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Heat Stroke (Kanej, Six of Crows)

Honestly, this is pure crack. It’s fluff with a tinge of angst because I can’t write anything but that, but also because Kaz is the most melodramatic and Extra person there is. Boy, could you just be easy for once? Based on this post that had me rolling. I’m a sucker for jealousy fics. Also, this is low-key one of my favorite tropes. This is my first Six of Crows fic. I don’t plan on writing many because I’ve got too much on my plate and I don’t know if I can get a handle on the characters. But I did have fun writing this. Kaz kind of reminds me of Roy in a strange way tbh.

The mere idea of going to the beach sent Kaz into a silent, near frothing rage. Who in their right mind would want to go to the beach? What was good about them anyways? There was too much sun, too much pointless salty water, and far too many people, most of whom were in an ungodly state of undress that made him want to pay them to cover up.

Sure, it would be easy pickings, considering that people left all their belongings just lying around in the sand on their blankets while they splashed about like ducklings in the ocean or snoozed in the sun, but that wasn’t even fun. What was picking money off of lazy tourists after breaking into an impregnable prison and destroying the lives of not one but two filthy, scheming bastards?

There was no way in hell that Kaz would step foot on those sandy shores. He’d hightail it back to Ketterdam and its slums before he did that.

Then, of course, he overheard Inej mentioning to Nina that she couldn’t wait to be on the beach again. The last time she had been on one, she had been stolen from her family. She was excited to make new memories, much happier ones, to replace the one that had been forced upon her. Would the sand feel the same beneath her toes – like quicksand? Would the ocean water lull her into a daze until she felt like she was drifting in the center of the universe? Would the sun warm her skin and bleed color into her again?

And that was how Kaz found himself standing on the edge of a beach, just inches away from the sand. Enough of it had been tramped onto the sidewalk, grainy underneath his shoes, and he scowled at the contact.

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Business Casual - Part 3

Hey everyone! So this part is really kind of 2 parts crammed into one but I feel bad for taking so long to post recently and also I have another great idea for a fic cooking so I want to get this one out there so I can put out the other one!! Thanks for reading you guys! You’re totally awesome. If anyone wants to be added/taken off of the forever tag list just let me know :D 

Part 3:

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The Girl I Met in the Louvre

Michiru is an art student, Haruka studies architecture. The two have chosen Paris, France as their study abroad destination for their spring semester of their junior year of college. American schooling/college au, written for @docholligay‘s same prompt party. The prompt this month was “Haruka and Michiru go to Europe” 

Harumichi (duh), rated M, 3,425 words, read here on AO3

Tagging: @thatgirlwiththedeepblueeyes @rocketonthemoon @haru-michis

Note: I only used school names that had their majors, I didn’t do too much research for them, just for namesake. I also didn’t do as much research on how studying abroad works, but just this is fiction take it as that. 

Also another note, in French tu and vous both mean “you”, with tu being more friendly and vous being more formal. This will make sense during one part, thought I would just clear it up now.

Michiru Kaioh had been studying art for her entire life. She attended NYU for art history in New York City. She had seen all the museums they had to offer her. The Met and MOMA were basically her second homes. But she wanted a broader taste of the world. Juniors were able to study abroad, and Michiru could think of one museum she’d dreamed of seeing since she was a little girl. The Louvre, located in Paris, France. That was just one of them, there were hundreds for her to see and discover. It was quite easy to pick where she wanted to study.

Haruka Tenoh attended a nearby school, Virginia Tech for architecture. She loved the idea of buildings and designing. She didn’t think she was going to be able to study abroad, but for her outstanding grade point average, she was offered a scholarship to study architecture in Paris, France. So with a large smile, she packed her suitcase and was off.

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Drawing Tips - Drawing Recognizable People

OK. I love drawing people. I think they’re the most fun thing to draw. But it’s taken me years to get to the point I’m at now. Even like 2 years ago my people drawing skills were completely different to how they are now. And even now I’m  still learning new things!

Something I’ve sort of accepted about my style is that it’s a bit…charicature-y. My portraits are not exactly line-for-line, perfect representations of who I’m drawing. Some things are a little more exaggerated, some features (like lip lines or wrinkles, or face creases) are sort of changed or emphasized in different ways than they are in real life.

