wavy hairy


My first name:

I love my name
I hate my name
My name is hard to pronounce
My name is boring
I have a nickname

My age:
I am considered a minor
I am over 18
I am under 13
I am between the ages of 13 and 18
I wish I was older
I wish I was younger
I like my age
I know how to drive
I drink/smoke and I am underage

My appearance:
I have brown hair
I have blonde hair
I have black hair
I have red hair
I have an unnatural hair color
I’ve dyed my hair before
I’ve gotten highlights/lowlights before

I have curly hair
I have straight hair
I have wavy hair
I have frizzy hair
I straighten my hair regularly
I have brown eyes
I have blue eyes
I have gray eyes
I have green eyes
My eyes change color

I use color contacts
I have glasses
I use regular contacts
I got laser eye surgery.
I am under 5’4” (160cm)
I am over 5’4” (160 cm)
I am under or on 5 foot (152cm)
I am over or on 6 foot (183cm)
I love my height
I hate my height
I am happy with my size
I wish I was skinnier
I wish I was a bit larger
I am trying to lose weight
I have gone on fad diets before
I have taken diet pills and laxatives
I have fasted before
I have purged before
I have/had an eating disorder
My shoe size is a 3-5
My shoe size is 6-8
My shoe size is a 9 or above
It’s hard for me to find shoes that fit

I shop at stores like Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle
I shop at Wal-Mart/ASDA, Target, and K-Mart
I shop at H&M , Zara , C&A , New Yorker and River Island
I shop at used clothing stores
I hate shopping
I love shopping
I own clothes I bought more than 5 years ago
I own a designer purse
I love over-sized tote bags
I hate skinny jeans
I wear high-waisted jeans
Mary-Kate Olsen has good style
I love buying shoes
I own a pair of converse
I love Uggs
I love flip-flops
I get my nails done regularly
I wear perfume
I hate pedicures
I wear fake eyelashes
I wear a lot of makeup
I wear a small bit of makeup
I don’t wear any makeup  
I wear eyeliner every day
I wear lipstick every day
I wear lip liner every day
I love Burt’s Bees
I feel uncomfortable wearing mini skirts
I wear a lot of low cut shirts to show cleavage
I like high heels
I can’t walk in high heels
I love wedges
I love jeans
I wear thongs and g-strings
I wear granny panties
I wear regular underwear
I buy all of my bras from Victoria’s Secret
I love Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line

I am in middle school
I am in high school
I am in college/university
I am a high school dropout
I am home schooled
I go to a private school
I go to a Catholic school
I have skipped a grade
I have been held back a grade
I have Honors marks
I am in one or more advanced classes
I am in regular classes
My favourite class is English
I love science
I hate English
I love math
I am currently failing one or more classes
I have straight A’s
I have straight B’s
I have C’s or D’s
I get a variety of marks depending on my course
I love my teachers
I hate my teachers
I want to graduate now
I love high school
I am in band, orchestra, or choir
I am in one or more school clubs
I am in school sports
I am on a Varsity or JV team
I am in drama club

My friends:

I have a best friend
I have multiple best friends
I have many acquaintances
My friends are crazy but I love them

My friends and I do everything together
I have a lot of guy friends
I have equal girl and guy friends
I have had the same best friend since kindergarten
My best friends change like I change my underwear
My friends and I get into many fights

Significant others:
I have a boyfriend/girlfriend
I am single
I have hooked up with one or more guys
I have never been in a real relationship
I am straight
I am gay
I am bisexual
I am boy-crazy
I have dated a friend’s ex
I am a virgin
I have had sex before
I have never been kissed
I have had an abortion
I was pregnant in high school
I have/had an STD
I am saving myself until marriage
I am waiting for the right person to have sex with
I lost my virginity when I was 13 or under
I love tall people
I would date someone shorter than me
I focus on personality
I love green eyes
I love blue eyes
I don’t care about eye color
Facial hair is sexy on boys
Tattoos and piercings are sexy
I love preps
I love nerds
I would date someone in the army

I love my parents
My parents annoy me

My parents are embarrassing
My parents are strict
My parents don’t care what I do
I tell my parents everything
I don’t tell my parents much
I have 1+ brother(s)
I have 1+ sister(s)
I am the oldest
I am in the middle
I am the youngest
I am an only child
I have a sibling in college/university
I babysit my siblings
I love my grandparents
One or more of my grandparents are alive
I have family reunions

Other stuff:
I am a grammar nazi
Chocolate is sex
I am pro-choice
I am pro-life
I believe in evolution
I believe in creation
I am a Democrat
I am a Republican
I don’t know what I am
I love Bush
I check the computer daily
I use MSN
I love Facebook
I love MySpace
I love Twitter
I love Tumblr
I hate when people TYpE liiKe ThIIs 0r Th!$ oR tHiSsIsSSs
I love Chinese food

MLB spoilers about the origin episode! You have been warned

okay i said i wouldnt post anything about the origin episode until the French release

it’s been released in French by now (in Quebec i think) and by now ive watched the ep twice, here is some really neat stuff i discovered:

The main goal of Le Papillon/Hawkmoth

The origin episode starts with a brief history about the Miraculouses, the most important part is that, when you obtain both the Ladybug AND the Black Cat Miraculous, you get godlike powers

The shot we see immediately afterwards is this:

It’s a woman with somewhat wavy blonde hair

I think this might be Adrien’s mother (im 99.99% sure), who has disappeared

it says ‘disparu’ quite clearly in French so she might be dead or maybe she went missing one day, either way she’s gone

In the webisodes Adrien points this out: 

So he’s been acting strange since then, that’s not so weird, anyone would do that when a loved one disappears, but this points out that the lady in the Brooch of Hawkmoth COULD BE Adriens mom AKA Gabriel’s wife

In this case Gabriel would want godlike powers to bring his beloved wife back to reunite as a family again, hence why he is always busy

(or maybe he wants to destroy the world anyway idk he might as well be evil (thats why im not 100% sure abt 0.01% tells me this is possible as well))

One more thing i also want to point out is his face, please look at Gabriel’s face in the pic above and the following:

His face looks REALLysimilar but people probably already noticed that before

In short:

  • Hawkmoth IS indeed Gabriel Agreste AKA Adrien’s dad
  • Hawkmoth/Papillon wants to obtain godlike powers to bring his wife AKA Adrien’s mom back
  • I’m 99.99% sure that this theory is correct