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⛓and 🛎?

The room had such a calm aura about it. Both the Bellhop and the Lady’s servant were on the bed, talking casually with a cup of tea in hand. They spoke of many things. Life on the Maw, the selfishness of the guests, the cruelness of the Lady…
But then, the girl brought up a question that the tall wax man never expected.

“Your face…is it real, or is it a mask?”

He was quiet. It was almost too odd for the servant. She hoped that she didn’t offend him. He was so polite, and so kind to her as well. She looked up to him and admired him for how humble and caring he was. She would hate to hurt him in any manner for all he’d done for her.

“I’d prefer not to answer.”

His response was so blunt. She was so unsettled.
So, to ease the sudden tension in the room, she started to change the subject.

“…lets talk about something else, then.”

She smiled up at him when she said it, and her smile made him feel loads better. He nodded in agreement and smiled to himself.

“Alright, dear~ So, do you like certain clothing? Do you enjoy, well, shopping and such?”

And to his surprise, the servant grimaced slightly,

“I hate fashion.”

It’s been what, a year??? since bvs came out and to this day no one has been able to adequately explain to me why it gets hated on to this level
I’m still questioning whether I watched the same movie as everyone else what am I missing my dudes I’m sorry but I don’t see the atrocity here I

“‘Oh, yeah,’ MeLaan said, ‘because that makes sense. Worship the guy who died, rather than the one who saved the world.’
‘The Survivor transcended death,’ Marasi said, looking back, hand on the door, but not entering. ‘He survived even being killed, adopting the mantle of the Ascendant during the time between Preservation’s death and Vin Ascension.’
Rust…was she arguing theology with a demigod.
MeLaan, however, just cocked her head. ‘What, really?’
‘Um…yes. Harmony wrote of it himself in the Words of Founding, MeLaan.’”—Page 237

This is why we reread because Brandon is a sneaky foreshadowing bastard.

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i have been stalking your blog for the past 20 minutes and i'm in love. is there any way you'd be able to draw nurseydex as girls??? i would sob tbh

idk?? I? love girls????????

(maybe they’re also mer! here, idk idk)

(prompts are good and friendly things!)

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fic rec?

hi!! so i’m assuming this is about skam fic, which, YES there is so much amazing skam fic out in the universe. not to be dramatic but reading what you guys write has changed me. here’s just a few that have made me feel a thousand emotions, i tried to be a bit diverse and recommend some lesser known fics:

knees knocking, blood flowing, so i want you to know (that i want to) by @vesperthine (rating: M)
~ this fic was originally submitted to @koninginnen and it’s my favorite that i’ve read in skam. beautifully stylistic and insightful and wonderful

with love, from anonymous by the babes @adamparishe & @westiris (rating: T)
~ i frequently threaten cz after reading her chapters but we all know i live for the drama. you two are the dynamic duo we deserve and ily

Why, He’s a Man of Wax by @dahlstrom (rating: E)
~ i know a lot of people are uncomfy with explicit isak/even fics but trust jenny. isak has this conversation with eskild, the sex guru. honestly? life changing

An Equal and Opposite Reaction by @junkshop-disco (rating: M)
~ this one was recently recommended to me by @ravenclawisak who was totally right when she said it’s the best isak pov. there’s some amazing fleshing out of family backstories here if that interests you

i guess that’s destiny doing it right by @littlespooneven (rating: M)
~ anything that ciara writes makes me wanna die but this is like. just. flufftown, usa population isak and even. do your endorphins a favor

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You said preferred body types or their body types. Probably either!! But it would be cool if you did both, even if I have to wait a while.