When I start learning to draw someone new, I find it’s easier if they’re a little less, well, conventionally attractive is not really the right term, but the closest I can think of. Someone could still be good looking, but if they have a slightly bigger nose or weird hair, it makes them easier to recognize even if I get a few of the other facial details wrong.

Let’s go through the process so I can kind of show you what I mean!

For this, I found a reference of idubbbz. He’s kinda hard to draw sometimes for me. I found one of him that’s easily recognizable.

(I’ve mentioned before that I like using screenshots rather than still photos. You get more of a choice of interesting facial expressions.)

So, let’s just take a look at this. What are some features that, if I were to draw from this image, would let everyone know it’s idubbbz?

Swooshy hair, prominent forehead, smaller eyes, big glasses, wide smile, sharp jaw, and ears with a pretty distinct shape. Eyebrows are also good for making a recognizable face, but here they’re covered by glasses (which is sort of distinct in itself).

I think something people are afraid of is accentuating things TOO much, which is totally understandable. But at the same time, if you take certain things away entirely, it becomes harder to tell who the person is supposed to be. You gotta find the happy medium.

So, here’s my sketch:

This took about 10 minutes. There are lots of things to fix, obviously, but hopefully you can tell who it’s supposed to be.

It’s a good base to work with. If it doesn’t quite feel like it’s working, keep drawing. Really look at the reference image to get a better idea of where details on the face should be placed (ie: how far away are the eyes from the edge of the face? how much face is covered by glasses?).

You can also accentuate certain things to give it your own flair. Make wavy hair extra wavy or make folds in clothes more exaggerated. Play around a bit.

Anyway, I don’t know how to end this post, hahah. I just kinda wanted to get some thoughts out and show what I do when I draw. This was just for fun!

Nurse! // Anakin x Reader

I don’t know who requested this but I thought it was a good idea for an imagine so could u please write an Anakin imagine where you are a nurse and after seeing you Anakin keeps moderately hurting him self on missions or in training just to see you. I am not saying this is my imagine I strictly just thought it was a great idea and would love to read it. Thank you so much!

“Nurse? We need you in room 32B!” a fellow medic calls for you.

On Coruscant, you were a nurse, soon to be medic. Work was rough, but you enjoyed helping people. It made you feel happy and it was a fulfilling job.

As you walk into room 32B, you see the same Jedi that comes in every week with an ‘injury.’ The wavy haired man smiles a beaming smile at you as he lays on the med bed.

You laugh, “Well what have we got ourselves into today, Anakin? A sore arm? Scraped knee?”

Anakin laughs along. “Try a swollen ankle.”

You shake your head, still laughing walking over to the Jedi. You examine his ankle to see that there was some slight irritation and a mild swelling. Handing him some pain killers and an ice pack, you speak, “This should do the trick.”

“Thank you, (Y/N)” he smiles. He swallows both pills with a small drink of water.

“Any fun Jedi stories for me today?” you ask him, leaning on the counter.

You knew that all of this was an act to get to see you every week. He’d fake a something to get out of training so he could talk and mostly flirt with you. All that was left was asking you out on a date.

The two of you could talk for hours on end, but you had to draw the line somewhere when you were actually needed for a legitimate injury.

“Nurse! Room 45C, a youngling scrapped his elbow,” the call machine speaks.

You groan and roll your eyes, earning a small laugh from Anakin. “I’ll be there in just a second!” you press the button speaking into it. “Duty calls. Nice to see you again, Anakin.”

Anakin winks at you. “You too, (Y/N).”

That was your week’s fill of Anakin. Just seven more days to go.

The next week, the medic called you.

“Nurse! Room 21A!”

You stood up from your chair and walked to the room, hoping you it was him. Sure enough, there he was on the med bed.

“Back again for more pain killers and ice packs?” you tease him as he smiles.

“Nope. Actually I came here to ask you a medical related question,” Anakin says.

Damn it. You thought today would be the day he asked you out.

“Sure. Fire away,” you say.

Anakin clears his throat. “Am I mentally stable if I want to ask out a gorgeous nurse who has been putting up with my antic for almost two months now?”

