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OMG Jay you draw posts in advance?

I USED TO NOT but ever since late 2016 i have!! i don’t always post them in the order i draw them in either, that’s why sometimes the style can look v subtly inconsistent. most of the time if you catch me just as im posting, you can tell when i Goof Up bc sora’s braces will be the wrong colour (sometimes i rush to edit it, sometimes i..dont bother), or (lately) some posts will be written in lowercase rather than in allcaps!!


Welpp Friday was a madness basically

Queen P was in the city so @crown-pigeon , Damien and I found a motive and dragged her with us. Needless to say it was fairly decent. Nah it was too lit

Okay I swear there was due to be more snaps but my phone broke as soon as we got into the club so you’re just gonna have to hold these x

@roydahomie I hope your night was fully of banter and jokes bubs! I swear I got too many stories from this 

*Ahem Nathaniel choking on a cherry stem

And the girl stalking poor Damien

Aaand that guy in the middle of the dance, you literally had to be there to see him

i hate that ppl have this idea that curly hair (and by curly i don’t mean “i’m a white girl who has slightly wavy hair uwu”, i mean actual 3a to 4c hair) is ugly and in the best scenario can only be cute, like curly hair is fucking gorgeous and curly haired women look like actual goddesses and it can be beautiful and sexy and PLUS by no means is it unprofessional to wear your hair curly in a work setting

basically curly hair is wonderful and you are wonderful, thank you

It seems that Melissa has an alternate hairstyle (like Zack) made by the MML fandom so I wanted to draw my take on the hairstyle while giving it context.

Also my headcanon is that Melissa got her wavy hair from her Māori heritage, and that Orton can speak Māori (the Māori he’s speaking means “wavy, thick”). I dunno if Orton is actually Māori though lol.

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~Write 5 things you like about yourself and tag 10 blogs!~

My default response would be to laugh and say that there is nothing I like about myself. Excessive self-deprecation is supposed to be detrimental to my self-image and emotional wellbeing though, so I probably should try not to do that so much.

Ah well. Baby steps.

1) Well, I like my hair, I guess. Positive things about my hair. It’s thick and naturally wavy. That means I will never feel the need to perm or take a curling iron to it. On the other hand that means I turn into Cousin It whenever it rains and no hairdresser I’ve visited knows how to layer my hair properly without turning it into a triangle.

2) My voice. I do actually like that I have a deep voice for a girl. Makes me feel unique. I wish I sounded more like Lauren Bacall and less like her and Rowan Atkinson’s unholy love child though. It would also be nice if my whole singing repertoire wasn’t limited to Cole Porter songs and a few jazz standards

3) The fact that I am short and walk very quietly and very quickly. There’s a reason why I was called ninja in high school. It was hilarious when I would pop up behind the teacher to ask something and they would turn around and go OMGWTFBBQ and literally jump when they saw me. And the walking very quickly part is funny when taller friends lag behind me and ask me to slow down.

4) My eyebrows. I like my thick eyebrows enough that I don’t have anything negative to say about them. XD

5) Um…being able to create things and seeing people enjoy the stuff I make? To be honest, that is the main reason I’m still dicking around on tumblr. Every like or reblog tells me that some silly thing I made brought another person some enjoyment. That makes me happy. =)

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What your Handwriting says about your Personality

Handwriting analysis, or graphology, produces a personality profile by studying a person’s handwriting. Here’s how it pieces together a picture of the person “behind the pen.”

1. Begin by looking at the handwriting in general. What are the outstanding features? How much emotional energy does the writer appear to have? This is determined by assessing how much pressure is applied by the pen to the paper. Is the writing light or dark? Heavy pressure and dark writing are associated with vitality and confidence

2. Check out the slant of the writing. This tells you something about the way the writer responds to external pressures. A right slant (////) indicates a person whose heart rules their head. They are caring, warm and friendly. A vertical slant (llll) indicates a person whose head rules their heart. This is someone whose emotions are controlled. A left slant (\) indicates an individual who hides their emotions, and is generally aloof, cold and detached.

3. Look at how straight their writing is. Graphologists believe that a very straight baselines means the person has perfectionist tendencies and tend to be over disciplined. A very wavy baseline means the person is unstable, and on an emotional roller coaster. An ascending baseline indicates a positive and optimistic personality. A descending baseline indicates that the person is tired, pessimistic or depressed. A slightly wavy, but generally level, baseline indicates a balanced personality.

4. Examine the size of the writing. Small writing is a sign of someone who can concentrate for long time periods, and is not easily distracted. This person prefers to work alone, is hard working, focused and self-motivated. Average size writers work at a “normal” pace, and are not overly interested in the details. People with large handwriting are more easily distracted.

5. Look at the spacing between the words. Average spacing indicates a relatively laid back and confident person. Compressed writing indicates a person who always likes to be around others and wide spacing indicates a person who prefers to live a more isolated life.

Note: These are only general principles as our can mood affect our handwriting as well – but we still have a typical handwriting style.

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I have an art question- So I recently got an art tablet for the first time, and when I try to draw, my lines all come out wavy and stuff. How do I stop that from happening or do I just keep practicing?

I always see this question and all I can picture is people trying to make “clean” lines in one motion, is this what you mean by wavy?

because you can’t make “clean” lines with a careful and slow single line like you can do sometimes on paper

if you want clean lines in one go you have to be fast

but actually most of the time (personally speaking) I don’t do this, there are limited things you can do this way, for all the rest you just have to make lines by sketching them with a lot of fast lines (which you can clean up later or re outline depending from what you like to do)

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having a single right earring in some parts of the world means gay™

idk why people are sleeping on this. i’m not making assumptions about dan’s sexuality based on a fashion statement (even though what you said is stereotypically true) but i just don’t know why people are sleeping on the fact that dan is actually considering a thin copper ring in his right ear “like connor and troye.” not only that but he feels like he’d need wavy hair to pull off the earring which means the wavy hair branding will be prolonged. i mean could you have ever imagined him talking about these things two years ago. 2017 is truly the year of experimental fashion

Imagine: Louis left you for someone else, and months later the lads and him see you at the club. Completely different.

I’m not gonna lie, the first two months of the break up had me broken. For two months straight I didn’t leave my house. The fucking press thought I was dead. I barely ate and just sat on the couch crying my eyes out.

I barely ate. My best friend, Zoe, had a home doctor visit me and the news wasn’t great. He said if I didn’t eat I would have some sort of eating disorder. To be honest, I was terrified at that point. My older sister died from having an eating disorder and I didn’t want to leave my parents without a child. So I started eating, going back to my normal day schedule.

The press had a field day when they found out what I did. I kept buying cigarettes and when they would ask during interviews, I would say its for a friend. Lie.

I was taking up a smoking hobby. I would smoke a pack of cigars in two days, and to some people it was nothing because they would smoke two packs in one day. But I’ve never smoked in my entire live, and neither of my parents smoked.

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