Rev Squad Body-Type headcanons (keeping in mind this is my personal opinion and I change my preferences daily//hourly//)

Alexander Hamilton :: Smol Fleshy Bod

  • He borders the line of being fit and not
  • More Torso than Leg
  • Flat stomach but soft
  • Hairy lil rat man
  • Firmest Body part, Dem’ Calves 
  • Softest probably his sides, he has the beginnings of lovehandles
  • His Preferred body type: All of them, he’s a hoe for a reason

Marquis/Gilbert Lafayette :: Calvin Klein Model

  • Lean & Muscular 
  • Ab goals
  • Best Legs, long and slender
  • Shamelessly shaves//waxes//man scapes (because Ff genderroles)
  • Firmest body part, those pecks
  • Softest, his skin, he’s got baby smooth skin all around
  • His Preferred body type: He likes smol and huggable shapes

John Laurens :: ( @hxxtile like there should be more bod positive stuff for the boys, this is now my favorite thing and mentally canon always) unapologetically Big and Beautiful

  • Large and full of love
  • Freckles meets stretchmarks = beautiful galaxy
  • Surprisingly light on the body hair
  • Firmest body part, you haven’t seen a nicer/firmer butt boy
  • Softest body part, belly and easily the most comfortable thing to snuggle with
  • His Preferred body type: He’s not in for the glitz or glamour, just someone who fits nicely in his arms. Nothing too hard

Hercules Mulligan: Buff Bear Baby

  • Broad and Barrel like Body
  • More torso than leg, more so than ham
  • somewhere in the middle of John’s hair to bod ratio and Ham’s
  • Has a killer patch on his chest though (and nice trail too)
  • Firmest body part, ARMS the better to HUG
  • Softest body part, his back, go ahead and scratch his back.
  • His preferred body type: Tol and on the lighter side so he can do his signature bear hugs and pick up
Shakespeare insults meme

“Thou crusty batch of nature.”

“Thou lump of foul deformity.”

“I have seen better faces in my time than stands alone on any shoulder that I see before me at this instant.”

“The tartness of his face sours ripe grapes.”

“Thou smell of mountain goat.”

“She is spherical, like a globe. I could find out countries in her.”

“Thy mother took into her blameful bed some stern untutor’d churl… whose fruit thou art.”

“Scratching could not make it worse… such a face as yours.”

“Thou cream-faced loon. Where got’st that goose look?”

“Out of my sight! Thou dost infect my eyes!”

“Take you me for a sponge?”

“I was searching for a fool when I found you.”

“Have your mouth fill’d up before you open it.”

“Your abilities are too infant-like for doing much alone.”

“You are not worth another word.”

“Thou hast no more brain than I have in mine elbows.”

“He has not so much brain as ear-wax.”

“There’s a man hath more hair than wit.”

“Heave truly knows that thou art false as hell.”

“Get thee to a nunnery!”

“Thou art unfit for any place but hell.”

"She adulterates hourly.”

“I do repent the tedious moments I with her have spent.”

“She is ill-met by moonlight.”

“Thou art a wickedness.”

“Son and heir of a mongrel bitch.”

“O thou vile one!”

“Away! Thou’rt poison to my blood.”

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why are you so in love with Chris Pine (specific reasons are awesome ;U)

ahahaha well i legit just dragged my ass out of bed to get my laptop so i can do this some justice so:

chris pine

where do i start

it’s the way his eyes crinkle up when he smiles

it’s the way he kisses his friends on the cheeks with no embarrassment or ulterior motive, he just loves his friends

it’s the way he gently holds them by their waists when they hug

it’s his salt and pepper beard that he’s not at all ashamed of despite the fact he’s only in his thirties

it’s the sound of his laugh

it’s his love and dedication to star trek

it’s the fact that he wears clothes that make him feel comfortable and isn’t embarrassed that his style isn’t what the mainstream considers style

it’s his lightly freckled shoulders, god his shoulders…

it’s the way he can convey so much emotion with just his eyes

oh, his eyes, i could go on for days about how pretty his eyes are

his middle name is whitelaw

he’s a feminist, and is enthusiastic about playing the love interest role in wonder woman, despite the fact everyone else thinks that he ‘lowered’ himself in some way

he adopted a pit bull from a shelter despite their aggressive reputation and the fact he could easily afford a pure-bred because he cares about dogs so much

his love for dogs in general, he’s always so gentle and kind with them

he’s a massive nerd and he doesn’t care that anyone might judge him for it

it’s the way he’s so darn gentle in a society that’s so rough around the edges