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Apple Curse Box 🍎

If you need to rain misfortune and folly down on your sniveling enemies, an apple curse box will work quite nicely.

Items needed:

- One red apple
- A knife
- A taglock representing your enemy
- Something to hollow out the core of the Apple (melon baller, spoon)
- Mortar and Pestle
- Dirt, for nastiness
- Cayenne Pepper, for a sting
- Pins and needles, for a prick
- Optional: Worms (fake worms, gummy worms, dead worms, or alive worms if you have something against worms)
- One Black Candle


Light the black candle first, so you have more than enough wax to seal the apple; you will need it.

Cut the apple in half with anger and violence (BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL so you don’t end up adding your finger to the curse box). Hollow out a decent-sized space in the apple to contain your spell ingredients, but leave enough flesh for sealing the box with wax.

Grind together the cayenne peppers and the taglock in the mortar and pestle and infuse it with the firey rage of a thousand suns. If you’re comfortable doing so, you might also grind the pepper with the dirt while envisioning all of the nasty deeds to be cast upon your enemy.

Before adding the foul concoction of dirt and cayenne pepper–that has smothered and bruised the taglock–to the empty apple core, take your pins and needles and stick them into the flesh of the apple, symbolically representing the physical hurt to be inflicted upon the poor soul who had done you wrong.

Add the dirt, cayenne pepper, taglock, and worms into the apple core. Drip wax onto the remaining flesh of the apple and quickly press the two halves together. Seal the seam with copious amounts of wax to ensure the box doesn’t fall apart.

Carve an evil, laughing face into the apple.

The apple must be present in your enemy’s space: toss it in their yard, in their car, in their house, in their garden, on their roof, in their office, whatever works.

The curse will end once the apple has rotted, decomposed, and returned to the earth.

Motivational Spell Jar

A recreation of @witchy-woman‘s “I Can Do This!” Motivation bottle (x)

I’ve had a lot of worries and anxieties bog me down recently, especially with something I need to do this month but really don’t want to so this little pick me up spell sounded perfect

Inside the jar (re-purposed nail polish bottle) there is:

Sea salt - for protection
Cinnamon - for success & wisdom
Sage - for peace
Caraway seeds - for mental power
Basil - for confidence
Red Pepper flakes - for energy

However I replaced rosemary (for mental clarity) from @witchy-woman‘s original spell with bay leaves (for strength and good fortune) mostly because i have no rosemary currently though i certainly do need the extra strength and good fortune

The bottle is sealed with scented wax; apples and daisies for good luck and peonies for prosperity 

I spoke aloud what each part of the spell was for while creating the bottle and used the time waiting for the wax to cool to take a few deep breaths and reflect on what energy I wanted directed into the spell and what I hoped would come of it

Update apart from me lying in my bedroom crying my eyes out with an apple wax cube melting and listening to Piano Concerto in B Minor: Allegro Appassionato, my sister just came in and asked if I was okay because apparently my enjoyable suffering is audible. And I forgot to finish the script. Welp


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 11.26.15

theme thursday: happy happy thanksgiving!

autumn-y jar candle scents by pommesfrites

ignite a little turkey day ambience with some fall-perfect soy jar candles from pommesfrites! whether you love the warm toasty cinnamon-apple scent or the nutmeg-y resonance of spiced pumpkin, you’re truly in for an olfactory treat.

An illustration of apple-bobbing at an Irish Halloween gathering from 1886. Along with nuts, apples were the foodstuff most essential to traditional Halloween celebrations. Apples were eaten in abundance on Halloween as a harvest food which was in plentiful supply during the season. They were also used in a variety of games and divination rituals.

‘Snap-apple’ was an extremely dangerous Halloween game which involved two sticks tied together to form a cross, with an apple and a lit candle fixed to opposite ends. This apparatus would be suspended from the ceiling and the player (with their hands behind their back) would have to catch the apple with their teeth, all the while trying to avoid the flame and hot dripping wax of the candle. Apple-bobbing was a more family-friendly alternative to this activity.

Different parts of an apple could be used to predict the future on Halloween. Girls named fresh apple pips after their various admirers and placed the pips on their foreheads or eyelids. The first pip to fall proved that sweetheart was unfaithful while the last to fall belonged to the boy the girl would marry. A popular Halloween activity amongst young people was to skin an apple into one long peel and throw the peel over your shoulder. With luck the peel would land in the shape of a letter which was the initial of your future spouse.

LotR AU where the fellowship has to go through Ikea. All of them slowly going up the escalator. Boromir falling asleep on one of the couches and getting left behind. Merry and Pippin always seem to be in the kitchen section. Gandalf sitting on a coffee table and talking about having no memory of this place. Frodo becoming very tired before they even get to the second floor and Sam starts giving him a piggy back ride through the childrens section. An ikea employee trying to run after them because “Sirs, the kitchens aren’t real, I’m going to need  you to put that wax apple back!” and Gandalf screaming at the ikea employee “You shall not pass!”