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Dance With Me- A spell to form closer connections to someone

You will need:

🎵Rose Quartz

🎵A pink candle

🎵A picture/visualization of the person you want to form a closer bond with

🎵A peice of paper, a pen, an envelope, and a place to bury the envelope


1: Light the candle

2: Visualize the person while writing their name on the peice of paper

3: Put the paper in the envelope and seal it using the wax from the candle

4: Charge it with the quartz overnight

5: Bury the envelope

Foodie Friday: Candied Violets

*WARNING: This recipe uses raw egg whites and flowers. Please make sure that your flowers are of an edible variety, and grown pesticide-free, for safety’s sake (especially in this recipe, be sure to avoid using African violets, which are not edible). Be sure that if you are in the US, your eggs are of a high grade, and that the egg whites are properly prepared for use. 

Servings: Varies
-Whole edible violets, fresh and with stems still attached
-1 egg white per cup of loosely packed flowers
-1 cup superfine or castor sugar
-A fine paintbrush (if you don’t have one dedicated to food, then get one… please do not use a paintbrush from the studio…)

1. Gently wash the flowers by placing them in a sieve and gently spraying them with water. Gently shake off excess moisture and set them out in a single layer on a rack or absorbent towel to dry.

2. Allow the egg white to reach room temperature. Use a whisk to gently whip it until it is slightly frothy.

3. Using the paintbrush, gently coat the flower petals with egg white, holding the flower by the stem. Then sprinkle sugar over the flower until it is completely coated. Set it out on a sheet of parchment or wax paper to dry.

4. Allow the violets to dry for up to 24 hours so that they completely dry out. When dry, cut the stems off at the base of the flower. Store in an airtight container (shelf life of up to a month) and serve either alone as a treat, or as an edible garnish on cookies, cupcakes, cakes, et cetera.

Magical Ingredient!

So it’s been fairly busy in the restaurant of late, as students come back from spring break, and families come into the county to celebrate Easter. The Christian Holy Week is in full force, so I’ve spent a fair amount of my time cooking tilapia, shrimp, and salmon. With this Foodie Friday, I decided it was high time I took a break from seafood in favor of a sweet little spring treat that’s been cherished since the Victorian era.

Flowers are a mainstay in witchcraft, and why shouldn’t they be. Not only do they signify fertility and rebirth, they’re beautiful, and every herb and plant holds some sort of property that we as witches may incorporate into our practice. Witches who focus on herbs and plants, be they green witches, garden witches, or -yes- even kitchen witches, often have entire charts worth of correspondences just for how to use plants in their practice.

Here, however, I’m going to be focusing on our featured recipe and look at violets. The recipe can, of course, be adapted for any edible flower, but if I were to go into detail about every flower that you could eat, I’d be here all night (not a good thing since I have to be back at the restaurant in a few hours)!

Violets are exceptional spring flowers for use in love, luck, lust, and protection spells, as well as sweetening spells. Depending on your practice, the use of the violet may differ!

First, we’ll address teas. Violets in tea are often used to ease pain and fever, a practice that was particularly prominent in Romanian and Chinese medicine. In addition, it was common in Ancient Greece to use violets to help moderate anger, aid sleep, and ease depression - a property that would later also give the violet another common name: “heart’s ease.”

Rich in vitamins A and C, as well as various other nutrients, violets are an early spring edible that can be added to many different recipes, from vinegars to syrups and even salads, giving the kitchen witch plenty of options to play with in working with this little flower.

In matters of love, the flowers can be used in sachets, teas, or foods to help encourage faithfulness in a relationship or to encourage a growth of love and/or lust. Meanwhile, the leaves can be used in green sachets to promote luck and wealth.

The roots are great for cleansing, as they can be dried and added to incense for smoke cleansing.

Combining violets and lavender makes for a particularly potent form of protection and luck, as well as love, spell. This approach can be used in any way that you use the flower, be it burning in an incense, cooking, or creating a witch bag.

For the kitchen witch, violets are versatile and can be used in many recipes. Add the flowers and leaves to a salad, make a floral syrup or vinegar, candy them, or create a floral water. These are just a few ideas of what you can do with violets.

