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New Jersey Gothic
  • The geese never stop. You expect them to fly south for the winter, or north to Canada for the summer. Instead, they remain, unfazed. Your lawn is geese. Your playground is geese. You soccer field is geese. All is geese, and you are afraid.
  • In 1883, an Atlantic City shop owner’s taffy store was flooded by the ocean. He jokingly offered he ruined candy to a young girl, who old everyone she knew about this “salt water taffy”. The story serves as the origin of one of New Jersey’s best foods, and also as a testament of why you should ALWAYS take candy from strangers.
  • Wawa is not a convenience store. Wawa is not a Native American word for goose. Wawa is a lifestyle. Do not reject Wawa. If you do, the geese will know, and they will find you. The geese always find you.
  • Things happen in the Pine Barrens. You are not sure what. When asked by outsiders to explain why you fear the forest, you cannot elaborate, only describe the creeping panic you feel as you lose your way in the woods.
  • No one sees when you sneak out to the cranberry bogs on your camping trip to drink with your friends. Except the Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil sees all, and will soon spirit you away in his great leathery wings if you don’t leave his grounds.
  • You go to college out of state, and whenever you come home, you feel that vague, polluted something creep back into your system. Your throat becomes dry, and your skin begins to break out in acne. You are convinced it is a curse from the Jersey Devil, or possibly the result of living near highway fumes.
  • People complain that New Jersey has too many roads, but you don’t understand. On those roads are businesses, and those businesses contain things you need. Everything you need is within 15 minutes of your home. You never have to leave. Ever.
  • When you do leave, you tell people where you came from. They give you a look of pity, and you wonder if they know something about your home that you don’t.
  • Your blood is tied to the sea. A summer without visiting the shore is a summer wasted, just like your body, wasting away as the call of overpriced gelato and brown ocean waves saps at your lifeblood. You cannot bear it anymore, you drive to Seaside Heights and dip in the same questionable tidepools as your forefathers: Pauly D and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. You pay them homage with a new bacterial infection.
  • Your home is trapped between D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. No national news covers New Jersey. No job posting sites give you New Jersey jobs when you put in your zip code. Nothing happens within the border of the Delaware River. New Jersey does not exist. It is not a place, but a void, an afterlife where your life’s savings are reborn as income tax.

anonymous asked:

Diana is lying to everyone and idiots still believe her. I'm pretty sure her mother use to work in a Wawa store in Delaware County(outside Philly) and Diana is about 29-30 years old. I use to live in the area (moved away a few years ago) and not sure if she is still works there but I have a couple of friends that still live there and see if they can find out anything.

Idk who you are, but you are better than the FBI 😱😱

People are obsessed with this convenience store that's only in 6 states

What is “Wawa?” Besides a Native American word for the Canada goose, Wawa is a convenience store that has a dedicated fan base. There are stores only in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida. 

Wawa started as an iron foundry in New Jersey, and then a dairy processing plant in Wawa, PA in 1902. The first Wawa Food Market opened in 1964 in Folsom, PA. 

Wawa serves more than 400 million customers a year. Their most famed item is the hoagie. 

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