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Can we just talk for a second about Q’s laptop? His very clearly, very personal, very much not MI6 standard issue laptop. I mean, it looks like one corner is being held together with fucking ductape . Looking at that laptop you can just imagine Q in his room at uni at 3am, listening to White Stripes at full volume while hacking the NSA just because he can. Think of all the mods and the upgrades he’s made to it over the years. How much must he love that machine, to have kept it and cared for it all this time? And now it’s just one more bit of him being dedicated to helping Bond.


“I’ve never been certain whether the moral of the Icarus story should only be, as is generally accepted, ‘don’t try to fly too high,’ or whether it might also be thought of as ‘forget the wax and feathers, and do a better job on the wings.”  
 ―    Stanley Kubrick

@rayshippouuchiha A tribute to her fem!Toni fanfic“The Limitations of Wax”

Free Emma Swan

Free Emma Swan from her “friendship” with a woman who has tried murdering her at least 5 times because of “childhood trauma”

Free Emma Swan from waxing poetry about a man who constantly talked down to her, traumatized her, sent her to a place he made sure to avoid like the plague and took advantage of her because of “daddy issues”

Free Emma Swan from being unfairly talked down to by her own son when all she was trying to do the right thing because “dad said so”

Free Emma Swan from the absolutely broken relationship with her parents where they give up on her constantly because “Regina needs them”

Free Emma Swan from being expected to sacrifice everything she’s worked hard for so everyone else to be happy but to be punished for daring to go after what makes her happy because “Savior = you’re supposed to be miserable”

Free Emma Swan from a relationship with a guy who does everything for her, makes her his top priority, is always encouraging her….wait, what are we freeing her from again? She doesn’t seem to be imprisoned, or miserable, or in pain because as Killian Jones said, “It’s True Love”

in which ren defends tony stark:

[this post does not contain spoilers] 

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ok so I’m not tony stark’s biggest fan but I can appreciate that despite having a lot of money and lavish parties, despite having the funds to create new “toys” aka suits, despite it all tony stark is still painfully human. he still breaks when he’s hurting and if his childhood taught him anything it’s that loss will always find you, you cannot fight it off. you’ll lose someone who you cautiously let into your heart and care about and there will be nothing you can do about it.

all of the armor and bright smiles in the world won’t fix what can’t be put back together but tony is trying. he knows ultron was his baby, his chaos born out of genius, he knows what weapons can do when they’re left unchecked. he is trying to clear the red off of his own ledger and knows that damage is damage and the earth it wounded from their unregulated battles, knows that he is just as shattered  and if someone were to call him a weapon, he wouldn’t disagree with them.

from his POV bucky barnes is someone who sculpted his life in the worst of ways, who left him with nothing but memories and a lifetime of pain. he knows pain, has memorized the ache in his chest from a heart that carries too much, knows that a flame burns when touched, knows the exact amount of smiles to fake. and so it hurts to see that a person he has came to love is the very match that will set him ablaze.

tony stark should understand more than anyone just how deeply the knife cuts when you lose someone, should know that when the person you love more than you have ever loved anyone is in danger you’ll destroy everything in your path to protect them. he almost lost pepper, he wouldn’t survive if she lost every blessed memory they’d created together, wouldn’t survive if the world was chasing her with pitchforks and demanding she be caged like an animal, no. he wouldn’t rest until blood stained the pavement. if he could only understand that love makes you reckless and grief makes a pillar of rage out of you; maybe then he’d see where steve is coming from. you can only lose the one you love so many times before you finally snap.

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tl;dr: anthony stark is a human being and he is releasing over twenty years of pain, he is allowing himself to grieve in a very violent manner. try to keep in mind all of the trauma he has lived through. he is not the enemy, there are no enemies in this movie. there is only pain against pain, time against memories, love vs love in its rawest form. it’s truly a war of hearts. (also I’m team cap but I still have mad love for tony)


Wax Figure of George Washington in his younger years; military-man in the French and Indian War; he’s age 21 or so here. 

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I mean seriously, if I walked near this, I would think he’s real. HAHA.


About to wake n bake with a ginormous kief bowl out of “Poltergeist”. I fucking love this bong! This shit is smoother than Mary Jane’s freshly waxed Brazilian! Man this thing gets you way high! In the background are my two chocolope clones I got as babies from my dispensary. In the background is my collection of meditative crystals, minerals, and collectibles.


What’s the first thing you do, how do you start this process? (x)


Alex: Um, Angel? I’m thinking of cancelling my trip to Aurora Skies this afternoon. That session with Mistress Amanda last night left me feeling a little bit…out of sorts.

Naomi puts down her fork and glares at him. He continues eating, but appears to be having difficulty swallowing. Her voice drips scorn, nearly as painful as Mistress Amanda’s hot candle wax.

Naomi: Man up Alex, for God’s sake! Honestly, you’re pathetic. You’re going, and that’s it. Even if I have to haul you onto the plane myself.