people think american english v british english can get heated but if you really wanna start a fight walk up to a group of latinos from different countries and ask how to say “bus” in spanish

sorry guys last one I’m sorry! @__@;

markiplier can do that weird thing with his feet and it was amusing to me so I decided to draw it real quick ;-;

that’s it for me :’u

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Markiplier©Mark Fischbach
art and stuff©moi U;

HELLO! I’ve reached a new milestone in followers and i’m super honoured and I want to thank all of you for sticking with me, following me and supporting me and my art -cry- THANK YOU SO MUCH! qwq/

so here’s a little celebratory piece! (not really but i’ll explain)

Cop Markiplier! because my friend shared a video on fb of markiplier playing as a cop and because it was so short i was like @A@!! and i’ve gotten my obsession with gcbc back so Mark playing as a cop got me all giddy like a git :B

Markiplier©Mark Fischbach
art and stuff©moi :U

im finally coming to the point in the game when Archie is about to reveal his grand slam master plan and i can just imagine Maxie being there and trying to listen to the big dumb without trying to laugh and he gives this stupid look to not show it but this nerd bitch’s face is making Archie nervous so he fucks up i’m sorry omg

art and shit©moi:u