Wawastuck and Dominosstuck


Aradia: Makes food. Vegan. Constantly judges people for their food choices. Doesn’t understand why Equius gets so nervous around her.

Tavros: Uncomfortable new employee. Perpetually in training. Has constant moral battles regarding his co-workers’ behavior.

Sollux: Makes food. Gets very passionate about mac and cheese around 3 am. Fixes all of the machines because they’re almost always broken.

Karkat: Cashier. Always angry and yells at literally everyone. Has no patience with Tavros but makes no attempts to help train him. Hates it when Eridan insists on running the counter with him.

Nepeta: Makes sandwiches and offers everyone tea. Never gets any work done because she just stares at Karkat from behind the counter. Isn’t tall enough to see over the counter.

Kanaya: Makes coffee. Subtly fixes all of the pranks Vriska pulls on people. Appalled by the dress code but constantly tucking in her co-workers shirts and making sure they look presentable. Store mama.

Terezi: Stocks behind the coolers. She organizes everything by color and licks pretty much every bottle. Scares people on purpose when they go to get drinks.

Vriska: Coffee. Refuses to put out any more or less than eight blends at a time. Eridan constantly tells her to use all twelve but she literally does not give a fuck. Switches the decaf and regular coffee and thinks Kanaya doesn’t notice.

Equius: Stocks and does heavy lifting. Is horrified by Terezi’s undignified behavior. He stays in the cooler area so his sweating doesn’t scare the customers.

Gamzee: Manager. No one has any idea how he got the position. Doesn’t understand customer complaints. ‘wHy YoU aLl Up AnD mAd My ShOuTy LiTtLe BrOtHeR’

Eridan: Manager. Worked incredibly hard to get the position and is infuriated that he has to share the title with 'the fuckin clowwn’. Ascends to ultimate tight ass tier when he hears that Feferi is coming in. Specifically works the register on those days.

Feferi: Daughter of the owner of the store. Comes in for about fifteen minutes a week and loves working the register. 'Earns her keep’, has not done a single bit of hard labor in her life. As soon as it gets even a little busy, she ollies the fuck out.


John: Makes the breadsticks. Vriska comes in constantly and only ever order the breaksticks. Compliments them very loudly and eats them “seductively” while staring at him. John thinks she’s a very nice girl.

Rose: Manager. Takes her position very seriously but only to be ironic and actually does not give a fuck. Insinuates that she might write erotic fiction about her employees. (She does.) Kanaya comes in to order pizza every night because she appreciates and admires Rose’s managerial skills but doesn’t actually eat any. Gives it to Vriska since she’s already there anyway.

Dave: Delivery guy. Constantly makes porn jokes. Draws comics on the boxes. Terezi orders pizza all the time but refuses to actually go pick it up, so he’s forced to walk it next door. He doesn’t actually mind and sometimes stays over for over an hour. When Rose asks what took so long, he says “car problems”.

Jade: Loves making pizza. Throws the dough even though there’s a machine that does that for them. Constantly has Bec with her, but everyone pretends not to notice there’s a dog in the kitchen. Makes pepperoni smiley faces on pizzas.

Jane: Other pizza/food maker. Uncommonly good at it. Complains that Jade’s methods aren’t very effective, but appreciates her enthusiasm. Outwardly against Dirk’s new dress code proposal but secretly supports it.

Jake: Delivery guy. Loves going on long delivers and will always take the long way. Takes 'thirty minutes or less’ as a personal challenge. Plays intense chase music and acts like the pizza is some precious item out of an action movie. Jake supports the dress code change too, but does not understand the actual motives behind it. He just wants to be faster.

Roxy: Takes the phone and online orders. Her notes make no sense, but they’re always right. Hacked the register so the receipts print out with little cat faces. Has to explain the orders to Jane and Jade over and over. Also supports the dress code change but wants it to apply to everyone, not just the delivery guys. She is an equal opportunity oogler.

Dirk: Manager. Will edit Rose’s erotic fiction and make suggestions for it; ex. aliases for each employee. John = Jon, Rose = Tulip, Jade = Green, Dave = Dan, Jake = Jaques, Roxy = Roxie, Jane = Jan, Dirk = Prince. OTP is PrincexJaques. Proposing a new dress code requiring delivery guys to wear shorter shorts to 'improve movement’. 


Everyone works the nightshift.

The stores are right next to each other.

They did not know each other until they got their jobs.

Does not actually know who works their respective day shifts.