wax dipped

When Icarus was young,
Daedalus watched him gaze wonder-struck at the sky; from the stars, to the moon, to the sun…
He should have known then he wasn’t meant to keep his feet on the ground.

When Icarus was young,
Daedalus laminated at the prison they were bound to. His gifts lent to create a jail for another that became his own. He watched his son grow cramped between four walls. He wanted more for him.

When Icarus was young,
Daedalus made plans. He thought himself clever, holding the favor of Athena and Hephaestus. ‘I will get us out.’ he thought, ‘I will make sure we fly.’

When Daedalus was old,
He sat on the ground clutching wax dipped feathers. He glanced to the sun, cursing his wit;
His pride.
‘Are you happy now?’ he murmured before laughing softly to himself. ‘A son for a sun.’

—  Daedalus loved his son, but Icarus was in love with the sky // L.H.Z

🌙Cheap Witch DIY: Candles! 🕯

The wicks burn super well and have a strong flame! 🔥

For the wicks you will need:

  • Cotton string (I got mine from the crochet section at Walmart) 
  • Melted candle wax

Dip the string into the candle wax and drag it through to coat the whole string and let the wax harden. 

For the candle you will need:

  • Leftover wax from old candles (crayons if you are coloring)
  • 1 Wick
  • A mold (I used a styrofoam cup but you can make one out of tinfoil or a cupcake liner)
  • *Optional: Add herbs to your candle (I used cinnamon, clove, and anise seed but it sunk to the bottom so can’t tell) 

Have the wick sticking upright (rest it on something), melt the wax and pour it into the mold, after it is a little bit cool add your herbs(don’t add it first thing or it will sink). Keep it in the refrigerator until the wax has completely hardened. 

Use your candle however you please! 🌜🔮🕯⭐️🍁🍂🍃🌻

Plant Buying Guide

When buying succulents or houseplants from large chain stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot, be wary of product marketing schemes


  • Avoid any plant with glued on strawflowers (vibrant pink, red, orange or yellow plastic flower), most succulents and cactus take their sweet time blooming so don’t be fooled by the plant store’s cheap tricks 
  • Check to make sure the plant isn’t glued in! This goes for other houseplants too, if the rocks or gravel don’t move/you wouldn’t be able to get the plant out of the pot, don’t buy it. How will you even water it?
  • Don’t buy spray painted plants… DON’T BUY SPRAY PAINTED PLANTS. Super unhealthy for the plant and really tacky… No glitter either folks


  • Check the soil and base of the plant for any kind of rot. If the soil seems really wet and parts of the plants feel squishy it’s probably not healthy..
  • Don’t buy Amaryllis dipped in wax… Seriously. Sure you “don’t have to water it!” but it’s also super unhealthy for the plant…
  • Always check the undersides of the leaves for any insect damage or any insects
  • If the plant just generally doesn’t look right (brown, discolored, yellowing middle) don’t buy it for full price, unless you have decent houseplant knowledge and know that the issue can be easily fixed

As always, happy plant hoarding!



You will need:

A whole head of Garlic
3 large ‘iron’ nails
9 pieces of White Thread (7 inches long each)
6 pieces each of Black Thread and Red Thread (7 inches long each)
One White Egg
Water and Wine

Twist or braid 3 white, 2 red and 2 black threads together, melt a little wax and dip the threads so that it forms a stiff twine/wick like feel. Do this two more times so you have 3 waxed braids.

Place the nails in a fire until they are red hot, while still hot (you can let them cool a little bit) wrap each nail with a garlic leaf. Then wind one of the waxed threads around each leave covered nail.

In a dish or bowl make a triangle with the nails and place it in a safe place (or your altar). Place the egg in the triangle so it stands up, sprinkle with wine and water everyday.

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Full sized shot. Alex sandwich. Amie @notmumrn holding her thigh. Me grabbing her hip/ass. Not even sorry. Matt looking like a sad puppy. Best. Photo. Ever.

Burning the match for nothing

There are no candles left in this house,
and each fingertip dipped in wax is now bandaged
to hide the burn stains and scars from the last fifteen years
of trying to keep the fire lit.

Night after desperate night, I blew smoke like a dying dragon
struggling to keep the fire inside alive.

But then there were no more candles left in this house,
and I was burning the match for nothing
but a snuffed out light you would never see
and this cold wax left wick-less in my palm.