Ultimately, to sum all of this up, violets are a little flower sometimes approached as a weed. But in terms of medicine, culinary use, and witchcraft, this little weed is actually an early spring treasure. Consider different ways to incorporate violets into your practice (and your recipes), and see where this little blossom takes you!

Bonus Spell!

Josh’s Self-Love Candy Jar

-Make candied violets as above, visualizing happiness, health, and confidence as you do so. Channel this intent into the crafting of the snack for extra umph.

-Cleanse a jar and begin adding your flowers, chanting or focusing on positive affirmations as you add each flower: “By the first flower, I find joy in the small things. By the second flower, I see my inner beauty. By the third flower, I see beauty around me…”

-When the jar is full, enchant it as a whole before adding the lid. For added effect, draw or trace a symbol or sigil for your intent on the lid or jar.

-Once a day, eat a candied violet while visualizing that intent. You feed the spell by feeding yourself!

May all your meals be blessed!
Blessed Be! )O(

All Eyes on You

*a particularly nasty curse to induce paranoia and guilt against those who have done serious wrong and gotten away with it


A large jar

Googly eyes


Black wax

A black poppet

A taglock

Forget-me-not: causes remembrance of wrongdoing

Hazel: to carry out wrath against individual

Wormwood: revenge, nightmares, hallucinations

Poppy seeds: nightmares, hallucinations, paranoia


1. Glue the eyes all over the inside of the jar. Leave no space, make sure you get the inside of the lid too. Absolutely riddle it with eyes.

2. Stuff the poppet with the herbs and taglock. Seal it up. Put all of your anger and rage into it, shake it, punch it, whatever you want.

3. Shove the poppet in the jar. Seal the jar with the wax.

4. Keep the jar in a dark place (I prefer a dark closet), to induce fear and paranoia.

*Note: Because of the severity of this curse, this is not meant to be a permanent curse, it is advised to lift it when you feel the individual has been properly punished. To lift the curse, simply remove the poppet from the jar and empty out the poppets contents and then burn them. You may keep the jar to reuse if you wish.

Witchcraft On A Budget


Melt Micheal's Ashland® Basic Elements™ Tea Lights, 50 Pack ($2.99) with Dollar Tree Crayons ($1.00) to create your own unique rainbow of colors. However, in my experience, Dollar Tree brand crayons are more pastel / muted versions of the colors. For more exact primaries use Micheal’s Crayola Crayons ($0.59 - $4.99).

Once your candles are set, pop them out of the metal container and place in glass candle holder for safe wax-pouring in spell work.

Candle Holders / Wax Burners

Shop around at your local Dollar Tree to take your pick of their fair selection of wax burners ($1.00) and candle stick holders ($1.00). If you’re wanting to pour your candle wax onto vials or parchment, I recommend going with a stemless glass candle holder as glass has minimal heat-transfer.

Melting Wax and Incense 

The Dollar Tree and Micheal’s both have a number of scents that you can pick up in both melting wax and cone incense forms. Dollar Tree price, $1.00 each; Micheal’s price, $2.99 each. Keep in mind that Dollar Tree wax only comes with 4 cubes, while Micheal’s wax comes with 6 cubes.


Check out Etsy and Ebay for great crystal deals! Most are priced between $0.50 - $3.00 depending on the size, and on Ebay it’s always possible to find great stones that come with Free Shipping! Take heed, though, while Ebay may be cheaper, you’re going to have to wait. My Ebay purchases usually take a month or more to arrive and more often than not do not come with tracking. It may be worth it to pay the $2.00 - $4.00 shipping charges on Etsy to get your package in a week or two with tracking.

Also, many Etsy shops give shipping deals if you buy more than one item from them. Find a stone deal you like then browse that seller’s shop for the other stones you’re looking for!

Vials and Bottles

Large bottles from Micheal’s are $1.49 each, a pack of small vials cost $6.99. Micheal’s also sells cork packs from $1.99-$4.99.

You can also find amazing vial deals on Ebay. I just bought a pack of 20 with corks for less than $8.00, but I’ve seen packs as low as $4.00.

Altar Decorations

The Dollar Tree has an amazing assortment of baskets, flowers, leaves, and fake fruit, all $1.00 each!

The Dollar Tree also has a number of cheap frames that range in size, so you can easily print out pictures of your deity or any animal you choose and frame them without the cost.