You laugh at his failed attempt at a pick up line. “Hmm, I’ll ask the doctor about that one.”

Anakin smiles at you. “Tonight? Say seven?”

You nod your head. “It’s a date.” He smiles brightly at your answer. “I’ll bring the pain killers and ice packs.”

'what guys look for in girls'

We are the generation of both feminism and ‘Blurred Lines’. I find this hard to believe. Recently, I’ve seen a certain youtube video has been talked about a lot in the youtube community. I found myself at a loose end this morning, when once again this 'what guys look for in girls’ video appeared on my dashboard. I’d been putting off watching it considering that:

a) stuff like that makes me feel crappy anyway

b) this has provoked such a huge response

I went ahead and watched the video. As I did so, I made a list of everything the guys said they found attractive in a girl.

  1. 'entertain me’ ('be fun’ and 'start conversations’)
  2. 'keep me in line’ ('remind me to do things’ - do you want a mother or a girlfriend?)
  3. 'bring out the best in me’
  4. 'be outgoing and spontaneous’
  5. 'have a talent' ('so many girls just aim to marry rich and get fake tits’)
  6. 'be playful’
  7. 'want to cuddle’
  8. 'text a guy first' ('if you don’t text enough we’ll assume you’re not interested but if you text too much we’ll think you’re a whore’)
  9. 'don’t be a pushover’
  10. 'don’t be obnoxious and arrogant (what, like you are?)
  11. 'trust me’
  12. 'physical appearance is important ('long socks with skirts’, 'look natural’, 'smile’, 'have freckles/dimples’, 'have soft hair’, 'don’t draw on your eyebrows’, 'wear glasses’, 'be short’, 'dress well’, 'be brunette’, 'have long wavy hair’, 'change up your hair, don’t have it the same every day’, 'no lipstick/lipgloss’, 'some tall girls are hot’ and finally, 'look good in everything’.
  13. 'can cook' (do we still live in a time where women have to be the ones who cook????)
  14. 'can snowboard’
  15. 'classy around friends but freaky when you’re alone’
  16. 'be yourself’
  17. 'shave' ('no peach fuzz or arm hair - it’s best when there’s no hair’)
  18. 'girls who can play video games' ('but aren’t too obsessed with them or better than me at them’)
  19. 'sporty' ('preferably volleyball - it’s sexy’

I’m not going to tackle this one point at a time, because frankly, I don’t have the time or the patience. I’m just going to start off by saying this; this video made me feel like a piece of shit. I am not short, brunette, freckly, sporty, 'cute’, i refuse to text first because i feel like I’m annoying people… I think the thing is, this video makes it seem like all males feel the same about female appearance and personality; but they don’t. And frankly, if you manage to fall in love with a guy who has these opinions; I feel for you - but most guys have the sense to know that these views are completely unrealistic and contradict each other repeatedly.

I’m going to start with 'entertain me’. If this was phrased differently, I probably wouldn’t be so angry. Everyone wants someone with a similar sense of humor to theirs, who they can laugh with and joke around with, but the way this was phrased makes it sound like it’s a girls job, duty perhaps, to entertain her partner. Which it isn’t. Because women don’t have to do a darn diddly thing that you tell them to.

Similarly, 'bring out the best in me’ feels a little like it’s a woman’s job to improve you, to change you. Yet, the people this video was made by are now probably going to struggle to find anyone who wants to be with them, let alone make the effort to change them.

The first one that made me particularly angry was number 5, 'have a talent’. Did you know that not everyone has something that they are particularly good at, or passionate about? Did you know that people should not be inclined to find themselves a talent to please you? Also, question to the 'content’ creators; what are your talents? Tell us all about how fantastic you are.

I actually laughed at the 'text a guy first’ one. I must admit, I don’t text people first because I am afraid of bugging them, and I wish I had the confidence to text first, but I don’t. I can see how it would be nice if more girls texted first, but it was the comment made next that really angered me. ’If you don’t text us enough we’ll think you’re not interested, but if you text to much we’ll think you’re a whore.’Essentially, what has been said is that if you don’t give mixed signals, it’s going to be assumed that you are a whore. That you’re easy. Maybe you’re just interested in the conversation that you’re having or in the person you’re texting with? Nope, no you’re not. You’re a whore. You’re a dirty skank, stop replying so quickly.

