JUST TESTING i got a few notes to test this method.. the previous post was not clear? so here it is.. i hope it’s better zwz/

Handsome Jack©Blands
-dances on my chair-©me


so i finally got a drawing drive today and i was only able to muscle out these two precious Lucio’s! I imagine him to be the trendiest of the ovw crew

Have the precious child in colourful clothes! ´w`/

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Indulging my indie side for my favorite fragrances, including fresh Wawa coffee, old and new books, the leather in my travelers notebook and whatever my boyfriend uses to wash his hair. Not pictured because I actually have no idea what it is. Day 18 of the February challenge by @journaling-junkie

SO I GOT SO MANY REQUESTS TO DRAW TIMOTHY LAWRENCE (like.. everywhere. pm, message, twitter… -sweats-) he technically looks like jack but just.. timid.. 

i’m too tired to draw a comic and for some unknown reason i couldn’t draw rhys for the life of me.. so have some solemn looking Tim! that’s sort of boring but like.. -shrug- -bounces-

THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY PEOPLE WHO CAME TO THE STREAM! you know who you are! -blows kisses at you guys- ;-;

Timothy Lawrence©Borderlands The Presequel
-still cannot spell pre-sequel-©me

ya’ll know the drill, comments stay on this like super glue

good morning guys! good night! 

something i scribbled quickly.. it’s shoddy.. sorry

Handsome Jack©Borderlands
-going to bed-©me

Please fire me. I had a woman come in late at night and use our ATM. She claimed that the ATM didn’t give her her money and that she was going to London and needed it. When I told her she needed to call the company for the ATM because we just leased it, she threw a fit for about 10 minutes. The kicker? She said she took out 30 dollars, when the ATM only gives out in amounts of $20s.

i was so adamant of drawing this jackhole without guidelines and this is what i got and now i’m really really sleepy 3___3

i want to colour this but i’m too lazy. so this is the end product oTL

Handsome Jack©Borderlands