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This is my last Inktober drawing lmao

inktober#31: knight!iwa!

The 1st one is obviously scanned and edited.
And today I finally came around to take pictures of the original one in the sun //sweats

Animation Advice Post something or other

So I see a lot of negative stuff about animation and jobs floating around on tumblr lately and I was going to do a post outlining some of the things that can help you out when you’re just starting a job. So I thought I’d do a post of all I tell my students and crew members on a pretty regular basis. 

KEEP IN MIND , THIS IS JUST MY OPINION AND MY EXPERIENCES THUS FAR IN THE INDUSTRY. People will disagree and thats fine , there is no 100% right way to do anything. Feel free to take it with a grain of salt. 

lots of texty advice under the

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anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask, for an aspiring animator still in highschool, is it more important that they learn figure drawing mainly, character design mainly, or a mix of both? If they should learn a mix of both, how can they they balance it out evenly and end up with skills only used in a fine art career rather than animation? Right now I'm learning figure drawing and have a pretty solid grip on cast drawing, but I'm not sure if I'm focusing too much on realistic drawing and not imaginative drawing.

Thats tough to say ! Both go hand in hand - you need to know the rules and you need to know how to break them. Its such a contradiction some times , its like that Picasso quote 

“ It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

You need to have a good solid life drawing base , how the body moves , and how its put together. You need to know how to do this in order to ground movements in reality. 

Take this GIF from mindgame - which has some crazy scenes for sure. Now its very stylized but if you were really were to break it down you could find the structure in it - its still all attached in a very relateable HUMAN way. though not in the realm of realistic movement it still works as how we view a body should work. 

Hers a great example of more of a fine art anatomy study merged with what people would say is a ‘ cartoon ‘ . Every drawing has its own anatomy. 

“If you want believably in your characters, you must have visual consistency. In animation, each character must move according to its own anatomical limitations: Daffy duck must move with Daffy Duck’s anatomy, Donald Duck with Donald Duck’s structure. The amoeba’s anatomy seems to have only one restriction - its bulk; like an inflated balloon, it can vary its shape, but it cannot change its volume. That is, if you want a believable amoeba . All animals - humanized animals or animalized animals - must appear to stand, walk , run or skip under the stabilizing pressure of gravity in order to achieve believably “ 

- chuck jones 

In order to understand how this character moves the animators had to do studys , how was he put together , how did the muscles work based on who this character was ( what ones were more developed , ect ) 

Take a look at these rules for this character - especially the top right corner. Tarzan is a very strong example of anatomy but it comes down to WHAT they chose to highlight. What curves of the arm best represented the simple anatomical shapes - how to boil all that information down into the most readable details.  

This is what I mean by saying its hand in hand - being able to stylize isint just about imagination ( although i do recommend you experiment ! being flexible , problem solving and thinking out of the box are always good for your art journey ) - its about picking your battles in what you want to communicate to your audience and WHY.  Its about exaggerating features you want to exaggerate , about pushing body proportions to create interesting and varied shapes , and to sometimes find the simplest way to represent the complexity that is the human form ( or whatever form you happen to be drawing ) 

take a look at this video  - Is there anatomy , structure , form , all that stuff you need to learn ? 100% yes. But you can see it exaggerated and pulled to compliment the motion in order to invoke a reaction from the audience. It has a purpose ! 

This is a lot of rambling but long story short - they go hand in hand. One doesn’t happen without the other , if you feel like you should try something different then go for it , HAVE FUN ! find something that inspires you and try not to get caught up in if you’re ‘balanced ‘ or not. If you find it hard to break out just do more life drawing gestures and less long studies to help loosen up. I loves me some 15 second gestures ! I hope that helps ! 

I don’t know what to write actually.. I never post my art, usually ‘coz its some original stuff nobody cares about besides me. Moreover I’m always afraid of a bad criticism. But anyway, now I’m so into OP, and as soon as I’ll get some free time I’m gonna draw more (who’s gonna be next? Cora, I guess).

That’s a traditional art (watercolor pencils, water soluble wax) with few digital effects.

anonymous asked:

Do do you have any Autistic! Pidge headcanons? Specifically Asperger's? (I'm an Aspie and I really think Pidge has this)

(I told my brother with Asperger’s this and he thinks it’s cool that someone who likes Voltron has this too. You two can be buddies! He’s way into this TV series.)