Now onto physical appearance. This one made me angry. This one made me cry. This is where my heart sunk quite a lot. I’m going to tell you a little about myself first, so you can see where I’m coming from. I am a 5'10 female, with broad shoulders, and frizzy gingeryblondebrown hair. My skin is pink and blotchy. My legs are like tree trunks and my stomach protrudes a lot more than I’d like it to. I am insecure. I am not happy with my body or how I look. 

Now; I don’t know how many girls you’ve ever seen wearing long socks with a skirt. Chances are, you’ve only ever seen it on tumblr. Chances are that they have only seen it on tumblr; from the girls with long hair and legs like sticks, yes? I think you can see where I’m going. No one, realistically EVER wear long socks with short skirts. Stop expecting it.

'Look natural’ came next. I don’t know if these boys are aware that when models/'tumblr girls’ are wearing 'no makeup’ they’re actually wearing makeup. It’s not their fresh morning face, with red blotches, spots and dark circles. It takes a lot of effort to look 'effortless’.

The next criteria was 'have freckles or dimples’. You know, you can’t change whether or not you have either of these things. You either get born with them or don’t. I personally was born with dimples. I wouldn’t look any different without them. I wouldn’t get on with anyone better without them. I wouldn’t be a worse girlfriend without them.

'Wear glasses’ made me giggle. I might go and stab myself in the eye repeatedly so I can get glasses and finally be your idea of attractive.

I’ve always been very insecure about my height. If I was tall and skinny, if I had model proportions (as Nash said, 'some tall girls are hot’), I would be happy. I know that guys prefer short girls who can snuggle up and be tiny and fragile. But I will never be one of those unless I’m snuggling with the hulk. It’s something I can’t change; and the fact that you base whether or not you love someone on their height is quite frankly utterly ridiculous.

As for 'change your hair’ (to keep me interested) and 'don’t wear lipstick’ (because I don’t want to feel it when I kiss you) - they’re just stupid expectations. If someone likes their hair a certain way, or their lips a certain colour and it makes them feel happy and confident, don’t try and take that away from them.

The very last thing the guys mentioned when talking about what they found physically attractive was a girl who 'looks good in everything’. DID YOU KNOW THAT A GIRL WHO LOOKS GOOD IN EVERYTHING DOES NOT EXIST. STOP IT. YOU MAKE ME ANGRY.

The shaving thing. Let’s, let’s talk about that. Girls can shave if they want to. They are not inclined to. And let me tell you a secret, girls don’t shave for guys. Girls shave if they don’t like body hair. That’s it. That’s the reason. And if a girl doesn’t mind it, she doesn’t have to shave. Generally, girls will shave their underarms and their legs. Anywhere else is pretty much optional. In this video, arm hair is mentioned. Like, literally the hair on your arms. Do you understand how long it takes to shave a leg? Shave two legs? Now add on the hassle of shaving off your arm hair. Are you crazy? Do you want me to get hypothermia in winter? Probably.

I’m now gonna mention the whole sports thing, and how volleyball is the most attractive sport. Not all girls are built for sport. Not all girls can do sport. Not all girls even have an interest in sport, so stop expecting that all girls have to be super duper active to be your girlfriend. PS we all know that volleyball is only the most attractive sport to you because of the tight shorts and lack of sweat.

Finally, the guys ended the video with a message of 'being yourself’. Aw. Sweet. Except you just gave us a big long list of things that we need to be if we want to be attractive to you. The audience that is watching this content is probably mainly 13-18 year old girls, who are impressionable, insecure and only watching you because they find you attractive. They will change themselves to fit your ideas of perfection because that is what you have told them to do.

(Sidenote: at the very end of the video, JC Caylen mentions that he thinks it is sexy when girls read books. I was flattered by this. I read a lot of books. As soon as this had been said, Nash and Cameron started laughing and mocking him. The one thing that had boosted my self esteem in the video was then completely laughed at. Thanks boys.)

I’m done with my overview of this piece of shit video. I might go and put my face in a blender.