Let's Fighting Love
Trey Parker
Let's Fighting Love

♫  Let’s Fighting Love  - “Trey Parker”


Suba-ra-shi chin chin mono
Kintama no kame aru
Sore no oto saru bo bo
Iie! Ninja ga imasuuuuuuuu
Hey hey let’s go kenka suru
Taisetsu na mono protect my balls!
Boku ga warui so let’s fighting…
Let’s fighting love!
Let’s fighting love!
Kono uta chotto baka wa
Wake ga wakaranai
Eigo ga mecha-kucha Daijobu - we do it all the time!


Wonderful penis thing
There are hairs at balls
That’s sound “saru bo bo”
No! Ninjas are here!
Hey hey let’s go fighting!
Important thing protect my balls!
I am bad so let’s fighting
Let’s fighting love!
Let’s fighting love!
This song is a little stupid
This isn’t makeing sense
It’s English is fucked up
It’s okay–we do it all the time!

Seventeen as pillows
  • S.Coups: the one shaped like a man's upper body for women's comfort
  • Jeonghan: the really furry one where you constantly get hair in your mouth
  • Joshua: has a voice box inside that your friend hid and every time you lay down its like "wHATSUP"
  • Jun: the hello kitty one with drool stains all over it that you hide when friends come over
  • Hoshi: tacky patterns but appreciated for the unique personality
  • Wonwoo: square and completely black
  • Woozi: one that plays soft music but actually has knives inside
  • DK: fluffy fluffy fLUfFy
  • Mingyu: dog shaped bc he's an actual puppy
  • The8: cuddly and soft and getting out of bed is always hard
  • Seungkwan: for some reason there's an alarm clock in the middle of it wAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAWAKE UP
  • Vernon: the one with the pillowcase that holds all your drug money
  • Dino: probably a pillow pet

Slow and steady wins the race ~ All done applying zipper stops to the Loki corset and most of the cape. I’ve set myself a goal of 100 a day as to make the quantity and hand fatigue more Manageable.

The stops are from wawak sewing supply, and the pliers are regular flat noise pliers. I briefly had a pair of zipper stop pliers, but returned them because they did not work as well as the flat-nose.

Little over a month until Wondercon!