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26 Sterek

26. “According to US Weekly, we’re married.” Also on ao3!

“According to US Weekly, we’re married.”

Stiles punctuated his statement by slapping down a copy of the offending tabloid magazine on Derek’s coffee table, none too gently. The table wobbled a bit from the amount of force he used, a steaming cup of coffee nearly spilling all over the table.

Beaming up at him from the glossy front page of the magazine was a blown up picture of him and Derek on the set between shoots. It was slightly blurred around the edges thanks to being zoomed in on so very much, proving just how much of an invasion of privacy it was.

He couldn’t know for sure who had taken the photo, the article not disclosing the photographer, but Stiles had a sneaking suspicion of who it was nonetheless. He would have bet anything it was that creepy little snake Matt Daehler, the disgusting paparazzo who had made a name for himself by stalking celebrities and their families.

For the past few weeks, he had caught glimpses of someone slinking around behind the scenes, the hairs on the back of his neck rising whenever he did. Just a few days ago his suspicions that it was Daehler had been confirmed when he witnessed him lurking around one of the sets.

And now a picture of him and Derek was being circulated nationwide, various tabloids and newspapers hosting articles speculating about it. The picture was even being discussed on talk and morning shows that apparently had nothing else to talk to.

He folded his arms over his chest and raised an unamused, expectant brow at Derek who merely blinked up at him. When Derek failed to say anything, Stiles gestured emphatically down at the magazine.

In the picture, Derek was wearing one of his outfits for the movie: a dark navy blue waxed cotton jacket over a black sweater, dark jeans, black boots, black sunglasses…and a wedding ring. It was crucial to the role he was playing, the movie focusing on a single father raising his daughter while struggling with depression and PTSD.

It was sure to be a classic, full of emotional scenes highlighting the everyday challenges of life with mental illness, centering on the main character, Tyler, learning how to juggle his own issues along with his daughter’s. Rather than glorify or romanticize both Tyler’s mental illnesses and his self-care, the film explored the nitty gritty truth of depression and PTSD and suicidal thoughts.

However, while Derek’s wedding ring was necessary for the movie, the matching ring on Stiles’ hand was not.

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Colour Amid Texture

As most readers of my posts will have realised, I’m a great fan of colour and texture in outfits. I do find that colourful, patterned pieces can stand out too much by themselves (for my taste) so I tend to let them peek out from time to time. The case(s) in point here are the sweater and socks - both colourful but hidden away with the sweater showing only a little of itself from underneath the scarf and the jacket. The outfit itself is inspired by the countryside with a waxed cotton jacket, a Fair Isle sweater, a chunky cable-knit scarf, corduroy trousers and country grain leather shoes.

Winter dressing here can be a little depressing with all the black that seems to be worn so I thought a little colour would be a nice change. The colourful socks are hidden from sight most of the time but peek out when I’m seated.

Jacket - @drakesdiary 

Sweater - Jamieson’s

Scarf - Inverallan

Trousers - Hiltl

Socks - CHUP

Shoes @crockettandjones_official

every time someone says that “unlike other Kingsman agents, Merlin wears cosy cute old-fashioned sweaters” I just sit here like

it’s literally called military sweater


those shoulder patches are originally there because it’s a wear area

it’s a wear area because you carry backpacks and shoulder firearms.

he’s wearing a waxed-cotton jacket too.

he’s literally wearing a military uniform


An Easy Winter Outfit

There’s very little to say about this outfit. I’m wearing a waxed cotton jacket with a Shetland sweater, dark denim and some suede boots.  The lining of the jacket couples well with the brushed Shetland wool to insulate me from chill. The wool-silk scarf adds some nice contrast while keeping the wind out.

Jacket: @drakesdiary

Jumper: MKI

Scarf: @jesschiodo

Jeans: Orslow

Boots: Carmina


Inspiration From Anywhere

When I first posted a picture of this cardigan, David(@mr_vittles) commented that they had the exact same one that they wore with an olive waxed cotton jacket. It sounded good so I decided to give it a try and it’s a very comfortable outfit that will work in any number of places and keep you warm at the same time.

I saw some similar colours in one of the photos from @drakesdiary with a brushed Shetland jumper rather than a cardigan and I thought that some dark brown suede chukka boots would also go well with the field jacket and chunky cardigan.

Jacket - Drake’s

Cardigan - Inverallan

Shirt - Kamakura

Jeans - Orslow 107 One Wash

Boots - @carminashoemaker