*cracks knuckles* Alright, let’s do this.

  • When everyone got older and started making sex jokes, they all went over Pidge’s head. They just didn’t make sense to her and no one wanted to explain them to her.
  • When someone is showing her something, she can lean in too close and freak them out because of personal space and whatnot.
  • Pidge was fixated on technology from a young age and remained that way all growing up. She dedicated huge amounts of emotional and cognitive energy to learning how to work computers, hence the reason she’s so good at working them. She talked about it all the time growing up, which could get grating at times.
  • When she keeps talking about something she loves, she misses the fact that it can irritate them. Lance thought he was being plenty obvious about how annoyed he was when she waxed poetic about the digital frontier but not to Pidge. Hunk was finally willing to sit down and explain it to her in necessary detail later on.
  • She doesn’t make eye contact very well; she’s had to work hard to meet someone in the eye. It’s still not very natural for her and she’d rather not look at them when talking.
  • She talks to herself a lot, out loud. She has for a long time. It makes it easier to think and she doesn’t get why it’s not socially acceptable if it helps her.
  • Change is extremely hard on her; routine is her best friend. She was dreading her father and brother leaving for months before because of the change it would bring on her and her mother. She reacted pretty badly when she became a paladin too for the same reason. Too much change too fast.

This is all I can think off off the top of my head, but I hope this is alright! It was a lot of fun to think about this :)

animation rant time

Theres something thats been bugging me and I really just want to get it off my chest a little. 

There was a post going around that was re blogged by some mutuals and I didnt want to jump start my own opinions onto that post because honestly theres nothing wrong with liking the post and I dont want to tie anyone into a convo they’d rather not be in.  The post in question was talking about a scenario of someone looking up to animation and being inspired..watching ghibli movies , creating their own characters..working hard to learn animation and  -  oh guess what they now animate on talking crude talking food movies. Thats so unfortunate.   

The post could be meant as a just a joke but if it was sincere its one of the things that really bugs me sometimes about how people view this industry. this COMMERCIAL industry. This industry where guess what the projects are what you make of it , and the projects may not be something that inspires you but you may get some great experience out of it and some amazing people to learn from. There are lots of projects I’ve worked on personally that have been bashed , been called cash grabs , have been forgotten , and honestly as an animator i’ve always learned something and moved forward by it. Not every thing i’ve worked on has been something that I -personally- would watch but that doesnt mean it wasnt a good experience. 

Am i saying there arent any people on this movie going ‘ oh man..wtf happened with my career path ‘ well no but .. you could say that for ANYTHING. You could have people saying that for television shows or for movies that arent as blockbuster hits. To me its the same argument of ‘ oh man you’re drawing fanart ? what are you doing with your skills ‘ . I know a lot of people who do art and animation thats personally not to my tastes , but that doesnt mean they cant love what they do. Not everyone has to be inspired by ghibli movies or glen keane….some people can like crude humor and have a blast. 

Now im not saying people cant think the movie is dumb , but what im saying is dont weep over any possible wasted potential - because what does is it sums up potential by someones job and thats the one thing I always want to drive home about the animation industry. YOU.ARE.NOT.YOUR.JOB . Dont weigh someones worth or potential or artistic skills purely by the job that they have - you have no idea what they do in their off time. Not every project i’ve been on inspires me ..but thats ok , because its my job. I tell everyone to save some energy for themselves for their own projects , their own art , for this reason - to REMAIN inspired and create what they love from their own sources. That way it doesnt matter what you’re hired to do , wether its a pre-school show , a television show with crazy tight deadines that doesnt allow you to do your best work , or a crude comedy about talking food , you’re still doing something in your spare time that keeps your original love alive. Projects that you can get crazy passionate about that are in your wheelhouse and line up with your tastes are few and far between so lets not make people feel like they’re wasting their potential and their dreams if they happen to be on something thats not, geeze. 

And i mean personally I saw the trailer and I laughed at all the swearing because dammit animation is a medium not a genre and it can be used for whatever.