculptures, including but not limited to Giuseppe Sanmartino’s masterpiece “The Veiled Christ”. Several legends circulate around the sculptures of this chapel and the Prince who commissioned them, Raimondo di Sangro. A scientist and an alchemist, he was said to be capable of replicating the miracle of the liquefaction of blood of Saint Januarius, as well as being the author of the so-called “anatomical machines”, two human skeletons whose vessel system was “turned into stone” thanks to an alchemic process (warning: body horror). The vessels eventually turned out to be made of wire, wax and silk, but the accuracy of details is still pretty amazing, especially given the lack of knowledge about this kind of things at the time. 

I am the type of person who… will *not* shut up about the beauties of Naples and will always focus a good amount of her History of Art lessons on artists who lived or worked here, as opposed to traditional lessons only focusing on Florence and Rome :D 

I am the type of person who… has more than 13 GB of music on her iPod (45,5 GB on pc), but will listen to the same 20-30 songs over and over again. And complain about having nothing else to listen to. 

I am the type of person who… 

…At 13, thought all heavy metal music was “satanic” and she would never listen to it. Turned into a full blown metalhead at 16.
…At 17, still claimed she would never listen to Ronnie James Dio because his name was “blasphemous” (“Dio” in Italian means “God”). One year later, she was one of the biggest Dio fangirls ever. Two years later, she went to see him & Black Sabbath live in concert (…AND the concert was canceled -___- Tony Iommi broke his shoulder or something, so we could only see Ronnie on stage for a few minutes. He sang the chorus part from Heaven & Hell for us, tried to comfort us for a bit, then left the stage. It was the first and last time I could see him, as he passed away about six months later ;___;) 
…At 24, said she’d rather live under a bridge than become a teacher. 
Became a teacher two years later. 

I am the type of person who… should clearly stop claiming she will “never” do something XD

I tag… EVERYONE! :D No, seriously, if you see this and want to do it, consider yourself tagged U___U


“I never imagined you dead
But tell me, are you even aware
That all that we did, you undo
Iscariot, you fool”

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Natural Turquoise Stone Pendant wrapped in bronze wire, waxed cotton cord. Beach treasures, surfer, boho, hippie, mermaid jewels
Untouched and unsullied by human hand or machine. A nugget of natural turquoise wrapped in bronze wire and suspended from turquoise waxed cotton Isnt nature amazing? Fastened with a lobster clasp. (Necklace length: 26cm = necklace fastened shut and laid along a ruler, from clasp to top of pendant. Necklace length, end to end, 52cm) Simple. Clean. Authentic. Any questions, please just ask.