i’ve been very very busy with.. i’ve managed to cough these up for merch purposes. so they’ll be coming soon i hope haha

Daft Punk©Thomas Bangalter & Guy Manuel de Homem Christo

Cassian Andor & K2SO©Star Wars

Gabriel Reyes & Jesse McCree©Overwatch

Handsome Jack & Rhys©Borderlands 


THIS BLOG IS GOING TO BE BUSY FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS. or i hope tbh. haha i’m busy all the time.

also have a poe dameron sketch i drew last night because i’m artblocked in the brain oTL


I love android robot ai boys. What a good
The Rhys drawing is from an impromptu stream I did when I was a lot.. freer.. hahah

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so i finally got a drawing drive today and i was only able to muscle out these two precious Lucio’s! I imagine him to be the trendiest of the ovw crew

Have the precious child in colourful clothes! ´w`/

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Poe working out with BB8 but that’s just a bad idea

it’s like one of those work outs when someone sits on your back as you pump iron but.. BB8 is.. round.. and push ups mean he needs more effort to keep on Poe’s back.. soo… silliness ensues :0 are you guys ticklish on your back? I am… to a certain degree :u

this was an interesting angle? like.. i’m quite.. inflexible with my angles and i’ve never tried work out poses.. so this was.. a challenge to some point :) -wipes brow-

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Poe and BB8©Star Wars

Please fire me. I had a woman come in late at night and use our ATM. She claimed that the ATM didn’t give her her money and that she was going to London and needed it. When I told her she needed to call the company for the ATM because we just leased it, she threw a fit for about 10 minutes. The kicker? She said she took out 30 dollars, when the ATM only gives out in amounts of $20s.


i’ve been missing for a while but nothing much has been drawn on my part.. well.. it’s con prep and i’m in the full swing of things ;;

my best friend and I will be tabling at Otakon in DC this year! ´w`/ so we’re prepping for that.. i wish i could do more star wars fanart for the con but through personal experiences, they didn’t sell too well last year q__q the behind the scenes clip released recently lit a fire in my heart all over again. 

i hope i can draw more of these two bbs when i get the chance oTL cries i love them so much

Poe Dameron & Kylo Ren© Star Wars


Aaaaah thank you so much! /A\ 

sorry this took faaaaar too long! i had something spring on me today so i was only able to work on it just now q_q;;

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NOTE! -wiggles from all the musyness- 

also: -kisses your nose- -skitters to hide under my bed-


-kicks things around-

I WANT A BB UNIT SO BADLY NOW. heal my black and wounded heart. i’ll love it forever

POE TRIES TO PLAY HAND TRICKS WITH BB8. but BB8 cheats. because BB8 doesn’t know -cry- but BB8 loses anyway. and is embarrassed by it. i cry so much

if you’re down in the dumps as much as i am, i hope this helps ´w`/

i want a Poe Dameron and i hope he comes with a BB8 -crying-

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Poe Dameron and BB8©Star Wars
-crying a lot-©me